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So! This kind of snuck up on us because we weren't really sure whether we'd try to stay here or not, and we didn't really know what Mark, our roommate of 3 months, would be doing... but [livejournal.com profile] thedreamerworld and I have found a 2-bedroom in Astoria.

Mark wants to live with 2 of his friends and so he'd definitely be moving out if we decided to stay here. But then Judy and I wouldn't be able to afford this apartment and it had taken us 3 months to find another roommate with Maryann still paying most of her share of the rent even though she'd already moved out. Considering how difficult it might be to find a third roommate for a long-term lease, Judy and I opted to look for 2-bedroom apartments closer to Manhattan.

My priorities were decent sized bedrooms, good closet space, not a tiny living room, and preferably near the R/V subway line (if near the N/W line then also within a 20-minute walk of the R/V line because the N/W line is elevated and in the winter I'd rather have access to the underground line too). Judy wanted it to be within a 5-minute walk from a supermarket, and hopefully near a bustling neighborhood/shopping area.

Well, after only our 3rd day looking (only our 3rd apartment too), we found the perfect apartment. It's equidistant between two of the stations on the R/V line and within a 15-minute walk to the N/W line. It's 3 blocks from a supermarket and busy shopping area. It's got decent sized bedrooms (even though they're smaller than what we've got now, respectively); both with bigger-than-usual closets (though also both smaller than what we've got now) -- and TWO bathrooms (which is kinda weird and superfluous but whatever, I'm not really going to complain).

I'm really shocked we managed to find something that's pretty much exactly what we were looking for, and SO QUICKLY.

You know what's ridiculously funny, though? WE ARE LITERALLY THREE BLOCKS DOWN, ON THE SAME STREET as Maryann!!!

The downside: broker fee. Which, whatever; that's the price of doing business. The long-term downside is significantly higher rent for smaller bedroom space. We're paying for location. I'm absolutely aware of that fact and don't resent it because it's part of what I want. We could try to find a place farther away from the train, like Maryann and AJ, and have a slightly lower rent. But being closer to the train (and closer to the city) is a priority for me, and that's what it's worth.

This does mean, though, that I'm going to have to really cut back on frivolous spending. No eating out, bringing lunch to work, rarely going out for drinks, etc. There's no way I'm going to cut out Rangers games at MSG, but I'm definitely going to stick to a friend's 400 seats because I absolutely cannot afford anything else. I may also have to push back the Berlin trip to the fall and cancel the Vancouver trip altogether for this year. Which is disappointing, but I'm absolutely committed to going to Berlin, especially considering the contributions I received for my birthday toward that trip!!!

I'm not going to discuss game 4 because I was super depressed after the Hawks lost and the night was only saved because Maryann, Cathy, Jethro, Liz and I hung out talking for another hour. =D

ETA: OH YEAH! If you're interested in helping me move on the last weekend of June, there's a free meal in it for ya, just like last time. =D
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Haven't had a moment to be involved much on LJ this past week, but will get back to it soon! I had a lovely, lovely time at [livejournal.com profile] akamine_chan's HCL-viewing chat! OH DUMB, ANGSTY BOYS. HOW DELICIOUS YOU ARE. <3 And it was certainly even better to chat with the bunch of you while watching -- there were things some of you brought up that I hadn't even thought of! I can't wait to do it again!

In other news, via [livejournal.com profile] idreamedmusic and [livejournal.com profile] surya74, and probably others... CKR's new show, Shattered has been confirmed for a fall lineup spot -- Fridays at 9pm on Canada's Global TV! CANNOT WAIT! GIMME SCHIZO CKR NOW PLS!

For those who may be interested: Interview and SEXY PROMO PIC SPAM

I cannot help but think of the chorus of the Rolling Stones song "Shattered" every time this show comes up.

And lastly, I CANNOT FREAKING WAIT TO READ/WRITE FIC ABOUT THIS SHOW. Seriously, I'm now dreaming of some sort of well-written casefic. ...and OMG, dS/Shattered crossover fic (gen or not)? I'm practically drooling....

