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So much fun this weekend!

Pan's Labyrinth. No spoilers; general opinion only. )

Met up with Chris, Victor, Carrie, Sean and Judy on Saturday night. Children of Men was sold out, and Bryant Park was closed (so no ice skating), but we went to the secret bar (an awesome bar on the 13th 14th floor balcony of a building with an awesome close-up view of the Empire State Bldg) for secret drinking instead. And it was perfect weather for the outdoor bar. It was really great to see everyone. <3 Can't wait to see people again soon. [livejournal.com profile] thedreamerworld, we have to get together again when you're back from SF.


Today I had work, but played lots of Guitar Hero II when I got home -- we have finally completed 5 stars for each song on Medium! I love that game. I do not, however, look forward to attempting these songs on Hard. =( Definitely need more practice first, yes.
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I've been away from LJ for the past week or two, mostly because I've been alternately obsessed with Guitar Hero II and reading scanlated shoujo manga. ^^; It doesn't help that Liz is home for break and will play Guitar Hero with me... when Maryann isn't, that is.

I also suck very much for not showing up to the Chris & co. get-together on Friday. I really wanted to see everyone. I hope people will be getting together again soon 'cause I miss seeing & hanging out with you people ::coughVictorwhodoesn'trespondtomyLJcommentsCOUGH::! (And many congrats & yayes to Chris & Carrie for becoming officially re-engaged, with ice.) <3

I think I had more fun giving gifts this year than receiving them.

Also, Yoshi's two birthday/holiday parties were awesome. I had sooo much fun watching over certain awesome episodes of Sailor Moon, and getting to see a few episodes and specials from the live action Sailor Moon. Which reminds me that I have to find those CDs I have with the live action series on it, so that I can actually watch the show. I know that with crazy fans like [livejournal.com profile] yoshiinjapan, my SM love will never die. ♥

Plus. Wii tennis rocks!
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This past weekend was busy, but I had a great time.

Friday I gave in and bought the House MD DVD at Best Buy because of B-day contributions from Liz and Will (thank you!), and we went back home to watch several episodes I hadn't seen before. =D

Saturday morning I had to go to work (unfortunately) to cover for David who was on vacation. It's only fair, but the timing couldn't have sucked more. Saturday night I went over to Victor's house for his weekend BBQ party thing. The view of the sky and the Manhattan skyline inching away from me as we went East was really amazingly gorgeous. I'm not a nature/scenery type of person, but it was just an awesome sight. And then I made my way to Victor's house and I was so glad that I went. Lots of fun, people I hadn't seen in a while, and some other people I hadn't met before. Unfortunately I was so beat from work (which was busier than I'd expected) and lack of sleep the night before, that I barely made it to 1am before bailing out and going to sleep. =(

Next morning I woke up and missed the 10am ferry so I was late to the AN meeting. But I still showed up! And there were so few people there (because of it being Memorial Day weekend, and not to mention AB as well) that I don't feel so bad.

Monday I did NOTHING. It was wonderful! Actually, I had a sudden urge to watch Wedding Peach. So after a bit of trial and error I was able to figure out what I'd last seen up to (what, 4 years ago?) -- episode 20, and watch up to episode 28! And tonight I watched another 3 episodes. I really love that anime -- although I will fully admit to fast forwarding through the henshin and attack scenes because there's still NOTHING as good as Sailor Moon when it comes to henshin and attack scenes. ^_~
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Work was pointless. Not much to say there.

Hanging out with Victor and Chris and Carrie was excellent. Fun just hanging out. I'm going to miss everyone while I'm in Japan for two weeks. I wish I could just bring everyone with me...

Anyway, I went to get that haircut, and they ended up staying while I got it. =D I went to the SuperCuts on St. Mark's and they did an excellent job. Just what I wanted! I think that's the first time I'm ever saying that for a haircut. Of course, it's a little shorter than I really wanted/was expecting in the back, but I'll live.

