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I've had an insanely busy week in Indonesia. Liz and I landed in Jakarta on Saturday night local time and spent two days there with family. Then:

- flew out to Bali (with my cousin Ade and her friend/coworker who were on business) for three days wherein we stayed at a beach resort hotel and did SO MUCH EATING. AND SHOPPING. I actually got these awesome awesome bone talons with a wing shaped carved on one side (almost exactly like this pair).
- flew back to Jakarta Thursday night, SAW A CONCERT (the famous boy band kahitna, don't even ask) then drove out to Bandung on Friday for shopping and food
- drove back on Saturday; Liz flew back to NYC
- flew out super early on Sunday morning to Kalimantan (with Ade's friend/coworker for more business)

It's Monday now and I'm sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for Yantri to finish up her business. Our flight back to Jakarta is at 6pm tonight and I'm REALLY REALLY looking forward to being able to sleep without having a specific wake up time. Especially one that's not 4am to catch a flight, or to go to the floating market before it disperses.

Here are a few photosets of some highlights:

- Bali resort hotel
- traditional market in Bali
- driving and traffic in Indonesia
- Banjarmasin Floating Market in Kalimantan

In more detail.... )

And last (for now), but not least... and weirder than I can possibly express... I... didn't realize this at all until about an hour ago, but... Panic! At the Disco is playing Big Wave Festival in Jakarta tomorrow. And... I'll be in Jakarta tomorrow... so, I'm going to try to get tickets.


Like [livejournal.com profile] asolarfever said on twitter, I'll be able to say I've seen them in two countries! (Even if it'll be ridiculously weird that those two countries are THE US and INDONESIA. O_O

This totally beats the (probably unpopular) awkwardness I feel about the news of Bden & Sarah's engagement. =/


Feel free to ask any questions you want about Indonesia; I'm sort of keeping things (relatively) brief in this post, but I don't mind expounding furthur on anything you're interested in. =D
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JUST caught up on fskip=180 and YAY I've got, like, three or four new Brendon/Spencer fics to read (also the next chapter in [livejournal.com profile] freece's Captive Prince) and am SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! I've... sort of been flailing about and reading random Pete/Patrick fics, but I miss my daily dose of Spencer. I haven't quite made it over to read the latest round of BBB yet, though, so there's that waiting for me too.

To be fair, I've actually been away from the comp a lot in the last week or so. I now have less than a week left in NYC before going to Indonesia for six weeks, and I'm not freaking out or anything, but I'm sort of feeling like I'm going to miss ALL THE THINGS here while I'm away.

Also, the money situation really isn't the best, but whatever, I'm just going to have to sort of just plough through the next couple of months and hope the other side will be an improvement.

Going to see Warrior tonight. T-HARD, I STILL LOVE YOU. I'm so happy there's a preview showing tonight so I didn't have to go to the midnight showing on Thursday to see it before my flight to Indonesia leaves on Friday morning. THOUGH I WOULD HAVE DONE IT. FOR TOM.

Aaaaaand I'm going to leave you with this. Because while I'm not a huge Patrick Stump fan, HIS FACE HERE IS THE MOST ADORABLE THING AND I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT. If I have to suffer, you do too. <3333

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So I keep saying I'm broke, and I am -- but that's what credit cards are for, right?

I've bought tickets to several upcoming events that... I don't regret buying them, certainly, and I think they're very worth it both in having the experience and the ticket price. But damn I wish I wasn't broke right now, or that the events weren't right now... or some combination thereof so that I could hold onto my money instead of watch it go flying out the window.

I'm really going to have to work on either my self-discipline, or getting better at avoiding being notified of events I'm interested in. Haha, good luck, me.

So my newest addition is the NYR v. CHI game on Monday 11/1! TicketExchange has tickets available for the game, and I was able to buy a pair of the cheap tickets in the 400s. I AM EXCITE, PEOPLE! Not only will I be seeing the CHI v. STL game on this coming Monday IN CHICAGO (where I can wear my Toews jersey), but I'll also see them at home in MSG where I'll be wearing one of my Rangers jerseys on the occasion. ETA: I only wish that Burish was still a Blackhawk; nothing would give me more pleasure than to see Bur and Aves chirping at each other hahahah!

