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Although I am mostly relieved to go, I did enjoy my exchanges with some of the people here. Sadie Garcia, gossip extraordinaire, also has a dry sense of humor as well as a somewhat pessimistic/disbelieving outlook on life; she reminds me of myself in certain ways. I'd never tell her anything I didn't want to get around, but other than that she's a good contact to have.

I enjoyed working with Melinda Nieva, who was standing in for Cecilia (the HR person) who was on leave most of the time that I was here. She's a very kind retiree, whom I could sympathize with, because she knew as little as I did about how certain things were run.

Frank Pinto, my boss who "likes to laugh". He was tickled that I enjoyed his jokes as much as he did. Well, I have to say that he's a refreshing change from most in this place whose senses of humor were filed away a long time ago. I was not able to relax around him (like Sadie or Melinda) because he's the boss (not just mine, but the boss of the division), so I can't say that I'll miss working for him, but I'll certainly miss his sense of humor.

The maintenance guy, Jose, who happened to be up here again today so I got a chance to tell him that it was my last day today. He asked me where I was going, so I had the perfect opportunity to mention the location of my new place of employment. *winks*

[edit: Frank just gave me a memento for working at GEF -- a brochure from the 2004 Biodiversity Convention, along with its special-print envelope and the first press stamps, released on the day of the convention, and stamped in Malaysia, where the convention was held. Although it isn't the greatest gift, it's actually a very nice, and appropriate, memento of my time at GEF.]
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OMG, some of the people here are so stupid! One of them was listening to Z100 on her laptop and stupid Z100 had made some prank calls using lyrics from a Barenaked Ladies song -- that one with the "chinese chicken... something something... your brain starts tickin'". The prank calls are really stupid, for one. But now they keep repeating it over and over like it's a fucking chant or something.

Jeez, people.

See, I had to upload a new icon just to express my disgust and annoyance with them.
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But they're cute nonetheless. ^^

I went to the mall last night and bought two pointy-toed, 2" (maybe 2.5"?)-heeled, backless shoes. (OMG, I've got to stop this.) The amazing part (besides them having my size, a 10) is that they actually run wide!!! I can't believe it! 'Cause I have a wide foot and most heels don't fit me properly (which is probably why the size 11 Chinese Laundry shoes fit so well).

So, one pair is black with silver and other color sequins and the other pair is lime-ish green with sequins. Before you cringe -- they actually look really awesome. I'm wearing them today with a black skirt and top, so they stand out and look really nice against my darker skin. (And they match my eyeshadow~.) The only bad-ish thing is that they're a little higher than I'm really comfortable walking in outside... on the sidewalk... where it's uncarpeted and not level. In the office, though, it's a lot easier. ^^ I've gotten several comments on them. ^_~

But you know what the best part is? They were only $10 each pair!!! (There goes that sucker-for-a-sale thing again!)

Aside from that, I just sent my official leave request to my boss(es) for August 10th to be my last day. It was approved. ^_~ I'm happy and grateful to be leaving, but I had more fun this time than others, working for Frank, so I'll be kind of sorry to be missing the interaction. (Never thought I'd say that.)

Marayann has applied to Our Name Is Mud for an assistant manager position ~ let's hope she gets it. I also suggested she apply to STA Travel, which would be cool too.


Jul. 22nd, 2005 12:56 pm
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Called GoGoTech and "declined".

It was too simple. Of course, I feel stupid for having waited when it was that easy, but whatever. It's taken care of and that's what matters.

Today I had the pleasure of going around to everyone on the 9th (where I work) and 10th floors to get signatures on Shoji Nishimoto's (the Director of UNDP/BDP) birthday card thing. It's his 60th birthday today and Frank is giving the toast at his party at 4pm.

I remember having to go around collecting contributions for the previous IMA's going away party. That was even more annoying. At least for Shoji, almost everyone knows who he is. For the previous IMA (I think her name was Marina), I just went around in the GEF division of BDP and many were annoyingly reluctant to give $5! ::sigh::
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Don't have much to write about. That maintenance guy, Jose, came up today to move Miguel's bookcase into Juha's old office, and he remembered my name. =)

I still haven't called GoGoTech to tell them I can't work for them. I'm really bad; I'm avoiding calling them because I don't know what to say, but I'm not going to wait any longer than tomorrow to do the deed, so I have to figure something out quick... or come up with it spur-of-the-moment on the phone tomorrow. I feel bad because I'd already accepted their offer, so I feel weird going back on it now. ::rolls eyes at self:: I think certain parts of my morality fluctuate on whether I have to speak/interact with a human being or not. Of course, I should also mention the motto I go by: Procrastinate Later. It describes me to a tee. (I wonder where that phrase came from, anyway. The "tee" one, not the "procrastinate" one, that is.)