Hawks v. Flyers GAME 3 TONIGHT! By 10pm I will probably have died of a tension headache. LET'S GO HAWKS!
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I had a really weird night last night. Went to bed around 11:30pm, no trouble falling asleep, but I woke up some time around 2am and then couldn't stay asleep for longer than 20 minutes before waking up again. At least until around 4am, when I finally fell asleep for good.

When I woke up the first time around 2am, it was because of a leg cramp, which I tend to get if my legs are cold or if there's a chilly breeze blowing on them. But I didn't have the fan on last night, and my room wasn't cold, so I think it may have been the oddly contorted position I was sleeping in. What's more is that I was having some very weird dream about being at an arena for what was some sort of weird fusion of the NHL Draft and Trade deadline day. Don't even ask me how because I really don't know. I was in the back of a good sized crowd, kind of shifting from foot to foot, trying to get a good view of the ice where there were a lot of Blackhawks players in their throwback jerseys.

I'll interject here to say that I got my Toews throwback jersey in the mail yesterday, so I'm not surprised it was somehow worked into my dream. More on this later.

When I get leg cramps, I usually stand up on the leg in question, it stretches the muscle out and stops the pain. This time, though, I didn't quite wake up enough to realize I was actually having a leg cramp? I mean, I did, but also not enough to stand up? So I just clutched at it (in real life) and dreamt that I was wearing my Hawks throwback jersey and was also on the ice with a bunch of players and this was also somehow part of the schedule of events during the NHL Draft/Trade Deadline. Like some sort of obstacle course run? You know, "Lap 5: Complete Course While Clutching Cramping Leg"? My brain makes up weird shit, I know.

I finally woke up enough (after the pain subsided somewhat) to stand up and walk around on it a little. But yeah, didn't go back to sleep til 4. Was VERY tired this morning. =(

So getting back to the jersey I received in the mail yesterday. I checked the UPS tracking information yesterday during Nerd Avengers dinner and I was overwhelmingly reassured to find that the package had been "LEFT WITH WOMAN". Thanks, UPS.

I was so excited to try it on when I got home, as I was kind of guessing about the size. It fits perfectly! \o/


Wondering about the subject title of today's post? Read Maryann's tweet and my response. /dork
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My birthday weekend was pretty darn awesome, I have to say. I haven't usually made a big deal of my birthday in past years, but I think this was one of the most satisfying birthdays in a while. \o/

Friday was game 3 of the Hawks v Sharks, which they won, and hanging with coworker friends afterwards.

Saturday was meeting up with friends at The Flying Puck to see the Flyers v Habs game, which the Flyers (who I was cheering for) won, and getting an amazing surprise when I checked my email that afternoon -- Maryann was up to her sneaky little email tricks and apparently encouraged a few friends to chip in on my Berlin travel fund.

YOU GUYS ROCK! *HUGS* and THANK YOU to those who contributed!!!! <3 <3 <3

After the game Liz and I went to the Fair to Midland/10 Years/Flyleaf concert. Remind me not to go to another 16+ show because the crowd is LAAAAME. Or maybe it's because Flyleaf sounds like hard rock but it's actually an emo girl band -- because there were way too many emo teenyrockers in the crowd. UGH.

10 Years and Fair to Midland recap )

During the Flyleaf portion of the show, Liz convinced me to go see The Losers since it was still playing at the AMC at Times Square. We went to see the midnight showing, with maybe 10 other people in the theater, and it was FABULOUS. I don't think I've seen a movie with just Liz in a long, long time -- and it was really nice. Not surprisingly, we're on the same wavelength for so many things, and we both found this movie to be SRSLY AMUSING! The plot isn't at all complex or deep, but it's a great movie for humor between characters. Tech Geek Guy with bullets-shoot-out-of-his-fingers! Super Powers, FOR THE WIN! (Not really; but if you've seen the movie, you should know that Liz and I could not stop laughing way after this scene was over.)

Sunday was a nice relaxing day; I went to feed a friend's birds as I usually do on the weekends, and stayed there to take advantage of her 60" HDTV to watch the Hawks v Sharks game 4. THE ONE IN WHICH THE HAWKS SWEPT THE SHARKS FOR THE WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS WIN! 60 inches' worth of the Toews-Kane-Buff line, and watching Duncs get a puck to the mouth and lose SEVEN TEETH, and get back on the ice several minutes later, and playing a total of TWENTY NINE MINUTES ON THE ICE?! Was fucking awesome.

