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coughing up my lungs, mostly. also did I mention the fever and the chills? yeah, so many fun times.

so please forgive me if I was meant to contact you (sorry raven!!!) and haven't!

dreams this morning were exceedingly weird, not surprisingly. I dreamt I called into the office to let my bosses know why I'd be out and ended up going over the explanation several times. gradually the setting changed from being on the phone to driving a car (my parents' old minivan which we haven't had since around 2003 - and it was so odd because the driver's seat was pushed up way too close to the steering wheel and I kept having to adjust it, while driving) and then to being at my old job on the upper east side (the eBay thing) but with one of my current colleagues and my old boss from my current job. still describing exactly how shitty I was feeling.

as an aside, I'm also really sore from the motorhead/clutch concert on Monday where I got the mother of all bruises on my forearm (and I don't normally bruise easily) from the awesome, awesome, fucking awesome mosh pit. this would normally please me except that I'm so sick it's just another thing making me feel so shitty.

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Sooo.... my throat is all sorts of fucked up. You know that talking louder thing that happens when you get drunk? Well, I don't know if I was screaming or what, exactly, but I'm all squeaky and whispery when I talk. It's actually pretty hilarious as I keep forgetting and then suddenly laugh or try to say something to my roomie and it comes out silent for a second or two before my voice squeakily kicks in. SRS LOLZ PEOPLE.

Completely unrelatedly, Rian Johnson's tumblr for his new movie, Looper posted a pic of JGL, Noah Segan, and Lukas Haas!!! BRICK REUNION IN NOLA!!!! This made me all sorts of *flail* and happy because you guys may or may not know how much I love Brick!

on my tumblr:

...and now, for some AWESOME fanart (haha, not by me) )

Um, yeah. That's all I've got for now. I'm supposed to be posting my Sex Is Not the Enemy fic today, but I don't think I'll be able to until later. IT HAS BEEN GIVING ME ALL SORTS OF TROUBLE. =/

ETA: I just saw that [livejournal.com profile] paperflower86 is selling her papercuts. I made this post about 12 hours after she'd posted her sale and didn't know about it til now. AND AND AND the Arthur/Eames papercut I love hadn't been claimed. WELL IT IS NOW. IT IS CLEARLY THE UNIVERSE'S VALENTINES DAY PRESENT TO ME.
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...And all of a sudden I'm extremely into the genderbending aspects of this fandom. The best part is that it's CANON. SO FULL OF WIN.

THIS FANART is like, the hottest thing ever, right now.

Basically I've got nothing else of interest to say, other than I'm disgustingly sick and all I want to do is go home and sleep. But also be able to read fic with my eyes closed. It saddens me that should this ever be possible, it probably will not be within my lifetime. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE ME INTO A VAMPIRE OR SOMETHING? I FEEL SO CHEATED. I WOULD BE WILLING TO KILL PEOPLE AND/OR LIVE OFF THEIR BLOOD IN ORDER TO SEE THE FUTURE, OKAY!

Anyway, my laptop is back and I've finally been able to update my iPhone with music and in honor thereof I've downloaded the Bronson and Brick soundtracks. They're SO GOOD! And the Brick soundtrack, in particular, has quite a few tracks which I'll probably be using for the playlist for my housewarming party. WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER VINTAGE HOUSEWARMING PARTY! I'M SO EXCITED! (AND OMG THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE TO INVITE EVERYONE I WANT TO.)

Oh yeah, so if you have any suggestions for music, let me know. It's 1880s-1980s this time.

And BTW, buying the Brick DVD was so worth it. The extras (while unfortunately do not include much of JGL) are really fabulous; the director really goes into detail about his ideas and visions and it's wonderful to hear about all the stuff that goes on before the movie even makes it to pre-production. I'm really fascinated by all that stuff!

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So, as poorest of poor timing tends to go, I have gotten horribly sick -- just when I'm supposed to be helping my parents out, staying at their place, etc. Instead, I have to stay away from their place, so as to not get my father sick. =(

In addition, I feel like death warmed over.

I know I've had a fever on and off, but I haven't taken my temperature because I know it's not too high. The last 2 nights I've taken Nyquil, which I suppose I must thank for allowing me to sleep most of the way through the night. But I also have it to thank for having the weirdest dreams I've had in a while. The first night (Monday) brought repetitious and disturbing dreams. Tuesday night's dreams brought thoughts of people from long ago. People I haven't thought of for the longest time (like an Asian girl named Connie, who I knew in the third grade) and associations I haven't made for equally as long (I always think of white polka dots on a black or red background whenever I think of her). Among other very odd situations.

I stayed home yesterday because I just couldn't bring myself to move. But I watched some movies during my convalecence:

Cypher. REALLY interesting. Not unpredictable, but interesting nonetheless. Unfortunately, I don't have the mental capacity at the moment to describe the film, so I'll just leave you with the link to the wikipedia page.

Tango & Cash. I just love this buddy-cop movie from the early 90s. Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell, and great comedy.

The Golden Child. You just can't go wrong with late 80s-early 90s Eddie Murphy. Stop-motion animation of a dancing Pepsi-can-person? Yes, please. Not sure which came first, but this was a MUCH better version of Big Trouble in Little China (with many of the same actors, even).