Upcoming events:
Oct 14-19: Wincon and CHI v. STL game in Chicago
Oct 23: The Bees' Knees Housewarming Party
Oct 28: JGL/hitRECord.org's Fall Formal
Oct 30: GGRD Championship Bout
Nov 1: NYR v. CHI
Nov 4: Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake
Nov 7: NYR v. STL
Nov 24ish: BERLIN HERE I COME? (OMG I haven't yet bought tix yet or arranged for a hostel stay!!!)
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So! This kind of snuck up on us because we weren't really sure whether we'd try to stay here or not, and we didn't really know what Mark, our roommate of 3 months, would be doing... but [livejournal.com profile] thedreamerworld and I have found a 2-bedroom in Astoria.

Mark wants to live with 2 of his friends and so he'd definitely be moving out if we decided to stay here. But then Judy and I wouldn't be able to afford this apartment and it had taken us 3 months to find another roommate with Maryann still paying most of her share of the rent even though she'd already moved out. Considering how difficult it might be to find a third roommate for a long-term lease, Judy and I opted to look for 2-bedroom apartments closer to Manhattan.

My priorities were decent sized bedrooms, good closet space, not a tiny living room, and preferably near the R/V subway line (if near the N/W line then also within a 20-minute walk of the R/V line because the N/W line is elevated and in the winter I'd rather have access to the underground line too). Judy wanted it to be within a 5-minute walk from a supermarket, and hopefully near a bustling neighborhood/shopping area.

Well, after only our 3rd day looking (only our 3rd apartment too), we found the perfect apartment. It's equidistant between two of the stations on the R/V line and within a 15-minute walk to the N/W line. It's 3 blocks from a supermarket and busy shopping area. It's got decent sized bedrooms (even though they're smaller than what we've got now, respectively); both with bigger-than-usual closets (though also both smaller than what we've got now) -- and TWO bathrooms (which is kinda weird and superfluous but whatever, I'm not really going to complain).

I'm really shocked we managed to find something that's pretty much exactly what we were looking for, and SO QUICKLY.

You know what's ridiculously funny, though? WE ARE LITERALLY THREE BLOCKS DOWN, ON THE SAME STREET as Maryann!!!

The downside: broker fee. Which, whatever; that's the price of doing business. The long-term downside is significantly higher rent for smaller bedroom space. We're paying for location. I'm absolutely aware of that fact and don't resent it because it's part of what I want. We could try to find a place farther away from the train, like Maryann and AJ, and have a slightly lower rent. But being closer to the train (and closer to the city) is a priority for me, and that's what it's worth.

This does mean, though, that I'm going to have to really cut back on frivolous spending. No eating out, bringing lunch to work, rarely going out for drinks, etc. There's no way I'm going to cut out Rangers games at MSG, but I'm definitely going to stick to a friend's 400 seats because I absolutely cannot afford anything else. I may also have to push back the Berlin trip to the fall and cancel the Vancouver trip altogether for this year. Which is disappointing, but I'm absolutely committed to going to Berlin, especially considering the contributions I received for my birthday toward that trip!!!

I'm not going to discuss game 4 because I was super depressed after the Hawks lost and the night was only saved because Maryann, Cathy, Jethro, Liz and I hung out talking for another hour. =D

ETA: OH YEAH! If you're interested in helping me move on the last weekend of June, there's a free meal in it for ya, just like last time. =D
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Waaah~ so busy at work lately!

Last night I think I got home at like 9pm, which is pretty amazing! After work, I went to Angelica's to do some typing for Joe, but I ended up taking it home instead of doing it there. I have to remember to do it tonight! But I got Lisa's yummy homemade dinner instead. =D

When I got home I was inspired by the unusually clean state of my room and the "early" hour, so I decided to do taxes! Yay! Of course, when I was only halfway done, Maryann came home and then we talked for like 2.5 hours. So I was only able to finish Maryann's and my federal taxes. State taxes are next!

