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...would you guys be able to facilitate that?

I'm on the precipice here and all I need is a bit of a nudge. Pull me into your waiting arms, Inception fandom. I miss you bad; I want to squee like I used to, I want that rush of blood, that sensation of overwhelming ~feeling.

Do you have any epic recs for me, starting around oh, a little over a year ago?

I saw the TDK trailer last night when I went to see Spiderman and I practically swooned when I saw JGL. Yeah, you were probably thinking I was about to say T-Hard, but no, JGL totally made me think of Arthur when he says that line about Mal, to Ariadne, "She was lovely." And all of a sudden I couldn't wait for all the Inception/TDK crossover fic that I just KNOW is going to come out of this.

And then, I just started watching that show, Person of Interest and it made me think of Christopher Nolan. Ugh, I'm not even sure why! But then I started thinking about some of the recurring themes in his works, and I... I think I may have gotten myself interested in Inception fandom again, basically.

I also think that when Looper comes out I may have some intense desires for Inception/Brick/Looper crossover fic, which, ugh, I may end up writing drabbles for.

I'm going to be at San Diego Comic Con this year (for somewhere between one and four of the days, so if you're going to be there and want to grab lunch together or something let me know!), and I'm really really hoping I'll be able to go to the Looper panel. I have such a hard-on for Rian Johnson, IDEK.

The quick summary of my reaction to the Spiderman movie, btw, is: Eh. I was mostly bored/didn't feel much emotional connection to any of the characters, but the acting was darn awesome. Emma Stone stole the show, she and Andrew Garfield had amazing chemistry, and the best scene was that suuuuper adorable/awkward scene in the school hallway.
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Too many WIPs, not enough updates. Well, that's not really true. But it feels like it because I WANT ALL THE FIC. Here are some you should be reading:
  1. [livejournal.com profile] heyheyrenay's can't get enough of you (baby) (complete in 31 parts). Arthur/Eames. It's sort of kidfic? BUT NOT AU. It has a kid in it, who is the most adorable baby EVER (or at least that's what Eames would say), but she's not really the focus of the story, so you should read this even if kidfic isn't your thing. There's SO MUCH TRUST. SO MUCH OF IT. One might say too much, which is where the light touch of angst comes into play. Renay has such a fine hand with angst. I couldn't approve more.

  2. Anon's The Source of All Things (WIP, currently at part 22/?). Arthur/Eames. STEAMPUNK AND MAGIC AU. The story is intriguing and mysterious and epic (please ignore my boner for Author-anon's world-building, thanks), and as entertaining as a Real™ Published Book. If you're into fantasy you should read this. The steampunk is done with a light touch, so don't let that scare you away if steampunk isn't your thing. Author-anon is doing an interesting thing which is sort of rarely done in published works-- you know how usually the relationship is either passionate and rushed into because of the urgency of the situation? You know, the characters are thrown together in a high-pressure situation and become unusually close as a result? Or the other extreme, where the urgency/high-pressure sitch causes the characters to put their attraction on the backburner instead? Well here it seems like Author-anon is walking the road-less-taken: the characters are tentatively exploring their relationship/attraction while the Crazy!Mystery/Situation builds up around them. THIS IS EXCITING TO ME! \o/

Have you seen the new Inception stills yet? If not, go search tumblr. I've reblogged a few, but there are more. PRETTY, BAMFY EAMES,and T-HARD PRACTISING HIS TRIGGER DISCIPLINE EVEN WITHOUT A GUN MAKES ME WANT TO READ MOAR FIC.

I know, you're asking yourself: Dear god, what DOESN'T make Sara want to read MOAR FIC?!
My answer: I don't know, guys, I DON'T KNOW.
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So yes. I'm a little head-over-heels for this bit of meta re: costumes and fashion in Inception.
It's rare that contemporary costume design in a film makes you sit up and take notice. Sometimes while watching a movie I'll think to myself "Hey, that's a cute dress!" or "How can she run in those heels?" or "How the hell can that character afford this wardrobe?!" but it is few and far between where I look at contemporary design and feel admiration and appreciation for the costumes as a whole.