I thought I might have a pattern at home for a turtleneck-dress, but I took a quick look this morning and didn't see it. That's not to say that I would've found it if I did have it, but now I think I didn't have it to begin with. So I have to order a certain Simplicity pattern, but they're sold out on the website. Maybe I can make it to Fabric Bonanza before they close tonight to see if they have it there. Once I've got that I can buy some fabric and start on those dresses. Erm. Costumes. I'll have to search for pics of the three mushroom heartless from Kingdom Hearts, so you guys on my flist can see what they're like.

I have confidence that I can make the "dresses" pretty quickly and easily, especially 'cause the material won't be thick layers, but the hats... I guess we'll see how they come out. ^^ Maybe Liz will have time to fiddle with making the hats 'cause she has no school. And I'll have to get felt for the heartless emblem on the front of the "dresses", but that shouldn't be a problem. Also, I'll have to get three skirt hoops for the bottom of the "dresses" so that the bottom bells out a bit.

Every year I say I'm going to start earlier and every year I end up starting later. If I start any later next year it's practically going to be the night before the con. ^_~;;;;;;;;;;
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But it's good news. The internet company called me back and wants me to take the job. I said yes. =D I'd start the first Monday of August.

However, I already signed that contract with the UN for the month of August. It shouldn't be a problem considering I'm giving them more than two weeks' notice, but it's going to worry me until it's all cleared up.

The reason I'm not telling them today, though, is:
  1. I want to go on my Monday interview first ~ it's the eBay company guy ~ to see what he's offering.
  2. I need to call back the internet company (GoGoTech) and let them know that I'd planned a trip in late August, and would it be alright for me to be out that Thursday and Friday for Otakon. If they say no, I'll try to wheedle for Friday, at least. If they still say no. I guess I'm going to have to take the job anyway, but I will be heartbroken.

Then I will tell Ove about getting the job and see what happens. I guess if it means ruining my rep, it'll just have to suffer because I need this job more than I need a good rep at the UN, especially since I made it clear that I've been interviewing already. Yeah. So there.

But!!!! OMG! I got the job! Yay, money~! *does a happy money dance* $_$!!!

Oh, wait. Even besides the money -- BENEFITS!!! oH yEAH!

(Does anyone else think I should have made the subject something like, "I GOT THE JOB OMGWTFBBQ!!!!1111"? LOLOL.)
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Well, the HR assistant (Melinda) told the boss of the divison (Ove), so then he called me in to speak with him about signing the contract. I told him that I'd been looking for another job, something more permanent and that my reluctance in signing the contract stemmed from my concern in taking a job that might be offered to me. He said that they could do with a week's notice, possibly even less. So that's taken care of. Although I told the people I was interviewed by yesterday that I could start on the first monday of August, and that might be a bit inaccurate now. But I guess I don't really have to worry unless/until they decide to hire me. And then I suppose either they'll wait for a couple of days for me, or they won't.

Maybe Cecilia (the HR Coordinator) just assumed I would agree to extend my contract because I have every other time in the past when I've worked for them. But still. It's kind of a silly thing to assume. Or maybe she thought that whoever requested to extend my contract (either Juha from M&E or Frank) might have said something to me. Whatever.

So I have to leave for another interview in less than an hour. Starting to get nervous again. ^_~;
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Some background info:
  1. My contract expires July 29th.
  2. I'm taking over admin assistant duties because the woman who was the Admin Asst to the Executive Coordinator has left. So, I am the go-between in the office. For example, if someone needs his signature, they'll give me the document, and I give it to Frank (or put it on his desk, etc.). When he signs it, he puts it in his out tray and I redistribute it back to the person who requested the signature.

So, about an hour ago, the Human Resources Assistant came over to me to give me something for Frank to sign. A contract. My contract. And I was kind of like, "Umm... the contract is already signed." She said, "It is?" And I said something like, "Yeah, a long time ago/when I started working." And she said, "Until the end of August?" And then my eyes bugged out.

