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Just came across this random article about a dog who started following an extreme sports team doing a 430-mile long distance race while they were travelling through an Ecuadorian jungle.

Adorable, right?

One of the guys gave him a meatball and basically had a friend for life; he's arranging to adopt him now, and bring him back to his family in Switzerland.

It's really too bad this guy isn't named Dom. Because he named the dog Arthur. And guess who's really excited to meet the dog? The guy's daughter, Philippa.

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So I was trying to get to sleep EARLY (midnight) since I had to wake up at the CRACK OF DAWN (7:30am) in order to meet Juliet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art at 8:45. They open at 9:30 and really, it's a good thing we got there when we did because by the time the line started moving it stretched down the block and doubled back a few times. Haha, if I felt left out and missing Otakon this past weekend, this line certainly made me feel like I was there for a little while.

Anyway, I was trying to get to sleep early, but really I should know better by now that I just can't. Instead I customized my screensaver and proceeded to take a few screencaps to make into a gif. (Yes, I'm we know I'm obsessed already, this is old news.)

And now for the few additional A Softer World Remixes I've done since I last posted. The last one was done for @15dozentimes; it's totally my favorite, and not it's not even one I'd ever have thought of/chosen to do myself. So yeah, pass any requests my way. These are fun and ridiculously easy to do with my somewhat limited skills. =D

some geekery, some half-naked drunken shenanigans, some molesting of innocent blow up deer... oh yeah, and angst (that's my fave). =D )

This is totally random, but I somehow naturally associate Avenged Sevenfold and Panic! At the Disco. This is really interesting because I was just recently thinking I should listen to more AX7 (while listening to P!ATD).... and then I realized that I did the same back in 2006 when I first heard them both.

I know it's just a pipe dream, but-- what I'd give for P!ATD's next album to have a harder sound. *__* (Jesus fuck, Spencer Smith would be even hotter and sweatier than he already is...?!)
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My other laptops had Japanese names (kuroishi, aibou) to reflect my still-unwavering and everlasting love for Gundam Wing's Duo Maxwell, but I hadn't prepared myself to think up a name by the time I started setting up the computer.

So, in honor of my current obsession, I give you flawlessbitch:

"Killing you with cymbals" is a reference to the awesome and amazing and hilarious fanfic the lovely [livejournal.com profile] honeymull wrote. Of me. And Brendon Urie. Killing Zombies. Of which some were previously known to the world at large as the band Coldplay. (Hey, sorry if you're a fan of Coldplay.) LOLZ.

I literally spent ALL DAY updating the new laptop with my customizations-- programs, music, OH MY GOD setting up iTunes so that I could sync my iPhone without losing anything took HOURS. No joke. I haven't read PATD fic in like, three whole days now and I'm going through withdrawal. I want something EPIC, gdi.

Anyway, I'm closing with this. Because Flawless Bitches make me smile nnnnnnggghhh:

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I'd been thinking a little about making a sticky welcome post but with this recent friending meme I decided to actually go ahead and make one since it's not related to any specific fandom and thus broader interests/discussions are relevant.

So, if you're interested you can check that out here: HI NEW FRANDS!

But then I realized that, along with my 30th birthday last month, it was also the 10th anniversary of creating this livejournal (way back in May 2001)! Looking back I felt like there were long stretches where I didn't actually do much with it... and that's not far off, in terms of what I wrote in it and whether I was interacting with people or just recording random things for posterity or, you know, just to hear myself talk.

So I checked my calendar of posts and realized... there were only NINE MONTHS where I didn't post even just once -- out of TEN YEARS on LJ, and they're spread only between 2003-04.

I know plenty of people do posting challenges -- 365 days/year, for example! -- and I can't even commit to doing a 30-day meme in actually 30 days! But lol, have I mentioned how I tried doing that when I got a diary for my birthday when I was six? I'd forget to write in it for a week and then I'd come back and feel like I had to rip out the pages I'd written in because I had to start over. It had to be completely filled in, or in other words, perfect.

I've gotten over that feeling, clearly, but it also makes me happy to know that I've actually stuck with writing in a diary for TEN YEARS. In some ways, it's something I think I've wanted to do since I was a child and didn't quite realize I was already doing?

