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The last two days have been unexpectedly AWESOME! Let's see why:

FRIDAY NIGHT [livejournal.com profile] hockeysaurus was visiting NYC and WE GOT A SUPER SEKRIT TOUR OF THE NHL OFFICES! Basically it was just too awesome to describe in words.

Here, have a few pics instead. )

SATURDAY AFTERNOON I bought a new laptop. Ahahaha. My old one is 5 years old and really should be lasting a bit longer than that but it's doing this thing where it's REALLY SLOW for like an hour and thereafter runs normally for 5 minutes broken up with 2 minutes of lag. It doesn't seem like a virus and it's actually not an overheating thing either; my mom thinks its the heads. Whatevs, time to get a new one before I can't even turn it on anymore. At least I had time to backup the new data/etc.

So this new laptop is TEENY TINY. Well, for a laptop. Toshiba Portege, 3 lbs, 13.3" widescreen. My old one was a 14" so I know I'm going to be adjusting to the reduction in screen size but I decided the super light weight was worth it. It's kind of the perfect middle ground between a laptop and a netbook. I'm sad it's a single core processor but I'm pretty sure I don't run many big memory-consuming programs simultaneously.

SATURDAY NIGHT was Choley's going away party; she's leaving NYC for medical school in DC. SAD. The only reason I'm not more heartbroken is because DC is relatively quick and easy to get to from here, so I plan to visit her as often as I possibly can.

I was unexpectedly plastered last night and also had an unexpectedly good time!

Things of note:

- Wingo (my new favorite ex-bartender from Whiskey Brooklyn) showed up for a brief moment and bought a couple of us a round of whiskey.
- Also, I felt pretty bad (read: horrified) about it.
- Drunk tweeting.
- OMG I don't even remember tweeting this.
- My drunken ranting about netspeak to Judy while waiting in line at Pommes Frittes at 3:45am. JSYK they close at 4!
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This is very possibly my favorite picture of Spencer Smith ever. Except maybe the one in my icon. Between the two, I dunno, it's a close call.

In other news, I drank for about 9 hours today and it was fabulous and also lovely. I love everyone at Whiskey Brooklyn and intend to go back for as long as my liver can possibly stand. [livejournal.com profile] cathybites and [livejournal.com profile] honeymull were lovely companions with whom I spent NOT ENOUGH TIME, and Liz, Juliet, Shubha, and eventually Judy rounded out the awesome time I had. I really wish [livejournal.com profile] honeymull didn't have to go back to Chicago so soon because I have ALL THE FUN when I spend time with her. She sympathizes, and makes fun, and talks about Panic! At The Disco with me, and then also collaborates on crack AU fic where the horrid band Coldplay ceases to exist!

*waits forever for this fic to actually be written*

ETA: LOL GUYS, despite how I sound in this lovefest of a post, I WAS STILL REALLY DRUNK. Ahahaha, when I woke up this morning I didn't even remember posting this until I saw the comment emails in my inbox. T_T
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...but this weekend I've been sort of bouncing off the walls, full of energy and excitement and fun! (Which, let me tell you, hasn't happened in longer than I can remember.)

overly excited babble about how much I enjoyed my weekend! kind of just for posterity... )

So basically TL;DR: everything was cinnamon schnapps and nothing hurt (including my busted knee) and THIS WAS ME ALL WEEKEND:

OMG I don't want to have to go to work tomorrowwwwwwwwww. T_T

ETA: Awesome thing I can't believe I forgot to note was that when we were walking to the car on Sunday morning we passed some guy who had just come out onto the front stoop of his building and I noticed he was wearing a The Sword band tee. I wanted to say something, and hesitated for a moment, but I was kind of like, well fuck it, I'm happy, it's sunny, I'm SO in the mood to go to a concert and I'm SO looking forward to The Sword show in September-- so I said, "Hey, are you going to see them in September?" He was surprised and like, "what?" "The Sword -- your shirt..." "Oh! When are they playing?" "In September, with Kyuss!" "I didn't know! That's awesome, I missed the one that they rescheduled last year!" "Oh man, that one was so good, sorry you missed it! Hope to see you in September, then!"