Shave and a Hair Cut )
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How does hanging out from 5 to 8pm sound? Maybe get something to eat? 'Cause I have to work from 12 to 5pm, and I'll still have stuff to do at home later... ^_~;;
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I'm sick. (Physically.) That cold I was coming down with earlier last week exploded (along with my head) over the weekend. I missed the AnimeNEXT Staff meeting I was planning on going to on Sunday, which sucks. But I will endeavor to attend the other ones. I'm not major staff, so I don't think it's that big a deal that I missed it, but still.

Friday went to see V for Vendetta with Liz, Maryann, Juliet, Will, VICTOR AND CHRIS. =D They drove into Queens and went to a yay still-cheap theater with us. =D It was unfortunate that Chris had to work early the next morning 'cause it would've been nice to have a little more time to talk about the movie and stuff. The movie was pretty good! There were some parts that were a bit eye-rolling, but overall I really enjoyed its message and V was cool -- the type of character I've been wanted to read about lately (a bad good-guy).

Ultraviolet was AWFUL. I was going to say that it had a horrible, horrible plot, but there was barely any pseudo "humans vs vampires" plot to be had! It was choppy and pointless, and normally I'd say it wouldn't matter because Milla Jovovich is so pretty, but I really like her better with shorter hair, so even that wasn't as satisfying as I thought it would be. Does anyone know if Ultraviolet is based on an actual comic series? If so, does it have an actual plot?

Anyway, Saturday I felt really crappy and had a difficult time going to sleep. Sunday I woke up at 10am and couldn't get back to sleep, but I did nothing but vegetate and watch TV. Well, I did type up something for Joe, but it was actually a LOT more comfortable than going to Angelica's house to do it. I sat on my couch, in the recliner seat, with my laptop on the rolley chair with my USB keyboard plugged in and propped on a pillow in my lap. LOL.

The title of this post is mostly unrelated, but that I'm vaguely obsessed by SDK lately. I want some good KyoxYuya fic. Or Gen fic! Anything good, really.
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For [livejournal.com profile] bondagepenguin:

Depeche Mode with special guest She Wants Revenge will be playing at:

Tommy Hilfiger/Jones Beach Theater on Saturday, May 13th
PNC Bank Arts Center on Sunday, May 14th

Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 9am.

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Friday lotsa people came over to talk about cosplay -- what we'll be doing for Otakon 2006. I've been assuming (and I think Liz and Angelica, at least, have too) that our first choice might be Kingdom Hearts 2. We have to wait til it comes out, though, before finalizing what we're doing from it (I think). Our discussion was supposed to be about what the back-up plan would be if we decided not to do KH2. Liz, Maryann & I had a couple of suggestions, and we went over the possibilities, but there were no conclusions made by the end of the night. I was pretty disappointed in the lack of progress.

Saturday I started the day off with a fight with my mom. Yay. I was informed by Chris that NYCC was sold out and that they weren't even letting people in who HAD badges. So much for that idea. ::shrugs:: I woke up late anyway, so it would have been... not a waste, but maybe not worth the $25 attendance fee. I'd really wanted to go, though. =( It would've been interesting to go to a COMIC con instead of an ANIME con. And I was going to try to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] eyoko again. =(

But I was mostly unconcerned about it because Brom was going to be at St. Mark's Comics later that night, so it was all OKAY. If he wasn't, I would have DIED over the missed chance! Liz, Maryann and I met Chris, Carrie and Victor, and Tom and er, another girl whose name I don't remember although I think I recognize her from another con. Tom wanted to go eat at A Salt & Battery, but... fried fish... ergh. The guys & Carrie and the other girl stayed; Maryann, Liz and I went to Barnes & Noble. We went to St. Mark's Comics at 8 to see Brom, who was really cool (and tall and good-looking -- I always thought he was short!), and who signed my hardcover copy of Offerings, and drew two pencil sketches in Maryann's sketchbook which made her insanely giddy and giggly and other such words for the rest of the night and at random times thereafter.

We ate at the deliciously yummy falafel place across the street. (OMG, I want their falafels again right now.) And hung out and about. It was a lot of fun to see Chris and Victor again, whom I haven't seen for two whole months! =( (And whose GTO and Bleach manga we still have...)

