Apr. 4th, 2006 10:07 pm
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One thing I will definitely miss when I'm back in NY is the FOOD.

I normally don't like much seafood (exceptions include shrimp, scallops, smoked whitefish salad, and recently, spicy tuna rolls). But I have never been so happy to eat seafood as I have been here! I just had the most delicious onigiri basket that had 4 onigiri (with different unidentifiable things in each one), one takoyaki ball (octopus, and OMG, it was SOOOOOOO delicious!), one shrimp tempura, and two pieces of fried octopus&veggie-thing.

I have also been having the best ramen, called tantan men, which is noodle with spicy-seasoned ground beef. It is just to DIE for.

I seriously need to find some good ramen places when I get back to New York 'cause I will definitely have a craving for tantan ramen.

And I'm still really surprised that I liked the takoyaki!

One of the onigiri had this brown flakey-like thing on it... Yoshi thinks it might have been natto, but I don't know. It did smell like seafood, but I can't be sure. I'm pretty sure I've had it before; it smelled and tasted really familiar, slightly salty -- but the last time I had it seemed like years ago. I might have to try natto so I can rule it out if that's not it.

Also, I have to remember to buy shichimi (seven spices) seasoning for when I make ramen at home. =D
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It's been a few days since I last posted. Our days have been packed with shopping and/or siteseeing and/or playing video games, so I haven't had much of a chance to post. I've been checking mail real quick and running.

In short: I've spent too much money on myself (suprise, surprise). I'm really glad we got to see the daibutsu the other day. We've been playing horror video games (Silent Hill 4 and Fatal Frame 3). Actually, I hope we hurry and finish Fatal Frame 3 and can play at least some of Silent Hill 2.

This isn't much of a post, I know, but I have too much to write about in a single post. It will probably only stay in my trip journal, but whatever.

Will talk to/see everyone soon!
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I spent waaaaay too much today. We went to Ikebukuro, which is the place that killed me last time too. Only this time, they had even more stuff that I was into, but that isn't popular in the US, so that I can't get any of this stuff there normally. Dammit. I bought some Samurai Deeper Kyo novelty items, and the latest volume of the manga which had a furoku CD with it (that has wallpapers on it, I believe), and the artbook. *sigh* Also got some Bleach stuff -- including an awesome tote bag! Ooooh, and I got some prettttyyyy pretttty shitajiki, Elizabeth! One of which is from Shinjo Mayu's Love Celeb, hee hee hee.

More to come on stuff I bought later -- maybe after I come home.

After coming back home from shopping we went back out for dinner and karaoke at the place near the Sayamashi station. It was fun. Buck-Tick has quite a bit on the karaoke lists, including a medley, which is nice. You get to sing about 30 seconds of like 10 songs. ^^

We might just play Silent Hill 4 now. =D

More later!
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We all arrived safely in Narita airport and figured out the correct trains to get to Yoshi's station all by ourselves! LOL. It takes a couple of hours from the airport to Sayamashi station, but it was smooth sailing.

It's really weird being back here ~ almost unreal.

Not much else to say right now, as all we've done is play some video games at Yoshi's house, and then gone to bed.

But I had a weird dream last night -- Victor was looking for a job at the dentist's office where I was a receptionist, and there was a ghost haunting the office... it was weird.

Oh, and Angelica's phone is not working like she thought it would. =(

Talk to everyone later!


Mar. 22nd, 2006 03:42 pm
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I have to work on Saturday. lajksdflksju!

Revised list:


hang out with people for a while after work on Friday?
or maybe get a haircut before going to Matt's party?
Matt's party Friday night

go to work ~ 12 to 5pm
get a haircut if I didn't get it Friday night?
see Chris & Victor Saturday night?

shop with Angelica for stuff from Yoshi's wishlist on Sunday morning
shop for toiletries to pack
try to visit Yoshi's house to bring stuff for him from his parents?
hang out with Liz and parents for the last time for two weeks
bleach & dye hair on Sunday

What do you think about pink for the large streak in my hair this time? I've pretty much narrowed it down to between pink and blue. I think I'm leaning toward pink, but I miss having blue. Thoughts? Preferences?
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Dir en Grey concert is tonight! In a few hours from now, actually.

I really wish I was feeling normal. I really want to be up near the stage, but I'll have to stand through one or two opening bands first... is it worth it? I think I just might go for it anyway; otherwise it'll be a missed opportunity. I guess I can always bail if I need to. I can't wait to take some pics!

