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Acadia was reading hilarious badfic one-liners to me last night and though I don't remember the line, it started a semi-serious conversation about screaming orgasms. I don't know about you, but screaming orgasms aren't a regular thing, in my experience. Shouting? Much more likely. Keening? Hell yeah. Screaming? Not so much.

Unless we're talking about edging. In which case, SO HOT OMFG. Also, makes sense, right? Thus appropriate.

Okay, so I don't want to dictate what words people can and can't use to describe fictional orgasms, but the use of "screaming" seems to have really lost its meaning.

Does the (over-)use of screaming to describe an orgasm throw you out of a story as much as it does me? Why do you think people use that particular word? Is it because of the unrealistic depiction of sex in the majority of porn? Any other thoughts? I'm curious now.
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ghost!hagelin/dubinsky!!!!!!!!!! (what even....?)

dubi is getting fucked by a ghost he can't even see and he likes it. but then he angsts over it and says something about it being ~7 years since he'd "felt this way" (angry/hurt/scared) but he says it all angry and accusing and maybe it has something to do with not knowing who the ghost is. and hagelin says "yeah, just like last time" -- referring to the one and only other time they'd fucked, before hags died. so then I suppose Dubi figures out the ghost is hags but hags is hurt and has already disappeared. like ghosts do, I guess.

poor bbs! how did I even dream this one up?!

good to know dubi's still in character in my dreams tho. douche.

also, there was soooo much oral in this dream. so much.

maybe I've been inspired by looking through all the SINTE prompt pics!!!

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Rape Culture 101

I normally don't post this kind of downer, but I'm affected by it and I want to. Please feel free to skip by.


I'm myself guilty of being brought up in, participating in, perpetuating rape culture -- it's hard not to. In some ways, I don't think I can stop, IDK, but I try.


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