On the way home, we got into a discussion about the origins of domestic dogs (canis lupus familiaris) as well as the degrees of separation between hinnies and mules (both are the offspring of a cross between a horse and a donkey). We ended up talking about these topics for a good 3 hours, with the help of wikipedia.

I think I did a whole lot of nothing on Sunday. I can't even remember it.
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I had to clear off the car and shovel the driveway a little when I drove Maryann to the train this morning. But I wore my fleece Artemis Neko Hat (made by Carrie), so it completely made up for it. I ♥ my Artemis neko hat!

So it was just me, Juliet and Will who went to see Aeon Flux this Friday. The movie was better than I feared it might be, but not as good as I'd hoped. From Juliet's POV -- someone who has never seen the MTV cartoon -- she enjoyed it, and at least the plot seemed to make sense. I did like the feel of the movie, and I enjoyed it. But mostly, it got me excited to see the cartoon again. I had downloaded all of the episodes from WinMX last year, and never got around to watching all of them... but then after my harddrive crashed, they were lost. =( Now that WinMX is not free (I seem to remember, according to [livejournal.com profile] gokumew2), I'm considering buying the DVD of the complete series, with extras, on eBay for... I've seen around $35 including shipping. And I know that Paypal has some holiday 10% off coupon, so it would be closer to $30. I'm thinking about it. If anyone knows of a download or torrent for it, I am totally willing to be persuaded not to waste $30 on the official DVD.

Maryann and I drove over to Victor's house last night for a lil get-together with Chris, Carrie, Sean Kelly, and Crystal. Which was actually quite nice. Haven't seen them since once in mid-October! We've all been so busy with work and school and such. I was so happy to just go and hang out (especially since I had the car)! We played Soul Caliber 3 (which I hadn't seen until then, but I'll have to get for Liz) and kind of watched some of Miyazaki's Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, which was MUCH better than I thought it would be! I really liked what I saw of it (and I think I'm one of the few who really didn't like Mononoke Hime, although I think that's mostly due to the fact that I thought the dub REALLY REALLY SUCKED, and haven't seen it subbed)! When we were leaving at around 3am, it was snowing ~ so pretty! Drove Chris & Carrie back to Chris's house. Crystal lives in Queens, so I gave her a ride home, then back to my house. The drive in the snow was beautiful and exciting ~ 'cause it was snowing softly, not so much that it blinded. I really do love making the drive over to Staten Island, I guess just 'cause I enjoy driving a lot and it's a long enough drive that I can enjoy it, but not so long that it's tedious. And also, the fact that when we leave there are barely any cars on the road adds to the enjoyment. ^_~

I'm really looking forward to hanging out again for New Year's Eve (if not sooner).
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Oh, it's sooooo very yummy.

Left work a little early yesterday (yay!), but did nothing (boo!).

Went out to the supermarket with Liz at around 11:30pm (I love New York) to get catfood and litter, and veggies and milk and cereal. Then a little food and yummy unsweetened iced tea from Wendy's. *isdork*

Hung out with Baby for a while, and fell asleep with the light on.

Victor called me this morning to ask if I'd be interested in seeing Velvet Revolver in the Starland Ballroom for New Year's Eve! Yay! I said definitely (and probably Maryann will want to go also). He was actually able to get 6 tickets, OMG! (And me not driving = can drink, yay.)

I was just thinking about what I'd be doing for New Year's and remembering hanging out with Victor & Co last year, and wondering if we were going to try and do something together again for this year.
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The contractor started working on the walkway today, and needs the garage cleared out for tomorrow (even though he won't start on the garage until next week!). Maryann is going to come over and help move stuff out of there later tonight.

At 6pm, I have an appointment with Russell (that ebay drop-off store guy).

Maryann wanted to open up her bank account today, so that's more of a delay (but a happy one 'cause I've been bugging her to open a bank account for a year, at least).