Apparently, they extended my contract without asking or saying anything to me. Not that it's binding, because I haven't signed it, but usually they ask first. And I can't even ask Cecilia, the HR Coordinator, because she's on leave until August 9th.

And we all know about my sending out resumes and stuff. And scheduling interviews. Aarrgh. Now what?! I asked her to hold onto it until tomorrow so I could think about it because it totally came out of left field. Forget left field. It came from outer space!

Basically, my dilemma is: Do I extend my contract and possibly lose a potential steady job somewhere else? Do I not extend my contract and maybe not get any of the jobs I interview for and then lose out on the money I could've made for the month of August? alndsflafdlsjk! This is so unfair.

I'm going to go on these interviews I have. (Actually, I'm not putting to much into the real estate one, I don't have much faith in my ability to sell real estate... then again, I just remembered, it's renting apartments in NYC, not selling houses, so it just might be easier...) I'm going to see if they can wait for an answer until early next week, so I have some idea of the possibility of me getting one of these jobs. I know there's no guarantee, but it would have been nice to have been informed a bit earlier, dammit.

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Today was very wet. And not in that good way. My feet got wet in my shoes, my socks soaked. But I had work shoes to save me, at least. Surprisingly, I'm enjoying the job more now that I'm covering for the Big Boss's admin assistant, whose contract expired for good. I have a bit more busy work now. ^^

After work, got to Angelica's house a bit late, with [livejournal.com profile] louiex in tow. Maryann and Will were already here and were online looking at stuff, so I used the opportunity to finally get Maryann to create an LJ! [livejournal.com profile] inbredchocobo! Who knows if she'll use it, but it's created. ^_~

Liz and Jerry came over (Angelica's coworker) and we ordered pizza. Then I called Raquel and she said she was on her way. Although by that time Maryann had to leave to go to Autumn's birthday party, so Raquel was nice enough to give her a ride to the subway. When we got back, we commenced with the anime-watching. We started with the first four episodes of Sailor Stars (the fifth and last season of Sailor Moon). OMG, I absolutely love the beginning of the Stars season. There's a good and equal amount of everyone (especially Haruka & Michiru, and Setsuna), that I cannot help but *fangirl squee*.

Jerry was starting to freak out and when the fourth episode was over, we watched episodes 5 and 6 of Hellsing. Luckily, I've seen episodes 1-3, so I wasn't too lost on what was going on/backstory, etc. I really should finish the series now that I only have 8 episodes left. I really love how Victoria is drawn; it's a very manga-ish style, even when all the other characters look anime-style, she always looks manga-style. And I love the contrast of her hair and eyes, her hairstyle and eyeshape, and just pretty much she's a cool-looking character. (Too bad she resists being a vampire so much.) Alucard is much cooler in that department -- not that he's ugly-looking or anything.

After Hellsing, we saw Team America. You know, the ones by South Park creators. It was amusing. I enjoyed the social commentary more than the "comedy" of it. Although my favorite parts would have to be the extensive hurling scene! and the whole dick-pussy-asshole analogy, with its complete and utter reasonablity and consistency. (Was using "complete" and "utter" together too redundant, do you think?) Liz left in the middle of Team America; mom picked her up. She has to be at the airport tomorrow at 6:30am for Chicago, so she went home "to get sleep." Of course, she posted at 3:15am; so much for sleep.

After that we just talked for a while, trying to make a last stand against the jaws of Death clutches of sleep (and here I am still resisting). But that's where today's LJ title comes from -- lack of ability to articulate at 3am while very tired. =D
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I just bumped into my mom's friend in the office. We had a short conversation, where most of the time I could only think, "Okay, I want to go now." She was here 'cause she was being interviewed for my post. Weird. Really really weird.

Not bad.

