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Ahahaha, I got laid off.

My last day is this coming Friday, though my boss let me know this past Friday. I went home a little early and told my roomies and quietly freaked out a little. Went to the gym. Then I relaxed because whatevs, I just had to figure out what I should do about it: look up California Unemployment, see if I'm eligible; look up jobs on Craigslist and other sites, start sending resumes out.

I did those things.

I can't even remember what the context was when I jokingly said "I should just move to Philly", but then the thought just got stuck in my mind. The more I thought about it, the more seriously appealing it became. Several weeks ago I'd decided that I was going to stay in LA for only another year before going back to NYC. Mostly because of Rich. So my thinking is: if I've got only a year to sow my wild wanderlust-oats, I need to make the best of it; if I was going to struggle with finding a job (for who knows how long) and maybe not be able to do things because of making only enough money to survive rather than go out and doing fun stuff, I'd rather spend a year doing that in a place I've never lived before, experiencing something completely new and different.

You probably think I'm crazy. I don't blame you; I kind of do, too. But I talked it out with a few people who've got good, rational heads on their shoulders, and I think this is actually going to work out.

I'll be going back to NYC first, for a couple of months, to work and save up some money for the cost of moving to Philly (rent/security/furniture/etc.) where I plan to live for about a year before returning. I'm ridiculously sad I'm going to miss all of the new friends I made here, though. And most especially, my two awesome roomies [livejournal.com profile] elipie and [livejournal.com profile] likeaglass. This past year just couldn't have been as fucking awesome as it was without them!

But I'm not gonna lie -- though it wasn't the motivating, or even the tipping factor -- it's a huge plus that Philly's only 2.5 hours away from Rich, and my family, and so many of my closest friends. (And also the NY Rangers.)

So here's the fun part: ROAD TRIP 2: EAST COAST BOOGALOO!


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Some things of note, though:

It's been almost a whole year now since I moved to LA! I can hardly believe it. It feels simultaneously longer and shorter. I've made some new friends! No one super close but it's been great nonetheless.

In September I FINALLY found a job! I'm now a research assistant at a commercial mortgage brokerage. My favorite coworker, Olga, is also a big hockey fan, so how could it possibly get better? Well, I could really be making a bit more-- that's something that I'll have to face soon. I wouldn't mind staying at this job for a considerable time but I'm barely making ends meet right now so something's gotta change.

Anyway, because I got a job, I finally switched my car title, registration, and license over to CA, which made me feel like a super-amazing adult (for like a week or two). (Previously the car was still titled to my parents, so.)

Back at the end of July, we adopted two adorable kitties from a shelter and they have been the sweetest (and the most annoying), but they've been a constant of awesome in my life.

Dublin is the dark tabby; Pekoe is the calico.

Unfortunately, Pekoe was just diagnosed with FIP, a disease that presents in cats under two (Pekoe will be 9 months at the end of January) and is terminal in pretty much all cases. She's hanging in there but she hasn't got much longer. I'm so glad to have had her but I'm so sad I don't have more time with her. She's just the sweetest kitten. <3 It's all extremely bittersweet.

In other happy news, though, NHL LOCKOUT IS OFFICIALLY OVER! It's been sad and boring without hockey. I miss the Rangers so much. I went to a charity game here in LA, which was fun, and then to the (more serious) charity game in Atlantic City when I went back to NYC around Thanksgiving, and then to an ECHL game in Ontario, CA (60 miles away from LA). But it's just not the same. I MISS MY BOYS! These last few weeks I'd even started to watch football! (I'm currently watching the Denver Baltimore game as I type! Ahhhh it's been so intense!)

BTW, it's also been a little over a year since Rich & I started dating and ahaha, it's still going well, considering it's a pretty long-distance thing. I'm really happy about it. =D

Anyway, I don't do New Year's Resolutions, but if I did, this year's resolution would be to get back into posting and reading on LJ! So I hope to be around a lot more than I have been!

Soooooo, let me know what's going on with you guys! Or ask me questions about moving to and living in LA, or whatever else you're curious about! At the very least, go check out the SEX IS NOT THE ENEMY FICATHON! (It's a 500-word minimum, so you KNOW you have time to contribute!) Sign-ups are still open, and prompts will be assigned on Wednesday!