Ahaha, okay, randomly-introspective!Sara hour is over now.

Ooooooh, look at today's Google logo! It's Takashi Murakami's art! I'm totally getting his flat jellyfish eyes tattooed on my arms (above the elbows) next; I've been wanting that for too long now... I just have to save up some money since it'll probably cost a good $500+.

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...but this weekend I've been sort of bouncing off the walls, full of energy and excitement and fun! (Which, let me tell you, hasn't happened in longer than I can remember.)

overly excited babble about how much I enjoyed my weekend! kind of just for posterity... )

So basically TL;DR: everything was cinnamon schnapps and nothing hurt (including my busted knee) and THIS WAS ME ALL WEEKEND:

OMG I don't want to have to go to work tomorrowwwwwwwwww. T_T

ETA: Awesome thing I can't believe I forgot to note was that when we were walking to the car on Sunday morning we passed some guy who had just come out onto the front stoop of his building and I noticed he was wearing a The Sword band tee. I wanted to say something, and hesitated for a moment, but I was kind of like, well fuck it, I'm happy, it's sunny, I'm SO in the mood to go to a concert and I'm SO looking forward to The Sword show in September-- so I said, "Hey, are you going to see them in September?" He was surprised and like, "what?" "The Sword -- your shirt..." "Oh! When are they playing?" "In September, with Kyuss!" "I didn't know! That's awesome, I missed the one that they rescheduled last year!" "Oh man, that one was so good, sorry you missed it! Hope to see you in September, then!"

The whole exchange put a huge smile on my face. I think AJ possibly thought I was adorable like a child. Hee.
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I was watching some of the videos over at cracked.com. The After Hours group that analyzes pop culture in movies/books/etc. in a friends-at-dinner sort of way is hilarious. After I saw all 8 or so episodes (around 5 minutes each) I started watching the "Does Not Compute" episodes (also like 5 mins each).... which is basically one of the guys talking about and making fun of some WEIRD FUCKING SHIT.

Like eyeball tattoos... AND BILLY HERRINGTON, WTAF:

I kind of think it's amazing, though. In a sort of WTF way, at least.
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Ahahaha, Judy and I were talking over gchat about how people think she's insane, but I reassured her that some people don't mind insanity and she agreed it must be true since I still live with her. Then I said how I think I've gotten more insane as I've gotten older (yes, Sunday was my 30th) -- but also that I care less about hiding my insanity.

Then there was a pause while I checked my flist and saw that [livejournal.com profile] onelittlesleep had posted another fic.

Then there was this explosion:

me: onelittlesleep is fucking amazing, she posts fic A LOT
and all her porn is hot and filthy and WRONG
and delicious
like arthur/igraine

judy: hahaha, oh gosh sara
its a wonder why I still live with you
30 and completely insane

me: ahahahahah wow, i didn't even think about how insane that sounded, but yes it's clearly true

Yeah, I'm that sort of talented person who clearly exemplifies, in the next breath, those characteristics which she had just identified about herself.

Please consider the above chatlog a recommendation to read all of [livejournal.com profile] onelittlesleep's fics, btw. I cannot describe enough how much I absolutely love her writing. She's one of those people who can effortlessly include fucking hot sexytiems into seriously mood-rich, setting-rich writing. She gets dialogue and description and emotion across in a way that... you don't even need plot. They can fucking be cooking a fry-up. I can't get enough of her canon-era Merlin fic; it's replete with scents and sounds and filth and all I want is to roll around in her writing and press her words into my skin forever and ever.

My favorites?
1. The Merlin Le Fay 'verse where Merlin is Morgana's (and therefore Arthur's) younger brother;
2. The girl!Merlin/Arthur 'verse which started out as PWP but then grew a gorgeous plot in the last couple of parts;
3. The Arthur-centric, introspective Prince Regent of Camelot (complete in 2 parts).

And then just go read all the rest of her deliciously hot, filthy, delightfully wrong fic.
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Colin Morgan: "He's the mane man. ...Get it? The mane. Mane man."
Bradley James: "Colin, will you quit horsing around?"
*snort* These are boys after my own (horrible pun-loving) heart. <3333
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...we all know how much I love stars, yes? I want these earrings so much. THEY ARE CHEETAH PRINT WOODEN STARS. But they don't have them in 5mm (4ga), dammit. WHYYYYY?! Realistically, they look like they'd fall out of my earlobe if someone breathed on them. Still, they are SO PRETTY.

