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It's been forever since I've posted to LJ... and then along with all the other stragglers I decided now would be a good time long past due to finally import my LJ over to DW. I think all my lj-linked pics are probably broken, but I'm trying not to think about that too hard.

So hey.

I miss talking with fandom in this medium, but I also haven't fallen in love with any particular fandom in quite a while and I feel adrift.
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I realize now that I thought he'd just live forever.

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Last week we brought home our first foster cat, Zoe! A super chill, sweet and affectionate 10-year old with an ear issue who has surgery scheduled for this Wednesday. We're bringing her back to the ASPCA today so she can be prepped for her surgery, but we're hoping to take her back home with us afterwards, for another two weeks.

What a sweet kitty! <3

We looked into cat fostering via the ASPCA for a variety of reasons: as sort of a test run to gauge the extent of Rich's allergies... and his willingness to take Claritin every day. And maybe eventually to see if we might come across a kitten or cat that he's less allergic to, and keep it. That would really be ideal since I'm dying to have a cat again. It's insanely sweet that he's willing to try this out, and of course I'm grateful. I want this to work, but in the end Rich's health is top priority.

Does anyone have any experience with shots to reduce pet allergies? Just wondering how expensive/intensive they are?
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Just came across this random article about a dog who started following an extreme sports team doing a 430-mile long distance race while they were travelling through an Ecuadorian jungle.

Adorable, right?

One of the guys gave him a meatball and basically had a friend for life; he's arranging to adopt him now, and bring him back to his family in Switzerland.

It's really too bad this guy isn't named Dom. Because he named the dog Arthur. And guess who's really excited to meet the dog? The guy's daughter, Philippa.

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I'm pretty sure I mentioned last year that Rich reeeeally didn't want to move out of our old place at the end of his 12-month lease. And who can blame him? He's moved 6 times in the last 7 years (I've moved 5 in the last 7), but technically, we moved after 1 year and 3 months, so I guess it doesn't count?

Anyway, we're all moved out of the old place (where we shared a small 2-bedroom with a roommate) and into a small 1-bedroom! I've never gotten the chance to live alone (sadly, as it's something I wanted to do), but fortunately this is only a step removed from that. It's not the same as living alone, but it's definitely not the same as living with a roommate, even if you're pretty darn close with them.

I'm super excited for this new place as it's got tons of natural light-- something the old place didn't have. And not to mention, it's now HALF A BLOCK from the train I take to work every day. So I've cut what used to be a 12-minute walk to the train down to a 1-minute walk. It's pretty much the NYC-work-life equivalent of rolling out of bed and going to class in your pajamas. Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying Bushwick? It's pretty nice (as long as you look out for where you're stepping).

In other news, I randomly watched the new P!ATD video (This is Gospel: Piano Version) and then watched the regular version (after not having heard it since shortly after the album release) and... LOL apparently I'm TOTALLY IN THE MOOD FOR PATD RIGHT NOW. Who knew? Watching the video even made me want to read (and re-read) fic that I haven't been interested in for years now.

TBH I don't expect this feeling to last but it was nice to have it. I miss my stint in bandom; obviously online friends are too much fun for me to handle!

Watched the first minute of the BTS video for TIG which led me over to this other video by the same director, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Last thing... NYR IN THE EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALLLLLS! I can't believe we fucking won against the Penguins in an AWAY game 7. It feels pretty great to be a Rangers fan right now!
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So I guess if you haven't seen from over on facebook... Rich and I are now engaged!

Hah. It's a weird feeling because I'm actually not a fan of marriage in general -- in particular, the social expectations and stupid preconceived notions that go hand-in-hand with being "of marriageable age". (Though obviously on a personal/individual level, I completely understand the desire to announce one's love and commitment to your partner before your community.) This is something we've talked about at length... even before we started dating.

But since people tend to ask about "The Proposal"... there really wasn't one. For which I'm super thankful as I'm clearly not a fan of stereotypical rites/traditions. I'm mostly telling people that he joked about the idea until I got so used to it that I finally asked him when we were going to actually do the deed. Mostly that's true! But I do tend to leave out the pragmatism which underlies the motivation to marry: namely, various legal benefits wrt kids and healthcare.

Still, I'm very happy about it, despite my conflicting feelings on the institution of marriage. I'm also REALLY looking forward to the party! If you know me at all, you know I love a good party!
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And I survived! It wasn't actually bad at all, though I highly recommend you have lots of stuff planned to distract you on your cleanse days. For me, Friday and Sunday were easy as pie, because I had stuff to do; I barely noticed the fact that I was drinking juice and not eating.