St. Patty's was pretty cool -- after Japanese class, Judy and I met up with her coworkers at a bar in the East Village. I really like Yee and Vitaliy ~ they're lotsa fun to hang out with! Also, have discovered that I like tequila shots. =D

Sunday night I watched the first couple of episodes of Initial D over with Judy (who hadn't seen it before) and it has re-awakened my love for that show. I never did finish watching Fourth Stage, so I really want to get back to that! And I should check to see if any more of the manga has been scanlated 'cause I think I was up to some volume in the high-20s. The manga is just sooo good. <3

I just realized -- I leave for Vienna in a week and a half. OMG, WTF am I going to wear?! I think I need to go shopping this weekend. No, what am I saying? I have no money. =/

...so, what's up with you guys?
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That phrase looks wrong without any hyphens, but it looks wrong with hyphens too. It mocks me.

Anyway, I am a zombie today, as told to me by Vennette, one of the funny and cool Jamaican ladies that sits in my cubicle area. I am having great difficulty trying to pretend I'm not freaking falling asleep at my desk. And I'm actually doing work, not totally slacking!

I need some music or something to get my brain jump-started, my blood moving, etc., please! Links to youtube preferred since I don't feel comfortable dl'ing music onto my work comp.

Also, I put in that B&N order. Chris and Judy, you guys prepare to give me monies next week! I have srsly no money because Liz took me shopping last week. *whistles innocently*
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Erm. Okay, I'm going to have to admit it. I'm a shopaholic. When I have money (and sometimes when I don't), I go on shopping sprees. Then I don't buy stuff for months at a time. Then I go on shopping sprees again. Ooh, it's a vicious cycle.

I just placed an order for several hundred dollars at Torrid. *wince*

I've never spent that much at once before (for clothes -- and shoes, anyway). It was even a bit much for me (who usually keeps it under $150 at a time). I might end up returning some stuff just 'cause I don't know if I can really stomach spending that much, myself. x_x; Yeah.

I keep trying to justify it by saying that I'm using the money that I'm getting for working at the UN the week and a half in August that I hadn't expected to when I first signed on.

But my I'm still feeling slightly queasy -- and guilty -- about it.
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When I paid online for the camera, I put in my CC info and pressed submit, but the session had timed out, so I had to do it over. Little did I know that they'd held the purchase amount ($279.99) twice. Fine, I can deal with that 'cause I have enough to cover it. I figured that the second hold of $279.99 would disappear when they received the payment. But I checked this morning, and although the $279.99 payment went through, there was still a hold of $279.99 on my account. So I wanted to find out when the funds would be released. I didn't really feel like calling, so I used the credit union's webchat service.

Below you will discover the reason I was barely restraining myself from attacking the screen and pulling the woman's brains out from the other side (not that she'd miss them or anything).

My name is Annette. How may I assist you today? )

If she had just read my question to begin with, she could have just answered my question then instead of going through all that garbage. Not to mention, she kept restating things I'd told her and it would have helped a bit if she were at all able to ADD! $235 and $13.02 do not add up to $293.01. And I bet that's how she got the $235.01 because the Hotwire transaction was $235.00. Stupidstupidstupid!
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But it's good news. The internet company called me back and wants me to take the job. I said yes. =D I'd start the first Monday of August.

However, I already signed that contract with the UN for the month of August. It shouldn't be a problem considering I'm giving them more than two weeks' notice, but it's going to worry me until it's all cleared up.

The reason I'm not telling them today, though, is:
  1. I want to go on my Monday interview first ~ it's the eBay company guy ~ to see what he's offering.
  2. I need to call back the internet company (GoGoTech) and let them know that I'd planned a trip in late August, and would it be alright for me to be out that Thursday and Friday for Otakon. If they say no, I'll try to wheedle for Friday, at least. If they still say no. I guess I'm going to have to take the job anyway, but I will be heartbroken.

Then I will tell Ove about getting the job and see what happens. I guess if it means ruining my rep, it'll just have to suffer because I need this job more than I need a good rep at the UN, especially since I made it clear that I've been interviewing already. Yeah. So there.

But!!!! OMG! I got the job! Yay, money~! *does a happy money dance* $_$!!!

Oh, wait. Even besides the money -- BENEFITS!!! oH yEAH!

(Does anyone else think I should have made the subject something like, "I GOT THE JOB OMGWTFBBQ!!!!1111"? LOLOL.)
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On Sunday after work, Maryann came home with me to speak to my parents about possibly moving in with us (in the basement, with me) when her parents make the move to Albequerque in mid-August.