Aaaaaand. This lady is absolutely crazy. $700/mo for an 90-square foot "apartment" in Manhattan's CPW. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, LADY? JUST COMMUTE. I promise, you're not really missing that much by living a 40-minute train ride away. FOR THE SAME PRICE. What you gain is the ability to relax and also masturbate without bumping your knees/head/whatever into the ceiling. (Okay, so if she's Ace -- or anti-masturbation, I guess -- then maybe that's not an issue, but still-- breathing space! No panic attacks!)
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I don't really think I'm, you know, abnormal in a way that prevents friends/communication/relationships/happiness/etc. But sometimes I am shown evidence of exactly how my thoughts/preferences don't fall in line with the mainstream/majority. And that's perfectly fine, really. (Besides, I suppose there are plenty of ways in which I do compromise, or, sigh: conform.) I think these labels are too simple and broad to really do justice in trying to describe an individual anyway -- which is as it should be, as I'd rather be described as an individual than lumped into a generalizing category.

I bet you all think this was prompted by something dramatic and profound, don't you?




Jan. 28th, 2011 11:43 am
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RPF, Lady Gaga&Joseph Gordon-Levitt, she's had a crush on him ever since Angels in the Outfield and then she sees the video of him singing "Bad Romance"

And now I want to read/write something where they're in a dream and Eames forges Lady Gaga (in one of her crazier-looking personas) but Arthur is so uninterested in pop culture that he doesn't know the reference and is totally turned on and freaked out at the same time. AHAHAHAH THIS MENTAL IMAGE WILL KEEP ME ENTERTAINED FOR... at least half an hour.

In other news, this was originally going to be a post about how I really really want to write more introspective ficlets for Brick but I'm lazy. I need prompts because I have no ideas for one (because I'm lazy), and also whatever I write will definitely be a ficlet as the language thing is somewhat difficult to sustain for anything longer than 1,000 words at a time (because I'm lazy).

There you have it.

ETA: Ahahah, today's XKCD is too true.
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Tell me why I started watching Merlin again? This show is completely ridiculous, though I suppose that does slightly alleviate the depression I always tend to feel whenever thinking about the Arthurian Legends. (I've never been one to insist on happy endings, yet the Arthurian Legends have always had that Epic Misunderstandings quality that I can't stand, where everything that can possibly go wrong does, and everyone betrays or (mistakenly) feels betrayed, and all because people can't just pull the sticks out of their own asses.)

ASLFSASLFJASLJKLFSLJDFLJ I get upset just thinking about it. I remember reading one of David Gemmel's books in his Arthurian series... unfortunately it was one about Uther, I think -- I was so enraged for days afterward, I just couldn't continue reading the series. I must have been around 13 or 14? This is perhaps why I've never actually *read* Mists of Avalon...?

In any case, Bradley James's adorable, pouty, prideful face (see icon?!) may have been a factor in the decision to give Merlin a second chance. Along with the fact that episode 2x04 is full of angsty!Arthur and 2x03 had Merlin actually being useful for once. <3333 Good timing, self!

I really like thinking of Arthur the way he's presented in the show. Now if only there was less Morgana...

ETA: SPOILERS for 2x05-06 )

This show is so fucking ridic, I have no idea why I'm watching, WTF.
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I haven't been online a whole lot in the last week as I've been caught up reading things offline. There are a whole bunch of fic I've meant to rec and to comment on (though since I've got at least tomorrow free to do nothing, I hope to get on that).

I'm reading a gay romance (ebook, by Jet Mykles) right now that reads like a yaoi fic. It really isn't bad at all, but it's kind of... unpolished? And not very deep. Which is fine! I was just surprised, I guess, because I'd read something else by her (a more recent one, though) that was waaaay better. In any case, I'm more amused than anything else... except for the fact that two of the characters are playing Final Fantasy X.

Um, together? (It's not really a two-player game...)

