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READING. OMG have I been reading. Mostly devouring fic like you wouldn't believe. And I've been meaning to make another rec post but I think I've been too busy to stop and gather my thoughts. I'm less busy this weekend I think, so I'll try to do that then.

what? historical romances? like, het romances? yes, i still read them... occasionally. )

In other news -- \LUCE/ YOU ARE POSSIBLY THE SWEETEST PERSON ALIVE!!! <3333 [livejournal.com profile] lucifuge_5 randomly sent me a book -- because of how much I have talked, recently, about reading M/M stories -- which I am very excited to read! It is First You Fall(A Kevin Connor Mystery) by Scott Sherman and I will (of course) let you all know what I think about it when I've read it! I always enjoy passing books along to others that I think will be interested in them, so I'm delighted when others do the same for me! =D

So. I have written a few ~500-word ficlets lately, which I have really really enjoyed. They're kind of like dipping my toes in water I already know is relatively warm. Which is to say, I know I can write 500-word ficlets and so I'm pleased to have written them lately because I haven't really been writing otherwise.

...And yet I signed up for that 20k [livejournal.com profile] ds_c6d_bigbang thing. Ahahahah. I've been thinking (while trying not to scare myself off) about what to write and what I keep coming back to, what I think I'll be the most comfortable trying my hand at, is a kind of AU where Fraser and Kowalski are in their late teens and probably takes place in Chicago. *groans* I really haven't gotten far enough with this... I need to try to be free for the next skype chat (is that this Sunday?)...
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from my tumblr post:

from ryan north (of qwantz.com):
Joey Comeau (of asofterworld.com) gave me a very nice present yesterday, and that present was every Mario-related article on Wikipedia gathered, crossreferenced, printed and bound in a two-volume set. I now own a custom Mario encyclopedia, and it is amazing. Thanks Joey! I’m looking forward to the next time someone asks me a Mario question so I can peer over my glasses and say “Let me refer to my CUSTOM ENCYCLOPEDIA ON THAT SUBJECT” while retrieving the volumes from my study.

guys, this is so fucking awesome, i want to be able to make my own custom encyclopedia of ANYTHING from wikipedia. (or give one as a gift.)
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If you're looking for an idea for a gift for me, see the list below for ideas. Please don't feel obligated; we're all pressed for funds right now.

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Please to be leaving your address here if you'd like to exchange holiday cards!

(Comments are screened.)
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Thank you again to [livejournal.com profile] idreamedmusic for the milk & cookies which I'll be saving for the flight to Berlin.

And thank you to [livejournal.com profile] surya74 for the cocktail, which I am imagining to be refillable since every time I go to my profile it's still there. So I'm definitely going to have the cocktail often. I may will need it to get through the NHL playoffs if the Hawks don't start getting their act together!

...and speaking of the playoffs:

Habs forced the Pens to game 7, which is AWESOME. I'm crossing my fingers for a repeat of their upset against the Caps! I'm not a huge fan of the Habs Gomez, but it would give me GREAT pleasure to see them defeat the Pens and go on to the Eastern Conference finals.

A few of the latest injuries have been pretty bad -- Salo in the last Hawks game took a slapshot to the groin and has a ruptured testicle. ;_; And Boucher on the Flyers was fallen on by a teammate in a flurry around the net and has a knee injury. Which is really sad because I've come to really like watching Boucher play. His flail-y style is all old-school and fun to watch.
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I feel so accomplished! I've actually ordered Judy and Maryann's gifts already! Still have a few others to go, but I'm feeling very good about this.

I was talking with Maryann last night about how I keep forgetting that I have to get gifts by Christmas (or even a little before, if we do an exchange at a holiday party)! I don't celebrate Christmas and for the last... say around 8-9 years, my family has exchanged gifts on or around New Year's Day. (Which is nice, since it gives us a little extra time to shop!)

As a result, I keep thinking I have all this time to shop, and then I remember that the deadline is earlier than I thought!

Aha! But this year I'm back on track.

I would have written a similar letter to Maryann barring her from buying things for herself, but I know she'll never have come across the thing I'm getting her. She's pretty easy that way. =D
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If you're looking for an idea for a gift for me, see the list below for ideas. Please don't feel obligated; we're all pressed for funds right now.

Dear Judy,

Dec. 1st, 2009 09:36 am
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December 1st has arrived and has marked the beginning of the WInter Gift-Giving Holiday (WIGGH) season. As such, I have purchased something with the intention of gifting it to you. You are hereby notified that you must now refrain from purchasing DVDs, Blu-rays, and Books without prior consultation with me and/or several other close friends.

To other friends who may also have the intention of purchasing something with the purpose of gifting Judy; please contact me so that no double-gifting may occur.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter,

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a gift from [livejournal.com profile] louiex! my very own Weighted Companion Cube Pony! <3!