The Machinist. Christian Bale is a crazy man. He starved himself for the role, and boy is it disturbing. I enjoyed the film, though I'm ambivalent about it as it seems to be an "all-wrapped-up" version of a David Lynch film. I appreciate the confusion, time-skipping, illusion, allusion, and such -- but in the end, I didn't feel like there was much to think about. Everything was explained. It was kind of disappointing.

If you haven't already seen images from this movie, check it out. They're really all Christian Bale. For real.
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A whole lot of stuff has been keeping me busy lately.

With last week's new iPhone 3GS release, the "old" 3G went down to $99 with a 2-year contract. With some discussion and finagling with Liz, we both got new phones -- hers is an LG Invision, mine the $99 8g iPhone 3G. I looked far and wide for a phone to compare to the iPhone and, for my personal taste and the features I'm interested in in a smartphone, the iPhone was actually the nicest. I'm slightly ashamed of myself everytime I look at it. Still, it was $99 for almost EXACTLY what I wanted. How can I argue? There still are instances that remind me exactly why I dislike Apple products, but in a phone, it's something I can overlook (whereas I wouldn't be able to overlook it in something like a laptop or desktop, or even an mp3 player). In any case, Liz's new phone is sleek and pretty and super lightweight! And I've been having fun with my new iPhone as well!

Saturday night I went to Medieval Times in NJ with a big bunch of coworkers for Danielle's birthday party. It was a blast. Our group was rooting for the yellow knight. Unfortunately, he was pretty lame. However, the "MC" of the tournament was CUTE. Long hair. Accent. Awesome. =D

Sunday I woke up with a scratchy throat. Went to eat lunch with parents and then came home to work on cosplay. Unfortunately, the scratchy throat developed into a full-blown cold by the end of the night. Stuffy/runny nose, coughing, SNEEZING, feeling weak. Ugh.

Monday and Tuesday were the worst. I've been drinking hot tea like there's no tomorrow. (Which isn't so bad, considering I love tea.) Yesterday was slightly better and today has also been slightly better, though I suspect it will be another week before the cough is completely gone. Which is fine, as long as it's all gone by the time Otakon rolls around.

Cosplay is coming along a bit slowly, though we all have a good grasp on what we have left to do. I think we'll make it in time. Haha, I'd really like to be done a couple of days before the con, so there's some relax time first, but at this point, why break tradition? We'll see how it goes.

All of a sudden today I'm in the mood for 311 (and therefore a mix of other reggae/ska/punk/dancehall stuff too). [livejournal.com profile] metallicapixie and [livejournal.com profile] lolichan are both partly to blame.
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Just booked (pre-paid in full) a hostel for the trip to London at the end of March.

I was a fucking idiot and put it on my debit card instead of on the credit card I intended to use. Luckily, I have some extra funds which I can move around a bit.

Still, jeez, I'm out of it. Even after sleeping for 12 hours last night. I skipped class and got home at 6pm, was asleep by 6:30pm, and other than waking up every few hours for a couple of seconds each, I slept all the way through til 7am this morning.

Which brings me to... my stupidity of the last several days.

Monday was mostly a relaxing day, but I must have already started coming down with a cold because I barely ate all day. 4.5 hours after waking up, I decided I'd have half a bag of chips & guac from Chipotle. And then half a baked potato and some chicken nuggets a little later. That's it. All day. Not my usual fare.

Stayed up til 4am on Monday night. Somewhat stressful conversation and only 3 hours of sleep later, and feeling like crap from all of the above. Plus a continued lack of appetite and headache. Rushed home to return the car to NJ. Discovered, when I tried to take out some money from the ATM, that NONE OF MY CARDS WORKED. So I drove over to borrow some money from parents, and realized I didn't need the money I had come to borrow -- because YOU CAN TAKE FDR NORTH TO THE GW BRIDGE INSTEAD OF THE TRIBORO. Therefore, NO TOLLS. Yeah, you can see exactly how on-top of things I was.

Finally made it to NJ, later than anticipated, and pretty hungry, with a headache. We went out for dinner, and despite the fact that I felt like I was starving, I didn't really eat that much, and that headache did not go away until I took some painkiller for it.

Left NJ -- not under the best of circumstances, but again, I maintain that I was not in my right mind -- at midnight and got to Port Authority 30 minutes later. Waited for the E to take me straight home. But since the E didn't come, and a D came instead, I figured, what the hell, I'll take this to 7th Avenue and wait for the E there.

Does the D even go to 7th avenue?

Ask me if I even cared.

So it stopped at 50th street and then at Columbus Circle. I got out there and walked west. Realized my mistake, turned around and walked east. Finally, gave up and said "Screw it; I'm taking a cab." Cab from Columbus Circle to home was only $16. NOT BAD. Got home at 1am, asleep by 2am.

However, yesterday at work I was even more out of it. Continued lack of appetite and general malaise. I realize I should not have lunch with coworkers in this state. I sound like an idiot. Hopefully they recognize that I was super exhausted (after all, I did tell them about my super exhausting weekend), and won't hold it against me.