The whole exchange put a huge smile on my face. I think AJ possibly thought I was adorable like a child. Hee.
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yeah, that was tonight.

it also involved saying "flatmate" totally by mistake, lots of drinking (red wine + maker's mark), an awesome butch/queen party (in which i went dressed as "yin yang"), and lots of saying hi (and drunken conversation) with old former co-workers!

have i mentioned how much i love my friends? <3333

also, jfc loft apartments at E12th street, just down the block from the strand. fucking A.
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Someone send me some YouTube videos or something interesting PLEEEEEAAAASE!

I'm feeling super restless at work and although I'm still working, all I want to do is write something (but can't concentrate enough to write fic and don't have anything enough to say for a journal entry) or look at videos on youtube.

Also, I bought Slings & Arrows online and I'm pretty sure it's the package that USPS attempted to deliver on Tuesday. But of course the post office closes way earlier than I can actually get there, so I have to wait til Saturday to try to go pick it up. ARGH.

ETA1: This is kind of awesome!
Turning Central Park into an Interactive Board Game!
I'm totally going to this. April 30th & May 1st, 10a-6p.

ETA2: Have been watching Trainspotting-related vids on YouTube. Including deleted scenes, which, SOMEHOW, I'd never seen before! <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOIZsiIPUOM

Girls together: "What are you two talking about?!"
Guys together: "Nothing. Fitba. (LOL, that's football for those of you who don't speak Scots accents.) What are you talking about?"
Girls together: "Shopping."
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So the new roomie moved in last night. Mark came in from work with the rest of his stuff around midnight. Judy was already sleeping, so we finished up with signing the sublease contract and rent things and then we kinda sat around chatting for like an hour and a half. So at least it's not weird superawkward silence or anything. He seems to be a cool guy, he does sound mixing/recording stuff so I'm kind of hoping I'll get to hear some cool new music I don't yet know about, maybe get some exposure to some interesting local bands (even though he's kinda into, you know, indie rock).

He's not a huge fan of hockey, but he grew up in Syracuse and knows enough about the Sabres to miss Drury! <3 So until further notice, he's cool in my book.

It helps that he's cute, too. =D

In other news, I am extremely pleased that it's Friday. I'm beginning to be torn over the fact that it's so pretty and warm outside and I want to go out... but there's a Rangers game tonight. I think I will compromise by getting out at Roosevelt and walking home from there. Which, really isn't even a mile away, so I feel like it's an insignificant distance, but it will satisfy some of the urge to be outside.

I'm often quite grateful that my place gets a lot of nice light. One of the many things I like about it! So I shall be opening windows and curtains... and I think I should probably change the curtains in my room to the sheer summery ones very soon!

I was talking with Shoobs and another coworker today and Shoobs said something about a place that has good margaritas and an outdoor park area -- which reminded me of last summer at Coney Island and drinking yummy beers at the outside bar on the sand. IT WAS SO NICE. WHO WANTS TO GO TO CONEY ISLAND THIS WEEKEND? I could be persuaded to forgo the NYR game on Saturday night in order to do this!

And, as a side note, I'm almost determined to like Drive-By Truckers and Lucero because. FIC. HOT. YES. (omg thank you [livejournal.com profile] sionnain.) \o/

I'm halfway there with DBT.
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I just had this odd feeling of déjà vu and nostalgia brought on by the wafting scent of someone's meatloaf or roastbeef or something. And yet, the memory it dislodged had nothing to do with food. It was just me, sitting at my desk at work, feeling as if I had just started and that everything was new and I was kind of pretty darn nervous.

How that feeling is related to that scent, I don't know.

So in other news, I am unexpectedly and annoyingly free this weekend. The Electric Zoo thing is not going to work out as it's more than I can really justify spending at the moment. So I'm looking for other, cheaper things to do over this three-day weekend where everyone and their mother is apparently having way more fun than I will.

