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taken from [livejournal.com profile] idreamedmusic

Pick five of your favorite shows, in no particular order, before you read the below questions, then answer them.

1. Supernatural
2. House
3. due South
4. Star Trek TNG
5. The Mentalist

20 questions )

That was fun! =D
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In which I record my thoughts about the fifth season finale of House in stream-of-consciousness style. Please excuse the disorganized manner of this outpouring. )

Please, tell me YOUR thoughts on this whole thing -- even if you radically disagree with me. I'm very curious as to how other fans are feeling "divisive" over this!

Also, did I miss commenting on anything particularly juicy?
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So, having come back from London, I, for some reason, have dived back into the world of TV shows. In the last several days I have caught up on:

The Mentalist. Finished all of season 1 -- I had only seen the first 2 episodes as they aired. It was a good thing I didn't try to continue watching as episodes aired because the individual episode plots are WEAK and sometimes amusingly lame. Having said that, the main character (Patrick Jane) is pretty interesting. Kind of like House, but without the medicine, and with less exposition, I think (which I think it could use more of, for credibility). Still, he's interesting, and that's what's holding my attention. One of the other team members, though, is extremely adorable. I swear, he's Heero Yuy. He's even Asian. It took me a while to realize, because I don't think they focus on him for the first half of the season, but he gets more screen time later, which is when I realized. HE'S SO CUTE!

I'll watch the second season, but only once it's all aired.

Supernatural. Finished season 4. WOW. A couple of "revelations" at the end that weren't completely surprising. This was not the best season, though it certainly had its moments. The last moments left us on a high note, though with disaster looming ahead. Which is alright by me, I suppose. It can't compare to that first season finale, but can anything, really? I'm curious to see where season 5 will go and whether that will be the last season. I would rather it not end, but I do agree that the longer it goes on, the more potential for crap writing there is. I wouldn't want to see it go too far downhill. I'm glad at least, that they've gotten rid of a certain actor/actress that I think CANNOT ACT HIS/HER WAY OUT OF A FREAKING PAPER BAG.

In one of my youtube-browsing moments, I came across this. HAHA, MUST WATCH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQptF_iCfok

House. I'm now right smack-dab in the middle of season 5. I remember coming across someone's comment that they weren't thrilled with what was happening. I'm not sure exactly what point in the season that was, so it may refer to something I haven't seen yet. However, I will say that so far, I've been entertained by all that's going on. I have no issues with anything just yet. None of it has been particularly deep, however, so I'm hoping something interesting will happen. I have to say, I really miss the clinic visits -- they were one of my favorite parts of the show -- and there was a brief return to that in one of the episodes I just saw -- maybe 9 or 10? That was highly entertaining.

I can't wait to finish watching the rest of the season. I have to remember to buy the 4th season on DVD sometime when I have an extra $40 or so.
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Saw lots of movies and shows this week. Obviously, I'm not in too much of a reading mood right now.


Supernatural. First 3 episodes of the new season. So far, SO GOOD. =D There's a bit of a rift between the brothers, but I don't mind that so much since Dean's gettin' some good story time. As long as they keep that going, I'll keep coming back for more. The third episode was srsly TO DIE FOR. So happy with that one!

House. First 3 episodes. Also good. Not great, not the best I've seen of House, but interesting plot developments, certainly. I absolutely love the P.I.

The Mentalist. Eh, it's okay. I like the premise, though delivery has been a bit unimpressive/predictable. I've only seen the first 2 episodes so far, and I may give it another episode or two, but if the writing hasn't tightened up by then, I'm out.


Equilibrium. Good sci-fi; interesting ideas; well acted. I enjoyed it a lot, but I thought the pace was a bit rushed.

Kuffs. Wow, haven't seen this one in a long time. Reminds me why I enjoy 80s/90s action movies. Full of good humor and action. Ah, and I do like Christian Slater. <3

Beetlejuice. So good, so very good. Makes me want to see the cartoon again. Hopefully they'll release the cartoon series on DVD some time soon. I'd definitely buy it. I loved that show.

Sneakers. SUCH a good movie. An excellent blend of action, techno-geekery, and humor. I don't know how many times I've seen it... and who knows how many more times I'll watch it! When an awesome, cute, insanely smart blind guy drives the van and saves the day, how can you go wrong?

Eagle Eye. Unfortunately, it was a somewhat crappy bootleg... in the way that it was someone with a video camera recording the screen. Entertaining enough to kill an hour and a half, but unoriginal and I doubt I'll ever see it again. Valve did it better -- with puzzles... and MUCH better dialogue. Which, considering the number of characters who speak in the game, is totally saying something.
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I wonder, if this was brought to the attention of the writers of House, would they take it into consideration and write it into the show somehow? Maybe not unless or until there are more conclusive findings made, but it's an interesting thought.