My parents had already decided to tear down the garage door and rebuild it into a wall with a window and a separate entrance into the basement. Now, we're just going to also make the garage into a liveable room as well. She might have to temporarily stay with me in my part of the basement, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem. It also depends on exactly when they'll start the construction, and how long it's going to take. If it gets too crowded down there, it's not like I can't just sleep upstairs in the living room, or the computer room, or even in Liz's room.

And after Maryann's "interview," my parents have pretty much agreed. And although Maryann's parents are still resisting the fact that Maryann wants to, and I guess ultimately is, staying in New York... they're kind of alright with the fact that she'll be staying with me and my parents. 'Cause they know how mature and responsible I am and such. ::gag::

But this is really weird. Not bad. Just weird.

It is going to be really nice to have the separate entrance to the basement, though. ^^

She'll be paying a small amount of rent and, depending on how well any job I might get pays, I hope to pay an amount comparable with market rate. It'll realistically be less than that, but something decent, at least. My parents will really need the money, especially after borrowing for the construction work.

In addition, also dependent on how will this potential job pays, I might be interested in buying a used car. And I'm talking like, $1000 or less. Because my theory is I probably wouldn't be able to afford anything newer than 5 years old, and anything over that is going to be starting to fall apart anyway. So I might as well get something cheap, so that when it starts breaking down I wouldn't have made a big investment to begin with. Of course, not having ever bought a car before (and not really knowing too much about the inner workings of one, unfortunately, like a typical girl), I wonder if I could ask Victor or one of his friends to help me out with that. I know that they're into cars enough to know stuff about them. ^^ It's nice to have cool guy friends. =D

Okay, I have to go now, but more about my tentative plots and plans another time.
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Of course, it's pretty much all gone with the bills I had to pay off. But at least my next paycheck won't take as long because "once they have the funds for [me] in the system, it only takes a day or two to receive payment."

Oh god. *sobs* So happy.... money... $_$

I need to preorder that Brom book, but I'll have to wait for my next paycheck (which I'm going to submit today, so I should have it by the end of the week, or possibly Monday, I suppose.)

In other news -- Wow! Everyone's actually coming over Angelica's house on Friday night. I guess it's the prospect of her parents being away, haha. Will, Maryann, Lene, even Raquel (who'll be leaving late rather than sleeping over, and wants to see Sailor Moon), Liz and I. And Liz will be leaving the next day, early in the morning to catch a flight to Chicago for her Student Leadership thing. Her flight leaves at 8am, so she'll probably have to be at the airport at 6/6:30am. So she'll have to have everything packed by Friday night so that we can actually go to Angelica's house and stay late. I wonder if I can get the car so that I'd be able to drive home early in the morning the next day... I guess we'll see.
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Meh. Do not want to be at work right now. There are a few pictures from Victor's BBQ, two weekends ago, that I should put up (and send to Victor, as well). I wish I could have copies of those pics from Hidden Shadows that Pat (or Eric?) took. I really have to start work on our cosplay outfits too.

GAAAAAAAAH, when am I going to get paid?! This is really ridiculous now. I've been working here for two months and have not been paid yet. asldfkjsaldfasfdk! It's a really good thing I had some savings and a bit of a credit limit, otherwise I'd be not eating right now. Not to mention, there are quite a few things I need to pay off, for which I'm waiting to receive my goddamn paycheck.

Besides the bills to pay off (of which there are too damn many), I am debating on whether to spend money on these things:
  1. Brom's latest book. It's a 160-page novel, with illustrations. I can pre-order a signed limited edition copy for $110. That's pretty darn expensive for a book. But. It's Brom. I really want it, and I think I'm going to just buy it even though it's a bit extravagant. Now, if only I'd get paid...