I'm scheduling something for myself on Monday, so that, at the very least -- if I end up lazing about like a bump on a log on Saturday and Sunday -- I'll at least have done one interesting thing. I'm going to get some cultcha in me. By visiting the MOMA to see this:

The Erotic Object: Surrealist Sculpture from the Collection

There's an 11:30am lecture/gallery talk for it that I'd really like to attend. Does anyone know if the admission price covers the lecture, or if that's additional?

Hmm, maybe I should make a day of it and go to the Museum of Sex.

Would anyone like to come along?
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Today's XKCD is absolutely fabulous. And so very true (see the hover text).

So in other news, Saturday was full of birthday parties that I only stayed at for a short time (unfortunately). [livejournal.com profile] dressdragn's ice-cream party was lovely -- I really enjoyed getting to hang and chat with the bunch of you! Also, Anna, your watermelon salsa was FUCKING AMAZING AND I NEED TO MAKE IT ASAP! I don't even like watermelon. AT ALL. But this was just delicious!! [livejournal.com profile] loudnbothered, your party was great -- I was especially happy to see people I haven't seen in forever, like [livejournal.com profile] bondagepenguin! John, I love your house, but please get a fan next time you have that many people over in the middle of the summer! Also, meeting [livejournal.com profile] athena_chan was great, especially having convinced her to ditch her own house party and come to the club with me! =D That was a great time, and definitely scheduled for a repeat next month!

Yep, two industrial clubs in two nights this weekend! IT WAS AWESOME. I used to go more often, but haven't been in the mood for the longest time. The second one had a more interesting crowd but I generally liked the music of the first better. Also, did I mention that I ran into tech friends at the end of the first? Unexpectedly awesome. =D Also, did I mention that I got to step on someone? Um, and I'd like to do it again please? I was pretty beat by the end of the second one, though, and had to just say screw it and take a cab home. Left at 3am to get food (delicious falafel) over near Rivington, I think, but I was already on my last legs.

Got up at 1pm on Sunday, which was really nice, considering I'd only had 3 hours of sleep from 5:30 to 8:30am on Saturday. And I didn't do much, though since I was spending the day with my parents, it wasn't as relaxing as it could have been.

And here I am now at work on Monday. Sigh.

Listen people, I'm looking forward to seeing TRON at the Rubin Museum this Friday. COME AND JOIN ME OR DIE!
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So my friend Raquel was going to go with me on a road trip this weekend. We'd finally agreed on where to go --

  • pick up a rental car in Philly [Sat/2hrs]
  • drive to Mill Run, PA, (where there's a 1.5 mile grounds tour at Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater) [Sat/5hrs]
  • drive to Pittsburgh to stay for the night [Sat/1hr]
  • drive to Erie, PA to stay for the night [Sun/2hrs]
  • drive back to Philly to return the car [Mon/7hrs]
  • bus back to NYC [Mon/2hrs]

I'm terribly disappointed, but she had to cancel as she's looking for an apartment right now and the place she and her roommate thought they had secured, fell through. =(

So now it's all up in the air again. I really wanted to take advantage of the fact that the 3-day weekend coincided with my birthday weekend -- to do something. Something different.

Still, I know that I'll have fun at Vic's BBQ on Saturday. And then I plan to do some driving over Sunday/Monday. I've been thinking about Balticon in Baltimore for the one day. See what it's like.

Or maybe I should just go get a tattoo or piercing? This could be a better use of the funds I would have spent.

Boo. I hate being this indecisive.

Also, I feel like mostly I'm just feeling SUPER-restless in contrast to the last several months of doing stuff every single weekend. ARGH FRUSTRATION.
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Yuenglings in Hoboken are $3 -- ALL NIGHT! As in, not only at happy hour! How awesome is that? I tried a tequila that had an interesting smokey flavor. In tequila, at least, I prefer the smooth flavor of Patron, so this was not my thing, but it was cool to try. It was kind of odd going out drinking with two guys who were 10 and probably 20+ years older than me, but it was all good. Cool conversation and lots of fun! Finishing it all up with a double shot of Jack was a particularly nice way to end the evening at 3am.