I keep feeling like there are a whole shitload of things I have to do this weekend, so I'm going to make a tentative list so I don't forget.


hang out with people for a while after work on Friday?
Matt's party Friday night

bleach & dye hair on Saturday
shop for toiletries to pack
get a haircut!
see Chris & Victor Saturday night?

shop with Angelica for stuff from Yoshi's wishlist on Sunday morning
try to visit Yoshi's house to bring stuff for him from his parents?
hang out with Liz and parents for the last time for two weeks
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=( Rammstein is putting out a new album later this year (that's good news). But, they're touring and they'll be playing in Japan for two days in mid-August. Waaaaa~! Japan. And Rammstein. I want to be there.... ::whines::

::sniffle:: I hope they tour in the US sometime soon. (Don't think they will, somehow -- 'cause Americans suck in regards to foreign music -- but I still hope they do.)
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I brought a blank journal with me to Japan in order to record what we did each day. For the most part, I did stick to it (I wrote in the last couple of days of the trip after getting back to NY). And I only wrote on the front of each page so that it would use up most of the book, since I didn't want to use this book for anything else, and I didn't want it to be half blank.

But I saved receipts and ticket stubs everywhere I could so that I could fill up the blank page-backs with mementos. I did put in receipts from the first couple of days while I was in Japan, but after that our days were so full that I had no time to sit down and write everything down and tape in the mementos. But I had some time today and I finished taping in all the receipts and things that I had. There are still quite a few blank pages, but I shall be filling them in with selected pictures printed out on photo paper.

I'm just so happy that this is almost done (seeing as how it's now almost 2 months later). But, it's really coming together and looking nice and I'm just so happy to have this kind of keepsake from my trip! I can't wait to get the printer ink I ordered so I can print out those photos!

The only other thing I'd really like to get to complete the journal is Buck-Tick stickers to plaster all over the front and back of it. I looked for some in Japan, but I just couldn't find any! The one place that had a lot of that sort of thing only had photos, not stickers. =(


May. 9th, 2005 05:33 pm
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Unfortunately, I'm working at the UN again. I really wish I wasn't. This time around I'm doing something a little different -- working for Juha and Miguel in M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation). They have me doing CV analysis into database form. (Anyone who knows MS Access is more than welcome to give me tips/advice/etc.) If they were paying me less, I would have been able to resist taking the job. But I need the money, and with me, logic always outways emotion -- even if it's my own emotion. =( I'd really rather not be working here -- with my hair boring black, and dressed like every other yuppie who works in midtown. What I really need is a job that's at least semi-interesting, pays decently, and allows me to wear casual and/or rock-style clothes, dye my hair unnatural colors, and have piercings.

I've gotten back into reading again, for which I'm eternally grateful. I'd stopped in the middle of Jacqueline Carey's Banewreaker and was unable to pick up another book for a few months. But then I was telling Maryann about LKH's Anita Blake series and realized that I hadn't read the latest installment. So I rushed home to read it! It was better than the last couple of books, but LKH has really dropped in quality of plot lately. It's disappointing, although I still have (some) hope. Her Merry series is only slightly better.

Mercedes Lackey, on the other hand, is just as good as she ever was (if not better). Co-written with James Mallory, To Light a Candle, the second part in her Obsidian Trilogy, is even better than the first book. I'm trying to restrain myself as much as possible from racing through the 500+ page book.

I've been thinking a lot lately about having visited Japan a month ago. I'm really missing it -- I had so much fun being there and hanging out with Yoshi. And I think Yoshi's friends, Scott and Stephanie, made it even more fun than it would've been. I know that I'm definitely going to go back before Yoshi comes back to the US for good; it would be really nice to see them again, though. I don't know about Stephanie, but I do know that Scott won't be in Japan at the time. =(

I had this conversation with Maryann about speaking the language while in a foreign country. She said that while she was in Germany, she really picked up a lot, and it was easier to pick up stuff. Makes sense; you never really learn a studied language until you've immersed yourself in it, ne? I think I'd like to do the JET thing sometime in the future. Not right now, though. I found that while in Japan I was a lot more willing, and comfortable, speaking (or trying to speak) in Japanese than I am here in the US. It's weird. Even if I had to ask Yoshi for help in saying something, I just felt less pressured to... get it right? I dunno. But it was really nice. I really want to go back, but I'm going to really try and take some lessons before I do. I'd like to have a little more foundation in grammar, and some vocabulary first.