Inception is one of those films. From start to finish I am in awe of designer Jeffrey Kurland's work. He had the difficult task of creating costumes for a largely corporate world set five minutes in the future and that could have resulted in everyone wearing futuristic suits of the same cut. Instead, the looks in this film are modern takes on classic silhouettes which magically equals fashion forward somehow. There are a few great stand out pieces, some subtle referencing of fashion archetypes that serve as characterisation shorthand, and there are a lot of unglamorous everyday looks that give authenticity to the characters' lives.

Read more and admire the pretty: Picspam: Costumes in Inception by [livejournal.com profile] bennet_7.
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So I did indeed get my Inception blu-ray/dvd combo thing in the mail on Monday but oddly enough have been content enough not to watch it. Even the extras! I've been more interested in reading than bothering to put on the DVD. (Though if the extras are only on the BR version then I'll have to wait til my PS3 is fixed before I can watch them anyway.)

But then last night Judy was sewing in the living room and wanted to put it on and I was content enough to stay in my room and read but then I heard one of Arthur's lines and it was like reeling in a fucking fish, I just couldn't help myself and somehow ended up in the living room, watching. About 1/3 of the way through I tried to leave but ended up coming back and watching (and trying to leave) for another 30 minutes.

It was so funny watching it for the first time in a few months (the last time was the last weekend in August, while I was sewing my bridesmaid dress the day before Maryann's wedding, hahaha) -- my reactions at certain scenes (squeeing quietly into the throw pillow; thanking the universe for Christopher Nolan and his canon!genderswap) were cause for Judy to look at me as if I were insane (even though she started reading Inception fic too, because I *flailed* at her about [livejournal.com profile] gyzym's domestic!verse saga). Which, really, she knows by now that I am, but she forgets sometimes that I can act insane as well.

thoughts about the movie itself )

/incoherent thoughts

*goes back to immersing myself in fic*
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YES MORE ASEXUAL!FIC by [livejournal.com profile] persephone_il. IT IS SO FREAKING GOOD, AND SO REAL, AND SO LOVELY. IT WINS ALL THE THINGS. EVER. And this time it's asexual!Eames! Which is surprising because it doesn't fit fanon!Eames who tends to be a sex god of sorts, but I think it makes just as much sense as asexual!Arthur. I mean, let's be realistic -- there's not a lot to work with in the canon (or conversely, there's a lot to work with because they don't really give us a lot of solid information about them).

We're making assumptions based on certain things, but so much of canon is based on, I don't know, extrapolation of physical attributes, I think? I said this at the Inception panel, and I'll say it again-- Eames is much quieter and introverted than Arthur is, really. He's always quietly sitting, observing. He fidgets, but it's in little ways. But we see Arthur interacting with more ease, and a more expressive/open face. But since he wears the sleeker suits, has his hair slicked back, clearly he's more... what, repressed? restrained? But he has such an open face!

I didn't actually mean to go on about this again; it was all said in the first month of fandom. but I suppose that when I think about these things too hard (which is not infrequently), I resign myself to the fact that fanon hivemind is and always will be utterly baffling! (If still highly entertaining.)

ETA: I just realized that that whole second paragraph could possibly be misinterpreted to mean that those are reasons why Eames is more believable as asexual than Arthur? And that's not what I meant at all. It was more about making assumptions as to characterisation and no sexual or asexual implications were intended.

In other news, I want to go see The King's Speech like burning! COLIN FIRTH. GEOFFREY RUSH. HELENA BONHAM CARTER. THIS IS ALL I REALLY NEEDED TO KNOW. But the actual plot of it sounds brilliant as well; I have a huge weakness for any situation which involves watching the protagonist learning/training to prepare for/overcome something (anyone have a convenient Trope Title for this?). I DON'T KNOW HOW I COULD POSSIBLY FIND THIS MOVIE WANTING IN ANY WAY. Why is it only a limited release? Only playing in two theaters in NYC next week. ...ahahah Jennifer Ehle is in this too. <3


Dec. 6th, 2010 08:34 pm
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What is it with you lame-ass post spamming all day, Sara?! is what you might be asking right now.


Still, I wanted to rec what I believe to be rageprufrock's SPEC-FUCKING-TACULAR new NEWSPAPER!AU fic, though it is currently by author-anon.