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So... I'll be going to Disneyland on Friday with Rich. FUN TIMES, YES? If you have any ride recs, let me know. Basically have been told to ride anything with "mountain" in the name. =D Actually, I did go to Disneyland once before, when I was 17, but jeeeez that was a while ago and somehow I barely remember anything about it other than loving the Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain, and having a suuuuper fun time with Liz even though she dragged me on all the kiddie rides (she was 10 at the time).

So anyway... PARASAILING! In Marina Del Rey a few weeks ago. With [livejournal.com profile] likeaglass and another friend. [livejournal.com profile] elipie was supposed to be there but ahhhhh, the timing didn't work out too well. T_T

Hanging from a harness that falls into a seat shape, clipped onto a bar that hangs from a parachute... 800 feet in the air! It's a lot like skydiving once your parachute has opened. It's beautiful and relaxing and exhilarating. (Can something be relaxing and exhilarating at the same time?) It made me miss skydiving lots, though. But it was a lot cheaper since we had 2-for-1 groupons.

Pics of FUN TIMES! (And seals!) )

Hmmmm. I wonder if I can come up with some sort of skydiving-related tattoo for myself. I'll have to ruminate on that one for a while.
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Did you guys know that James McAvoy and Jamie Bell will be costarring in the newest adaptation of an Irvine Welsh novel, Filth? I didn't! But I'm pretty excited for it. I started reading it a few days ago and then stumbled across the fact that principal photography for the movie started in late January and it's scheduled for a 2013 release.

One movie blog called it a "comedic thriller" but... I wonder how comedic it will really be? Like Welsh's other works, it's more disgustingly awful than comedic. And much like the main characters in Welsh's other novels (except for Trainspotting and its sequel, Porno), Robertson (the main character of Filth, played by James McAvoy) is completely unsympathetic, reprehensible, and physically disgusting (all calling back to the work's title), even though he's charismatic and apparently sexy as hell. That particular dichotomy is not at all unusual for a Welsh character.

I'm utterly fascinated by the thought of seeing McAvoy play this role. It's possible a lot of it is toned down for the movie; I wouldn't be surprised if it is, in fact. But even so, the character is morally reprehensible, and... I haven't seen McAvoy in a lot of movies, but I think this is a huge change for him (correct me if I'm wrong). In any case, it'll be a huge change for me to see him in a role like this.

I'm also really curious to see how McAvoy/XMFC fandom will react if they go out and see Filth without really knowing what they're getting into. Unless they tone it down severely, even Trainspotting won't be a good meterstick for Filth.
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Have I mentioned how much I love my team? Lately they've been at the top of the Eastern Conference, and often at the top of the entire league. And on top of that, they do things like tweet incriminating pics of each other for all their fans to see.


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That was Sunday, actually. Earlier today (Monday) Liz and I drove around, had lunch with one of her coworkers who telecommutes, went window shopping for beds, picked up a few things at Ikea, then had dinner with a friend of Liz's coworkers who had previously given me some LA-neighborhood advice. Her name is Amy and I'll be meeting up with her again on Saturday! (YAY NEW FRIENDS!!!)

All in all a very busy day, and I'm pretty exhausted now at the end of it.

Liz is leaving tomorrow afternoon so we're going for a ride on Mulholland Drive for the view, then stopping at some ridiculous place we saw in Burbank for 5 chili burgers for $5, and then going on to LAX where she will leave me all alone in my new home-- to return to NYC, where all the fun stuff is happening (I just know it).

If you've missed out on all my pic posting from the road trip, check them out on my tumblr. I think I did a pretty good job at updating and documenting some of the highlights.
Start with the bottom of page 2 and work your way "backwards" to the top of page 1.
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So what if it's for like 20 minutes, until the Blackhawks win against CBJ tonight? I'll take it. Besides, the hawks are my second team, so. =DDD

And then there's the whole GABY IS LEAGUE LEADER IN GOALS.

I love my teams. <3

Aaaaaand in other good awesomely awesome and amazingly amazing news, the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] cathybites is taking me to the WINTER CLASSIC ALUMNI GAME in Philly on Saturday so I can see Leetch play live for once in my fucking life! I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW ALSDJKFLASJFLASJFLDSJ EXCITED I AM FOR THIS. SO WHAT IF IT'S AN OLD-TIMERS' GAME?! I DON'T CARE. IT'S LEEEEEEETCHY!
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But hey look, this is what happened tonight (Patrick was actualfax this close. *_____* http://lockerz.com/s/156835692), and it was the best possible follow-up to fun times earlier today!