So that brings me full circle, with 12 hours of sleep last night, but still feeling out of it today. Better than yesterday, but still. I should take a day off and get my shit together, but I feel guilty because I just had a 4-day weekend.


In a small bit of good news, I got the new Buck-Tick album this morning, which I am really looking forward to listening to on the way home tonight. Please to not be disappointed!
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I have many things I'd like to say, but not much time in, or energy with, which to say them. That sounded horribly incorrect, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to put it.

In any case, I had a stuffy nose last week and just when I was getting over it (this weekend), I contracted another strain, so I've got a headache, sore throat, and probably a slight fever as my ears are a little sensitive. Unfortunately, I have only myself to blame for not going to bed earlier than 1:30am EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for the last 9 nights, except for last night, when I went to sleep at midnight. =/

Rangers game (vs. Calgary) was on Sunday night (12/7) and they SUCKED. Actually, they weren't playing horribly -- they had a few sparks here and there, but for the most part it seemed like they just weren't in the game mentally. And the score reflected that: another shutout 3-0. Lovely.

Today is my last Japanese class until the end of January, so I look forward to having more free time again. However, I am trying to push myself to actually study before my next class as it will be ALL NEW material and I won't be able to float through the class anymore. Especially if I want to take the JLPT 3kyuu next year. (Oh, can anyone explain what the difference is between the levels now, in comparison, since I heard they added 5kyuu? And also, can anyone recommend a good kanji study book -- like, with exercises? Flash cards only go so far with me; I need other modes of practice to reinforce.)

Work has been EXTREMELY BUSY AND SLIGHTLY STRESSFUL, and I'm pretty sure it should all go away at the end of the month. *PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE*

OH YEAH, [livejournal.com profile] loudnbothered, I wanted to offer my services as Carrie-replacement for your work holiday party, should you need one. No biggie if you've already got someone else in mind/etc.! =D

More busy stuff for the rest of the month--

Sat 12/13 -- Cookie Exchange Party
Sun 12/14 -- Gift shopping, maybe try to get Devils tix in NJ?
Wed 12/16 -- Mudvayne concert (wish I had money to go, but I don't)
Sat 12/20 -- NA Holiday Party
Sun 12/21 -- Japanese movie night with classmates?
Thu 12/25 -- (hang with parents?)
Fri 12/26 -- FREE? - who wants to do something?
Sun 12/27 -- (Yoshi's party/other?)
Wed 12/31 -- New Year's Party
Fri 01/02 -- LIZ LEAVES FOR LONDON for FIVE MONTHS -- I will be SO SAD ;_; that I will have to console myself with partying at Winter JohnCon.
Sat 01/03 -- see above
Sun 01/04 -- more of the above
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There were a few book and movie reviews I've been meaning to post for the last several months. And it's unfortunate, because I don't remember so much about them anymore. Not to mention, there's probably something I've forgotten that I wanted to post about.

reviews within )

As for last weekend -- Johncon was pretty darn awesome! =D It was actually the perfect weekend to be out there. It must have been 5-10 degrees cooler out there than in the city AND (more importantly) there was a pool! =D Lots of pool-related fun occurred, including noodles and swords... and other foam phalluses? (Is "phalluses" the plural of phallus?)

In any case, extreme fun was had! Thanks so much, John, for hosting us (and for inviting me)!

Also? Various barbecued meats were YUMMY!!!

In addition, the rental car I got was a Ford Fusion. It had a sunroof. Which was pretty cool. AND a 6-CD CHANGER! That could READ MP3 CDs! So the playlist was awesome.

Joe and I made a music exchange -- he lent me his 311 Best-Of CD and I gave him a copy of Warp 11's Red Alert. Joe and/or Morgan -- you should let me know what you think!

The only bad thing is that Sunday I woke up with the beginnings of a cold that totally hit me by the time I got home Sunday evening. Went to work Monday but stayed home from work Tuesday. I started to feel better some time after lunch yesterday. And today I've felt pretty consistently well. I still have a cough and congestion, and I'm still a bit more tired/achy than usual, but I'm definitely on the mend. ^^
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Okay guys (especially, though not exclusively, of the male variety), I have a question for you.

If a woman in your office is out sick and you ask her why... what would be your reaction if she said she was out because of cramps? Is it TMI? Would it be better if she had said she had a stomachache or virus or whatever?

Personally, I don't care too much who knows if I've got my period, but people sometimes act weird about it.

It still amuses me very much when drugstore workers double-bag tampons and pads. Oh yes, it does. And sometimes, if I have a choice, I'll make sure to get on the line with the young guy cashier -- because they're usually much more embarrassed about it all. It's so funny. I'm not really the kind of person that enjoys making other people uncomfortable, but this seems to be the exception that proves the rule.
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This weekend was lots of fun -- I think it might have been even better had I not been somewhat sick, progressing to coughing my lungs up when I finally got home last night. Picked up Vince's car on Friday night, which was the MUCH better idea rather than Saturday morning. My mom was really adorable -- she loved Vince's little red 95 Chevy Beretta and wanted me to drop her off at her appointment at Continental on my way to pick up Judy from the train station in that area. Which worked out. And it was very cute. I love my mom, but I rarely think of her as cute, so this was a refreshing happenstance.