I need me one of those.

...and Bur gets the icon because his face is simply amazing here. <3
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Ahhhh, this scene just always makes me *squee*! CKR's little giggly-laugh at the end is irresistible. <3 And now I can't wait for DS Rewatch week 4, except that I'm going to have to bail an hour after meetup time as the Blackhawks game will be on and I will die if I don't see it. Truly I will. I may pop back into chat during intermissions though. =D *can multitask*

Oh yeah, so, after several months of "having" a tumblr, which really only served to mirror this LJ, I finally gave in and decided I'd actually use it independently of this. Hahah, for hockey things. I know you're all extremely shocked. I blame [livejournal.com profile] faithbeckett *stalks* for being the last straw. \o/
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Listening to some Chicago radio (WTMX) show online, via a link from a Chicago Blackhawks fan's blog, listening for something about Sharpie... one of the call-in guests was Melina Kanakaredes (aka Victoria from Due South)... who apparently loves Chicago?

The way things are connected never fails to amuse me.

... also the Hawks are apparently not pranking each other much this post-season. Instead they've been playing Mario Kart? Seriously, Hjalmarsson & Tazer are the best at it?

And WTF? They're sniffing smelling salts pre-game?

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Hah, so yes, I wanted the Hawks v. Sharks game to be on Sunday. I got my wish. Except it's at 2pm CT, which means that although I'll be IN CHICAGO AT THE TIME, I'll also be WORKING. This sucks beyond belief. It's at the EXACT WRONG time for me to be watching it. I'm so fucking pissed; I HATE NBC!!!

And to top it off, I remember seeing somewhere that the Eastern Conference Final (Habs v. Bruins/Flyers-winner) game 1 will also be Sunday, at 7pm ET. WHY IS IT THE SAME DAY? So, instead of having a game every night henceforth, there will be overlapping games every other night? WHAT SENSE DOES THIS MAKE?! I want MORE days of hockey, not fewer!


Relatedly, game 7 of the Bruins v. Flyers series is tonight and I REALLY REALLY want to go watch it with people in the city but I'm leaving early tomorrow for Chicago and I've got to pick up my laundry, and pack, and take out the trash and things like that, so it makes more sense to watch from home. DAMMIT.

In any case, I shall not be around this weekend, including Monday, so I'm missing out on week 3 of The Great Due South Rewatch and whatever other shenanigans occur. BUT! I will try to come back with pictures of the Canadian Consulate in Chicago (with hopefully a Mountie and two Chicago Detectives -- one in an absurdly bright-colored silk shirt, one with dorky looking glasses and experimental hair -- in front)!

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FIRST. Blackhawks win over the Canucks 5-1 in an exciting game, though it seems Vancouver kind of just gave up late in the second and definitely in the third.

THEN. @TSNBobMcKenzie says he thinks Western Conference Finals will start either Friday or Sunday. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS HOPING FOR -- because then I'd be able to actually watch a game in a Chicago bar while I'm there!!!! since I'm only free on Sunday night to do so -- but I was thinking that it would FOR REALS NOT WORK THAT WAY. BUT NOW IT MIGHT!

AND THEN. It's announced that X-JAPAN IS PLAYING LOLLAPALOOZA THIS YEAR. WITH SUGIZO. Seriously, WTF is up with things happening in Chicago this year?! Not that I'm going to go to this, but damn! The US has come a LONG way; seeing Japanese bands like D'espairsray and Dir en Grey successfully tour the US (and come back for more), and then arguably THE biggest metal/visual kei band EVER out of Japan is coming over to play...

I just wish one day BUCK-TICK would do this. I know their fanbase in the US is no where near the other bands I mentioned. BUT! <3 I'd love to see them again. I really wish I'd been able to see them in the 1996-1999 era. *pouts*
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Thank you again to [livejournal.com profile] idreamedmusic for the milk & cookies which I'll be saving for the flight to Berlin.