I took video of my two favorites, Everybody Wants Somebody and Run Dry (X Heart X Fingers), plus his impromptu cover of Steve Goodman's The City of New Orleans! I'm currently uploading them to my youtube and linking from my tumblr, so check back in a few hours!

After the show I actually got to ask him "...so what's next?" and he started answering like, this was the last stop on the tour, there's nothing else scheduled, etc., but I said, "no, no, I mean, what's your next style of music?" I had wanted to explain that I was referencing this interview he'd given where he implied he wanted to do all different styles -- the one where he says he did the R&B album first because doing it when you're older is kind of creepy -- but there was a long line and although Patrick would've stopped to chat with everyone, the security was rushing us all through pretty quickly. But then he went and tweeted this a little later and I can't help but think that it was in response to my question (though tbf probably other fans asked it too?). I'm going to just go on believing it was all me.

[livejournal.com profile] merelyn got a quick photo for me, though, and I'm really quite pleased at how it turned out! =DDD

Hey, did I ever post about the P!ATD M&G I got to go to at the Philly show? ALSKDJFALSJFLSAJFLSAJ I'll post about that next (even though it's been almost two weeks now).
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A friend got a ticket and a +1 (me!) to the taping of Patrick Stump on the Mark Hoppus show on Fuse this morning! So I got to see him perform This City and Run Dry (X Heart X Fingers) live for the cameras. It airs on Friday 11/25 and I think you probably can't see me in the crowd (god, I really hope not) because I was sort of behind a taller girl, but you might catch a glimpse of me and my friend in the beginning when Mark Hoppus introduces the show/guest.

The interview portion was cool and pretty funny, and it was kind of awesome to see how these things are run, behind-the-scenes.

Aaaand I'll be at Webster Hall for his show tonight, which I'm suuuuper psyched about because he's playing at the Studio stage, not the main stage, so capacity is like, 300!!! TINY VENUES ARE THE BESTBESTBEST!


I also got a pic with him on Katie's DSLR but ugh, my face looks horrible so it's just for me and my memories.
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Soooo, THAT happened.

The Halloween P!ATD show was fucking amazing, and I couldn't have seen the show or spent the day with a better bunch ([livejournal.com profile] sansets, [livejournal.com profile] bootson, [livejournal.com profile] coyotegestalt, an unexpected![livejournal.com profile] zeenell, and several others)! I was sad I wasn't able to con my way into M&G, but whatevs, I still got to see pantsless!Spencer, which btw I've decided is the best holiday ever.

Also, can I gush for a sec over Ian dressing up as Hit Girl?! Besides the whole crossdressing thing, which I like but isn't my particular kink, I know he did it because he's a huge. fucking. nerd. and thinks HG is badass and cool, not (only) because it'd be funny for him to wear a skirt. Let's count how many girls dress up as guys because they're badass characters-- oh wait, we can't because there are too many. I want to see more guys dressing up as awesome girl characters on Halloween. Because it's not far from something like that to girls just being legit cool without any sort of qualifiers.

It's not like I hadn't already been tipping over into having huge heart-eyes over Ian, but this pretty solidly cemented it.

Also, jesus fuck Ian-as-HG rocking out on his guitar is so fucking hot, I can't even! What is that even all about? HG is like, TEN YEARS OLD. IDEFK, maybe it's the wig. Seriously, I'd actually just love to see Ian-as-HG at every fucking Panic! show. Yes, along with Pantsless!Spencer and also Brendon with his Jesus wig because like I told twitter, somehow that made me feel like I was at a Real Rock Concert™ and it was kind of awesome.

Pstump is amazingly adorable, I don't think there are enough words to explain exactly how adorable he is. With his red suit and blinking red devil horns. It sort of made me want a sequel to Lenore's BeWentzed (Pete/Patrick), from Patrick's POV but some years down the road.

FANGIRL HOSTELS ARE THE BEST! I still can't thank [livejournal.com profile] sansets and her roomies enough for letting me crash on (one of) their couches. I hope I can return the favor someday!
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Because of this photo of Spencer Smith's stupid, smiley, squishy face THAT I WANT TO BITE, and his hair that I WANT TO RUN MY HANDS THROUGH AND MESS UP SO BADLY.