People have been doing these survey things and I have decided to be a sheep this afternoon. However, I'm going to correct any bad grammar I see in the questions because it'd bug the hell out of me if I left it alone. [edit: The only really bad one was the double preposition in #3.]

stupid survey for sheep )
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Just watched the most recent episodes of House and Supernatural. NO SPOILERS.

House was okay; nothing happened so much in this episode (ep. 10 "It's a Wonderful Lie") that had me squeeing or anything, though it's been a while since I last saw a season 4 episode, so I was taken aback for a second or two to see Taub in the beginning. I was like, "Oh yeah!" From the little bit I know of the upcoming episode after the superbowl, I think I'll be looking forward to it. I do like Mira Sorvino a lot. ^^

Supernatural was actually pretty awesome! I liked how the episode opened -- not violent so much, but a little horrifying. The show has gotten somewhat darker, and I think they're keeping up with that in mood. I particularly enjoyed the scene where Dean stabs someone repeatedly. Oooh, that was very nice. I like cold and violent Dean. =D

And the twist with Ruby was something I definitely approve of. I mentioned beginning to like her more with the revelation of her first secret; the revelation of this second secret is even better. I heard some rumors of Katie Cassidy going into rehab or something? I wonder how that might affect her role on SPN. Also, this most recent revelation might be pretty cool fic fodder, and it also makes me wonder if what they've revealed might be used in later seasons. I'm trying to not be too specific for anyone who doesn't want to be spoiled, but OH MAN, I could really go for the plot twist I'm thinking of right now.

I read an interview of Kripke in which he said SPN would be going on "hiatus" after the new episodes air. I hope it actually is a hiatus and doesn't turn into a cancellation. ;_;

I also watched Serenity, finally.

BIG spoilers )
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First of all, this weather is freaking crazy.

So there was Rock Band on Friday night until the wee hours of Saturday morning. It was loads of fun. Drums are HARD. But only if you insist on playing the base pedal yourself. LOL, if you have someone else playing the base pedal while you do the drums part, it isn't so bad. ^^; Also, I really prefer the RB guitar over the GH guitar. I like the fret buttons a lot more. I think. I did the usual drive-everyone-home thing, which I don't mind. However, I think I made my cold worse by not having enough rest. I think I went to sleep at around 5:30am. =/

Saturday and Sunday I stayed home re-watching season 3 of House with Maryann. I intended to go to Anna's photoshoot on Sunday, but I was really not feeling well enough to go anywhere. I don't think I stepped foot out of the house almost all weekend. more about House season 3 )

Angelica oh-so-kindly gifted me with two books I was dying to read; one of which I read over Sunday and Monday (when I stayed home from work and basically slept and read all day). Captain's Fury by Jim Butcher. Book 4 in the Codex Alera series. Finally, the big secret revealed! To whom, you ask. Well, I'm not going to spoil it for anyone who happens to be reading the series. It was very enjoyable, though maybe not quite as good as the third book in some respects. I enjoyed the plot developments. I think my only disappointment was that there was just not enough of Tavi (the protagonist) in this book. Which is odd, because there was quite a bit from his POV, but I was really left feeling the lack. What we did get of him was very, very good. But it wasn't enough to be satisfying. On the upside, the parts that are other characters' POVs where much more interesting than they have been previously. I may have to just wait a while and then re-read it. I do enjoy where the series is going, and I also love all the secondary and tertiary characters, which continues to prove that Butcher is only getting better.

The other book I read once I was done with Captain's Fury was Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. more about Ender's Game )

Still reading: Watchmen. Also, Ender's Game has gotten me into a sci-fi mood, so I'm re-reading David Weber's Honor Harrington series (book #1: On Basilisk Station). My original copy is seriously falling apart from how much I've re-read this book. I bought another copy last year, but I think I may have lent it to Will... I wonder if he still has it. Hmm.

Oh! Jim Butcher's next Dresden Files book, Small Favor will be out in April. Can't wait!! =D
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You know you've watched too much House when you start misreading "designated" as "diagnosed".

Yep. As in, "you have been diagnosed as the person to receive checks on behalf of..."

Last night I re-watched something like 6 episodes of the first season of House. I was looking for episodes with really good/funny clinic duty subplots, but since I couldn't remember which episodes they were in, I only succeeded with maybe 2 or 3 of them. I really enjoyed watching "Three Stories" over again. Aaah, that's a really good one. Of course. And I just may watch the Stacy arc from season 2 over again. I really do like Stacy a lot.

In any case, I'm suddenly in the mood for House and Supernatural fic. Which isn't that odd considering I just watched a lot of both series. What's more, I'm really in the mood for House/SPN crossover fic. [livejournal.com profile] swordkat wrote one, unfinished, over a year ago. It's actually very good, but short, and unfinished. I found another one here that I just started, which was pretty amusing. Gen fic, so that was a definite plus. The witty repartee was really what made it worthwhile.