Also, MONK'S, I LOVE YOUR SPICY CHICKEN WINGS! They're amazingly spicy. Which means most of you would all die if you ate them. SO AWESOME! <3 I cannot wait to go back when I'm in Philly again next week!!!

Caught up on Supernatural last night. (Don't worry, no spoilers!) OH EM GEE. Episode 17 is full of win, though I wish we could have had a few more minutes of playing dumb before the revelation. The beginning of episode 18 is FUCKING AWESOME! FANSERVICE!!! I was absolutely DYING with laughter and SQUEEEEEEEE! There was SO MUCH squee, you would not believe it!

upcoming schedule )
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tagged by [livejournal.com profile] thedreamerworld

11 random facts )

Philly is this weekend. I'm looking forward to getting that tattoo as well as hangin' out and having fun. Will obviously report back after the weekend!
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This whole weekend was pretty sweet.

saturday )

sunday )

There was a guy sitting on a stoop about 15 feet away from us and we got into a conversation about the coolness of the building. He'd been waiting for a friend to show up, but meanwhile Alex and I were going to take a picture of ourselves, so he offered. What followed was hilarious in its similarity to a sit-com! We were under some construction and backlit, so we were in complete shadow in the pictures, so Alex tried to put on force-flash, but the guy didn't hold the shutter down long enough or whatever, so it didn't go off. Meanwhile, the friend he was waiting for (whom he hadn't seen since junior high!) showed up and they hugged and then he continued trying to take our picture. Like TEN TIMES before the flash finally went off! Then the friend introduced herself (Cat), probably thinking we were all friends -- but the guy said we were total strangers! Then Alex introduced himself and I introduced myself and the guy introduced himself (Danny). So we all were very polite and slightly awkward (in a self-acknowledgingly amusing way) in our introductions, and then basically parted ways, wishing each other good day/luck/etc.

What an awesome random occurance! <3

I have to say, I have always had the most interesting, positive, stranger-related experiences when stopping to admire or discuss art in general, and modern/contemporary art in particular.

After walking Alex to the E, I ended up walking back over to St. Mark's to meet Liz. Like I said, lots of walking this weekend -- and it was quite pleasant -- even if the pedestrian traffic along Broadway was absolutely crazy and like night and day in comparison to my walk only 12 hours earlier.

Pun intended, of course.

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Johncon this weekend was very cool. One thing I have to say, is that if you ever have the opportunity to swim in an outdoor pool when it's pouring, you should definitely do that. It's a good feeling. =D Chris did a good job of being vague and amusing, so I will leave my con report at that.

I enjoyed the drive out and surprisingly, the compact Nissan Versa I rented had enough leg room for the tall boy in the back. It was a cute little car and I have a fondness for hatchbacks. Still, the 6-CD changer and sun/moon roof from last time were greatly missed. Traffic was pretty awesome this time around, and I was grateful. I was super tired on the drive back and would not have enjoyed a lot of stop-and-go traffic.

I dropped Sean and Ben off in the city, then drove back home to drop off Judy and our bags, then over to LGA airport to drop off the car -- all by my lonesome. ^_~ Which was really more than fine; it was a beautiful day outside and I was pleased with having just myself for company for the first time in over 48 hours. The car rental happened to be a block down from the bus stop going back to the Roosevelt station (E/F/G/R/V), so I took a nice leisurely bus ride and then took the R the two stops to my place. It is pretty SWEET to be so conveniently located, even though the bus ride probably took a good 30 minutes and then no less than 8 express trains went by before the local showed up.

Didn't get to sleep as early as I'd intended. And then stressed out over some work and other stuff this morning. I am so serious about scheduling nothing in Nov/Dec. I am in dire need of a break.