Ironically, she tends to use the word shitstorm (which, did I mention, totally throws me out of the story every freaking time?) in everything she writes that's longer than a couple thousand words, which is why I'm thinking it's Pru. Still, whether it's her or not makes no difference because REALLY, THIS FIC IS FUCKING AMAZING (WHY IS ARTHUR SUCH AN ADORABLE-YET-SLIGHTLY-INSECURE BAMF?!) AND SHOULD BE READ NO MATTER WHAT. Oh, did I mention it's a WIP? Sorry guys.


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This has probably made the rounds, but a friend sent it to me earlier and I just had the chance to watch it. IT'S AWESOME!

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But you wouldn't be able to tell because I just SPENT THE WHOLE FUCKING NIGHT -- and yes, I mean the last seven hours re-familiarising myself with CSS and S2 codes so that I could change my layout and add in a rotating header.


In any case, I finally figured out something that was being stubborn, so... yay?

I still have some more tweaking to do; mostly of colors, but I'd like to create some C6D headers in the same vein as the Inception ones above. (For which, btw, credit goes to A Softer World comics and [livejournal.com profile] greenpixiehair, who brilliantly combined the two and kindly gave me permission to use them.)

But for right now, I just want to sleep; this is kind of what I feel like:

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Dream 1: Talk of menstruation! This is sometimes TMI/squicky for some people...? )

Yesterday I was back at my parents' house and going through/throwing away stuff I left in my old room. I ended up going through a lot of Sailor Moon cards and toys and other novelty items and boy, does it bring back memories. I (still) have SO MUCH Sailor Moon memorabilia; and I still want to keep a lot of it. I'm not completely prepared to let go of the stuff that got me into anime in the first place. I also put my six carebears into the donation pile. It's hard to let them go; they're just so adorable!!! But they're not originals or anything, and it's not like I've done anything with them or even looked at them for the last 3 years. And while I like my share of cute stuffed animal-type toys, I need to keep myself to a strict maximum because there's really no reason I should have them cluttering up my house.

Dream 2: Visit to Japan

Anyway, it's not much a surprise, then, that my dream was that I was in Japan again... but it was some sort of school trip? Angelica was there, and Yoshi, and Will ("and you and you and you... and you were there") -- that is, all of us who'd gone to visit Yoshi in Japan twice were reunited. It was an odd dream wherein the four of us where in a school cafeteria of some kind, eating lunch among the students. A few of us went out to a spot on the roof (god, this sounds just like a freaking manga) with some of the Japanese students. Will was speaking in Japanese to some of them -- the cooler looking ones, who had bleached-brown hair and left their uniforms somewhat unbuttoned (clearly I can't even dream outside of manga stereotypes) -- who ignored him at first but then ended up talking to him. I was mostly sitting and trying to catch phrases here and there, mostly unsuccessful as they were speaking in that really masculine slang with that thug-like accent (and which is super hot... AND OMG I'D LOVE TO HEAR KEN WATANABE TALK IN THAT THUGGY ACCENT, YES PLS) and looking up at the clear blue sky.

I went back downstairs -- I think I was going to watch a play or something? -- and ended up running into Angelica again in a maze of crisscrossing staircases. (PENROSE STAIRS, MAYBE? HAHAHAH, WHAT IS MY LIFE?)
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Clearly I've been on a TV-watching kick recently. Aside from the 4 eps of Supernatural I mentioned in a previous post, I've also caught up on:

  1. The last 9 eps of The Mentalist (season 3). Which I really watch for Simon Baker's shamelessly impertinent Holmesian character, Patrick Jane... and Cho's SUPER EXTRA DRY delivery of every single line ever. I'd have dropped this show long, long ago if it weren't for these two characters. There's no episode in which they do not make me happy (and no, I don't ship them) so I just couldn't stop watching.

  2. All 3 eps of BBC Sherlock. The first episode was perfect, or as near to it as I think we'll get! Cumberbatch is amazing as Holmes; Holmes and Watson's relationship is. just. perfect. Their give-and-take is simply a delight. Eps 2 and 3 were not as good as 1, but (at least in my mind) a lot can be forgiven, plot-wise, when the characters are just so dead on.