We were on our way by 10am and got to Katie & Kelly's place at 1pm. It was a nice steady drive with no surprises. We went over to Genericon at RPI and snuck in. ^_~; We went into one of the lecture-style rooms where they were just finishing up the "masquerade". Some comedian (who'd been there at NYAF, apparently) did his (mostly unfunny) bit while they tallied up the judges scores. We left about an hour later after they announced the winners. All in all, I think that was a great experience. Especially the not-paying part. =D

After eating we went back to their place and spent the rest of the time inside, where I got to ooh and aah over their "Bob Moon" cosplay outfits and wigs and such. They described what their NYAF skit was supposed to have been -- which I really hope they end up doing next year 'cause it was great! Then there was drinking and pong and other games and no pointing and not saying "you" are REALLY difficult to do when you aren't drunk, much less when you are!

We were on the road by 4:30pm on Sunday, which worked out really nicely since we picked up Vince at Penn Station and everyone got to be driven back to their respective houses, so it was very convenient for everyone. However, I felt bad because on the drive back my sniffly nose turned into serious coughing and Vince dubbed his car the sick-mobile. Which was pretty accurate. I hope he doesn't get sick, that'll make me feel horrible!

Went to sleep not too long after getting home, but it was a little difficult to get myself into work today. Just wanted to stay in bed. It's only 12:30 now and I'm barely doing any work and feeling like crap. I'd stick it out til like 4pm and then go home a little early but I have Japanese class tonight. I'm sure that's going to be great. I'm looking forward to the class, but I haven't studied at all, so it's going to seem like I don't know shit and to top it off I'll be sniffly and coughing the whole time. Lovely.

I won't have too much time to rest this week, and Judy and I have to work on cosplay for Katsu this weekend. But I'd better kick this sick by Katsu.

On an unrelated note, I'm kicking myself for totally forgetting about the ceremony to retire Leetch's number on Thursday. I guess I would have missed it anyway because of NA, but I would have tried to catch replays or whatnot later that night. =( Luckily, the NYR site has some videos I can watch. I really <3 Leetch. Also, the All Star game sounded like an interesting one; too bad I missed that as well.

[edit: Messier's emotional-ness is SO CUTE!]
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Today's xkcd is totally full of WIN!

Last night's NA was fun fun. =D

So tomorrow I'll be borrowing Vince's car, driving up to Albany and then back on Sunday. And I just got a cold AGAIN, this time totally courtesy of Judy.

Wait, maybe I should go pick up the car tonight instead of tomorrow morning.
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First of all, this weather is freaking crazy.

So there was Rock Band on Friday night until the wee hours of Saturday morning. It was loads of fun. Drums are HARD. But only if you insist on playing the base pedal yourself. LOL, if you have someone else playing the base pedal while you do the drums part, it isn't so bad. ^^; Also, I really prefer the RB guitar over the GH guitar. I like the fret buttons a lot more. I think. I did the usual drive-everyone-home thing, which I don't mind. However, I think I made my cold worse by not having enough rest. I think I went to sleep at around 5:30am. =/

Saturday and Sunday I stayed home re-watching season 3 of House with Maryann. I intended to go to Anna's photoshoot on Sunday, but I was really not feeling well enough to go anywhere. I don't think I stepped foot out of the house almost all weekend. more about House season 3 )

Angelica oh-so-kindly gifted me with two books I was dying to read; one of which I read over Sunday and Monday (when I stayed home from work and basically slept and read all day). Captain's Fury by Jim Butcher. Book 4 in the Codex Alera series. Finally, the big secret revealed! To whom, you ask. Well, I'm not going to spoil it for anyone who happens to be reading the series. It was very enjoyable, though maybe not quite as good as the third book in some respects. I enjoyed the plot developments. I think my only disappointment was that there was just not enough of Tavi (the protagonist) in this book. Which is odd, because there was quite a bit from his POV, but I was really left feeling the lack. What we did get of him was very, very good. But it wasn't enough to be satisfying. On the upside, the parts that are other characters' POVs where much more interesting than they have been previously. I may have to just wait a while and then re-read it. I do enjoy where the series is going, and I also love all the secondary and tertiary characters, which continues to prove that Butcher is only getting better.

The other book I read once I was done with Captain's Fury was Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. more about Ender's Game )

Still reading: Watchmen. Also, Ender's Game has gotten me into a sci-fi mood, so I'm re-reading David Weber's Honor Harrington series (book #1: On Basilisk Station). My original copy is seriously falling apart from how much I've re-read this book. I bought another copy last year, but I think I may have lent it to Will... I wonder if he still has it. Hmm.

Oh! Jim Butcher's next Dresden Files book, Small Favor will be out in April. Can't wait!! =D
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I didn't notice the time at all, which is, I think, the highest of compliments on New Year's Eve. This New Year's was probably the best I've had in recent memory. Got out of work early on Monday, went over to Judy's where I helped her prepare for her party. Around 6:30pm, people started to show up and it was small and casual until a little later.