I FORGOT TO MENTION! I got a haircut on Thursday. It was mostly a trim, but she went shorter than I wanted on the long side... at first, I didn't like the styling, but when I fixed it at home, I liked it better. I have a cute little curl (not very obvious, but it's there) behind my left ear. It makes me happy. =D And it seems to look a little more feminine than I think has usually been my style, but it works. =D So yeah. Though in general it really isn't that drastic a change.

On the fly~

Sep. 3rd, 2008 05:30 pm
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Labor day weekend was pretty cool. OTPCon was an amazing success. [livejournal.com profile] sharona1x2 hosted 7 of us ([livejournal.com profile] dc_logan, [livejournal.com profile] jana1x2x1, [livejournal.com profile] link_worshiper, [livejournal.com profile] granate, [livejournal.com profile] merith, and [livejournal.com profile] ralphiere) for two days of Gundam Wing perving! YAYE! A very nerdy two days of deep character analysis and discussion as well as prompt-fic games.

I haven't been so inspired in a long, long time.

It was very, very unfortunate that [livejournal.com profile] koyappi couldn't be there because she would have loved the heck out of every moment.

Pic of the con: How awesome are the customized M&Ms?!

OTPCon, in a nutshell )

The 1.5-hour drive back to the city turned into a 3.5-hour drive because of the line into the freaking Holland Tunnel. I wonder if the Lincoln Tunnel was actually any better or what. My city-girl soul cried out in torment over the WAIT.

Su dropped us off in the city and went on her way -- she still had another 4.5 hour drive to get back to her home in MA! Su, I wanted to thank you SO VERY MUCH for driving us there and back. It was very much appreciated!!!

Sharon, I feel like I neglected to say enough THANK YOUs to you in person. I want you to know how much I enjoyed myself this weekend and deeply appreciate all your efforts in putting this together -- and most especially, your crazy generosity! I'm also not sure you know just how much I'm grateful that you invited me since I am rarely involved with fandom nowadays. The personal connection is just what I need to get me back in -- even if it's only for once in a blue (or maybe purple?) moon. This was especially happy because I (and quite a few others) won't be going to Ycon this year -- and I'm going to miss the quality hangage time. *hugshugshugs* <33333~!
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Okay, so it's my facebook status AND I had to use it for my LJ subject. It's SUCH a good line, though! Points if you know where it's from! ^_~

Saturday was Chris's birthday tromp through the city. Was a beautiful day, lots of fun, and how do I love thee, Dallas-BBQ-"Texas-sized"-margaritas-with-an-extra-shot-for-an-additional-dollar. Or, as Chris says, drinks "the size of my head". I had a great time hanging out with the usual suspects and a few of the unusual ones as well.

Sunday was quite nice -- a relaxing day at home, I filled up the front tire of the bike with air and took a quick and not-too-taxing ride (with Judy on her rollerblades) over to the supermarket. Maryann was working on Morgan's plushie at home while the entire (non-extended) Lord of the Rings played on the TV in the background.

Side note: TNT's advertising for their channel is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!! Have you seen it? It makes me glad I rarely turn on the TV! It's something about more... whatever, LESS COMMERCIALS. OMG! "LESS" COMMERCIALS?!?!?! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. they played that commercial (which was EVERY COMMERCIAL BREAK, for over 10 hours), I winced. It was like an arrow shot straight into my grammar-loving heart. SO PAINFUL I COULD CRY. I would rather have more commercials than an ad that says "less commercials." Or, even better, actually having fewer commercials. ;_;

I wanted to do nothing that weekend, and still I failed. I want to have a weekend where I do MORE of nothing. Though I doubt that will happen... until November? I'm going to schedule some weekends of DOING NOTHING in November. Those weekends can be days when other people come over to MY HOUSE and watch TV/anime/whatever or play video games or chat or stare into space while sitting next to me. SOUNDS LIKE HEAVEN.