And all the words the author uses to refer to "playing" the game are... not quite what I'd use to describe it?

It's actually quite hilarious because I've never seen anyone include a FF game in a story just to appeal to a larger audience? I mean, why else would you put it in, if you aren't actually into video games? And FFS, couldn't you play some of it first, or watch someone else play it, or something?

I'm half laughing ridiculously about it and half wincing in pain.
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So I did indeed get my Inception blu-ray/dvd combo thing in the mail on Monday but oddly enough have been content enough not to watch it. Even the extras! I've been more interested in reading than bothering to put on the DVD. (Though if the extras are only on the BR version then I'll have to wait til my PS3 is fixed before I can watch them anyway.)

But then last night Judy was sewing in the living room and wanted to put it on and I was content enough to stay in my room and read but then I heard one of Arthur's lines and it was like reeling in a fucking fish, I just couldn't help myself and somehow ended up in the living room, watching. About 1/3 of the way through I tried to leave but ended up coming back and watching (and trying to leave) for another 30 minutes.

It was so funny watching it for the first time in a few months (the last time was the last weekend in August, while I was sewing my bridesmaid dress the day before Maryann's wedding, hahaha) -- my reactions at certain scenes (squeeing quietly into the throw pillow; thanking the universe for Christopher Nolan and his canon!genderswap) were cause for Judy to look at me as if I were insane (even though she started reading Inception fic too, because I *flailed* at her about [livejournal.com profile] gyzym's domestic!verse saga). Which, really, she knows by now that I am, but she forgets sometimes that I can act insane as well.

thoughts about the movie itself )

/incoherent thoughts

*goes back to immersing myself in fic*
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I don't know how I ended up writing rec posts here (or anywhere) as I've never done that before, but I think my mind has just been blown by the awesomeness that is Inception fandom. And I need to like, keep track of it somehow.

And what's even more ridic is that as much as I want to, I can't seem to write anything for it... but that desire to write keeps turning into thoughts about writing due South fic, but then I don't have the time (or the right mindset right now) to pursue it, and I may need a prompt of some sort anyway. I know, my life is so hard.

Know what else? I'm helping a friend out with her new fic (kink)meme, dedicated to CROSSOVERS!!! So if you like them, come on over and prompt yourself sick!!!
[livejournal.com profile] crossover_kink [livejournal.com profile] crossover_kink [livejournal.com profile] crossover_kink

Aaaand: more Inception recs! You hate me, I know. )


Dec. 6th, 2010 08:34 pm
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What is it with you lame-ass post spamming all day, Sara?! is what you might be asking right now.


Still, I wanted to rec what I believe to be rageprufrock's SPEC-FUCKING-TACULAR new NEWSPAPER!AU fic, though it is currently by author-anon.

Ironically, she tends to use the word shitstorm (which, did I mention, totally throws me out of the story every freaking time?) in everything she writes that's longer than a couple thousand words, which is why I'm thinking it's Pru. Still, whether it's her or not makes no difference because REALLY, THIS FIC IS FUCKING AMAZING (WHY IS ARTHUR SUCH AN ADORABLE-YET-SLIGHTLY-INSECURE BAMF?!) AND SHOULD BE READ NO MATTER WHAT. Oh, did I mention it's a WIP? Sorry guys.


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[livejournal.com profile] tequilideas wrote this amazingly HILARIOUS fic which is basically suit porn for people even remotely enamored of menswear at Fashion Week. EVEN IF YOU DON'T READ ARTHUR/EAMES, YOU SHOULD JUST CLICK ON ALL THE LINKS TO HOT GQMFs IN SUITS, JFC!


My everlasting thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cathybites for indulging my ridic PS request. Oh yes! Here's the original.
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shubha: WOMAN
me: http://osaraba.tumblr.com/post/1132576776/walkingxorgasm-the-ultimate-ginger
shubha: hahahaha
shubha: hahahaha you're so funny
yaaaaay TH

me: he's--
he's on a DUCK SHUBHA
shubha: hahahahahahah i so did not read that as duck the first time
me: asldfjasl;dfjlsdfjlasdjfasldfjkasdf
shubha: hahahahahahha you're so cute
back at ya, babydoll!

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