    I find it hard to ship Holmes and Watson in my own head... but that's what awesome fic writers are for, y/y?! Do yourself a favor and read [livejournal.com profile] wordstrings's EPICALLY FUCKING AMAZING Paradox Series. It features sociopathically-fucked-up!Holmes and there-to-keep-him-on-the-right-track!Watson. I can't thank [livejournal.com profile] pixie_darling enough for bringing this to my attention. NGL, I think I may be spoiled for anything else in this fandom after having read this one.

  3. Series 1 of Merlin. Plus the first 2 eps of season 2. I enjoyed what I've seen and, oddly enough (because I often like the main character best) I like Arthur more than Merlin? This makes my brow furrow to think on because by all rights I really thought I'd like Merlin more. My frustration with the fact that Merlin hasn't told Arthur about his abilities is kind of peaking. I don't normally like spoilers but I think a teeny tiny one in this case would help me to persevere...

    So. Does Arthur, at any point up to the current series 3 episode, find out about Merlin's abilities? I'M BEGGING FOR SOMEONE TO TELL ME HE DOES. Don't tell me how or when or why, but if the answer is yes, I'm going to dive back in and continue watching and push through to the end. But if the answer is no.... I'll probably stop watching now... unless someone can give me a really good reason to keep going.

I watched the first two episodes of Shattered a month or so ago, but I dunno... it was good but... I think I'm just not quite in the mood for it just yet. I'm downloading all the episodes for when I want some hardboiled cop stuff. I hope it's soon because I'm actually missing all my CKR-squeeing buddies from C6D fandom. =(

ION, Inception fandom has slowed down quite a bit AND IT MAKES ME EXTREMELY SAD. Especially since I'm so impatiently awaiting updates on a multitude of WIPs. This is probably why I'm dipping into other fandoms for a fix. Jesus. THEN AGAIN, IT'S ONLY SIXTEEN DAYS UNTIL INCEPTION IS RELEASED ON DVD/BLURAY SO I'M HOPING THERE WILL BE AN UPSURGE IN FIC AGAIN.

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...And all of a sudden I'm extremely into the genderbending aspects of this fandom. The best part is that it's CANON. SO FULL OF WIN.

THIS FANART is like, the hottest thing ever, right now.

Basically I've got nothing else of interest to say, other than I'm disgustingly sick and all I want to do is go home and sleep. But also be able to read fic with my eyes closed. It saddens me that should this ever be possible, it probably will not be within my lifetime. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE ME INTO A VAMPIRE OR SOMETHING? I FEEL SO CHEATED. I WOULD BE WILLING TO KILL PEOPLE AND/OR LIVE OFF THEIR BLOOD IN ORDER TO SEE THE FUTURE, OKAY!

Anyway, my laptop is back and I've finally been able to update my iPhone with music and in honor thereof I've downloaded the Bronson and Brick soundtracks. They're SO GOOD! And the Brick soundtrack, in particular, has quite a few tracks which I'll probably be using for the playlist for my housewarming party. WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER VINTAGE HOUSEWARMING PARTY! I'M SO EXCITED! (AND OMG THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE TO INVITE EVERYONE I WANT TO.)

Oh yeah, so if you have any suggestions for music, let me know. It's 1880s-1980s this time.

And BTW, buying the Brick DVD was so worth it. The extras (while unfortunately do not include much of JGL) are really fabulous; the director really goes into detail about his ideas and visions and it's wonderful to hear about all the stuff that goes on before the movie even makes it to pre-production. I'm really fascinated by all that stuff!

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So in direct contrast to my insanely obsessive and passionate love for THARRRD (see previous post), I have a slightly smaller, milder appreciation for JGL. Which is not to say I don't enjoy his varied and variable faces; his creativity and musical talent; his acting ability (which is not shoddy at all); his lovely voice (I am in full support of him going through life as a musical, constantly singing La Valse a Milles Temps through the streets of NYC, hopefully where I can hear him on my lunch hour, in a mix of French and English); his love of France (even though I am an anglophile and thus have a strong urge to dislike anything French); his silly hipster style.... but.

Well. It's actually all quite ironic and amusing (to me, at least), considering how I love Eames, but how much I lovvvvve Arthur. Which pains me to no end, NGL.

