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a gift from [livejournal.com profile] louiex! my very own Weighted Companion Cube Pony! <3!

[edit: for anyone not familiar with it, the Pony is based on the Weighted Companion Cube, a silent, but important "character" in (the best game in the whole world) Portal.]

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My Portal obsession has not gone away though its intensity has somewhat abated. However, I've come across this amazing techno song by Victims of Science, which you should check out RIGHT NOW:

You can download v1 and/or v2.

Portal game script:

Please proceed into android hell.
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What to do, what to do...

Jonathan Coulton with Paul and Storm
Highline Ballroom (16th & 9th)
Sat 6/21, 7:30pm
$22 in advance, $24 at door
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Steam has the WCC fuzzies and WCC plush again.

I should really buy the fuzzies this time. OMG.

Also, AJ passed along a link to an interesting article analyzing GLaDOS -- and its follow-up, using "Still Alive" in support of the blogger's theory.

I'm not sure I completely agree with all of his points, but it's definitely interesting reading. =D I love analyses of my favorite characters. <3

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It was quite a weekend. Judy stayed over on Friday night in order to bake cookies on Saturday morning. Then Ben came over and baked a cake, and the cake was not a lie. Though it almost was, until John showed up to save the day with chocolate frosting!

So yeah, it was mainly Rockband and Brawl, with a side of Portal for me. <3! Lots of talking and hopping around, dashing in front of the big TV to a chorus of "you screwed me up!"

Thanks SO much to everyone who showed up at the party! And most especially, thanks to everyone who came from far away, and who braved the bus without knowing where they were going, and who brought their game systems and games, and TVs, and air mattresses, and food, and liquor! Speaking of which, Morgan and Joe -- you left your liquor at my place! I'm not sure when or how to get it back to you, since it's so much, but just let me know -- we'll figure something out!

I'm sure that Judy will have some pics up sometime this week.

Was that you, Chris, who put back together my Carbon Dioxide monitor after I knocked it off the wall and couldn't figure out how to put the battery cover back on? (Update: Was told by Chris that it was Cube Chris.) Hahaha. Thanks, btw. =D

And thanks to Will, without whom I may have forgotten to buy the Izzard tickets! (*gasp!*) Though I'm slightly disappointed because the seats are all the way in the back and on the side. =( But tickets were almost all sold out, so... Anyway, for those of you who haven't paid me for those tickets yet, I'd appreciate it as soon as possible. My bank account thanks you. =D
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According to Jonathan Coulton, Still Alive will be downloadable content for Rock Band!!!

*cackles madly*

...and oh yeah, the snow. Is [livejournal.com profile] nerd_avengers still meeting up today? I'm up for it.
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Today's xkcd is totally full of WIN!

Last night's NA was fun fun. =D

So tomorrow I'll be borrowing Vince's car, driving up to Albany and then back on Sunday. And I just got a cold AGAIN, this time totally courtesy of Judy.

Wait, maybe I should go pick up the car tonight instead of tomorrow morning.
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By way of Jonathan Coulton's blog, here's an awesome remix of Still Alive. Includes spoilers from the boss fight. ^^

Last night I think I fell asleep at something like 10pm, or maybe even a little earlier. Craziness.
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Real dead bodies; preserved in a polymer, free-standing (as in, NOT BEHIND GLASS CASES!) and amazing. You could get this close!

It took 3 hours to go through the whole exhibit and it would have taken longer had we gotten there earlier and not had to speed up a bit at the end because they closed at 10pm. Certainly, the hook is the fact that they're real bodies. I'm sure there are plenty of ways to get the same information, and even show the same kinds of displays with plastic or other synthetic materials, but I completely admit to being morbidly fascinated. While they have your attention, they put some edumacation into you. Sounds like a good deal to me. =D

If anyone who didn't go is interested in going, I'd be MORE THAN HAPPY TO GO AGAIN.

All the organs & etc. are colored by the exhibitors; pigment production stops after death (hmm, makes sense) and so the color drains away. THE HEART LOOKS BETTER WHEN IT'S NOT RED! Really. It's so cute!

ALSO! In one of the cases was the human nervous system still attached to the eyes and brain and OMG IT WAS DR. MANHATTAN FROM WATCHMEN!!!11! It was really funny because I glanced over and thought, Wait! Where have I seen this recently?! What movie or book could possibly have had this scene in it?! HAHAHA. Obviously, I started reading Watchmen at the exact right time. Really amazing.

JUDY, I WANT TO GO AGAIN WITH YOU! =D Also, I want to go to the Mütter Museum even more now!!!