Saturday, however, was kind of awful because I had nothing to do. What I really wanted to do was go and be outside and hang out with friends, but you know what I do when I go out and hang? Eat. And drink. If I'm at home, I tend to snack. So being "stuck" at home most of the day on Saturday was not the smartest idea I've ever had. Rich was fiiiiine on Saturday; he had FFXIV to keep him occupied pretty much all day long. Eventually I kicked myself out of my funk by doing a short workout which really re-energized me and perked me right up.

I was never hungry and never felt physically tired or lacking in energy. Saturday was emotionally a bit rough, but it's hard to tell exactly how much that had to do with the cleanse. I did think about crunchy snacks a lot (a LOT), but I was never genuinely tempted to break the cleanse. And I talked about food all. the. time. But, you know, I love food and I love talking about it, so it wasn't a huge departure from the usual.

For the next week I'm doing a post-cleanse diet (same as the pre-cleanse diet) which transitions into/out of the juice-only cleanse. This means no chicken or beef, no grains (pasta/rice/bread), no dairy, no fried foods. I'm going to try to put it off for as long as possible, but my first order of fries has got to be a good one! (...maybe I should make a special trip to Pommes Frites in the East Village.)

If you're into Magic: the Gathering, Rich does a weekly column ("What We Learned") over on Hipsters of the Coast. This week he blogged about the juice cleanse and how taking care of your body makes for a better Magic playing experience.
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So I started a 3-day juice cleanse today. I've had 2 so far and I'm surprisingly not even feeling hungry. I say "surprising" but of course it shouldn't be. Still, I've noticed that I'm thinking quite a bit about chewy/crunchy snacky things (like nuts and chips) moreso than thinking about a huge cheeseburger or something similar. I'm clearly missing the crunching experience.

I'm excited and nervous about what the next 2.5 days will be like!

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It's been a LONG--- holy shit, it's been a year! Since I last updated.

My life's completely different from when I was in LA, and pretty different even from a year ago, having been back for only about a month at the time. I've now been working at the NY headquarters for almost a year, as a data auditor for compliance purposes, and it's definitely not what I'd imagined. It's also not anywhere near as interesting as the research I'd been doing for them in LA, so that's a whole can of worms that I'm not really ready to open just yet.

I've also been living with Rich for a year now, and that's been pretty great. Not having lived with a partner before, I had no idea what it could or would be like, and so I've discovered that sometimes it's wonderful and other times it's frustrating and challenging. It's been great, though.

OMG-- I wish I'd been more consistent in updating LJ over the past year, so that I could have chronicled what it's been like living in this Bushwick apartment. It's been one thing after another and I'm SO fed up with being here. First the fridge kept breaking and it took months to get the landlord to finally replace it with a new one instead of trying to repair it (and half the time it was actually Rich repairing it)! Then we had toilet tank problems, hot water issues, frozen/burst pipes, and most recently no heat! It's been a crazy winter, I know, but the landlord must wait til everything's on the verge of broken (or IS broken) before fixing it. I've absolutely had it up to here with it! Luckily we're now in a month-to-month situation, so I've been looking for another place when possible. At this point we're looking for a place to ourselves, so it's much more difficult to find an affordable place in some of the neighborhoods we'd prefer for social and daily-commute reasons.

For a few months we had an awesome roommate, Daniel, who's 23 and SO MUCH FUN. We all got along really well and I totally count myself lucky to have him as a friend! We still get together every so often for drinks or brunch, etc. Our current roomie, while very nice and reliable with the rent... well, he just isn't a guy I can relate much to. On top of that, his schedule is completely random (not the typical 9-5 office job), so it doesn't offer many opportunities for us to bond over anything. He let us know recently that he'd been thinking of moving come September, but since his girlfriend's roommate might be moving out in June, that will likely change.

To be honest, I'm pretty glad about that. If Rich and I can find a place of our own for June, that would be ideal.

Hopefully I'll be back on here a bit more consistently; I miss having my LJ community to come home to! <3
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A huge THANK YOU to everyone who signed up and participated!
(I really love running this little ficathon, so I'm suuuuuper grateful to everyone who participates -- it's ALL OF YOU who keep it going!!!)

I'll be updating this list with any late posters, so please check back!!

ashesandghostff - You're Behind My Eyelids (When I'm All Alone)
bookblather - Femme Fatale, sweet sweet
ionthesparrow - Take, Eat
nerdwegian - All The Darkness I Have Worn
pkelfin - These Things Are Fun
radioaches - lightning to my thunder
sashataakheru - Challenge Accepted (also on AO3), Reveries of a Solitary Night Walker (also on AO3)
shipwreck_light - Jealous of Roses
torakowalski - The Wind Blows The Night Time My Way
ukiyo91 - Shower Power

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
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to receive weekly reminders (once a week for the next three weeks), counting down to deadline: Thursday, Feb 13!

And please remember:
  • THERE'S STILL TIME TO REQUEST A PROMPT! Just head over to the original post and submit your sign-up request!