Erm, I went a bit off-topic there, actually. Oops.

I meant to talk about how I've enjoyed some of JGL's backlog but nothing really reached out and grabbed me. Mysterious Skin was interesting (and who doesn't appreciate the chance to see JGL's pert little backside and his orgasm face?), but nothing to write home about; 500 Days of Summer was supremely entertaining, lovely, and heartbreaking all in one, but not my usual type of fare; The Lookout was interesting as well (and I got to squee for a sec because JGL PLAYING HOCKEY = YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU).

But Brick I loved.

It's one of those movies where the style is different and deliberately so. It's one of those movies that you have a decided opinion of. Either way; you kind of love it or just don't get it. I can totally understand where some might watch it and be bored by it or just not be really engaged; they might think it tried too hard maybe? Or that it wasn't anything unusual. But oooh, I see it. I get it. The tone, the fast pacing of the dialogue, the give-and-take; almost as if the verbal exchanges were a dance; specific steps to be taken at specific beats and don't slow down, don't make even one misstep or it'll all be lost.

If I were a film student, I'd actually have references to make instead of feelings to go on.

There was a scene or two which some might say were overacted and a few more which some might say were underacted, but those scenes contributed to the tone; the odd, creepy, fast-yet-slow pace which just had me watching in fascination as it all unfolded.

And oddly, it was almost like Romeo + Juliet -- like period speech anachronistically thrust into modern day.

It had that quality about it. <3


...and as a side note, Lukas Haas was in it! (I practically lunged out of my seat when I saw him.) WTF, DO I HAVE TO START PLAYING 6-DEGREES OF INCEPTION NOW?!

(BTW, not apologizing for this one because it was actually less gratuitous than my last post.)


ETA: Okay, yes, I'm dumb. A neo-noir film, with dialogue homage to Dashiell Hammett, author of The Maltese Falcon and The Thin Man, among others.
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I'm watching Inception again right now for the first time in weeks and weeks. (Okay, so maybe it's only actually been like 2.5 weeks since the last time I saw it. DETAILS.)

In any case. Basically. This post is just to say that [livejournal.com profile] mami_san WINS THE FUCKING INTERNETS FOREVER AND EVER. AND EVER.

Her Arthur-centric fic The Music Makers is SO FUCKING ON-TARGET for Arthur and Eames, and Cobb even. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. If it wasn't already my personal canon, it would be now. Watching the movie, all I can think of is YES. THIS IS HOW THEY GOT HERE. THIS IS EXACTLY HOW THEY CAME TO BE.

If you're open to an origin story for Arthur and Eames that is so fucking good I don't want the gen (as in, no slash) to end (and it still hasn't, really, as of chapter 9 out of ?) PLEASE GO READ IT RIGHT NOW. It follows the canon story, which Nolan has indicated in interviews &c (that they both have military backgrounds and were rivals of a sort). IT WILL BE WORTH IT. I ASSURE YOU. It's gritty, creative, well-researched, well thought-out, well written, realistic, believable. It's unfinished as of yet, but it's so good that even if she never finished it from this point on IT WOULD STILL HAVE BEEN WORTH IT.




Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
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Despite -- or maybe because of -- having been part of the Gundam Wing fandom in its early days, and dipping into the Weiß Kreuz fandom only briefly, before dropping out of fandom kind of altogether, I was never really involved with any fandom in which a newsletter was a thing.

I still have [livejournal.com profile] spnnewsletter on my friends list, but I'm not sure why since I've never really used it. Though I only very, very recently started reading some SPN fic.

In any case, AS YOU MIGHT HAVE ALREADY GUESSED, Inception fandom has pretty much taken over my life. Like one of my colleagues said today when we went out to get lunch (and referring to Being John Malkovich, I think?), "Instead of John Malkovich or Sara [redacted], in your mind it's like INCEPTION INCEPTION TOM HARDY TOM HARDY INCEPTION TOM HARDY." Yeah, NGL, I think that was a pretty accurate statement. And I try SO HARD to tone it down at work. (Whatever, it's only because we're friends outside of work and maybe also because he follows me on twitter that he's so aware of my obsessions.)