Awww. I really want to be back there with everyone!

On a side note: Maryann brought back an album by a German band, Oomph!, which I've completely fallen in love with -- they play the type of music that I consistently like -- somewhere between rock and Industrial. ::sigh:: It's sooooo goooood. I've been listening to Varheit oder Pflicht nonstop. I mean that literally (and I've been learning some German because of it, which is cool). She brought back one of their older albums, Defekt, but I don't even know if how much or little I like it because I can't stop listening to VOP!
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Even more of my money decided to stay in Japan. Not surprised, however.

I'm home again. It's an odd shift, I still feel like I should be thinking up ways to say things in Japanese. And doing the guruguruguru dance. ::sigh:: I had so much fun, and a lot of it was because Yoshi was the most excellent host, tour guide, and all-around social hentai one could dream of. I really do want to go back, now knowing what to expect, and go to all the places I didn't get to visit this time around, and bring less spending money. Ha ha.

The Buck-Tick concert was... beyond words. I saw Atsushi. I was in the 8th row. All the way on the right side. But still in the 8th row. He was so beautiful. They were all so amazingly kirei and... natsukashii~!

(report post)
(set list)
(album theme revelation)
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We really went shopping way too much. I found too many rare things that just happened to be available for my two obsessions (Zetsuai and Buck-Tick). K-Books had the Bronze/Cathexis 2-VHS set. Originally sold for around 7800yen, but being re-sold for 4200yen. I just couldn't leave it. HMV had 13kai wa gekkou that I split with Angelica so we could hear it, then sell it once we get back to the US; as well as Lucy's Rockarollica which I haven't been able to find at Book-Off. That was about 5000yen total.

Then I found -- in a goth/rock store in Harajuku today -- a DEMO CASSETTE TAPE from 1985!!! I had to buy it; I just couldn't leave it there. That was 3800yen, plus there was a CD single there (only 100yen) that said "The Bluck" on it. I'm hoping it has to do with Bluck-Tlick, but it's probably just a shot in the dark. But at 100yen, it wasn't a loss of anything.

Then. In Tower Records, Angelica found a photobook I was looking for... another 4000yen. And even though I saw the UV (#113) I was going to buy -- with BT on the cover, and the pin-ups, I got the Ongaku to Hito instead, 'cause Atsushi looks just so delicious on the cover. (And it was 680yen instead of 1200yen.) ^_~

More updates tomorrow. BT concert tomorrow. I took a look at the tour goods on the BT site just now, and (damn them) 4 out of the 5 designs are S/M sizes only (3000-4000yen). One design comes in a L (of course this one is 4500yen), so I'll probably get that one, and the tour book (2500yen).
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[1:15am/Saitama] Went shopping today, and was able to pick up "13kai wa gekkou" ~ WITH the first press postcards! Sugoi ne! Also, I was asked one of the shop workers to help me find Lucy's "Rockarollica", so I was finally able to get that as well! 13kai wa gekkou sounds great, although I haven't really had a chance to just listen to it with my undivided attention. And I haven't even listened to Rockarollica yet, but I'm just so happy I was able to get them!


I can't wait for the concert on Sunday!!!
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Last post before the flight tomorrow afternoon. I don't really have anything to say; just that I'm excited, of course, and look forward to posting while in Japan, or when I get back home!

OMGOMG! I'm going to see Buck-Tick!!!


Apr. 2nd, 2005 10:10 am
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It's somewhat sinking in right now that I'm going to be in Japan. Heh heh heh. I'm also starting to get real nervous about how much money to bring/how much I'm going to end up spending, and things like that. If I find myself going a bit overboard (which I will most certainly take pains not to), I can justify it by putting it in perspective -- I'll just be using the money I'd normally have spent on hotel costs! I start to feel accomplished, but then I realize I'm already making excuses for myself. And I've already spend $200 in tickets for US concerts. And I haven't even given the ticket money to Wenia yet. =( And, goddamit, I want to know what seats we have! Waaaa~!

I went to Target to give in and get myself that 4-piece luggage set that costs $40. It's a 24-inch upright case, a 19-inch carry-on upright, a 15-inch tote, and a toiletry kit. It's probably not the highest quality, but it'll do. Besides, it was on sale for $35; so there. It's a bright "Athens blue", so I'm hoping it'll be easy to spot.