- P!ATD iTunes Live EP, which I haven't even had time to listen to yet!
- Mercenary, released on the Batman: Arkham City Soundtrack
- Ready To Go (Take 40 Live Lounge Acoustic), with all the fan cheering at the beginning cut out, of course
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I've had an insanely busy week in Indonesia. Liz and I landed in Jakarta on Saturday night local time and spent two days there with family. Then:

- flew out to Bali (with my cousin Ade and her friend/coworker who were on business) for three days wherein we stayed at a beach resort hotel and did SO MUCH EATING. AND SHOPPING. I actually got these awesome awesome bone talons with a wing shaped carved on one side (almost exactly like this pair).
- flew back to Jakarta Thursday night, SAW A CONCERT (the famous boy band kahitna, don't even ask) then drove out to Bandung on Friday for shopping and food
- drove back on Saturday; Liz flew back to NYC
- flew out super early on Sunday morning to Kalimantan (with Ade's friend/coworker for more business)

It's Monday now and I'm sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for Yantri to finish up her business. Our flight back to Jakarta is at 6pm tonight and I'm REALLY REALLY looking forward to being able to sleep without having a specific wake up time. Especially one that's not 4am to catch a flight, or to go to the floating market before it disperses.

Here are a few photosets of some highlights:

- Bali resort hotel
- traditional market in Bali
- driving and traffic in Indonesia
- Banjarmasin Floating Market in Kalimantan

In more detail.... )

And last (for now), but not least... and weirder than I can possibly express... I... didn't realize this at all until about an hour ago, but... Panic! At the Disco is playing Big Wave Festival in Jakarta tomorrow. And... I'll be in Jakarta tomorrow... so, I'm going to try to get tickets.


Like [livejournal.com profile] asolarfever said on twitter, I'll be able to say I've seen them in two countries! (Even if it'll be ridiculously weird that those two countries are THE US and INDONESIA. O_O

This totally beats the (probably unpopular) awkwardness I feel about the news of Bden & Sarah's engagement. =/


Feel free to ask any questions you want about Indonesia; I'm sort of keeping things (relatively) brief in this post, but I don't mind expounding furthur on anything you're interested in. =D
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So, they announced yesterday that PStump will be one of the opening acts for Panic! on their fall tour. I'm definitely going to at least the Philly show; I'm considering the DC show if I can find anyone to put me up there. I'm excited because Patrick stump is adorable and I'm actually really excited to see him live, though you know I'm really wishing that Pete would be there too.

Still, I'm.... not sure how I feel about all of this, musically. PStump's solo music is reeeeeeeally Not My Thing. Neither is Fall Out Boy's... or The Black Cards', so really I've just screwed myself (or my ears) over by thinking that Pete and Patrick are the most adorable musicians I don't actually like.

I think I need to go to more metal concerts to make up for this extreme loss of hardcore cred, y/y/MFY?

Well, you know, when I get back to NYC.


Go vote in my poll. I NEED YOUR OPINION.
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Click to read!!!

List of all days.

[Poll #1776988]

So yeah, I'm.... going to Indonesia tomorrow. For six weeks. HOW WEIRD IS THAT, GUYS? I'm still sort of... I don't think it's actually set in? It probably won't til I arrive in the Jakarta airport, ahahaha. And besides that I can't wait to visit [livejournal.com profile] starafar in Singapore! HOW IS THIS EVEN MY LIFE?!

I'm showing my room to a friend of a friend in like, an hour, to see if she's interested in renting it for the rest of September. I'm seriously crossing my fingers on this because any little bit is going to help me pay my rent!

And randomly, a fic rec-- I'm in the middle of this awesome transgender!Merlin fic that's 93k words long and I'm just about done with the first third of. It's great. It's so great. I was trying to save it for the 16-hour flight... plus the three-hour layover in Hong Kong... plus the 5-hour flight from Hong Kong to Jakarta... but I just couldn't help myself.

Edit the Sad Parts by cruentum
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JUST caught up on fskip=180 and YAY I've got, like, three or four new Brendon/Spencer fics to read (also the next chapter in [livejournal.com profile] freece's Captive Prince) and am SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! I've... sort of been flailing about and reading random Pete/Patrick fics, but I miss my daily dose of Spencer. I haven't quite made it over to read the latest round of BBB yet, though, so there's that waiting for me too.

