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I realize now that I thought he'd just live forever.

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I'm apparently in a movie-watching mood recently. Some movies I'd like to see (again):

  • Se7en
  • Less Than Zero
  • Cool World
  • The Breakfast Club
  • The Man Who Fell to Earth (never seen this one before)

Note: Check out the industrial-influenced album Outside (1997) by DB.
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Saw Lost Highway on Friday night with Liz and Juliet. David Lynch's 1997 movie with Bill Pullman and Patricia Arquette.

Whew! I never thought I'd have the occassion to say it, but that was even weirder than Mulholland Drive, Lynch's 2001 film in that same psychological thriller (read: "mind-fuck") style. It starts out somewhat cohesive yet weird and deteriorates into loosely related happenings. Which is not to say it isn't interesting. But I have to admit to saying at some point while watching, *groan* "Now I remember what watching Mulholland Drive was like."

Lynch's pace is torturously slow. You keep waiting and waiting... and waiting... ... ... and waiting... for something to happen -- something that explains it all... or at least reveals some sliver of an insight into what the hell is going on.

Unfortunately, we never really get that hint. According to Wikipedia:
Following a cryptic plot outline, the film is left with the general meaning of the events depicted open to interpretation. Lynch has declined to offer an explanation of his intentions for the narrative. Similar to an array of other David Lynch films, particularly the film's successor Mulholland Drive (2001), Lost Highway has left critics, audiences and cast members to speculate on what transpires.

In contrast, Mulholland Drive actually does give something for the viewer to latch onto; something that while still leaving things open to argument and interpretation, still gives a sliver of an explanation, something to work from.

While only slightly disappointed that Lost Highway wasn't able to provide this at the end, I still enjoyed the film (even while being frustrated and bored with it). See? At least this weird mind-fuck of a film is consistent -- it leaves you feeling just as pleasantly and satisfyingly conflicted as the movie itself is.

I also must admit, though, that my great love for its soundtrack probably went a long way in leaving me with a positive outlook. Though that also may have been due to contributions of certain highly amusing scenes -- like the one from which this post's subject is derived.

6-degrees of Kevin Bacon David Bowie: this is the new game I've been playing with everything lately. When I saw Velvet Goldmine, it was that the main character is obviously based on DB during his Ziggy Stardust days. For Lost Highway, DB contributed to the soundtrack, which is one of MY FAVORITE soundtracks EVAR, and includes not only my #1 Smashing Pumpkins song, Eye, but also my #1 DB song, I'm Deranged. God, his voice is just the sexiest thing ever in that song.
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Just finished watching Velvet Goldmine.

Oooh, that was nice.

On the most basic level -- pretty boys, fucking. Yum.

On other levels -- this.

Also, I just love that line; I want to use it for everything now. <3

I should probably read The Picture of Dorian Gray.

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