  • If your prompt doesn't work for you, just request a new one!

  • If you finish your fic early and want additional prompts, don't hesitate to request more!

  • You can use prompts that have been assigned to others after completing your first one.

  • If posting to Archive of Our Own (AO3), use the "Sex Is Not The Enemy" tag.

  • Post links to completed works as replies to your sign-up request in the original post.

  • ENJOY!
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Signups for the FIFTH annual Sex Is Not The Enemy FIC/ART-ATHON are now open!


Please help spread the word!
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So now comes the post where I talk about how much weight I've lost in the last year and how awesome it is. I gained a lot of weight when I was in Indonesia because I wasn't able to be even as active as I normally was in NYC (not that I was super active anyway). Between coming back from Indonesia and going to LA I'm sure I lost a bit of weight and continued to do so in LA. But starting at the end of July last year I really started focusing on working out, and being more aware of what/when/how much I ate.

I did the Curves Complete weight loss plan for 3 months-- most of it is stuff I was already aware of, but having to stick to an actual plan, and having access to a whole bunch of easy recipes was really key for me. After the first 6 weeks I honestly stopped paying so much attention to recording everything and just continued the habits I'd created.

So, in the last 8 months -- from when I actually started counting -- I've lost a total of 50 lbs. And though the rate of loss has certainly slowed, it hasn't stopped.

It feels AMAZING.

I haven't been "dieting" so I don't expect to suddenly start gaining the weight back unless I get into another headspace where I just don't care. But honestly I think I'll be able to get back on track eventually, should that happen. Because now I know how to do it, successfully; I'll be able to do it again.

This is the smallest I've been, ever, since the first time I was this weight/size, probably somewhere back in junior high (7-9th grade). I can tell the difference, mostly just because of how my clothes don't fit anymore, but mostly I don't feel like I look that different. Which is perfectly fine. Though occasionally I'll catch a certain angle in the mirror and I'm like, wait, is that MY neck/collarbones/shoulders/face?

The best part (besides being able to fit into more clothes I like) is being able to do things I could never do before, like sit cross-legged on a desk chair, or comfortably circle my arms around my bent legs while sitting. It's just easier to MOVE. And I keep touching myself. Like, I can feel my ribcage -- so weird!

Anyway, it's all pretty exciting, and I'm just quietly happy with my progress. No matter how the whole new job/NYC/Philly things work out, going to LA last year was probably the best thing I could've done for myself.
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Ahaha, so I've been back in NYC for almost three weeks now. It has felt simultaneously much shorter and much longer than that. I've been mostly helping out my mom with my father who's been sick (in and out of the hospital for the last 6 weeks). He's home now and doing a lot better but there are still moments where his stubbornness overrides what little good sense he has and it basically creates a lot of problems for all the rest of us. =/

My first week back I interviewed at the headquarters of the company I was working for in LA. It wasn't an interview for a specific job at first, but the head of Research was looking to create an Audit & Compliance department and because of the apparently glowing recommendations from my boss and the head broker in LA, I'm going to be doing that for them come April 8th.

This is going to be a step up in responsibilities, though -- it's much more of a career-type job than just a work-to-make-money type job. So I'm kind of scared and nervous about it because I'm somewhat of a slacker even though I try not to be. But I'm going to be hired as a consultant for the first few months, which will give us all a chance to see how this works out, on both sides.

So that does sort of throw my Philly plans up in the air for now -- if the job doesn't work out then I can still go to Philly but if it does actually work out... well, it may turn out to be worth staying in NYC for anyway. I definitely have mixed feelings because I really wasn't ready to be back in NYC quite yet. But there's also living with Rich which has been pretty awesome so far. <3

When did my life get so complicated?

I miss LA though.

PAX East in Boston is only 5 days away now. I'm pretty excited to be going to a con with so many friends again. It's been a while. There are a few panels I wouldn't mind attending but you know me, what I'm really looking forward to is the drinking/partying! =DDD It's kind of ridic that Muskrat Jamboree (which I'm not going to, sadly) is going to be like a mile away. I'm going to try to drop by and say hi to people if possible.
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A huge THANK YOU to everyone who signed up and participated!
I'll be updating this list with any late posters, so please check back!!

beef_wonder3 - Forever is composed of nows
blossomdreams - Pleasant Surprise
bookblather - Memory, This, Skin Hunger, Five Boyfriends Penny Dumped (And One She Kept), You and Your Hand
eledhwenlin - A Sight to See (also on AO3)
empathapathique - Safe to Shore
ionthesparrow - Pause Here
katiemariie - cool me down before i jump into your thighs (also on AO3)
loveflyfree - I was Yours and You were Mine
sarcasticsra - Loud, What I Want
sashataakheru - Hedgehog's Dilemma (also on AO3), Waiting for the Night (also on AO3)
shipwreck_light - Jealous of Roses
subluxate - Newspaper Photos Are Not Sexy, Ibiza, Swept Away, Pinned
torakowalski - These Things Take Forever
zoi_no_miko - For Now (also on AO3)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
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Ahahaha, I got laid off.