[edit: for anyone not familiar with it, the Pony is based on the Weighted Companion Cube, a silent, but important "character" in (the best game in the whole world) Portal.]

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So this past weekend -- what did I end up doing?

I said that my cancelled plans had been uncancelled, but that was a bit of a lie. Instead, I WENT TO LONDON FOR THE WEEKEND! A friend gifted me with plane tickets to London to visit my sister, and made me promise not to tell ANYONE until after I got there. INCLUDING MY SISTER. OMG, it was THE MOST HYSTERICAL THING EVAR! <3

My sister was completely surprised. I just showed up on her doorstep -- I literally woke her up Saturday morning at 9:30am by knocking on her door. =D It's a good? thing that security is so lax? Well, I also look like a student, so it's not like I raise any suspicion... also, coincidentally, I had excellent timing. I was worried I'd have to wait a long time to get into her building, but a bunch of guys were going back into the building at the same time I got there so I didn't have to wait at all. Then, as I approached her flat door I heard someone coming out of the bathroom as I knocked; one of her flatmates just opened the door for me. Haha, then I knocked on her door. She told me she came to the door all angry because she thought it was the cleaning lady and that "it was so unnecessary for the cleaning lady to be knocking on my door at 9:30am on a Saturday morning!"


I left Friday after work, so to those who may have called to wish me a happy birthday after around 6pm New York time, my phone was off as I was on an airplane to London by then.

We had an awesome time hanging out, going around. The weather was GORGEOUS! We went to Ministry of Sound and had some issues with American swipe credit cards and UK ATMs... which resulted in Elizabeth getting in for free! HAHAHA! (Unfortunately, the music there is mostly boring...) But on the way back... someone puked on the bus we were on. The guy totally tried to act all nonchalant after, too. Pretty funny.

Liz and I would intermittently turn to each other and ask what I was doing there.

It was a great weekend, and an awesome birthday gift. =D
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I just realized that in a previous post I neglected to mention that Carrie got me three volumes from the Samurai Deeper Kyo manga series which I'm in the middle of, but haven't kept up-to-date with in a while. I'm actually quite pleased to have received those so that I can read several volumes at once, for a more satisfying experience! =D Thanks Carrie!

books! )

In other news, the Rangers suck.

That is all.
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I had an interesting dream a week or two ago -- that I lived with Jhonen Vasquez in a large house about a 2-minute walk away from the beach. In one of the large hallways, there was a motorcycle on display -- something JV had designed for a movie. It looked all hardcore and badass, with tires very similar to the ones on the motorcycle from Dark Knight. There was a plaque attached on a stand which talked about the motorcycle, and had JV's autograph, as well as the autograph of the director of the movie.


Otherwise, I have quite a few events I'd meant to mention and never did. Like Anna's cookie party, which was lots of fun -- I had such a good time chatting with everyone; it's always nice to discover common interests... and common shoe sizes! Thanks again, Anna, for also allowing us to pick through your shoe collection and play dress-up!

NA holiday party was EXTREME FUN. Again, good times chatting it up with people. I would have liked to stay longer. Alas, the PATH beckoned. Gifts were exchanged and all was good. I enjoyed giving AJ a confusing anagram card along with his gift. Which was quite apropos coming from me, I think. I received a birdie hair clip from Judy (which is EXACTLY what I wanted), a BABY MINK SKULL hair clip from Anna (which is morbid and awesome~!) -- see pic here. I'm not a proponent of animal cruelty, and I'm assuming Anna did not go out and kill the baby mink herself expressly for this gift. Would it be gauche of me to say I had a mental image -- for a moment -- of road-kill being scraped off the pavement? Yes? I thought so; I can be gauche sometimes. It's fun. =D

AND AJ GIFTED ME THE DRESDEN FILES COMIC! AHHH! HOW AWESOME IS THAT? I, of course, devoured it in a day. That's the problem with comics sometimes. ::sigh:: But it was excellent and can't wait for more. I didn't realize, but they will be releasing re-tellings of the Dresden series starting with Storm Front in comic format.

Saw The Day the Earth Stood Still with parents on Xmas day; then The Spirit several hours later with a bunch of friends. Contrary to the opinions of some people, who may have taken the latter too seriously, I enjoyed it immensely. Loved the aesthetic/style/mood of it and it's randomness. I feel like the main character in the movie was its aesthetic and don't feel as concerned with the complaint that the characters lacked depth because I think they're supposed to be caricature-esque rather than fleshed-out.