So tonight... NIN CONCERT~!
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Weekend recap? Saturday was cool-- a nice, lazy day at home. Haven't had that in forever! Morgan came over and we had a little sewing party. I didn't do much sewing other than making some fabric I picked up into curtains for my huge-ass window wall in my room. Sheer purple and blue. (OMG Sharon -- I just realized, PURPLE AND BLUE! I didn't even do it on purpose!) So they can still be seen-through, but I don't care since it gives my room color but the sunlight still gets through. I'll obviously have to change them to a heavier fabric for the winter, but that's still far enough away.

I still haven't posted any pics or talked much about the new place, though I absolutely love it here and was just thinking how awesome it is to have my own place. And this much fucking space! I was suddenly overcome with a feeling of *OMGSQUEE*; I promise to post pics soon.

Sunday was a cosplay event at Kinokuniya, which I did not really attend. It was way too crowded in there for me to tolerate, so I waited outside with Chris, Sean, AJ, Carrie and others. Judy and I met up with Kelly when she texted and went for dinner with a whole bunch of people. Dinner was pretty cool and Kelly, Judy and I rounded off the night with some drinking at the Tower bar. I got home way too late for a work night, but you know it was worth it. ^_~

Woke up super tired and ended up leaving my cell phone at home. I was pretty useless at work, though I did have a bit of a second wind at some point. But today Katie came down, so she, Kelly, Judy, Maryann and I went to have dinner. Liz and Juliet joined us for more drinking fun!

So Judy and I were on the train going home sometime around midnight. And the best part of that ride home was when THE BUM WHO WAS SLEEPING ON ONE OF THE 3-SEATERS UNZIPPED HIS PANTS AND PISSED ON THE FLOOR OF THE CAR. WITHOUT EVEN GETTING UP FROM HIS LAYING-DOWN POSITION. Yeah, I love New York. (I actually say that without sarcasm.) And I love New Yorkers, who took it in stride, other than a few of them moving a couple of seats away and making sure their legs were stretched out so that the stream of piss didn't hit their shoes.

Okay, sleep now. I'm tired. Boo. =(
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There were a few book and movie reviews I've been meaning to post for the last several months. And it's unfortunate, because I don't remember so much about them anymore. Not to mention, there's probably something I've forgotten that I wanted to post about.

reviews within )

As for last weekend -- Johncon was pretty darn awesome! =D It was actually the perfect weekend to be out there. It must have been 5-10 degrees cooler out there than in the city AND (more importantly) there was a pool! =D Lots of pool-related fun occurred, including noodles and swords... and other foam phalluses? (Is "phalluses" the plural of phallus?)

In any case, extreme fun was had! Thanks so much, John, for hosting us (and for inviting me)!

Also? Various barbecued meats were YUMMY!!!

In addition, the rental car I got was a Ford Fusion. It had a sunroof. Which was pretty cool. AND a 6-CD CHANGER! That could READ MP3 CDs! So the playlist was awesome.

Joe and I made a music exchange -- he lent me his 311 Best-Of CD and I gave him a copy of Warp 11's Red Alert. Joe and/or Morgan -- you should let me know what you think!

The only bad thing is that Sunday I woke up with the beginnings of a cold that totally hit me by the time I got home Sunday evening. Went to work Monday but stayed home from work Tuesday. I started to feel better some time after lunch yesterday. And today I've felt pretty consistently well. I still have a cough and congestion, and I'm still a bit more tired/achy than usual, but I'm definitely on the mend. ^^
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I hope to be able to say that seeing Indiana Jones 4 was the best birthday EVAR. But I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high because who knows how it'll be. I will probably enjoy it nonetheless, but we'll see.

Neglected to mention that last Saturday I met up with Judy, Chris, Carrie, and John in the city briefly and Judy and Carrie presented me with a FREAKING AWESOME GIFT! My very own pillow-sized WEIGHTED COMPANION CUBE! I seriously cannot wait to move into the new place, if only to be able to put this out on the living room couch. Seriously. =D But I still want the cube "dice" because one day I will have a car and those are going to dangle prominently!