  2. Tattoo. Ideas for my eventual tattoos are slowly coming together. I am still stuck on having a particular Uranus/Neptune pic tattooed on me. Most likely on my right arm (between shoulder and elbow). And possibly Shade of Blue and/or Shade of Red in the same spot on my left arm. It's the and/or part that's still undecided, which also affects the Uranus/Neptune positioning. Well, that will wait. I've waited this long, I can wait a while longer until I'm confident in what I want. I am still also considering placement for the Usagi-fairy from the Sailor Moon materials artbook. What I'm pretty sure I'll do soon is get that crescent-shaped grim reaper with the scythe and angel wings around my left ankle, below the 死神の愛人 on my left leg. Small though it is, I believe it costs around $120 where I usually go to get pierced.

Speaking of getting pierced. I've been itching to get pierced lately, so I think I might gauge up to a 6 in my first lobe hole so I can put in those acrylic double-flared star plugs I got a while ago. I'm just kind of afraid to put them in because they're 6ga in the center, but that means the flared parts are bigger... If I do stuff with my ears, though, I'll be sure to post pics. ^^;
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Even more of my money decided to stay in Japan. Not surprised, however.

I'm home again. It's an odd shift, I still feel like I should be thinking up ways to say things in Japanese. And doing the guruguruguru dance. ::sigh:: I had so much fun, and a lot of it was because Yoshi was the most excellent host, tour guide, and all-around social hentai one could dream of. I really do want to go back, now knowing what to expect, and go to all the places I didn't get to visit this time around, and bring less spending money. Ha ha.

The Buck-Tick concert was... beyond words. I saw Atsushi. I was in the 8th row. All the way on the right side. But still in the 8th row. He was so beautiful. They were all so amazingly kirei and... natsukashii~!

(report post)
(set list)
(album theme revelation)
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We really went shopping way too much. I found too many rare things that just happened to be available for my two obsessions (Zetsuai and Buck-Tick). K-Books had the Bronze/Cathexis 2-VHS set. Originally sold for around 7800yen, but being re-sold for 4200yen. I just couldn't leave it. HMV had 13kai wa gekkou that I split with Angelica so we could hear it, then sell it once we get back to the US; as well as Lucy's Rockarollica which I haven't been able to find at Book-Off. That was about 5000yen total.

Then I found -- in a goth/rock store in Harajuku today -- a DEMO CASSETTE TAPE from 1985!!! I had to buy it; I just couldn't leave it there. That was 3800yen, plus there was a CD single there (only 100yen) that said "The Bluck" on it. I'm hoping it has to do with Bluck-Tlick, but it's probably just a shot in the dark. But at 100yen, it wasn't a loss of anything.

Then. In Tower Records, Angelica found a photobook I was looking for... another 4000yen. And even though I saw the UV (#113) I was going to buy -- with BT on the cover, and the pin-ups, I got the Ongaku to Hito instead, 'cause Atsushi looks just so delicious on the cover. (And it was 680yen instead of 1200yen.) ^_~

More updates tomorrow. BT concert tomorrow. I took a look at the tour goods on the BT site just now, and (damn them) 4 out of the 5 designs are S/M sizes only (3000-4000yen). One design comes in a L (of course this one is 4500yen), so I'll probably get that one, and the tour book (2500yen).


Apr. 2nd, 2005 10:10 am
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It's somewhat sinking in right now that I'm going to be in Japan. Heh heh heh. I'm also starting to get real nervous about how much money to bring/how much I'm going to end up spending, and things like that. If I find myself going a bit overboard (which I will most certainly take pains not to), I can justify it by putting it in perspective -- I'll just be using the money I'd normally have spent on hotel costs! I start to feel accomplished, but then I realize I'm already making excuses for myself. And I've already spend $200 in tickets for US concerts. And I haven't even given the ticket money to Wenia yet. =( And, goddamit, I want to know what seats we have! Waaaa~!

I went to Target to give in and get myself that 4-piece luggage set that costs $40. It's a 24-inch upright case, a 19-inch carry-on upright, a 15-inch tote, and a toiletry kit. It's probably not the highest quality, but it'll do. Besides, it was on sale for $35; so there. It's a bright "Athens blue", so I'm hoping it'll be easy to spot.

In any case, I've been really freaking on what shoes to bring.
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So, getting back to my previous conversation. Nicky's here from Sacramento and will be returning on Tuesday evening. This is her second trip to NYC (which she has completely fallen in love with). I just found out from Angelica that even [livejournal.com profile] louiex will be coming over! This is amazing!