Anyway, when [livejournal.com profile] cathybites asked for help doing a daily newsletter for the fandom, I didn't really know what I was getting into, but I wanted to be part of it! And so...

tl;dr [livejournal.com profile] inceptiondaily
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The one where you're naked in public, like school or work or something? I've never had that dream. Until last night. But it wasn't so much public as it was my back yard (though it looked completely different even though IRL instead of having windows, I have a patio door that actually does lead to the back yard). And at first I felt perfectly comfortable. But then I realized the light was on in my room behind me and then there were some random people cutting through my backyard and the next-door neighbors (on the side which IRL there are no next-door neighbors) were sleeping in their huge king sized bed which was out on their patio.

So when I realized all of these things, I tried to back up into my room, but the door was a bit farther away than I realized. Instead, I tried to pull some curtains down and wrap them around me. But I don't think I actually got too far with that.

Instead, my mind must have just been like, Done with this shit. NEXT! Because then I was sitting in some outdoor patio or lounge, maybe a rooftop somewhere. I was dressed in an evening gown (with sequins, which I would NEVER EVER wear IRL, EWWWWW). I was waiting for someone to show up so I could give him something, or get something from him; it wasn't really all that clear at that point. But Eames showed up \o/ and turns out I was giving him back a navy suit jacket that he'd left with me. It was delicious and warm.

But after giving it back, we basically said our goodbyes and went in different directions.

Sigh. My mind is such a tease.

And now for some boring house-related babble... )
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I think I've gotten to the point where I'm feeling horribly intimidated by the fact that I can barely keep up with all the ideas about Inception. (I can hear Eames here, telling me to dream bigger.) And on the other hand, I greedily devour any new interpretation or even PART of one, that comes my way.

Do I really still have to cut for spoilers? Has anyone NOT seen this yet?! )

Okay, just ignore all this because it's all just rambling as I haven't been able to write fic about this movie. YET.

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So, hahahah, in case you haven't gotten enough of my recent obsession yet:

THIS. ALL OF THIS. EVERY SINGLE WORD (well, except for the thing about writing 8k words of fic) AND ALSO THE COMMENTS.

[livejournal.com profile] bookshop srsly just took everything in my head and wrote it into this post!


...also, have created new list on twitter. NOW FOLLOWING: Arthur, Eames, Saito, Cobb, Ariadne and Fischer. TWITTER RPG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS~

This obsession shows no sign of slowing down just yet.
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So here's [livejournal.com profile] bookshop's reading and interpretation of the film.





Possibly everyone reading this may have witnessed my Tom Hardy obsession explosion yesterday on Twitter? If not, you missed the chance to laugh at Sara's INCOHERENT CAPSLOCK FLAIL.... and also clearly delusional statements in which Sara asserts that Tom Hardy exists only to have her bite his face and tats. And Sara randomly talks in third person... What?

DUDES: TOM HARDY HAS DONE A COUPLE (this makes me extremely happy)
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Currently obsessed with Inception, in case you hadn't noticed it's all over my twitter?

Should you be reading this, [livejournal.com profile] thebroodwich: Shut it.

Don't worry: NO SPOILERS HERE. (Some in comments, heed warnings.)

Have things to say about the two obvious names, several interpretations/perspectives on the story (in its own right as well as as-metaphor), and the meaning of the end scene. I'm going to see it again on Saturday (double feature, after Salt) with Liz, Raquel, Maryann and whoever else, and I will try to formulate some coherent thoughts that aren't just *squeeeee*.

Mostly I'm still going to be flailing over the ARTHUR + EAMES = OTP equation, as [livejournal.com profile] morganwolf so aptly put it earlier.

Also, I really need to dig out my DVDs so I can re-watch The Prestige.

Anyone who would like to squee and/or flail at me re: Inception is EXTREMELY welcome to. =D

ETA: This is a really good theory about the meaning of the end scene. I only wish I'd waited to read it until after I saw it a second (or more) time(s), dammit. /o\ DAMMITDAMMITDAMMIT.

ETA2: Another article I want to read, but this time will wait until I've seen it again.

ETA3: NY Mag interview with Dileep Rao re his thoughts on plot/answers/etc.

ETA4: List of various theories and bookshop's list of meta

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