And thank you to [livejournal.com profile] surya74 for the cocktail, which I am imagining to be refillable since every time I go to my profile it's still there. So I'm definitely going to have the cocktail often. I may will need it to get through the NHL playoffs if the Hawks don't start getting their act together!

...and speaking of the playoffs:

Habs forced the Pens to game 7, which is AWESOME. I'm crossing my fingers for a repeat of their upset against the Caps! I'm not a huge fan of the Habs Gomez, but it would give me GREAT pleasure to see them defeat the Pens and go on to the Eastern Conference finals.

A few of the latest injuries have been pretty bad -- Salo in the last Hawks game took a slapshot to the groin and has a ruptured testicle. ;_; And Boucher on the Flyers was fallen on by a teammate in a flurry around the net and has a knee injury. Which is really sad because I've come to really like watching Boucher play. His flail-y style is all old-school and fun to watch.
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Just purchased tickets to see Iron Man 2 tomorrow evening with Kpharrina, so if anyone is interested in joining us, you're welcome to come along. Link to tix: http://deke.me/y5. It's during Maryann's party, but I had made plans to hang with Kerina before Maryann's party was announced. =( Still, I'm sure Maryann knows how much I love her and how much I wish her a SUPER HAPPY SPEEESHUL BIRTHDAY! <3

In other news, since I'm NOT going to work conference in France this year, I am free for Acen! \o/ I was able to get Monday off, so it will be a nice bonus to have Monday free to hang with Juliet! (Maybe I'll actually make it into Chicago proper this time!) Monies for this flight will be reimbursed (since I'm working at Acen, not having fun or anything lame like that) and then go straight into Trip to Berlin Funds!
Saturday 05/15/10:
AA 309 LGA 8:35am → ORD 10:15am

Monday 05/17/10:
AA 346 ORD 7:55pm → LGA 11:05pm

The only thing that could make trip to Chicago better is if the Hawks make it into the Quarterfinals and Game 1 is that Sunday night (5/16).

ETA: Eljay is hoarding comments again, so if I don't respond in a timely matter it's not my fault!
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Considering I have "hockey" listed under "religious views" on my facebook, I offer up this prayer to the hockey gods:
Our patron who art in Chicago. Hockey be thy name. Thy will be done. The Cup be won. On ice, as well as in the stands. Give us this day our hockey sticks. And forgive us our penalties, as we forgive those who cross-check against us; and lead us not into elimination. But deliver us to victory. In the name of the fans, Lord Stanley, and in the name of the 'Hawks. Amen.

(edited by me, but originally taken from @hkygrl12)

Of course, I'd rather be saying this for the Rangers...
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So last night Liz and I were watching the NJ v PHI and OTT v PIT games.
We had a couple of epiphanies:

  1. Jesse Winchester (of the Ottawa Senators) must be one of the Winchester brothers from Supernatural -- in disguise, on a hunt, because --

  2. Matt Cullen (clearly part of Twilight's Cullen vampire clan) is ALSO on the Ottawa Senators.

Someone should write this crack fic. Just sayin'.

That is all.

ETA: I just realized, when Liz asked if Cullen had those striking blue eyes (which I don't know), but that Cullen clearly became a hockey player because it's always played at indoor arenas so he'll never have to worry about sparkling in the sun! LOLZ! (This is going too far now, really.)
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So. Rangers lost that game on Sunday and out of the playoffs. Not surprised, but still disappointed. It was a freaking intense game that went to shootout. I'm extremely sad about the Rangers' season being at an end; it's the first time we haven't been in the playoffs since the lockout, though really that doesn't say a whole lot because we've been pretty steadily mediocre.

Shockingly, SHELLEY put in the one goal that we had. And the fourth line was again the best line, as they had been for the last 5 or so games. So, we'll see what happens with the roster in the off-season. I'd like for us to hold onto Christensen, Prust, Prospal, and Auld; and drop Olli and Redden. Stop laughing about dropping Redden, I said I'd like for it to happen, not that I expect it to.

In any case, I reconnected with Rich randomly when he commented on my facebook status and as a result of some coincidences I AM GOING TO THE DEVILS V. FLYERS PLAYOFFS LAUNCH GAME TOMORROW NIGHT! Of course, it's not the Rangers so I'll be disappointed in the outcome no matter what, but whatever. Live. Playoff. Hockey. It's all good. Besides, I'm rooting for the Blackhawks this year, so whatever.