I really loved the dancing, and the taking photos, and the not being very drunk as well. Exchanging Portal quotes with the guys and listening to Still Alive from Chris's mix CD was awesome! Also, hanging out with Liz and Juliet and their friends was pretty cool.

OMG KATIE IS THE LIFE OF THE DANCE FLOOR! She totally outlasted and outdanced everyone, including Mario~.

Some of the set list from the dance floor, courtesy of youtube -- which was totally my savior 'cause they had put on the Spice Girls before that. *shudders*

- My Humps / Black Eyed Peas
- Shut Up / Black Eyes Peas
- Fergalicious / Fergie
- Jiggy With It / Will Smith
- Footloose / Kenny Loggins
- Stronger / Kanye West
- The Picard Song
- Smack My Bitch Up / The Prodigy
- Come Baby Come / K7
- Baby Got Back / Sir Mix-a-lot
- Thriller / Michael Jackson
- Ladies' Night / Kool & the Gang
- Closer / NIN

A couple of people we don't see too often showed up, including Jamie -- and Jim. I'm not sure this was really Jim's type of party, but it was nice of him to show up. It was cute seeing Anna run over to meet him at the elevators. =D

It was really weird to have such different groups of friends together at Judy's, but it worked out much better than I thought. I <3 Judy's parties.

As for Katsu, I think I've pretty much had it confirmed that I won't be able to be reimbursed for a rental car, which means Judy and I have to figure out if we'd rather take the bus or shell out more for a car because of convenience. Which also depends on who else would be willing to take the ride and split the cost. Or, there's also taking Jim up on his offer to borrow his car. Which I'd be kind of nervous about because I would really hate taking the risk that I might fuck something up (accident or otherwise) and be held responsible for something that isn't my own. ...but it's so tempting because it's so much cheaper! Argh!

Anyway, I took a cab home at 4am and woke up pretty early the next morning, despite Judy's disbelief that I could, but mostly due to Maryann and AJ coming in to talk to me. ^^; We had a nice breakfast (despite the mediocre food) and met up with people for shopping in the city. FAIL! Only Book-Off and Best Buy were open. Carrie took photos of some of us under the tree at Rockefeller, and we eventually all went our separate ways.

At home I had a lovely time watching the Indiana Jones extras DVD with Liz, Maryann & my mom. Then went to sleep insanely early for me (10:30pm!) and woke up with a cold and sore throat, yay. So I intend to get lots of sleep for the next few days so that I can actually do stuff over the weekend. We'll see if that works.
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Thursday night was not a pleasant experience. I must have eaten something bad because I was puking and other things all night long, like every two hours. This carried over, every two hours, into Friday morning. I finally stopped around 5am or so, I think. I spent the rest of the day Friday napping uncomfortably on and off, with a huge headache and nonexistent appetite.

People still did come over on Friday night, which was nice, and fun. Got to play Guitar Hero II with a group, which was also lots of fun. Wish I could have felt a little better at the time, but it was still fun. By 1am I was pooped, though, and had a nice, deep sleep until Lene woke me up at 8:15am. (Unfortunately, I had to work today.)

Still feeling pretty weak, but so much better than Thursday night/Friday.

Haven't seen Chris & Victor & the bunch for quite a while... is any get-together going on for the holidays?
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Okay, so AnimeNEXT was really great. I feel bad that I didn't stay to help with breakdown on Sunday night, but I was sick. I slept with the a/c on too cold on Thursday and Friday nights and caught a cold. It's been more annoying than debilitating, but it's more than I want to deal with in any case. Stuffed AND running nose, sore throat, coughing up icky-looking things... it was good that I went home relatively early on Sunday, or I seriously wouldn't have been able to go into work on Monday.

As it was, Monday and yesterday were very difficult for me. I moved to the spot near the window so that I wouldn't be in the path of the a/c which was making me cough even more. And I've had the most difficult time focusing on work as all I really wanted to do was lay down and go to sleep.

But today I woke up feeling a bit better, and although I'm still stuffy/runny/achy, I can feel that I'm getting better. I wasn't as mentally dead today. Even if I'm coughing more -- I think it's on its death throes.

On a related note, yesterday I took out my nostril screw because it was annoying me 'cause I was blowing my nose so much (I seriously went through several boxes of Puffs). That was a bad idea. I'd already mistakenly bought an 18g screw instead of a 16g, and forgot to worry about my piercing closing up. So I forgot to put the screw back in until I came home tonight. I tried to get my old one (16g L-shaped stud, rather than the screw-shaped one) back in... but I couldn't find the hole on the inside of my nose! I thought that the hole must have gotten smaller because of wearing the 18g screw, but when I tried to get the 18g screw in, I also couldn't find the hole on the inside. =(

I switched back to trying the 16g stud (which is a lot easier to get into my nose because it's longer and not curved) and figured that whatever the pain, it would be worth it to just poke it through (unless I ended up doing some serious damage) rather than having to pay for it to be re-pierced ($30-50).

Well, so I got it back in. And it wasn't very painful at all, so all is well.
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I'm sick. (Physically.) That cold I was coming down with earlier last week exploded (along with my head) over the weekend. I missed the AnimeNEXT Staff meeting I was planning on going to on Sunday, which sucks. But I will endeavor to attend the other ones. I'm not major staff, so I don't think it's that big a deal that I missed it, but still.