Any good House fic recs? I prefer gen fic, but will read any good House-centric POV, but NO House with any of the ducklings.

Oh, also. I've started reading Alan Moore's Watchmen comic. I'd say I'm about 1/8 of the way in (I started it last night). I am really enjoying it so far, even though I'm still sort of like, huh, WTF is going on?! Also, I really like uh... the original Nite Owl's autobiography, as it breaks up the "present day" stuff and for exposition. Actually, I probably like that more, because I really enjoy the writing style, and also the character is a sympathetic one. But we'll see how it goes once I'm further in.
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Just finished catching up on House season 4. Episodes 8 and 9 were pretty darn good! =D It had gotten kind of eh for some of those episodes, but these last two really made up for the so-so ones.

So episode 9 doesn't quite end on a cliffhanger -- it actually concludes the "who will become the new ducklings?" arc. BUT. It also sets up the question of what will happen now that the game is no longer afoot. Which is really what I've been waiting for. As amusing as the competition was, it was getting pretty annoying. Too many characters. If this turns into Grey's Anatomy, I'm leaving.

In other news, I'm currently in the middle of Samurai Deeper Kyo volume 25, DMZ volume 2, and I randomly just started American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I'm just on page 2 or 4 or so, but it definitely caught my interest, so I'm looking forward to getting into it once I'm done with SDK 25 and DMZ 3.

Tomorrow is NYAF. Except I have a whole day of lots of work to get through first. I'm really not looking forward to that. Ugh.
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Last night I finished re-reading book 2 of the Codex Alera series. That one was even better than the first one. I noticed that unlike many authors whose first book is awesome and it seems to go downhill from there, Jim Butcher works the other way -- the first book is pretty good, but each successive book just gets better and better. This is much more pleasing, since things will only get better that way. There are a couple of books early in the Dresden Files series wherein I was a little bored, but I really enjoy his character development, so I can take a bit of occasional plot-boredom. Also, it helped a lot to re-read these books; I can now see exactly what plot points developed and carried over into the next book. I think I may just re-read book 3 even though I just read it. I cannot wait to read the fourth book! I'm holding off from buying it since it's on my wishlist, but if no one gets it for me, I'm running over to B&N to buy it asap! =D

After finishing the book around 10pm I decided to start catching up on season 4 of House. I watched the first five episodes and forced myself to stop from going onto episode 6 at 2:30am. Oh man, it's SO GOOD! I'm so relieved that at least House's writers generally don't write episodes badly.

SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD! That first episode wasn't my favorite, but it was really funny seeing him trying to bounce ideas off anyone and everyone.

The way they brought the ducklings back without actually putting them back into their same roles was pretty cool, I have to say. Unfortunately, if anyone was to come back into their old role, I wish it could have been Chase; I really miss seeing him in a more prominent role. Then again, I love the new attitude he has -- I just want to see more of it. =D I wonder what's going to happen with Foreman, being back with House, and now with new potential ducklings. Really, I wish that Cameron had died in a freak accident or a 15-car pile-up or something. Even more so now that she's gone blonde. I mean, now at least, the outward presentation is a more accurate depiction of her idiocy, but it just gives me another thing to dislike about her. I liked it better when she and Chase were just screwing. Jeez Chase, what's wrong with you?!

Unfortunately, I spoiled myself on who the next 3 ducklings will be. Or, at least, for 2 out of the 3 of them. One of them I'm very pleased about; the other I'm willing to wait and see how it goes. I did enjoy the classroom/competition setup, reminiscent of the episode "Three Stories" in the first season. Unfortunately, I have to agree with one reviewer who said that some of those scenes were kind of all over the place. They felt a bit... shallow, I guess is the word. Even so, it's been entertaining to see who stays and who goes. I really enjoyed House's rapport with the older guy. And even though it was a bit disappointing, it was very much in-character that House should fire him because, as the old guy put it, "you don't need someone to tell you what you're already thinking." I thought that was a really great way to write off that character. <3

Oh! LOL, I think my favorite part from the episodes I've seen so far has been the Wilson-as-kidnapper/terrorist subplot. Oh man, that was just excellent! I am really looking forward to more House-Wilson interaction. And I love how they tease the viewer by showing a clip where it seems like House is somehow being significantly challenged on his atheist beliefs, but then in the episode they acutally don't completely ruin it by indicating that his atheism is shaken. If that ever happens, I may just get so disgusted with it that I have to stop watching. Because that'll be so out of character that it may not be worth it anymore.