After Nicky's back in Sacramento, Warp 11 is having a CD release party for their third album, Boldly Go Down On Me, on Friday, March 11th (and that's Jeff, the drummer, on the cover and wow, he looks good!). When I found out (about two weeks ago) that their third album was finally going to be released, I was so ecstatic that I briefly considered flying out to Sacramento just to be able to go to the show! (Are you able to tell, yet, how much I love them?) I checked airfare, though, and the cheapest flight ($200), required that I stay from Thursday to Monday. When I told Nicky, she asked her mom if it would be alright if I could stay over and her mom said yes (which is amazingly wonderful). And, if I wasn't already going to Japan in a month, I'd go (because I'm crazy, but totally willing to spend $200 to see Warp 11 again, as well as visit Nicky). But I just can't afford to spend that on a whim with a huge trip coming up. But she did say that she would be going to the release party, and picking up a few copies of the CDs, and getting them all autographed!!! I'm so~ excited!

I spoke to Will the other day and he says he does want to go to Japan, although he still hasn't bought a plane ticket, or gotten his passport. I'm supposed to help him do both (since he's self-admittedly lazy).

And the guy that I had contacted about getting the B-T tickets has not gotten back to me since I emailed him a week ago, so I'm afraid I really won't be able to get those tickets, which will completely break my heart.
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We got the cosplay costumes (Kozi, Mana & Klaha in their Shiroi hada ni kuruu ai to kanashimi no rondo outfits; pic: Kozi's & Mana's outfits) on Thursday night, I think, but hadn't had a chance to try them on until Sunday night. They're really cool, except that the arms on all three constumes don't fit. So I have to email Dawn (the woman who made the costumes for us) to let her know, and send the costumes back. They look so awesome though! It's really exciting to think that we'll be wearing them for Otakon this year! I'll definitely have to post some pics here when we finally get them right and we've taken photos of us three.

And we've already started planning for Otakon 2002. They've just recently made a deal for con rates with the Days Inn there, which is where we stayed last year. They have pretty good prices, and they're just across the street and down the block, so… they're pretty much the best choice for us. Anyway, this year the rate has gone up by about $10, but that's not enough to get huffy about. (Even if we did get huffy, no one would care anyway.) So with tax, the room per night comes out to $135. If Louie doesn't go, it's $135 per person (me, Liz & Angelica). If Louie goes, it's $101 per person.

There's also the transportation factor. Last year, my parents drove us, but this year it's pretty much out 'cause out minivan is pretty much dying. My father doesn't want to take it anywhere far away just in case. So Maryland is out of the question. If we get a new car, we'll prolly get a sedan, so it wouldn't seat 6 people, plus luggage! Joe (Angelica's step-father) offered to drive two of us, if my parents can take the other two, but I don't think it's going to work out anyway, so I'm not counting on it. In which case, round trip train fare is $76 per person. So far, we're up to $177 for 4 people or $211 for 3.

Then there's the Otakon 3-day registration fee. $35 each if I send in the money before January 26th. Which, of course, I will. Louie said she's giving me the money sometime soon. She said her parents "didn't say no." I hope she can come. I wonder if Otakon gives refunds? Well, we'll see what happens. Now it's $212 for 4 or $246 for 3.

Then there's food. I'd estimate $20 per day, per person. I don't remember how accurate that estimate is 'cause I hardly remember eating during Otakon, but I'm pretty sure that'd cover it, anyway. Which is $60 per person, which is $272 for 4 people or $306 for 3.

That's not too bad, actually.

Then, of course, if you add the $161 for my costume, $161 for Angelica's costume, or the $236 for Liz's costume…. Well, then. That's an average of $186… or $458 if Louie goes, $492 if she doesn't.


And I haven't even started on spending money! I think last year I spent about $150. Uh… I know the actual amount I spent is somewhere in the archives here…. ::goes to check:: …cheesy elevator music plays… ::comes back:: Ah yes, here it is: entry 08.21.01. It was actually $140. So that comes to about $600 with Louie, $634 without.

Sheesh. How'd I end up spending so much anyway? Most of the time it seems like I'm down to my last $20.