Friday went to see V for Vendetta with Liz, Maryann, Juliet, Will, VICTOR AND CHRIS. =D They drove into Queens and went to a yay still-cheap theater with us. =D It was unfortunate that Chris had to work early the next morning 'cause it would've been nice to have a little more time to talk about the movie and stuff. The movie was pretty good! There were some parts that were a bit eye-rolling, but overall I really enjoyed its message and V was cool -- the type of character I've been wanted to read about lately (a bad good-guy).

Ultraviolet was AWFUL. I was going to say that it had a horrible, horrible plot, but there was barely any pseudo "humans vs vampires" plot to be had! It was choppy and pointless, and normally I'd say it wouldn't matter because Milla Jovovich is so pretty, but I really like her better with shorter hair, so even that wasn't as satisfying as I thought it would be. Does anyone know if Ultraviolet is based on an actual comic series? If so, does it have an actual plot?

Anyway, Saturday I felt really crappy and had a difficult time going to sleep. Sunday I woke up at 10am and couldn't get back to sleep, but I did nothing but vegetate and watch TV. Well, I did type up something for Joe, but it was actually a LOT more comfortable than going to Angelica's house to do it. I sat on my couch, in the recliner seat, with my laptop on the rolley chair with my USB keyboard plugged in and propped on a pillow in my lap. LOL.

The title of this post is mostly unrelated, but that I'm vaguely obsessed by SDK lately. I want some good KyoxYuya fic. Or Gen fic! Anything good, really.
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Angelica told me she's most likely going straight to her grandmother's, so we can count her out. I'm assuming this leaves me, Liz, Maryann, Will, Juliet, possibly Victor?, maybe Lene, probably Raquel. Raquel suggested gonig to see V for Vendetta, which I don't know anything about. Anyone interested in that? Also, I wanted to see Ultraviolet, but I might go see that with my parents over the weekend.

Other than the movies thing, we could just eat together somewhere... or we could go back to my house and watch anime.

Other suggestions are welcomed.

Did I mention that I have a sore throat, since last night? And my head is warm. I'm taking my vitamins because I DO NOT want to be sick in Japan. OR at the Dir en Grey concert on Tuesday. I really hope it goes away by then. =(


V for Vendetta for Friday 3/17:
-- Sunnyside 7:35pm and 10:25pm. (I could probably leave early to make the 7:35 if I had to.)
-- AMC25 7:40, 8:20, 9, 9:40, 10:30, 11:10, 11:50pm, 12:30am.

Ultraviolet for Friday 3/17:
-- Loews 8, 8:50, 10:40, 11:40pm.
-- Union Square 7:25, 9:50pm

Ultraviolet for Saturday 3/18:
-- Midway 6:50pm, 9:20pm, 11:30pm.
-- AMC Fresh Meadows 4:30pm, 10pm.

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I caught it on the way back to NYC from Japan. I was fine that Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday I had a sore throat, but since I had a screaming match with my mom on Wednesday night, I thought hoped it might be that. But no. Friday I woke up with a fever, runny nose, coughing: the works. Went in to work for an hour and a half until Fay showed up to relieve me, then went home and mostly slept. However, Liz's semiformal was that day, so (being a nice older sister with a driver's license) I drove back into the city with her dress and accessories. And my co-worker, Karen, was nice enough to meet up with her to help her put her hair into cornrows! Oh, they're so cute! I'm going to post a pic as soon as I can get them off the camera and onto the computer.

I was feeling a smidge better, but mostly wanted to see people. Maryann came over and we spent several hours looking at most of my pics from Japan (including Angelica's, Will's and Yoshi's), and talking about things that happened in Japan, and what it was like for her in Germany with her (apparently awesome) family. I'm glad that she and her family got along so well. I can only imagine being slightly uncomfortable around any family that I might have in Indonesia. I gave her her gifts and showed her some of what I picked up. Of course, I told her about the BT concert and the dramatic chase scene afterwards. We talked and talked and talked, and it was sooo good to see her again! And I drove her back to her house at around 1am (for she had work the next day, poor girl).

I stayed out from work again on Sunday (yes, bad me), but by then I was coughing up lungs and various other innards. Which, of course, means that I missed the prom-theme once-a-month goth-dance-club meet. I feel very cheated because I was really looking forward to going to the goth prom with [livejournal.com profile] louiex as my date! =(

Liz and I randomly decided to watch the Smallville Season 1 DVDs Lene lent to me. And goddamn it, Lex really pulled me in. Damnitdamnitdamnit! There really is a lot of pseudo-slashy canon stuff in there! It makes the heart swell. We saw 10 episodes and decided to call it quits around 3:30am -- so as to get a bit of sleep, you understand. Because yes, I went to work today. On 3 hours of sleep and much mucus. Lots of fun.

Feeling mostly better today, but it's been a long day for me and I think I have a slight fever again. Luckily Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my days off. So I can sleep late tomorrow and hopefully recover enough to work on Thursday and Friday without blowing my nose so much that my face gets red (and yes, it did).