In other news, I ACTUALLY WROTE SOMETHING! Well, co-wrote. And it was accidental comment-drabble fic, BUT WHATEVER. I've been trying to get myself to write for C6D fandom for a while now -- I haven't written for fandom in YEARS AND YEARS -- and I made a one or two really pathetic, hesitant starts that were quickly dropped out of disinterest. But something [livejournal.com profile] idreamedmusic said in a comment yesterday had my Fraser up and talking and unable to shut up. Well, you know, like Fraser is prone to do. SO, YAY FUN TIMES. \o/

Will there be more Fraser/Ray/Lew fun? Hopefully! <3 I should also rewatch Californication season 2. Because one can never have too much Lew.
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Started out with... (Liz is going to DIE laughing right now...) Brandon Prust. I dreamt that Prusty joined Twitter... AND eljay. I know I tweeted something to him -- and he @replied to me! Also, in the spirit of keeping my dreams realistic, someone else I know on Twitter, who is slightly stalkery (we all know who I'm talking about, yes?) ALSO tweeted at him and received @replies.

In the meantime, my conversation with Prusty (which sometimes seemed to be on Twitter and sometimes was on LJ) turned into a dirty flirty type of thing... and either he ended up doing really nice, um, Bad Things to me, or he was describing them in the conversation and I was imagining them. Hard to tell the difference as it was all in my head anyway.

I think at this point I woke up a little, because I thought, Ooooh, why am I dreaming about Prust? Wait, this was a good dream, LET ME GO BACK TO IT. And I did. But I could never quite see my conversation with Prust so clearly anymore. I do know that both my and the other stalkery-girl's conversation with him continued, but I couldn't read the words anymore. SADNESS. Still, he was replying to a LOT of people and I wondered how he had so much time to have Twitter/LJ conversations with people.

Then my dream took a weird turn and suddenly I was an employee of a Best Buy-type store, but smaller. We were there early for a staff meeting, but the staff leader or whatever wasn't there yet, so the bunch of us were kind of just milling around. On one of the counters there was a necklace with a very heavy pendant -- kind of in the shape of a large diamond, maybe approximately 1.5-2" across on top. It was covered with a rubber film. I took it and put it on and promptly forgot about it.

We were eventually asked to sit down (there were chairs set up at 3 or 4 8-foot tables) and there was a projector with a power point presentation at the front of the room. And the guy running the meeting (who seemed to be a corporate rep doing like a team building exercise?) was speaking into a microphone, asking questions (completely unlike any team building exercise I can imagine). Reminiscent of school, I was busy chatting with my neighboring coworkers -- there was one from another branch, so I hadn't met her, who had a NANJO KOJI NOTEBOOK! WTF! How I all of a sudden have Zetsuai on my mind, I have NO IDEA! But of course I had to start talking with her about it. I was quite jealous because she'd read the series in the original Japanese. ;_;

This whole time I'd been kind of popping that pendant into my mouth occasionally. What can I say, okay, I have a... thing. Whatever. Oral fixation. Where I like to put things in my mouth chew on things. ANYWAY, I had this sudden realization that OMG that diamond-shaped pendant IS ACTUALLY THE OTHER MICROPHONE THEY'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR. *groan* I took it off and took the rubber film off the pendant STOP LAUGHING and then by flipping the head of the microphone over in its base, it activates the microphone.

I WAS SO EMBARRASSED! Actually, I wasn't really. I was only mildly embarrassed, and mostly didn't care too much. YAY DREAMS! Because if that had happened in real life I would have just died.

There was some more in the dream -- like, during the whole staff meeting scene, I kept kind of scene-switching to my apartment (not my real one) and looking at my blue-curtained windows from the inside (I have black curtains IRL), which were moving in the breeze and revealing a flower pot on the window sill (which I also don't have IRL). And then after a few seconds of looking at that, I'd jump back to the staff meeting scene. So yeah, I have no idea what that's all about.