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Let's see. The past few weeks I seemed to have let loose my penny-pinching ways and gone on an unprompted spending spree! (Please excuse all the aliterations, I have no idea where they've come from.) In any case, I spent several hundred dollars on costumes for me and my sister for Otakon 2002 which is still more than 6 months away! I spent $175 on a new Sony CD Walkman for myself (Liz gets to have my old Aiwa). I just spent another $60.00 on a Rangers jersey (Leetch when he was captain!). I also just spent another $50.00 on a Buck-Tick DVD when I don't even have a DVD player! But that's okay 'cause I'm going to get Tony to copy it onto VHS for me and then sell it on ebay; hopefully I'll get my money back. Also, I've yet to get my parents' gifts. My mom's gift is going to be about $15.00 (2 CDs, once I figure out what CDs I should get her, $15 from Liz, ordered from Columbia House). My father's gift is going to be around $30.00 (a $45 gift certificate to Macy's or something, $15 from Liz... my father likes to shop for clothes... kawaii, ne?). Then there's my sister's gift! I don't want to put anything in here that'd give it away, just in case she has the urge to read my LJ before we actually give the gift to her, but it's a bit expensive. ::sigh::

Not to mention I'm bidding on a rare B-T CD (Shapeless) that comes with a 96-page hardcover photo book! It's up to $42.00 right now and I'm high bidder, but there are 4 days left and who knows how much it'll go up to! And I think that I REALLY want that CD and photobook! Itai! Anyway, I hope I win. We'll see this Sunday.

So, if you have a heart, please go look at, and bid on! my auctions...

ladyreianan's auctions

Oh god, I just remembered... now I have to think of something to get for Angelica (#$@&*!) and something for Louie too! Although, I'm sure I'll find something rather easily for Louie, but Angelica, the bitch.... I wasn't prepared this year! Usually I have something for X-mas by September for her!

::slams head against desk::

Okay, I better go before my forehead gets all bloody.

Oh, and by the way, my ears HURT!!!
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Well! It's been quite a while since I last posted. To inform you on what happened with my wallet… well, I never found it. Surprise, surprise, I'm sure. So I canceled my cards and all that good stuff. Lost $50.00. Not too bad. Could've been worse. The only thing I'm annoyed about, I suppose is that I lost some photos and things like that… oh! And my Book Off membership card. Grrr.

But enough about my wallet… I've certainly talked enough about that subject. Hmm… let's see. Since then, I started working at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It's a temporary job, and I'm just doing clerical-type work, filing both hardcopy papers and using a digital scanner to upload those same documents to the office's shared drive for easy access. I started at the end of October and will be leaving at the end of December, just before Christmas. It's an 8-week thing. I'm working 8 hours a day (including a one-hour lunch), 4 days a week (Monday-Thursday). Not bad. Some nice, easy money. I'm still working at my sales job in Grand Central Station. Which is kind of tiring, considering that means I'm working a 6-day week. But I think the money's worth it. It's only for 2 months, anyway. After that, I'll sleep for a week. Although I guess I have nothing to complain about, most people do this their whole lives. (I hope I won't have to, or at least that it'll be something I like so I won't notice how tired I am 'cause at least I won't be bored.)

That first week it was difficult beyond belief to go back to Leeper Kids (that's my sales job) on Friday. I mean, besides the fact that I was pretty tired from getting up early to leave for work, working all day, then getting home late and going to sleep late, it was also like abruptly having shit shoved in your face after spending the rest of the week smelling the roses… if you know what I mean. I've always hated my sales job, and the people there (except for you, Angelica, of course) don't make it any easier. [read: understatement of the century] But going back after having the whole week of a nice office job was torture. I pleaded some excuse and cut out after half the day. Yes, I'm bad. Yes, I probably could've used the money. But it was beyond me to stay there longer than I had to that day. I would've just gone (more) insane from the "culture" shock.

But since then I've worked my Fridays all the way through. I don't want them to start thinking they can get rid of me. After all, it is only a two-month job at UNDP. It's not like I can count on it.