To be fair, I've actually been away from the comp a lot in the last week or so. I now have less than a week left in NYC before going to Indonesia for six weeks, and I'm not freaking out or anything, but I'm sort of feeling like I'm going to miss ALL THE THINGS here while I'm away.

Also, the money situation really isn't the best, but whatever, I'm just going to have to sort of just plough through the next couple of months and hope the other side will be an improvement.

Going to see Warrior tonight. T-HARD, I STILL LOVE YOU. I'm so happy there's a preview showing tonight so I didn't have to go to the midnight showing on Thursday to see it before my flight to Indonesia leaves on Friday morning. THOUGH I WOULD HAVE DONE IT. FOR TOM.

Aaaaaand I'm going to leave you with this. Because while I'm not a huge Patrick Stump fan, HIS FACE HERE IS THE MOST ADORABLE THING AND I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT. If I have to suffer, you do too. <3333

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My extremely drunk post of Pete and Bebe.

My slightly less-drunk tumblr-post.

Sorry for so much CAPSLOCK.
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I always end up meeting the coolest people waiting on line, or even just next to me in the crowd, etc. And somehow I'm not shy about starting up a conversation with strangers at a concert like I am pretty much EVERYWHERE ELSE. [livejournal.com profile] starsparkle333 suggested that it's because we're all there for the same reason/same interest, but I'm still super shy about chatting up strangers even at CONS, with fangirls, ffs!

...and did I mention how many lovely, lovely fellow bandom fangirls I met and chatted and squeed with yesterday? ILU GUYS! <333

In any case, some guy ordered too much pizza and offered my group the extra slices (which was awesome because other than a jamba juice at 2pm, that would be all I would eat until 11pm). And then I made two friends waiting in line. One SKYDIVES as like, a serious hobby -- like, she goes every weekend or something and packs her own chute and dives alone (not tandem) and she's like, I COULD TEACH YOU HOW TO PACK, YOU CAN COME DIVE WITH ME (in Michigan). We were sort of going on about how awesome it is and basically the other girls with us looked at us like we're nuts. If I'm in/near SF again I'm going to Lodi and diving again for $100, no matter what.

The other friend I made took this photo that's making the rounds; she's a pretty big fan of Panic and bandom-related bands like TAI and Empires and such; we bonded over previous concert experiences and also claiming our spots in the third row when we were let in, making a much-needed beer run even though the crowd was already ridiculous, and being surrounded by 15-year old girls. UGH. While I'll make an exception for a few Panic shows, I'd really rather stick to metal shows in the future.

The Black Cards were cute -- because PETE WENTZ IS TINY AND ADORABLE AND HAS THE CUTEST SMILE (second only to Spencer Smith's). But I'm not a huge fan of his music and it seems I never will be. Neon Trees were... good? The crowd was actually the rowdiest for them? Or, it seemed that way because I'd gotten to the barrier by the time Panic played and so I didn't have to fight for ground so much anymore. The singer is sort of fascinating to watch, but I'm just not a fan of their music. He does remind me a lot of a former coworker of mine, which amuses me to no end.

Then Panic came out and the first time Brendon ran over to our side, I thiiiiiink he may possibly have recognized me because of my glasses?! He complimented them on Wednesday when I MET HIM AND ZACK IN CENTRAL PARK. And then I got into this conversation with Zack about whether my glasses were Not Real a la the Matrix. =DDDDDDDD

As concerts go, Panic's show really isn't my idea of a good concert. I think there are just too many 15-year old girls for me to be able to get into it... also the lack of, you know, hard rock/metal sound... but I've pretty much started thinking of concerts as paying to see canon performed live. And that works for me. =D

Seeing Panic partially cover Personal Jesus also works for me.

In celebration of Spencer's birthday today, Brendon dedicated Always to him because -- in Brendon's own words -- "he's a sexy bastard". Spencer ran out in front of the stage to, you know, be serenaded and open his arms to Brendon's metaphorical embrace. The whole thing was sweet, including when the crowd sang "Happy Birthday" to Spencer and Brendon was amused and happy about it, and just. There was really just so much happy there. SO MANY SPENCER SMILES. I wish I'd been able to capture them all but Spencer is just too far away for my lack of zoom. =(


Yes, I said proper fingering.