As for TDTESS... It was pretty eh. I wasn't bored, but it was a boring film. I kept waiting for something to happen and then it ended. Could have done without the Christian symbolism/Biblic mythology, but nothing extremely offensive. Oh, except for the anti-technology "message", which was present, but not overwhelming... until the end. I'd definitely call it a waste of a good $10, but I'm not enraged like I was when I saw Premonition. ::shudder::

I'm still tweaking that chai butter cookie recipe. There was too much flour in that recipe; took out a cup and the cookies came out WAY better. Still a little too hard, though, so I'm going to add a tablespoon or two of water to the dough as well as lower the temperature from 400 to 350. I've got to get these cookies at least a little softer by Winter Johncon as my office potluck is on Tuesday (1/6), and I intend to bring these cookies!

Which brings me to the INSANELY ADORABLE dinosaur cookie (with optional poop) that was brought into being through the collaborative efforts of Maryann, Liz and myself.

More crafty things and possible book reviews later...

I am crossing my fingers about leaving early from work today. ARGH!


Dec. 7th, 2008 12:01 am
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This looks like a lot of fun. I want to make my own muppet pal! ;_; Wish they'd had this back when I was a kid. (Not that my parents could have afforded that, certainly.)

As I mentioned in a comment to Morgan, I'd love to try this out one day. Sounds like good, silly (and inexpensive) fun.

And I leave you with this meme, taken from [livejournal.com profile] rathshakar...

So I get arrested...DISCUSS!

If you saw ME in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for? Answer me, then if you want, post to your own journal and see how many crimes you get accused of.

To be fair, I didn't respond in his journal, but I do second Joe's thought of it having something to do with alcohol and politics. ^_~
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It isn't exactly all set up yet, but I'm really looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, it's been so humid lately, that it's uncomfortable at times. =(

And oh man, the money that was spent that I definitely DO NOT have....

Ah well, it's all worth it anyway. =)

Thanks to Juliet, Ben, Jerry, Sean, AJ, and Liz for helping move stuff over and set up the furniture! I'm sure you'll all be happy to know that I went back Sunday for the bed slats for my bed, so I actually have a place to sleep that's NOT the floor. Each room is slowly coming along. And yes, we'll definitely do a housewarming party at some point -- though it will probably be after Otakon, as busy as July is going to be for us.

random mental note )
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I hope to be able to say that seeing Indiana Jones 4 was the best birthday EVAR. But I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high because who knows how it'll be. I will probably enjoy it nonetheless, but we'll see.

Neglected to mention that last Saturday I met up with Judy, Chris, Carrie, and John in the city briefly and Judy and Carrie presented me with a FREAKING AWESOME GIFT! My very own pillow-sized WEIGHTED COMPANION CUBE! I seriously cannot wait to move into the new place, if only to be able to put this out on the living room couch. Seriously. =D But I still want the cube "dice" because one day I will have a car and those are going to dangle prominently!

Judy gave me another little gift which is almost equal in its awesome nerdiness! A STAR TREK FLASK! It's engraved with the Star Fleet symbol. HOW AWESOMELY NERDY IS THAT?! I absolutely love it!

A few weeks ago, Maryann bought me the cute ring I wore to Jorgan's wedding. Which is cool because I wanted it a lot and never wear rings -- or any jewelry, really -- so it's something I never would have bought for myself. Yaye~!

Liz bought me some clothes I'd wanted. So I have to be good now and not go shopping anymore since I'm supposed to be saving for the move. Really. No one let me go shopping. Srsly.

Late this Saturday night a couple of people from high school are getting together for drinks and reminiscing, so I'm looking forward to that. But it'll be late-late, like 11pm, so I'll still have time for other fun events this 3-day weekend! My first 3-day weekend where I WON'T be working at a con or other such madness!
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At least in the respect that I did not relax much and there was no animoo. Other than that, it was FULL OF WIN!

And I'm not sure exactly how scared I should be -- just realizing that I have really picked up Chris's way of speaking. Hmmm... at least, online. To a certain extent. Probably 'cause it makes me smile. =D

Anyway. Epic fail, indeed. I got to sleep until 2pm on Saturday, at least. When I woke up, I did some chaos management for my mom, who is always a wreck before she goes on a trip. Always worries about what clothes to bring, etc. Business trips are even worse. So I helped her plan what to wear and bring. They're leaving early early on Saturday morning, so I think I'm going to be getting up around 4 or 5am to drive them to the airport. I'd better figure out what I'm wearing to Morgan & Joe's party soon because I intend to go back to sleep after driving to the airport. Otherwise I'll be the one passed out on the couch.

carmine's, blackberry mead, and breakfast in NJ )

The full-size of this pic (from Liz's awesome camera phone) is now my wallpaper at work. I'll have to see if it fits my widescreen properly at home.


So yes, that was quite possibly the best end-of-year present EVAR! Liz and I had an awesome fun time! <3 Thank you [livejournal.com profile] loudnbothered, [livejournal.com profile] ddrkaiba, [livejournal.com profile] inbredchocobo, [livejournal.com profile] fiinedeiopeia, [livejournal.com profile] metallicapixie, and most especially [livejournal.com profile] thedreamerworld -- 'cause I think it was mostly your idea, yes?