In any case, I've been really freaking on what shoes to bring.


Mar. 27th, 2005 07:25 pm
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I've been finding out more about the whole B-T experience. Wenia (the girl from the B-T Yahoo!ML, who I'm going to the concert with) mentioned something about a tour in Gunma for BT fans (because that's where BT grew up), so I asked over at the [livejournal.com profile] buck_tick community, and was given lots of wonderful, wonderful information!!!

Imai's parents still own a convenience store there, and apparently welcome B-T fans! Atsushi's brother still lives in the house they grew up in, and Hidehiko's parents used to own a fish store which closed several years ago, but might still be standing. ^_~; And cab drivers in the area know all the B-T fan sites to take you to -- like their high school!

I'm going to just about overload on all this fangirlish excitement! It's mostly unusual for me.

So in order to change the subject so that I won't be further embarrassed, I'm going to say how much I really enjoyed this past Friday night. Angelica, Maryann, [livejournal.com profile] louiex, and Will all came over in the late afternoon for an evening of gaming. It's real purpose was to finally finish the last Tomb Raider game that came out around 2.5 years ago, Angel of Darkness. There were a whole lot of problems with the game -- they released it before it was really finished, so there are quite a few glitches, and several items missing (like her double guns!). The controls were really badly done, too. But I still love the game -- watching her die is even funnier in this game than in the previous ones! They did some sort of "rag doll" thing with her -- after she's dead, if she keeps falling or tumbling, her limbs will move like a rag doll-- all floppy-like. It's highly amusing!

In any case, we finally finished the game and had about an hour left before Louie and Angelica had to leave. So, since I told Will to bring Tekken 5 with him, we played that for another hour and a half. =D Oh! It was sooo nice! The graphics are even better than T4, and most important of all! Anna's back! Everyone looks really good, and there are quite a few characters who have extra costumes, so it's fun. I convinced Will to lend the game to me for the weekend, so Liz and I were playing all day yesterday. However, Will's PS2 scratches his games, so it was annoying having to wait for the ending FMVs to load. But it all worked out because I ended up splitting the cost of the game with my mom, so now we have our own copy! Yay!

Another thing I'm almost as happy with is buying an extension cord for the PS2 controller. x_x; I can get all comfy now instead of sitting right up close to the TV screen. It's really much more enjoyable.
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So this is the long story. I tried to get B-T tickets from Masamichi-san (recommended by a few members of the B-T LJ community). He said I should contact him again at the end of February since the tickets didn't go on sale til March 5th. Well, I did, but he never got back to me until a few days after March 5th. By then, I was desperately trying to get someone to help me. I posted on the BT community and someone who'd gotten her tickets for the 4/26 show was nice enough to give me instructions on how to order tickets through, I guess the equivalent of ticketmaster. I forwarded the instructions to Yoshi and asked him to help. He said he wasn't sure, and he'd get back to me. He never did, but I'm not holding it against him since I found out from Masamichi-san, when he finally replied, that the tickets were sold out.

He suggested bidding on an auction at Yahoo!Japan. I'd kept that in mind, but people only seemed to be putting up single tickets. I finally got around to asking Angelica if I should try and go myself if I could only get one ticket, or what... she said I should go myself if I had to. So I replied to Masamichi-san again, asking if he could try for a 2-ticket auction, or if not, then to bid on the one ticket. But then Wenia, on the B-T Yahoo!ML, sent an email saying that her friend (who was going to Japan, and the concert with her) had to cancel, and did anyone want to go! And then the heavens opened and shined its light of destiny down on me. I mean, I replied, excitedly, that yes! I really, really wanted to go with her because I wasn't able to get tickets like I thought I would.

So now, I'm going -- NOT by myself -- but WITH a B-T fan that I've spoken to a bit online! Oh, the wonderful joy! And Angelica still wants to go, so I'm still keeping an eye out for single tickets on ebay (although now all I see are pairs of tickets -- go fucking figure, ne).

But. The most important thing is that I am assured a ticket with a wonderful B-T fan. Yes. And if they're touring next year, I will go see them again. And maybe I'll try and join Fish Tank in the mean time, so I can be sure to get tickets.