It's Liz's birthday today -- she and her friends went to Coney Island/Astroland! (I'm *so* jealous!) So she won't be back until a bit later also -- I think she might be meeting me/us to go home. (I can't wait to give her birthday punches~!) Angelica and I got her a paid LJ account for 18 months. (When it expires, she'll be in college -- she'll just have to renew on her own!) ^^

I just found out that Victor will be moving to Florida, possibly very soon. =( And then Maryann told me that Eric might (almost definitely?) be moving to Arizona, not sure when though.

What the hell is going on here?!

And to top it off, for the past two weeks Angelica, Maryann and I have been calling each other at the same time, every single time we call. Obviously, we should pool money and play a lotto ticket or something, because the universe is trying to tell us something. ^_~;
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Friday. Well, it was a thing with the whole HP book release. But let me start from the beginning. )

Saturday. Spent the day with parents. Lunch, dinner, etc. Valentine (the construction guy who's going to rebuild the garage into a liveable room, and repave the front walkway) took us to one of the houses a couple of blocks down from us to show us their unfinished basement room (that he's working on currently). It was really awesome looking, I'm so jealous of the room that Maryann's going to have! ^^ (But in a good way.)

Sunday. Went to work, unfortunately. Boring day, but I picked up Lady Sophia's Lover by Lisa Kleypas (sequel to a book I'd recently read by her, Someone to Watch Over Me). Both were really good. Neither pair of hero & heroine were stupid! Yay! I was very surprised when I read StWOM 'cause Lisa Kleypas's older stuff is a little too... *vein twitch* for me. But these are really cute, satisfying, not stupid, and the sex (at least in LSL 'cause I don't remember StWOM too well) is pretty steamy for romance novels nowadays. They seemed to have hit a plateau. I definitely liked LSL better, but StWOM was very good and although it isn't necessary to have read StWOM first, LSL is better if you have.

Later, Maryann's parents drove her over to my house with her 13-year old cat, Baby. ^^ We wanted to do a little visit so that Baby wouldn't freak out too much when Maryann moved in and never went back home. OMG, at first she hid between the foot of my bed and the dresser, then under the typewriter table at the side of my desk, then later on top of the books on the bottom shelf of my bookcase. There were barely 3 inches of space there, so she was all spread out, but curled around on top of the books; she looked like a dragon in a cave. So adorable, I had to take a picture (which will be posted later today). After a while, and coaxing by Maryann, she came out and walked around a bit, eventually venturing into the hallway and bathroom area of my basement. She stayed in the bathroom for quite a while; we can't figure out if it was because it was cooler and darker in there, or if she had to go to the bathroom, or some combination of the two... even though she didn't end up "going" to the bathroom.

I drove her home around 1:30am. Eh, no sleep. =(

For anyone who's interested, I shall upload some Warp 11 songs to my site later tonight. Red Alert is their 2nd album, the music is rock. I'd suggest trying songs from here first as they're not as hard/punk as the songs from their first album, Suck My Spock. Go to their website to read hysterical, witty, and blatantly suggestive lyrics, by album.
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Erm, sorry for the length of all my babble~. )
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Saturday night was pretty cool -- went to Staten Island with Maryann because Victor was having a barbecue/party out on his deck. His pool was open, although I didn't know beforehand so I didn't bring a swimsuit (or shorts & a tank, or whatever), which was too bad. =( Next time I just might bring something, dunno what, but I'll figure something out. But even besides that, it was a lot of fun. Pat (Eric's friend who was at Hidden Shadows two weeks ago) was there again, with his girlfriend -- and wow, that guy can mix pretty darn good drinks! ^^ I had some yummy concoction of flavored rum, cranberry and orange juices, and lemon juice. And Victor can mix a good gin martini. ^^

We got there around 10:30pm, and Maryann went into the pool pretty quickly. ^^ Charlotte Ann was there, who's just so sweet; she's really nice and fun to talk to ~ I always like it when she's hanging out with Victor & Co. Justin was not to be found, which was disappointing. Joe was around, but he was in a really odd mood, and always disappearing with Vince(?); we found out later that Joe's now living at Victor's house 'cause he got kicked out for some reason or other... ::wince:: Joe's not the most stable-minded of people.