So, my birthday is coming up in 3 months, and I'd really like to consider partial season tickets. Who's in~?! Alright, alright -- so I'm not serious... there's a waitlist, anyway. One day, I tell myself. In any case, Liz is determined to get a pair of NYR vs. NYI tickets. My father says it'd be cheaper to get those tickets at Nassau Coliseum -- it's probably true; but it's such a schlep. ^^;

Party day.

Dec. 20th, 2007 12:25 pm
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Though I completely forgot about it, yesterday was my company's Holiday Party. It was quite amusing. Apparently, every year they have a theme party, and this year it was a western-style "Holiday Hoedown". With square dancers and all. Some people actually got up and joined them. LOLOL~ It was very *snort* amusing. Despite the fact that I sound sarcastic, it was actually quite fun to watch. There was also karaoke -- and boy, some people here can really sing! One of Margaret's friends on the 8th floor belted out a surprising rendition of some oldies song that I know but cannot for the life of me remember at the moment. I'm sure it'll come to me randomly. Another guy sang TLC's Waterfalls and was quite good, undulating hips and all! O_O! He even sang the rap part of it and got it down pat. Everyone cheered quite loudly for him.

They had a Sierra Nevada holiday ale, which was a little darker than my usual taste, but still pretty good -- and which helped me to find the whole show vastly amusing.

In any case, it was a nice way to not do work for the last 2 hours of my workday. As opposed to the usual way, which is trying to look busy while reading fic or comics. ^^;

Afterward was Nerd Avengers Gift Exchange, where I think we all did good. I was more happily surprised by an awesome gift than I have been since... my surprise birthday party in 2005 (if you're one of those "new" friends who hadn't had the pleasure of seeing Maryann with a mullet, you should check out the pics~ LOL).

Judy, Maryann, Chris, Sean and Juliet got together and bought me and Liz a pair of tickets to a Rangers game!!! How awesome is that? It's one of those things I put on my wishlist just for the hell of it, because I wanted it, but knowing that no one would get that. *sniffles* I have such great friends~!

I was surprised again that of all the things on my wishlist, Juliet would get me a book of John Donne's poetry. That's another one I didn't really expect anyone to get me. I'm very excited to start reading it. I'm almost done with American Gods, so that might be next. AJ bought me The Life of Pi by Yann Martel. He said he wanted to get me something different from what I usually read and from what I gather of the book, it surely fits that description. But I look forward to being able to discuss it with him. =D

Judy's gift to NA may just have been the best of all -- she selected photos from the year in which we've become friends and become Nerd Avengers, et al., and published a Yearbook, if you will. It's a really fantastic idea, and it was wonderful to look at the photos she selected and remember -- or wonder -- exactly what was going on at the time. I think the fact that we all have the same group of photos to look at and reminisce about is even better. Next year we should pull it out again and see what we remember then. What a wonderful memento.

And last, but certainly not least. Liz got me a scarf (very cute) and a tin of that tea I'd discovered at a Barnes & Noble in Queens one day -- not the Tazo teas (which suck overall aside from the Wild Sweet Orange) -- Harney & Sons Fine Teas. I randomly tried the "Hot Cinnamon Sunset" tea one day (despite the fact that I don't actually like cinammon all that much), and found that it was spicy and delicious! It's definitely a nice tea for a chilly night, and goes perfectly with a warm cookie. It's described as a medium-bodied black tea with cinnamons, orange, and sweet cloves. It's pretty darn yummy. Nothing has as of yet surpassed my favorite Ten-Ren Chrysanthemum tea, but this is a nice winter alternative. =D

[edit: Best part of the holiday party: lots of leftover food = free lunch today! ]


Nov. 28th, 2007 09:48 pm
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Each section is generally in order starting with what I'd like most.

I'll be gifting Chris, Sean, AJ, Maryann, Ben, Judy, Liz, Juliet, Angelica, Yoshi, Jerry. I probably forgot a person or two.

If you need to know my laptop specs, I've got a 1.83ghz dual core processor, 1g RAM, and I don't remember anything about my video card; I'm sure it's something pretty standard. >_<;

And if I think of anything I want to add to the list, I'll repost.
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So I now have a permanent account. I didn't mention it earlier because I figured I'd post about it when the time came, but the funds for the permanent account were given to me as a birthday gift from [livejournal.com profile] koyappi, [livejournal.com profile] metallicapixie, [livejournal.com profile] inbredchocobo, [livejournal.com profile] louiex, [livejournal.com profile] tehhoboking, [livejournal.com profile] yoshiinjapan, Jerry and Lisa.

Thanks very much guys!

It was definitely worth foregoing lots of cute little things to finally buy this permanent account.


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