Maryann sneaked a couple of pics with her cellphone camera, and she sent them to me, but I realize that my phone sucks and I can't save pictures that have been messaged to me onto the microSD card in order to transfer them to my computer. Does anyone know how to get around this with a stupid Samsung phone? I should have taken photos with my cellphone, then I would've been able to do just that. ;_;

That was Sunday. On Saturday was Yoshi's awesome end-of-the-year/birthday party. Games were played, drinks were had, silliness ensued. I gave him RE4 for the Wii. Joshypoo gave him Manhunt2, of which we saw the beginning. It looked interesting, but the beginning was a bit boring. And am I just jaded or was the killing kind of not as shocking as I thought it'd be? (Oh wait, I don't think he did any of the really violent kills, so maybe...) Yoshi drunk is pretty darn amusing. I played more sudoku on the DS than is healthy. I meant to talk to Jerry more than I did. (BTW, if Jerry buys Rock Band this week then there will be Rock Band party at my house this Friday night.) I think we had the quickest L to J to Q44 ride home from Yoshi's I've EVER HAD. It was shocking.

The only bad thing this weekend -- I dl'd Portal but there's a part I can't get past 'cause my computer goes to blue screen. I have the recommended RAM (1g) and minimum processor speed, so my only guess is that my graphics card is not up to the task, and this makes me very very sad. I want to play it more. NOT FAIR!
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http://www.vgcats.com/comics/extras/stillalive.php (BIG SPOILERS)

It's hard to overstate my satisfaction. =D
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In case you didn't already know how much I love Wil Wheaton...

that's just how i roll

these points of data make a beautiful line

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More than the two that were available, apparently, so I stood on a chair and did it myself. Obviously, the combined efforts of the 6' and taller club were not enough. ^_~;

Aside from that, the party went off without a hitch. The first floor/living room was the most crowded and gamer-fied it's ever been and probably ever will be (until I have my own living room, that is), with three TVs hooked up to three different consoles and all of them in use. I know that may be par for the course for some, but I was proud of my little gamer party on Friday night.

Using the adapter for the PS2 guitar controller to the PS3 console was a failure. We ended up playing the PS2 version of GH3. Not that I played all that much. In fact, at one point I was mostly hanging out with Raquel, showing her (and dying miserably and frequently in) Bioshock. And then showing her some of Portal, which was lots of fun, and later Guitar Hero 3. Later I saw Maryann helping Raquel to play and thought that it was awesome that even though Raquel is no where near a gamer, she was willing and excited to try stuff out! Raquel's really cool.

A bunch of the guys had Halo 3 going for a while, and there was also some imported Bleach and Naruto game action going on as well.

It was also really nice that my co-worker Aimee and her boyfriend Steve showed up on a last-minute invitation -- all the way from Staten Island, no less! They were very cool and I think they enjoyed hanging out and gaming with everyone. =D

I had a really awesome time, so I really want to thank everyone who showed up! And so now I will list everyone because people like to see their names in lights, right? [livejournal.com profile] loudnbothered, [livejournal.com profile] thedreamerworld, [livejournal.com profile] ddrkaiba, [livejournal.com profile] blackmage137, [livejournal.com profile] rathshakar, [livejournal.com profile] mailliwkuraido, Raquel, Aimee, Steve, Will and Jerry. And, of course, [livejournal.com profile] inbredchocobo and [livejournal.com profile] metallicapixie, who don't exactly count.

Only two members of the NoE crew actually made it, but they seemed to have gotten along very well with NA, so I have hope for possible future encounters as well. =D

I'd post some of the few pics that were taken, but most are blurry.

And on a slight side note, I use the word "awesome" way too much. >_<;
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I've been listening to the "unofficial" Portal soundtrack on repeat since I downloaded it Monday morning. It isn't a very long tracklist, and a lot of it is a little slow and slightly boring, but I listen to it on the train going in to the city in the morning, so I'm asleep most of the time. And I enjoy it while I walk over to my building. Sometimes I skip ahead to "4000 degrees Kelvin" which is the first track with a faster beat.

This morning, however, I decided to add some other game music to my playlist -- the soundtracks from American McGee's Alice (which I'm dying to see/play), Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 4. And then I put it on shuffle.

Guess what track played after "4000 degrees Kelvin"?

Amazingly, "Traversing the Portals of Reality" from the Silent Hill 4 soundtrack.

It's a sign. Of what exactly, I don't know. But.

Portal is amazing.

For anyone interested in an "unofficial" Bioshock soundtrack (which includes the full score by Garry Schyman, ambient music, music from radios, voice over text, journals, and the Moby remixes), I think you'll want to visit this post.
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Portal is a fucking awesome game!

I was going to post more but I decided not to.

Going to try to get to bed (relatively) early today.

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