Chris and Carrie were there, of course. Carrie's so funny, she got drunk after one of Pat's drinks and she was acting really adorably silly. Eric was there -- he's really cool, too. He's a little flamboyant. I don't mean in an effeminate way (he's not gay nor effeminate), but he likes to be somewhat theatrical. But he's definitely not dramatic (and stupid) like Victor gets sometimes. He's really into Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, which is why he knew Jabberwocky by heart. And we had a short conversation about it and all the different movie versions and stuff; he's actually really cool ~ and it's really easy for me to feel comfortable around him, so I like hanging out with him. ^^

Anyway, we hung out and talked, most people took a dip... It thinned out a little after midnight. Then Chris and Carrie crashed in the living room until later. I eventually had a yummy grilled hotdog around 1:30 or so. And we finally left around 3:15. It was nice, though. I enjoy Victor's BBQ parties.

Of course, the next day I still had to get up to go to work.

Spent the day at the store (from 11am), but left a little early to go downtown to meet Maryann and some of her friends from the Bronx (Elise, Nancy), along with Lee & Zoila, at Washington Square Park. Victor joined us. It was funny finally meeting Nancy, I kind of feel like I know her 'cause Maryann has told me some about her; she's also really nice and cool to talk to. She's soooo~ petite! I think, shorter than Katie (4'11") and thin.

After sitting around for close to an hour, we ended up walking west, toward the pier. Walking through the West Village after the parade was pretty. So much rainbow stuff all over~ was pretty. I wish I'd known I was going to go, though -- I could've worn a tanktop or something a little cooler than a buttondown shirt & a (pretty) tie. ^^; Speaking of ties, I wish someone would make a rainbow tie. I'd prefer that over a T-shirt or flag or similar (I got a rainbow cloth backpack-type thing). I would have enjoyed it more if we'd actually had a destination or purpose, but we walked so much for nothing... and I had asked Maryann earlier if we could stop to get something small to eat, but then we didn't, so I didn't eat anything from 1pm to 11:30pm. =(

In conclusion, a long and busy and not-restful weekend. ::sigh:: I have a feeling this is going to be a long week.
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I'm *so* tired. And that wouldn't be so bad, but I'm sleepy too. >_< On Friday, as I reported, I went out with friends to see Howl's Moving Castle. I did neglect to mention some things about the night because I was literally falling asleep at the computer while I was typing that up. (I even left some of the coding unfinished when it was posted, LOL, but I've fixed it now.)

A little more about Friday night. )

On Saturday... )

On Sunday, after only 4 hours of sleep, I went to work at the store for 7 hours. I was so dead that I was being very indifferent toward pretty much anything and everything that day. Not grouchy or snappy, just indifferent. I didn't have the energy to form much of an opinion on anything. Except for the fact that I wasnted sweetened Passion Iced Tea from Starbucks, and had two Venti cups of it. =D

Sunday wasn't all that exciting or anything, but since I wasn't able to watch any episodes of Whistle since around Wednesday, I was feeling really desperate to watch more! So I started watching (somewhere between 25 and 28) at midnight, and didn't stop until the end of episode 36 at 4am! So I had almost 3 hours of sleep, but I am *so* paying for it now -- I'm finding it even more difficult to stay awake at my desk. Even writing this post isn't helping all that much.
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Time goes a lot more quickly now than it used to.

Yesterday was kind of a boring day. Worked at the store until 6pm, went home with Liz and played some Soul Caliber II. Went online for a bit and then basically fell asleep. It wasn't much of a birthday, kind of disappointing for some odd reason. I say odd, because I don't think I've been doing too much else the past couple of birthdays, but now it's disappointing. I really wanted to go out and do something, but it didn't really work out. It was very nice to have a few people call me to wish me a happy birthday. Angelica and Liz, of course. Sharon over LJ. =D Raquel called me, which was nice; we've been hanging out a bit more often this year, so it's understandable. Victor called me, which was kind of weird because it's the second time he's called me in the last week and the first time was because he wanted to ask me for advice regarding Maryann. x_x; The poor silly stupid boy doesn't know what he's gotten himself into.

