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Just came across this random article about a dog who started following an extreme sports team doing a 430-mile long distance race while they were travelling through an Ecuadorian jungle.

Adorable, right?

One of the guys gave him a meatball and basically had a friend for life; he's arranging to adopt him now, and bring him back to his family in Switzerland.

It's really too bad this guy isn't named Dom. Because he named the dog Arthur. And guess who's really excited to meet the dog? The guy's daughter, Philippa.

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...would you guys be able to facilitate that?

I'm on the precipice here and all I need is a bit of a nudge. Pull me into your waiting arms, Inception fandom. I miss you bad; I want to squee like I used to, I want that rush of blood, that sensation of overwhelming ~feeling.

Do you have any epic recs for me, starting around oh, a little over a year ago?

I saw the TDK trailer last night when I went to see Spiderman and I practically swooned when I saw JGL. Yeah, you were probably thinking I was about to say T-Hard, but no, JGL totally made me think of Arthur when he says that line about Mal, to Ariadne, "She was lovely." And all of a sudden I couldn't wait for all the Inception/TDK crossover fic that I just KNOW is going to come out of this.

And then, I just started watching that show, Person of Interest and it made me think of Christopher Nolan. Ugh, I'm not even sure why! But then I started thinking about some of the recurring themes in his works, and I... I think I may have gotten myself interested in Inception fandom again, basically.

I also think that when Looper comes out I may have some intense desires for Inception/Brick/Looper crossover fic, which, ugh, I may end up writing drabbles for.

I'm going to be at San Diego Comic Con this year (for somewhere between one and four of the days, so if you're going to be there and want to grab lunch together or something let me know!), and I'm really really hoping I'll be able to go to the Looper panel. I have such a hard-on for Rian Johnson, IDEK.

The quick summary of my reaction to the Spiderman movie, btw, is: Eh. I was mostly bored/didn't feel much emotional connection to any of the characters, but the acting was darn awesome. Emma Stone stole the show, she and Andrew Garfield had amazing chemistry, and the best scene was that suuuuper adorable/awkward scene in the school hallway.

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