Just weird.
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I am now really feeling the pressure to start our cosplay costumes; I really can't leave it for the last minute again this year. But I have to take my sewing machine belt to be replaced and how can I do that when I'm at work all day during the week? I was counting on Liz to do it, but she's going to be in Chicago all of next week, so I'm going to have to try and do it on Saturday so that it isn't even more delayed. Hmmm... Angelica, would you like to hang out on Saturday since your parents aren't home and you're not going to work (I assume you're not going to work 'cause you're having lotsa people sleep over the night before)? We can take the sewing machine somewhere to be fixed and then go and start shopping for fabric and notions. Liz is not really all that excited about doing the "Psychicer" outfits, but if I can finish the Mushrooms, maybe I can do the "Psychicer" outfits for you and me, and something Tekken or Street Fighter for Liz. The Mushroom outfits shouldn't take too long to do, except for the headpieces. I think. Anyway, Saturday seems like a good opportunity to do the fabric shopping since I wouldn't really have a chance during the week, and you're usually away all other Saturdays.

Also, I keep thinking about what I'm going to do when my UN contract is up at the end of July. I've been sending out resumes here and there, but who knows about getting any replies and/or actual jobs! If worse comes to worst I'll ask Fay for more hours, but it's probably going to be so few hours as to be pathetic. And I should ask her now soon, so she can start thinking about what hours to give me. Karen's still working there, but I know that she leaves mid- or end of August, so I'd be able to get her hours when she's gone. But it would be pretty crappy to go through the month of August with so few hours.

In other news. Poor Liz, I keep torturing her with playing only about an hour's worth of Xenosaga before falling asleep. An hour of RPG play isn't really anything.

Even though I've been moved to a cubicle/desk at work, I've still been using my laptop. I wonder if anyone will say something about that after a while? It's been 3 days so far. If I use the computer at the desk, I'll definitely not be able to do any furtive posting 'cause the monitor is too easy to see from all around.
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Of course, it's pretty much all gone with the bills I had to pay off. But at least my next paycheck won't take as long because "once they have the funds for [me] in the system, it only takes a day or two to receive payment."

Oh god. *sobs* So happy.... money... $_$

I need to preorder that Brom book, but I'll have to wait for my next paycheck (which I'm going to submit today, so I should have it by the end of the week, or possibly Monday, I suppose.)

In other news -- Wow! Everyone's actually coming over Angelica's house on Friday night. I guess it's the prospect of her parents being away, haha. Will, Maryann, Lene, even Raquel (who'll be leaving late rather than sleeping over, and wants to see Sailor Moon), Liz and I. And Liz will be leaving the next day, early in the morning to catch a flight to Chicago for her Student Leadership thing. Her flight leaves at 8am, so she'll probably have to be at the airport at 6/6:30am. So she'll have to have everything packed by Friday night so that we can actually go to Angelica's house and stay late. I wonder if I can get the car so that I'd be able to drive home early in the morning the next day... I guess we'll see.
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Meh. Do not want to be at work right now. There are a few pictures from Victor's BBQ, two weekends ago, that I should put up (and send to Victor, as well). I wish I could have copies of those pics from Hidden Shadows that Pat (or Eric?) took. I really have to start work on our cosplay outfits too.

GAAAAAAAAH, when am I going to get paid?! This is really ridiculous now. I've been working here for two months and have not been paid yet. asldfkjsaldfasfdk! It's a really good thing I had some savings and a bit of a credit limit, otherwise I'd be not eating right now. Not to mention, there are quite a few things I need to pay off, for which I'm waiting to receive my goddamn paycheck.

Besides the bills to pay off (of which there are too damn many), I am debating on whether to spend money on these things:
  1. Brom's latest book. It's a 160-page novel, with illustrations. I can pre-order a signed limited edition copy for $110. That's pretty darn expensive for a book. But. It's Brom. I really want it, and I think I'm going to just buy it even though it's a bit extravagant. Now, if only I'd get paid...

  2. Tattoo. Ideas for my eventual tattoos are slowly coming together. I am still stuck on having a particular Uranus/Neptune pic tattooed on me. Most likely on my right arm (between shoulder and elbow). And possibly Shade of Blue and/or Shade of Red in the same spot on my left arm. It's the and/or part that's still undecided, which also affects the Uranus/Neptune positioning. Well, that will wait. I've waited this long, I can wait a while longer until I'm confident in what I want. I am still also considering placement for the Usagi-fairy from the Sailor Moon materials artbook. What I'm pretty sure I'll do soon is get that crescent-shaped grim reaper with the scythe and angel wings around my left ankle, below the 死神の愛人 on my left leg. Small though it is, I believe it costs around $120 where I usually go to get pierced.