Saturday is Raquel's birthday party which I really want to go to! Angelica's not going, which is again, not surprising. I'd invite Lene or Maryann, but Lene's going to Nebraska on Saturday, and besides which, the club is 21+ only, so neither of them would be able to get it. I need to find a few older friends who like to go dancing. Normally in cases like this, I'd ask Raquel. But she's the birthday girl. Or Leo. But he's in Florida.

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Good (kinda) news:

It's been a while since I updated my journal. The reason being, well, bronchitis. On Thursday (last week, not yesterday) afternoon I got home and realized - when I had piled on a full length wool coat, a hooded sweatshirt, a scarf, and 2 blankets - that I must have a fever. Took my temperature and it was 102.7! Haven't had that high a temperature in years! Felt like crap, of course. Stayed home from work on Friday. Temperature kept going up and down all day. Went to the doctor Saturday, got drugs. Yay. Antibiotics and cough medicine. Went home, felt like worse crap, coughed up a few lungs.

Oh, I forgot to mention that on Friday I finished reading a very good fantasy book -- Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind. It was one of those books I thought I'd never read or get into because of how intimidatingly large they are. They're scary. The series takes up like a shelf or two at B&N and those paperbacks are like 1000 pages long! Not that I can't read 1000 pages, they just seemed intimidating. But I ended up borrowing the first book to the series (called Wizard's First Rule) from the library 'cause there's a really great GW fic which takes certain ideas from Goodkind's series. (The Confessor Series by Annabell.) So anyway, it was SUCH a good book, that I wanted to make sure I could get the second one ASAP. On Saturday after coming home from the doctor's, I went online and checked the library catalogue to see if they had it in any of the libraries I have access to. They didn't.

So I went to my back-up plan. The BSJ, aka the "Bookstore Junkies". It's a mailing list where you can put in a request for a book you're looking to buy and the other people on the mailing list will "search" for it for you. If they find it, they'll offer it to you. Generally, all the books are used and you'll be charged half of the cover price (or whatever the finder paid for it, you can always refuse it) plus the cost of shipping. Usually, everyone ships by USPS media mail, which for one or two books is generally under $1.50. Of course, you can always request another form of shipping, if you're willing to pay for it.

So I went and requested the second book in the series, Stone of Tears. And got a reply very quickly! (Which is usually the case, unless the book you're looking for is way out of print…) And I asked the nice lady to send my book by priority mail and I paid her by paypal so I would be sure to get the book ASAP.

In any case, my fever finally broke on Sunday and I stayed home Monday and Tuesday because I still wasn't really well enough to go back to school yet. But on Wednesday, I went back to school (and dropped by a B&N during some of my free time and read 65 pages of Stone of Tears). Then on Thursday morning I went to the post office, and guess what was waiting for me there?! Yep, you got it! Stone of Tears was there, monstrously big… did I mention it's between 950 and 1000 pages long? Well, I read during all of my free time on Thursday (I had a lot) and got up to about page 300 by 3:00. Then I started reading again at home (around 7, I think) and went to bed at 11pm, leaving off at page 497.

Terry Goodkind is an excellent storyteller.

So, since the libraries only have one or two of the 7-book series available, I went ahead and just requested the whole series from the BSJ. I've already received a reply on 2 of the books from the same person I got the 2nd book from. Now, I'm just waiting for a reply on the other 2 books I haven't read. I can't wait.

Bad news:

My father got sick around the same time as me; he was throwing up & coughing a lot and subsequently got a hernia. =( My mom took him to the hospital on Thursday and they kept him overnight and did the surgery to put his intestines back in this morning. He's all doped up, but okay. Surgery went well, no complications. ::sigh:: It feels like we just went through this for the pneumonia. Poor Poppy. Now he's going to be home on pain killers for two weeks and then off the pain killers, but still in pain and back to work for the next two weeks after that. He's been real lucky until now but he really has to start taking more care of himself, especially with his Diabetes. (He hates watching his diet.)

Well, on that depressing note, will go. Off to Angelica's house. Dunno what we'll do 'cause I don't feel like watching anime, but we'll see.

(Oh, BTW, the subject for today's post is the Wizard's First Rule.)
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But that seems to be just the tip of the iceberg for the past month. My whole family was sick while we were moving our crap from our apartment to our new house. It was a pain in the butt, let me tell you! I tried to write in this LJ several times, but something always happened to prevent my writings from being published! The first time, I got kicked off AOL, so the window closed -- along with several paragraphs I had already written. I was so pissed that I just couldn't bring myself to re-write it or anything, so I turned off the computer. The second time was when we finally had the computer set up in the house and I was typing in Internet Explorer, so if AOL kicked me offline, I'd still be able to save what I wrote. That's when I accidentally brushed the restart button, so I lost it anyway!

In any case, I was sick at the beginning of the move, but seemed to get better. My parents and sister, though, got worse. I was feeling great.... then I got sick. It hit me a few days ago; I was dead tired and even fell asleep for an hour or two during the middle of the day -- that's how I know I'm sick, 'cause I never fall asleep during the middle of the day unless I'm sick. And now I'm all stuffed-up, runny-nosed, coughing up lungs every few minutes. It's yucky.