Judy gave me another little gift which is almost equal in its awesome nerdiness! A STAR TREK FLASK! It's engraved with the Star Fleet symbol. HOW AWESOMELY NERDY IS THAT?! I absolutely love it!

A few weeks ago, Maryann bought me the cute ring I wore to Jorgan's wedding. Which is cool because I wanted it a lot and never wear rings -- or any jewelry, really -- so it's something I never would have bought for myself. Yaye~!

Liz bought me some clothes I'd wanted. So I have to be good now and not go shopping anymore since I'm supposed to be saving for the move. Really. No one let me go shopping. Srsly.

Late this Saturday night a couple of people from high school are getting together for drinks and reminiscing, so I'm looking forward to that. But it'll be late-late, like 11pm, so I'll still have time for other fun events this 3-day weekend! My first 3-day weekend where I WON'T be working at a con or other such madness!
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This Saturday was a crapload of fun. I'm really glad I got to go to Astroland one last time before they close it down. I had intended to last summer and was very disappointed when I wasn't able to make it. Luckily, I had a second chance to make good.

I looooove spinning and upside-down rides, so the Break Dance and the Top Spin were right up my alley. Though the Top Spin was fucking scary -- being held, parallel to the ground, up in the air, hanging completely out of my seat with only the front braces holding me in, thinking "if this breaks, I. Am. SO. DEAD." It was AWESOME.

The Wonder Wheel was also a great time. I very much enjoyed being in one of the interior cars that slides along a track at two spots during the rotation.

And then there was the Cyclone. I've never been on it before; the last time I was at Astroland I was still afraid of roller coasters. But it was really great and to celebrate I went on it a second time.

It was a small-ish group including me, Judy, AJ, Maryann, Maryann's sister (Tina), Indira, and her guy Ilia.

And the day was complete with a candied apple! Hurrah!

And a ride in the back of a U-haul! ^_~

In other news, it looks like the move will take place in the beginning of July. This summer is so packed full of things that I'm going to be bouncing off the walls. I decided that it would be more productive to transfer my registration for Japanese classes over to the fall session (starting September) so that I would not be even more stressed than I already will be during the packing and moving and hurry-to-finish-cosplay stages.

So, no more classes from next week til September! I feel relieved that I won't have that on my plate as well (because I think I will be overextending myself as it is), but I'm sad to be taking a break. I don't want to lose the practice, but I'm already in dire need of practice and review anyway. Hopefully I will be able to put myself to studying before the fall session starts.

I still have some book reviews and other things to write about, but I suppose I'll get to that later.
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It was quite a weekend. Judy stayed over on Friday night in order to bake cookies on Saturday morning. Then Ben came over and baked a cake, and the cake was not a lie. Though it almost was, until John showed up to save the day with chocolate frosting!

So yeah, it was mainly Rockband and Brawl, with a side of Portal for me. <3! Lots of talking and hopping around, dashing in front of the big TV to a chorus of "you screwed me up!"

Thanks SO much to everyone who showed up at the party! And most especially, thanks to everyone who came from far away, and who braved the bus without knowing where they were going, and who brought their game systems and games, and TVs, and air mattresses, and food, and liquor! Speaking of which, Morgan and Joe -- you left your liquor at my place! I'm not sure when or how to get it back to you, since it's so much, but just let me know -- we'll figure something out!

I'm sure that Judy will have some pics up sometime this week.

Was that you, Chris, who put back together my Carbon Dioxide monitor after I knocked it off the wall and couldn't figure out how to put the battery cover back on? (Update: Was told by Chris that it was Cube Chris.) Hahaha. Thanks, btw. =D

And thanks to Will, without whom I may have forgotten to buy the Izzard tickets! (*gasp!*) Though I'm slightly disappointed because the seats are all the way in the back and on the side. =( But tickets were almost all sold out, so... Anyway, for those of you who haven't paid me for those tickets yet, I'd appreciate it as soon as possible. My bank account thanks you. =D

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