As far as I understand, all the episodes that have been written and filmed have aired, so there won't be any new House episodes until after the writers' strike ends. I hope episode 9 doesn't leave off on a cliffhanger of sorts. Because I think that I'm going to watch more tonight, and probably catch up to episode 9 soon.
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Just caught up to the most recent episode of House. OMG, where are they going with this anyway? I was really pissed for the whole episode, thinking that if this is what they're doing to House, I'm not watching anymore. Luckily, they did not betray my trust and it ended satisfactorily (and with much relief). Even so, just thinking about it all is making me mad.

Also, I really, really wish that Cameron had died. =D

In other news, I started reading Death Note manga, which is awesome and amazing, as well as very scary. I think it has been a very, very long time since I have worried about the fate of the protagonist. Also, I don't know how the mangaka did it, but I feel kind of sympathetic toward Raito... even though L is pure love. <3

I've also started to watch Prince of Tennis again. Apparently, I'd seen up to around episode 52 previously (just before Hyoutei enters the picture), and have watched up to episode 60 (Kawamura's singles match with... er, that big guy who says "osu" all the time) with Liz. It's all very drawn out, which is what I didn't like to begin with, but it's cute anyway. I'll definitely continue watching it; I would like to actually finish it this time. I also downloaded the manga, so I can't wait to read it and see what differences there are. I do know that there's a match that Echizen loses in the anime, but wins in the manga. *scratches head* Did you know that the manga is actually still going? Yay for manga~!
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The first episode of the new season of House.

Not happy about the leg/pain being all better. Good news -- it isn't all better, yaye!

I was really angry with Cuddy and Wilson for not helping him when in other episodes one or the other goes along with him, but then I decided -- at the end, after Cuddy does that thing, and then Wilson advises her about the follow-up -- that I preferred it. Because of the POTENTIAL FOR ANGST LATER!!!! And THEN! THEN House did that thing at the end and I was like OMGHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAANGGSTTT♥♥!!!

My txt msg conversation with Victor during the episode. )
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Oh, and to top it all off, Best Buy cheated me of my House season 2 DVD! NOT FAIR!!!! They sent me an email about how it was listed with the wrong price and how they can't honor it with the incorrect price.


I want my cheap House season 2 DVD!

It was so perfect!
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Liz went to slickdeals.net and saw the House Season 2 DVD available for preorder from BestBuy for $16, plus tax and shipping! Ahahahahahaha! Guess who pre-ordered it? He he he.

Go forth, and pre-order it!

It comes out on August 22nd. I thought I'd have to wait for a few months at least before buying it at a lower price, but now I don't have to.

*wins at life*
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Finally finished Supernatural! Watched 17 through 22 with Liz last night. It was pretty good -- very entertaining. The episodes were pretty good and there was lots and lots of Deanangst♥, so I was very happy.

I love Dean.
I love Dean angst.
I need Dean angst fic.


The last two episodes of the season were interesting, and the last couple of minutes of the season finale came out of freaking nowhere! Not in that deus ex machina way, just that "OMG I didn't see that coming!" way. So i'm interested to see how they're going to pick it up in the next season. According to Lene, the season one DVD comes out shortly before season two airs. I know she's dying for it, and I'd really like to see all the extras as well!

Also, I'm pretty sure that the House season two DVD comes out in late August, also a bit before season three airs. The extras for the season one DVD were okay, but I bought it more for the episodes than the extras. Season two will be the same since I still haven't seen a whole bunch of early season two episodes. Although now that they're playing two season two episodes back-to-back every week, I may not be in a dire rush for the DVD.
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This past weekend was busy, but I had a great time.

Friday I gave in and bought the House MD DVD at Best Buy because of B-day contributions from Liz and Will (thank you!), and we went back home to watch several episodes I hadn't seen before. =D

Saturday morning I had to go to work (unfortunately) to cover for David who was on vacation. It's only fair, but the timing couldn't have sucked more. Saturday night I went over to Victor's house for his weekend BBQ party thing. The view of the sky and the Manhattan skyline inching away from me as we went East was really amazingly gorgeous. I'm not a nature/scenery type of person, but it was just an awesome sight. And then I made my way to Victor's house and I was so glad that I went. Lots of fun, people I hadn't seen in a while, and some other people I hadn't met before. Unfortunately I was so beat from work (which was busier than I'd expected) and lack of sleep the night before, that I barely made it to 1am before bailing out and going to sleep. =(

Next morning I woke up and missed the 10am ferry so I was late to the AN meeting. But I still showed up! And there were so few people there (because of it being Memorial Day weekend, and not to mention AB as well) that I don't feel so bad.

Monday I did NOTHING. It was wonderful! Actually, I had a sudden urge to watch Wedding Peach. So after a bit of trial and error I was able to figure out what I'd last seen up to (what, 4 years ago?) -- episode 20, and watch up to episode 28! And tonight I watched another 3 episodes. I really love that anime -- although I will fully admit to fast forwarding through the henshin and attack scenes because there's still NOTHING as good as Sailor Moon when it comes to henshin and attack scenes. ^_~

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