But my favorite part (besides all of Spencer's parts... and maybe also a few of Pete Wentz's parts -- oh yeah, did I mention I got to touch his hipbone one of the times he dove into the crowd?), was seeing Brendon's spazzy dancing. I love it to death. <3333

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I've really got to get back into the habit of posting again, I really hate going a whole week without checking my flist and then having to play catch-up and missing awesome things like music friending memes and M&G/concert reports, and then also having like a million things to update about, too. So here goes.

Drove down to Philly on Tuesday so Juliet and I could get inked. This was also THE DAY OF THE DC EARTHQUAKE WTF. Juliet had to take the bus back that night so Nicole did her first; I stayed over and she did me and I drove back to NYC on Wednesday afternoon. So actually, these weren't as painful as the chest tats I had done a couple years ago (and didn't take as long, either -- 5 hours altogether instead of 8), but the aftermath has been way worse. My upper arms are very swollen, which is sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes very painful; I've got heat rash from the humidity like you wouldn't believe. Don't even ask me to describe it because it's horrible and icky and you don't want to know. The redness probably won't go away for another two weeks, but I'm hoping the swelling will lessen soon because it SUCKS. And also I've got a fucking P!ATD concert to go to on Thursday and I'm going to be on the fucking rail if it kills me. Which, let's face it, it won't, because it's a P!ATD concert and I'll have to restrain myself from popping 15-year olds in the face, but maybe I can find a bunch of guys and convince them to start a mosh pit with me. LOLZ.

Anyway, I'm not posting pics of the back-of-the-arm tats til they look better. But here's a pic of the third one, on my right forearm. A prize for you if it rings a bell:

The other big news of the day is that I'M GOING TO INDONESIA FOR SIX WEEKS!!! Um, yeah. So, I'm currently unemployed and I've got relatives there that I can stay with for free and a dollar goes a LOT farther there than here, so... yeah. I'm sort of SUPER EXCITED and also like, SIX FUCKING WEEKS, WTF. But I mean, I've meant to go to Indonesia for a couple of years now and what better time to go than when I don't actually have to take vacation days to do it? Liz is going to come with for 10 days at the beginning and then leave to go back to work. I'm ecstatic over that because while I still would've gone, it just wouldn't be the same without her. And meeting a hundred relatives for the first time, most of whom don't speak English, will be a lot less intimidating and a lot easier to handle when we've got each other. =D

You know what's going to be the weirdest? I'm going to a place where I will BLEND IN WITH THE NATIVES. Think about that for a second. And I don't mean that I will, really, because I'm sure I'll be dressed differently and relatively easily-identified as a foreigner (or a freak), but-- I could theoretically just disappear into the crowd. I've never, NEVER, looked like anyone else. In NYC there are so many ethnicities -- and I've only ever lived in areas that have extremely diverse populations (Queens is really good at that) -- but the Indonesian population here is relatively small and I've never really been part of it and I've NEVER looked like everyone else. This whole idea is sort of freaking me out!

So, two things of note:
  1. Indonesia is 11 HOURS AHEAD. Which means, tweeps, that I will try to stalk your twitters anyway and DON'T LEAVE ME OUT OF ANY IMPORTANT CONVOS OR UPDATES, OR I WILL BE VERY DISSAPOINT. #wolfpack

  2. Do you or someone you trust happen to be looking for a room in NYC to sublet for 4-6 weeks? If so, please point them my way!

Spencer Smith is now going to demonstrate how I feel:

ETA:...oh yeah, that whole itinerary thing I meant to post:
Friday 09/09/11:
CX 841 JFK 10:05 → HKG 14:05
CX 719 HKG 16:00 → CGK 19:40 (arrive Saturday evening)
[22.5 hours travel time]

Monday 10/24/11:
CX 798 CGK 00:05 → HKG 05:50
CX 830 HKG 09:20 → JFK 13:10
[24 hours travel time]
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Hip-swivel, just for Spencer:


This video is SO FUCKING WORTH KEEPING. I think I may have re-watched it like FIVE MILLION TIMES in the last hour.

So here, if you want to save it too, you can dl it:

[credit: crazybutsound]
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So... you guys have first dibs! Whatever's left will get posted on [livejournal.com profile] gaugetrade, I guess.

All the CBRs, plugs, and tapers are FREE!
Please, just take them; I want to clear out the space in my jewelry box!

As for the rest, shipping is included in the asking price:

4.5mm wood talons $6
4g stainless steel talons $6
6g glass dichro rainbow spirals $20
(These rainbow spirals have never been worn, still have the box they came in, originally cost $35.)


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