Speaking of getting pierced. I've been itching to get pierced lately, so I think I might gauge up to a 6 in my first lobe hole so I can put in those acrylic double-flared star plugs I got a while ago. I'm just kind of afraid to put them in because they're 6ga in the center, but that means the flared parts are bigger... If I do stuff with my ears, though, I'll be sure to post pics. ^^;


Jun. 28th, 2005 05:30 pm
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I found out today that they're moving me to a cubicle on Friday. Ohhh~ I don't want to gooo! ::stamps foot::

I'll probably still be able to make furtive LJ posts, but it definitely won't be the same as I'll be right by my boss's office and a few other higher-ups. Damndamndamn. =( And I won't be using shinigami, so... I won't be able to preset links and stuff. Poo. But I will dl and install AIM because the later versions come with an uninstall button, so it'll be good as new when the regular whose desk I'll be using comes back from leave.

Well, at least I know it'll only be for a... whole... month... *sobs*
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I took these pics a week or two ago, but kept forgetting to post them. They're so you can see the quiet little corner in which I work, if you're interested.

Enter the Dungeon )

It's really not a bad spot to work in; in fact, I prefer it over being in any of the hallways because people are all in your business and can see what you're doing by just walking back and forth from the printer/copier, etc. How would I get away with updating LJ so often then?!
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Well, I'm pretty sure I won't be keeping this job after the end of July. I had already started to act (at least in my mind) like I wouldn't have it, but today I was analyzing data from CVs from the people who will be competing for the post and they're much more overqualified than I am, with years and years of experience. =/

Like I said, I'm not so broken up about this or anything, because I was already thinking stuff like, "Just wait til the end of July~ when I can dye my hair pretty colors again, and cut it so that my pretty piercings show!" So, yeah.

But I will definitely miss the pay (once I fucking get paid, but that's a whole 'nother story).

I was looking online at job ads, but all the stuff I have experience in (office-type stuff)... well, they're not exactly posting ads like, "We want you if you can type ##wpm, have clerical/admin experience and blue hair!" =( It would make my life a lot easier if they did.


Jun. 20th, 2005 10:56 am
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There's this computer tech guy who sits about 12 feet away from me, works on the website for one of the branches of UNDP. I didn't really speak to him at all at first, but we never came into direct contact -- only passing by each other once in a while. One day I ran into him in the elevator and introduced myself; he introduced himself back, but he reacted kind of oddly. But my basic reaction was, "okay... whatever." It's not like I really have to work with him. (I was a bit disappointed 'cause he was the one I overheard talking about the PSP and I was thinking we actually might have something in common to talk about.)

This morning the internet network connection was not working so I went over to ask him if he was getting a network connection on his computer. He said, "Not really. That's why I restarted." Oookaaaayyy -- as if I'm supposed to know he restarted his computer. I said, "Oh good. So it's not just me." It was more of a statement than anything else. The usual reply is some sort of agreement. His response was, "I doubt it." What is his problem anyway?
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I keep falling asleep at my desk -- that kind that lasts a few seconds at a time.

And I keep having the weirdest dreams -- stuff about my co-workers going around the office kicking soccer balls, or dribbling them as the jog from one office to another. Or my personal favorite, one particular woman shouted something vaguely like, "Ooou! Go~!" and pumped her fist in the air.


Definitely watching waaaaay too much of Whistle.

Definitely need to catch up on sleeeeeep.
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and I'm really sorry to spam everyone's flists.

But Joao just installed a printer driver onto my laptop, so now I'm on the printing network and can print things again. But even better -- he installed access to the shared drive as well! I'd asked him about it last week and he told me that it was policy not to give out access to temporary staff. But then today he asked me if I was going to use the computer that he'd set up for me in an office down the hall (that's really big, but that I'd be sharing with someone who's at a much higher level than me ~ ugh). I said no, except what if I needed to have shared drive access (which I most likely will)? Then he said that, well, it's not really allowed, but... as long as I don't try to hack into the system under his login, it'd be okay.

Hahaha! I have triumphed!

Now I don't have to go sit in the office! I can stay in the quiet little area between two big offices, where I am now (I'll take pictures on Monday and post them).

I'm so~ very happy relieved happy and relieved about this.
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On my floor, that has a sign, "Don't open unless there is a real fire!"

And when I walked by just now, even though I've seen it many times before...

Duo flinched and ducked his head, and said, "Okay-- okay! Jeeeez."

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