So he'd heard that we might be on for the movies for my birthday, but I told him it wasn't really working out. So he said, why not Thursday instead? I said tentatively okay, but not for sure. "My people" and "his people" will have to discuss further.

I hate having this need to write in LJ even when there's nothing to write about.
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New Year's Eve was a Friday, so I worked at the store until around 2, I think. Something like that. Maryann and I had plans to go with Chris, Carrie & Sean to a party in New Jersey. We assumed that Victor & Co. were going to be going as well. But when Maryann found out they weren't, we really didn't want to go to NJ and spend New Year's with a bunch of people we didn't know at a stranger's house. (But mostly, we'd really rather spend it at Victor's.)

(Okay, I'm going to just interrupt myself for a second to point out that I'm totally switching tenses in my sentences, but I can't seem to figure out the correct way to speak. Blame it on my hunger headache.)

Anyway. Maryann called Chris and bought some time by saying that I was stuck working at the store until 7:30, so we wouldn't make the 7:37 train at Penn Station. Chris said they were taking the 8:30 train. (Damn.) Then she tried to tell him how we weren't going to know anyone there. He said we'd know him, Carrie and Sean. (True...) He said "Don't be a pussy! You promised!" (Apparently true, but I hadn't known.)

And so the soap opera began. Maryann called Victor to get him to call Chris and convince him to go to Vic's house instead, but Victor couldn't get through. Maryann called Carrie and explained everything. But she didn't call Chris back and so we practically ran over to Penn Station and were there by 8:10. We called Chris several times, but couldn't get through. Finally, he called us back and we told him we were at Penn Station - where were they? But Chris said that Carrie told them we weren't coming! Oh, the irony.

So we told them to just go ahead without us and we went to Vic's instead. We really enjoyed it there, so it was totally worth the running around. And, at least from my point of view, it was really amusing watching Maryann be so indecisive. Teehee.

Just to sum up. We went to Vic's house -- probably arrived around 9:30? Started in on the beers -- I discovered that Heineken is not as bitter as others I've tried, and so is much easier to drink (except for those last few sips at the bottom). It wasn't a big party or anything, but it was definitely a good time. Ohhh, I was so happy to have gone!

Around midnight, we were all sitting on the floor in the hallway, talking, when I looked at my watch which said about two minutes to 12. When I mentioned this, someone went into the other room and turned on the TV to watch the ball drop. But it had already dropped. Then someone blamed it on me, that we missed the ball dropping. But I said that if I hadn't said anything, we wouldn't even have noticed that it was midnight. So there. LOL.

Well, long story short -- we (me, Maryann & Justin) ended up sleeping on the hallway floor at around 3am. I think I got about an hour's sleep, but woke up because it was freezing in the room. Victor had left the window open, and we had no blankets. I know I got up once to find my bookbag to use as a pillow, and put my coat on as a blanket. Which helped for a while, but I wasn't really able to fall asleep again. I know I sat up for a while; just sitting there with my coat on 'cause I was so cold. Around 6 I moved to a different spot and laid down... I must have fallen asleep for five or ten minutes, but I woke up when Justin went to the bathroom. So we pretended that we were still trying to sleep, and around 6:45, we just decided to leave. Justin gave us a ride to the bus stop and we got to wait in the not-so-cold car until the bus came. Then we got to take the R train from the second-to-last stop in Brooklyn, allll the way to the third-to-last stop in Queens. Long ride. Nice nap.

Went to my house, got there around 9, slept until 1pm. Ahhh, nice, warm, comfortable bed (because at least I have a heater)!

Despite trying to freeze us out of his house, we had such fun. It was especially amusing to see Victor drunk 'cause he really didn't seem drunk except that he kept rambling. But it was that type of rambling that could be sober rambling, too.

You know, I think I'm just rambling right now. So. Goodnight.

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