Oh, and it's less than 2 weeks now, til I leave for Japan. And then -- to see Buck-Tick!!!!! I can only feel the amazingness of it briefly before my heart bursts in my chest.
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So, getting back to my previous conversation. Nicky's here from Sacramento and will be returning on Tuesday evening. This is her second trip to NYC (which she has completely fallen in love with). I just found out from Angelica that even [livejournal.com profile] louiex will be coming over! This is amazing!

After Nicky's back in Sacramento, Warp 11 is having a CD release party for their third album, Boldly Go Down On Me, on Friday, March 11th (and that's Jeff, the drummer, on the cover and wow, he looks good!). When I found out (about two weeks ago) that their third album was finally going to be released, I was so ecstatic that I briefly considered flying out to Sacramento just to be able to go to the show! (Are you able to tell, yet, how much I love them?) I checked airfare, though, and the cheapest flight ($200), required that I stay from Thursday to Monday. When I told Nicky, she asked her mom if it would be alright if I could stay over and her mom said yes (which is amazingly wonderful). And, if I wasn't already going to Japan in a month, I'd go (because I'm crazy, but totally willing to spend $200 to see Warp 11 again, as well as visit Nicky). But I just can't afford to spend that on a whim with a huge trip coming up. But she did say that she would be going to the release party, and picking up a few copies of the CDs, and getting them all autographed!!! I'm so~ excited!

I spoke to Will the other day and he says he does want to go to Japan, although he still hasn't bought a plane ticket, or gotten his passport. I'm supposed to help him do both (since he's self-admittedly lazy).

And the guy that I had contacted about getting the B-T tickets has not gotten back to me since I emailed him a week ago, so I'm afraid I really won't be able to get those tickets, which will completely break my heart.
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(At an internet cafe again.)

I forgot to post the confirmed dates of my trip to Japan (confirmed as in, I have the tickets in hand). I'll be leaving NYC April 4th and returning April 12th, so a good week there! I'm so excited! And oh, to see B-T!! I'm crossing my fingers about getting tickets!

I mentioned that it should be just past the peak of the 桜花見 (cherry blossom viewings), so we might be lucky to catch some of the beauty of it! But then Angelica reminded me of her allergies... heh heh heh. Well, all I can say is that she better stock up on some sort of antihistamine or whatever, 'cause we're stuck with it now. Besides... I can only imagine how beatiful it's going to be!

Books I've been reading:
Banewreaker by Jacqueline Carey (who wrote the Kushiel Trilogy). It's completely intriguing and very good so far. I got about halfway through and I started feeling apprehensive because it did not look like it was going well for the main characters! Then I read on her website that it's the first part in a duology, and that it's a tragedy! Oh, how the heart breaks! But I shall persevere because I love tragedies, and because she writes so very well.

Fight Club by Chuck something-with-a-P. Very good. The movie stayed oh-so-very close to the book; I'm much impressed. Not finished with it, however, even though it's a relatively short book (less than 200 pages, trade-size paperback). Will comment more later.

Er, now I can't remember what else I've been reading.

But this whole week that Liz has been in Italy, I've been playing FF7 almost non-stop (for the first time). It's actually pretty entertaining, and although I didn't get Yuffie, I'm not as broken up about it as I originally was, after flipping through the guide book at the bookstore and finding out that she steals all your materia and leaves you to fight like 7 bosses in a row without them in her hometown. However, as Liz just pointed out, that sort of thing is usually exciting, which is why I'm copying Angelica's saved game (she just got to the world map) and doing it over from there when I finish my own game. (I just cannot bring myself to do the beginning over; it's so tedious.)

Oh yes, and having weird (but very vivid) RPG-related dreams that star a grown-up Ryu (from Breath of Fire II) and Cloud (from FF7), but not in the same dream.

Doing hair today, so will post pics ASAP eventually.
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Okay, I'm pretty sure these are the dates we'll be going to Japan: Monday, April 11th to Monday April 18th. I found a place with cheaper airfare tickets, so they'll be just about what we were going to spend to go before mid-March. Which is fine with me, 'cause Buck-Tick is having a show at Omiya Sonic City on Wednesday, April 13th, so you know I'm trying to get tickets to that! Unfortunately, they don't go on sale until early March, so I'm going to have to wait until then, and hope for the best! (Side note: If I did the praying thing, I'd pray; but I don't, and saying that I would makes me feel weird.)

But! OMG! I might see B-T in April! OMG!OMG!

I want to see if I can make a new patch before I go 'cause the old one is kinda ratty-looking now.

More updates when available. ^^;

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