Not to mention, I lost the earring I had in the cartilage of my left ear for a few months, so it took me a few days to get to an earring store (Claire's) to buy another one. Angelica put that one in, and she said to tighten it when I got home 'cause it was a little loose. But I forgot to 'cause I wasn't feeling well (oh, did I mention that my wisdom teeth are cutting again, which gives me a massive headache, and the right side of my lower gum is swollen?), so I woke up the next morning and it was gone again! ::sweatdrop:: So then I get all mad at myself 'cause I'm spending a fortune on stupid earrings. Not even pairs of earrings, but single ones! So I decided the next day I'd have to go buy another one and tighten it this time. But then -- lucky me -- I found the one that I'd lost the second time, and put it in my ear and pushed it down a little so it wouldn't fall out.

But that wasn't such a good thing, I guess, because it started hurting when I leaned on it in a certain position, so I had to go get a different one anyway. But by this time I had decided to get an earring like Angelica's, where the whole hoop goes through the hole and the ball is what connects the two ends of the hoop. So we went to the village on Monday and I got one (after much protest 'cause I'm a scaredy-cat when it comes to pain, although I do have a high pain tolerance... I make no sense, but I guess that's nothing new). So the ball that I got was a black one. But I meant to get a red one. I was just so worried about the pain of having my hole stretched (please no hentai comments!) that I completely forgot about wanting a red ball and just asked for what I already had, which was a black one.

The reason I wanted a red one was because of a dream I had had earlier in the week about being in the village and wanting to get my ears pierced with a hoop with a red ball, but wondering if Angelica would be mad if I went and got my ears pierced without her, so I ended up not getting them pierced. It felt so real. LOL. When I saw her the next day I asked her if she'd have minded, and she said no, so that was kinda like a go-ahead, I guess.

So I got the black ball instead of the red one. It's okay, I guess. I'll try to see if I can get a red ball without the hoop. ::shrugs:: But about an hour before I got the new hoop put in the cartilage of my ear (which is now throbbing, but not enough to really bother), I got a second hole in each of my earlobes. Little gold stars with white sparkly fake-diamond things in the middle. I don't normally wear gold 'cause I like silver much better, but they were stars and I really like stars, so it's okay. It's only for about 2 months, anyway. I think I waited for 3 months before changing my cartilage piercing, so 2 months should be fine for the lobe piercings (which don't bother me at all, actually, except for the inital burning sensation which only lasted 5 minutes anyway).

But that's not all!!!

The day after I got really sick (which was last Tuesday, I believe, 'cause Angelica and I were supposed to hang out Wednesday, but I still wasn't feeling well enough to really go out), I actually felt a bit better. So it was Wednesday when I sprained my ankle. ::sweatdrop:: I'm not normally this much of a klutz. (Shutup, Angelica.) Yes, I do tend to sprain one of my ankles, on average, once a year, but all this stuff doesn't normally happen all at the same time! Oddly enough, this ankle sprain isn't so bad. I've been able to walk on it almost as if I hadn't sprained it, but it's still a bit sore in certain positions.

Yesterday, after going to the village to do my ear-care package, (Oh, btw, the cartilage hole-stretching didn't hurt at all when the guy did it, but it's been throbbing in the background since a few hours after and all of today), we went to Burlington Coat Factory to buy me a coat. After an hour or so of intense deliberation which included me trying on 2 different long wool coats several times (one gray, one black, slightly different styles), I decided I'd hold onto the gray one and go look to see if they had anything else I'd like. Angelica wasn't quite happy with the gray one, so she oh-so-subtly led me over to some faux sherling jackets. (Did I mention that she really likes faux sherling and has an intense hatred for long wool coats that she hides only half as well as she thinks she does?)

So there was only one that I could possibly have considered because it was this navyish/blackish/grayish color and all the others were tan (eewwww) or green (eeewwwww). Those are sooo not my colors. Even if they were, I just couldn't wear anything that light or bright. I'd go crazy. (Crazier?) Anyway, the navy/black/gray faux sherling just happened to be my size. Lucky me 'cause there was only one of them. Apparently Angelica tried it on, but it was a bit too small for her. (Baka. Were we going coat-shopping for her or me, I'd like to know!) But anyway, I ended up getting it. It feels a lot warmer than the wool would be. But I had just gotten used to long coats 'cause I had been borrowing my sister's long wool coat this past winter.... so now I have to get used to a jacket again. It's nice though, so I forgive Angelica for being a sneak.

So today I hung out with Angelica the whole day. It was nice. I got some money that was waiting for me at the post office, so I didn't even use the $50 that was in my wallet. Maybe I should have, though. 'Cause I lost my wallet somewhere in the library on 40th Street and 5th Avenue between 3:30 pm and 6:00 pm, but didn't realize it until 7:20 pm. Did I mention that they close at 7, so I couldn't go back? Hidoi, ne?

So I'm going back tomorrow morning. Hopefully some kind person turned it in. (I'm not counting on it, though. After all, this is New York.)

I feel like I should be reading that children's book that everyone seemed to have read to them in 1st grade, Alexander's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Unfortunately, I don't own a copy.

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