Also, I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't get to talk more about Nanjo Koji with that girl. And even more disappointed I never got to continue whatever-it-was with Prust. SERIOUSLY.
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Hockey season is coming to an end soon. I went to last night's game vs TOR, and I'm going to tomorrow night's game vs PHI. The game at PHI on Sunday is the last one of the regular season. Even should the Rangers make the playoffs, I doubt they'd go further than the 1st round -- so, the end of April. WHAT WILL I DO UNTIL SEPTEMBER? Unlike some lucky people, I doubt I will be going to the NHL Entry Draft in Los Angeles (June 25-26). I'm still going to keep it in mind, but it's not a likely thing.

I am looking forward to Dragon*Con later this year, and have vague ideas for a trip to Vancouver around Thanksgiving. The Vancouver trip may also depend on the Rangers 2010-11 schedule, because if it's at all possible, I'd rather see a Rangers game there than just a random team vs Vancouver. This year, NYR played VAN in early November, so... who knows.

I'm in a serious mood to go for a road trip. Two weeks ago a few of us went to Philly for literally a couple of hours. It was a really nice trip-- did some shopping at the Ikea there and then had lunch at my favorite place in Philly, Monk's Cafe. Of course, it was the drive there and back that was the real point of the trip for me (okay, so maybe the insanely super-spicy chicken wings at Monk's was also part of it) -- and it was really satisfying. Good music, good talk about music, good traffic, good weather.

The weekend after that I ended up driving to New Brunswick and back, which isn't as far as Philly, but a long enough drive to whet my appetite once again. And really, whenever Liz is on a long drive with me, I'm pretty much assured to have either good music, or good talk about music, or both (see above). Our drive back was filled with classic southern rock. An' it was Good: CCR, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Kansas, The Band. Does anyone else have a strong connection between listening to music and driving/riding in a car? It's my favorite place to listen to music, new and old.

It's times like this I wish I just owned a car because I could just go for a drive on a whim. I miss having late-night access to my parents' car; I used to just go for a midnight drive around, whenever I felt like it. Now, of course, I'd have to rent in advance (for a good price), which is just not conducive to whimsical driving trips.

If I could, I'd go to Pittsburgh this weekend for Tekkoshocon. I'm so sad I'm not there this year.
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Icon #3! As you can see. By 1 vote. I was kind of leaning toward #2 myself, so I suppose if I'd voted then it would've still been a tie. But, dammit, that's why I put it to a vote.

Thanks guys, for humoring me in my ridiculous indecisiveness!

In other hockey-related news (and for the 500th time in the 3rd social media venue), the boys lost the game vs STL last night. BUT! I GOT JD'S AUTOGRAPH AND HE SPOKE TO ME!

He was sitting in the press box between the 400s and 300s, and I went and leaned over the railing and passed him my jersey and asked him to sign it. AGAIN, I COULD NOT THINK TO SAY ANYTHING LIKE "We miss you here, JD!" -- which I'm sure he would've appreciated, dammit. WHY DO ALL THOUGHTS FLY OUT OF MY HEAD LIKE THAT? CHRIST! And afterwards I jumped and hugged everyone I was there with (Liz, Maryann, Juliet, Shubha). Not surprisingly, I was super flushed afterward because of over-squeeage. BUT IT'S JD! I <3 him so very very much.

(For anyone not familiar with JD, he was a Rangers goalie in the late 70s to early 80s, then became the Rangers color analyst, announcing games with Sam Rosen for MSG, then went to STL to be their General Manager.) It makes me so sad that he's in STL. Sather should have offered him the GM/VP. JD did so much for the St. Louis Blues, but dammit, we know that his heart lies in NYC! T_T

So, not that I'm going to turn into a JD-stalker or anything, but I've decided that I definitely have to go to all games against STL in the future. I was wearing my Cally jersey at the time, so I have to get JD's autograph on my LEETCH jersey next season. THIS MUST BE DONE.

A few of us went for drinks at Molly Wee after the game, and while closing my tab I got into a conversation with a couple of STL fans who were sitting at the bar. They were really nice and good conversation was had! In particular, bonding over JD and how awesome he is (they got his autograph too)!!! There was some kindly teasing over their win/our loss, but NO ASSHOLERY! It was really nice, especially in contrast to those crappy Sabres fans from last time!