My last day is this coming Friday, though my boss let me know this past Friday. I went home a little early and told my roomies and quietly freaked out a little. Went to the gym. Then I relaxed because whatevs, I just had to figure out what I should do about it: look up California Unemployment, see if I'm eligible; look up jobs on Craigslist and other sites, start sending resumes out.

I did those things.

I can't even remember what the context was when I jokingly said "I should just move to Philly", but then the thought just got stuck in my mind. The more I thought about it, the more seriously appealing it became. Several weeks ago I'd decided that I was going to stay in LA for only another year before going back to NYC. Mostly because of Rich. So my thinking is: if I've got only a year to sow my wild wanderlust-oats, I need to make the best of it; if I was going to struggle with finding a job (for who knows how long) and maybe not be able to do things because of making only enough money to survive rather than go out and doing fun stuff, I'd rather spend a year doing that in a place I've never lived before, experiencing something completely new and different.

You probably think I'm crazy. I don't blame you; I kind of do, too. But I talked it out with a few people who've got good, rational heads on their shoulders, and I think this is actually going to work out.

I'll be going back to NYC first, for a couple of months, to work and save up some money for the cost of moving to Philly (rent/security/furniture/etc.) where I plan to live for about a year before returning. I'm ridiculously sad I'm going to miss all of the new friends I made here, though. And most especially, my two awesome roomies [livejournal.com profile] elipie and [livejournal.com profile] likeaglass. This past year just couldn't have been as fucking awesome as it was without them!

But I'm not gonna lie -- though it wasn't the motivating, or even the tipping factor -- it's a huge plus that Philly's only 2.5 hours away from Rich, and my family, and so many of my closest friends. (And also the NY Rangers.)

So here's the fun part: ROAD TRIP 2: EAST COAST BOOGALOO!


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Yesterday (Tues 1/29) was the one-year anniversary of me being in Los Angeles. It's been an awesome year here, on so many levels. I've met some cool new people and love & miss my NYC friends even more. But I needed to do what I did, I needed that huge change; it's been nothing but good for me.

I'll let my twitter speak for me today:

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Acadia was reading hilarious badfic one-liners to me last night and though I don't remember the line, it started a semi-serious conversation about screaming orgasms. I don't know about you, but screaming orgasms aren't a regular thing, in my experience. Shouting? Much more likely. Keening? Hell yeah. Screaming? Not so much.

Unless we're talking about edging. In which case, SO HOT OMFG. Also, makes sense, right? Thus appropriate.

Okay, so I don't want to dictate what words people can and can't use to describe fictional orgasms, but the use of "screaming" seems to have really lost its meaning.

Does the (over-)use of screaming to describe an orgasm throw you out of a story as much as it does me? Why do you think people use that particular word? Is it because of the unrealistic depiction of sex in the majority of porn? Any other thoughts? I'm curious now.
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I want to comment on everyone's posts! I missed you guys so much and I didn't even realize. Sorry, that sounds so shitty of me. =/ But it's been so long since I've been around I feel slightly awkward about it. Like, "Oh hi, yeah, it's been a year and a half since I last exchanged comments with you. Maybe you don't even remember why we friended each other."

So many people on my flist are talking hockey and it's SURREAL. At the risk of sounding like a hipster, I've been into hockey for longer than I've been on LJ, and the relatively recent hockey(RPF)-fandom explosion of the last few years still boggles! It's awesome though, don't get me wrong! It's exciting and I CANNOT FREAKING WAIT TIL SATURDAY! I'll be watching the Kings/Hawks opener with two hockey fandom fangirls at LA Live (next door to the Staples center) -- do I wear my Kings shirt or my Hawks shirt?! And then going back to my place after to watch the NYR/Boston game on NHL Gamecenter Live. CANNOT WAIT.

Sad things happened this week with Pekoe. See previous posts for clarification. I compartmentalize reeeeallly well so I'm doing okay. Other than when I talk about it with my sister Liz or my bff Maryann, it's still sort of unreal. I always have severe delayed reaction with these things, I think. =/

Going to a metal show tomorrow (Friday) night to see Down with some guys I met at a Sword concert back in... November? No, mid-December. Won tickets so I didn't spend money I don't have. Also carpooling so I can DRINK!!! Which is good, because I needed the excuse.

Oops, sorry for the quick ups/downs! I feel like I'm reporting on what I've been doing while away from LJ, as if I have to catch you up on what's passed. Hah, I assume this will change into more organic posting soon enough.

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