Hmm… what else has been happening lately? Not much. I got a few new things from Asahiya, Book Off, CD Japan… but that's not unusual. Ah, I know. I've been watching anime a lot more now that we've moved. My anime tapes are A LOT more accessible than they were before so I'm more inclined to get off my lazy ass and go put a tape in the VCR, even if I do have to go upstairs to do it. >_<

I've been thinking about getting a computer for myself with some of the money I'm getting paid, but I went to www.dell.com and www.gateway.com and put together a computer I could live with and Dell's comes to $996 and Gateway's comes to $1038. Dell's a better buy, not even because it's an amazingly $40 less, but because it has a few extras that Gateway's doesn't for that extra $40. That $1038 is just about half of my pay for the two months, so I'm double-thinking my computer purchase plan. Maybe I should just get that TV that I wanted instead…. Oh, for those not informed, I don't have a TV in my room, I use the one that's upstairs in the living room (on the 1st floor) for my anime- and hockey-watching purposes. Although I do have 2 VCRs in my room so that I can copy tapes. >_< It'd be cool if I got a TV in my room, then I could actually watch anime even more! I wouldn't have to wait until 11pm when my mom's finally done watching Judging Amy, or that Max Bickford show, or The Practice or some other stupid program that's gaggingly unrealistic and tries too hard. And then, by that time I'm too tired to watch anything or Angelica wants me to talk on the phone with her (not that I don't want to, too), and if I want to have any sort of sleep I have to go get in bed, so I never get a chance to watch TV unless she's coming home late that day or is watching in the only other room we have a TV in, which is in my parents' bedroom, except that my father's always watching TV or sleeping in there, so that's practically a moot point anyway.

Maybe I should just get the TV.

But I really would love to have that computer…. 40 Gig hard drive, 1.4 GHz processor, 250 MB internal Iomega zip drive, 48x variable CD-ROM drive, 16x/10x/40x CD-RW drive, Windows XP Home Edition OS, and it comes with MS Works Suite 2001… the only thing I'm worried about is, does that include Word? 'Cause on the Gateway site, they specify "MS Works Suite 2001 with Word" but on the Dell site, they specify "MS Works Suite 2001 with Money 2001"… does that mean that with Dell I wouldn't get MS Word? That would really suck.

So, I suppose I'll have to make a decision soon… especially, to hmm, maybe take advantage of the upcoming sales? I guess I picked a good time of year to get some extra cash coming in.

In other news…. Here check out some of my auctions. Have fun.

ladyreianan's ebay auctions

And go check out some of the new anime I got recently:

Nereid Trading Post: Fansubs

Hmm, and if you're in the mood for Weiß music (along with some Zetsuai 1989) I'd suggest this station:

o fortuna: a japanese pop, rock & animation station

Oh yes! I can't believe I almost forgot! I'm sorry, Louie, it's 'cause I'm at work and I keep getting interrupted. Last Saturday was Louie's birthday party! (Tanjoubi Omedetou!) We went to a karakoke bar in the city - it was cool. And it was a cosplay party, too, so there were some kawaii outfits. Not a lot of us, just about 10, I think, but it was nice. My sister and I went as Cyprine and Ptilol from Sailor Moon S (you know those twins from the Witches 5, one has blue hair, one has red…. Look). Angelica went as Mana (the evil nurse Mana from Malice Mizer, from the Gackt years). There was another Mana there, too; she was the Beast of Blood Mana from recently - she was quite good if I do say so myself. >_< There was a half-hearted Sailor Moon. And Louie was Gackt (from Malice Mizer… before Merveilles). Hopefully if I get some copies of the photos that were taken, I'll scan them and post them up.

Okie, well, I'm done for this session. I'll try not to neglect it again, because, apparently when Angelica's bored she goes and reads my LJ and she gets a trifle annoyed when I haven't posted anything new for her reading pleasure.

::sweatdrop:: o.O*

[Closing Statements:] Rangers are on a 5-game home-win streak and a 8-game point streak! Kakkoiiiiiii! ::whips out sign:: I love you Leetch! ::puts sign away and whips out another:: I love you Richter! ::puts sign away and whips out the last one, honest:: Sammuelson, you're so kawaii!

::grumbles:: Devils, guys, what happened?!

[Reading Recommendation:] March Upcountry and March to the Sea by David Weber and John Ringo (I've been suffering from a lack of new Honor Harrington books and this has temporarily filled the hole.)

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