Also, not like the drunk and belligerent NYR "fan" sitting behind us in 315. Talking trash about the team, and the fans in the seats next to us. Why PAY to come to a game to boo your own freaking team? Just stay the fuck home.

But I have to say, I was on such a high because of JD-squee that the fact that we sucked so much last night never really penetrated my fog of happy. Not like I wasn't paying attention. Oh, I paid attention. But I just couldn't be brought down.
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So I really just can't decide which one I should choose. I know I won't use #1 because I think Lunk looks like Santa Claus there. Hey, if anyone wants to photoshop a santa hat in over his mask and cap it with "Ho Ho Ho" I'll use it for WIGGH (that's WInter Gift-Giving Holiday) season! But otherwise, it comes down to #2 or #3 and I just can't decide.

Which is where YOU come in, Dear Reader.

I don't promise to go along with the majority vote, but I'd really like to know what you think.

[Poll #1539730]


Mar. 4th, 2010 01:58 pm
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I just won tickets to tonight's NYR v. PIT game from the official NY Rangers twitter.

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3-day weekend started with a snow day on Friday: I was still lazing in bed, convincing myself that it would be okay if I got in late to work because of the snow, when Danielle texted me that the office would be closed! Of course, this woke me up enough that I never went back to sleep. Ended up in the city to watch the semi-final games (Olympics, hockey) -- both of which were mostly boring (one-sided) games. But the company was excellent, as well as the food and drink... and karaoke?

Saturday was equally as enjoyable, though mostly spent at home. Finished watching Twitch City -- while I am usually disinclined to watch sitcoms, this is really a cut above the usual. I know I said that in my last post, but it's so true. There's actually a pretty linear story, and maybe it's the fact that it's only 13 episodes long, but it doesn't get old. More sitcoms should keep that in mind. I absolutely loved loved loved the "Planet of the Cats" episode. SO GOOD.

Also watched Miracle, you know about the 1980 US Olympic hockey team, who won the gold, coached by Herb Brooks. Great movie, and the game scenes made me wish I was actually watching a game rather than a movie -- so -- well done, I'd say. It got me all pumped up for the final game, but I'd have to wait until the next day for that...

And so yes, sigh, Canada won.

I'm sad and pissed whenever I think about it. (Truthfully I pretty much couldn't care less about the medals themselves -- I just wanted to win.) But it was a great game. Both teams worked hard, for 60 minutes, to get to the final 3-2 score in OT. If we didn't win, at least it wasn't a one-sided game where we gave up before the end. I mean, a tie with 25 seconds left? -- it was the most exhilarating feeling!!

I had an amazing time at the bar with awesome hockey friends (and decided on future tattoo plans YAYE MORE STARS~!), and went to Avery's bar after, to console ourselves over the loss. Which is where I got to meet BRANDON PRUST (a recent trade acquisition for NYR), who is really nice and OMG WHY IS HE EVEN CUTER IN PERSON?!

For posterity, I shall record that I made Caty come with me as I tapped him on the shoulder to ask for his autograph. He said sure... to which I (dumbly) was like, "Uh, but I don't have a sharpie..." So he asked one of the bus boys to get him a sharpie! Meanwhile, (to kill time?) he introduced himself, "Hi, I'm Brandon Prust." And then -- again, dumbly -- I stared for a second, thinking "Uh... I know that...", and then gathered my wits enough to say "Oh! Hi! I'm Sara!" Shook his hand and grinned like the idiot I am. The sharpie arrived (thank god) and even though it was blue, and I had on a blue rangers shirt, and he hesitated, I said to go for it anyway, and he signed my chest! YAYYYYY! I then skipped back to my table. Still grinning and 'hee'ing like a fucking moron.

I'm not even exaggerating. I'm even more horribly tongue-tied around people I like/admire. WTF.

Later I thought to myself, "GOD, SARA! COULDN'T YOU HAVE THOUGHT OF SOMETHING EVEN REMOTELY COHERENT, LIKE 'Good luck in Ottawa on Tuesday!' OR SOMETHING?!" I'm going to remember this (and hopefully insert the correct city and day) if I'm in this situation again. And I should apparently just always have a sharpie upon my person.


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