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Acadia was reading hilarious badfic one-liners to me last night and though I don't remember the line, it started a semi-serious conversation about screaming orgasms. I don't know about you, but screaming orgasms aren't a regular thing, in my experience. Shouting? Much more likely. Keening? Hell yeah. Screaming? Not so much.

Unless we're talking about edging. In which case, SO HOT OMFG. Also, makes sense, right? Thus appropriate.

Okay, so I don't want to dictate what words people can and can't use to describe fictional orgasms, but the use of "screaming" seems to have really lost its meaning.

Does the (over-)use of screaming to describe an orgasm throw you out of a story as much as it does me? Why do you think people use that particular word? Is it because of the unrealistic depiction of sex in the majority of porn? Any other thoughts? I'm curious now.


Jan. 28th, 2011 11:43 am
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RPF, Lady Gaga&Joseph Gordon-Levitt, she's had a crush on him ever since Angels in the Outfield and then she sees the video of him singing "Bad Romance"

And now I want to read/write something where they're in a dream and Eames forges Lady Gaga (in one of her crazier-looking personas) but Arthur is so uninterested in pop culture that he doesn't know the reference and is totally turned on and freaked out at the same time. AHAHAHAH THIS MENTAL IMAGE WILL KEEP ME ENTERTAINED FOR... at least half an hour.

In other news, this was originally going to be a post about how I really really want to write more introspective ficlets for Brick but I'm lazy. I need prompts because I have no ideas for one (because I'm lazy), and also whatever I write will definitely be a ficlet as the language thing is somewhat difficult to sustain for anything longer than 1,000 words at a time (because I'm lazy).

There you have it.

ETA: Ahahah, today's XKCD is too true.
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So here's a little taste of what I've been doing at my parents' house this weekend: cleaning, mopping, scrubbing (MORE cleaning, mopping, scrubbing), SHOVELING FUCKING SNOW. Also, putting up mirrors. Oh, you know, EIGHT of them.

die, die my darling (SPOILERS for Misfits ahead) )


I can't figure out exactly who I want to be who, and whether I want to base that choice on ability or personality. I want Arthur to be Nathan so bad, because I love them both the best and also because ARTHUR AS AN UNRELENTING PRICK IS A HUGE FUCKING KINK ALL ON ITS OWN, GUYS. PLEASE TO BE FILLING MY PROMPT, OH MAGICAL WRITERS OF FLIST!!!

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So yes, I'm among the ones (all of fandom?) panicking over Yahoo's decision to shut down delicious.com. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING?! Luckily(?), since I'd been out of fandom (almost any fandom, really) for years and years until relatively recently, I don't actually have that many bookmarks. I haven't been using delicious to its full capacity, but I know how very much delicious is the backbone of fandom -- memes and newsletters (not to mention, us fangirls) depend on it -- so I know how horrible this is going to be on the fandom level.

On a personal level, I've got less than 400 links bookmarked, so I can easily save them elsewhere and transfer them whenever I've found a new bookmarking home, but from [livejournal.com profile] bookshop's helpful post of brainstorming for alternatives, it (unfortunately) seems like none have the social utility that delicious does (seeing how many people have saved a link, for example, which is a nice reccing system that I never got around to taking advantage of).


ETA: Looks like mahalo.com is interested in taking over/maintaining delicious! (source) OMG PLEASE LET THIS ACTUALLY HAPPEN!

ETA2: Update on the Delicious front! Looks like good news in general, and as an alternative several options are cropping up because some people panic and flail and some people get motivated to work out something better. (source 2)

So actually now my question is -- my Delicious login is my Yahoo! login -- what's going to happen now? I hope it'll be rolled over or something, but in case it isn't I think I should probably export my existing bookmarks. I'm fine with it, as long as I can (eventually) come back to Delicious and (hopefully) with my old login. =/
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Finished all 5 books in Josh Lanyon's Adrien English series. Books four and five of which were extremely satisfying. Again, the mystery part of the story is a hearty and substantial (but somewhat uninspired) backdrop to the more interesting bit-- i.e., the relationship between Adrien and Jake. It's highly satisfying that Adrien is both a likable and practical sort of guy, with strengths and weaknesses -- and that Lanyon isn't shy in depicting both. More than anything else, Lanyon's development of his characters shines, and it makes me really happy to see them grow and change. Plotwise, it absolutely helps that he is able to adeptly put in a touch of angst here and there because god, it gets me every time. Pornwise, THAT SHIT IS HOT YO.

In a lot of ways, Lanyon's writing is really reassuring-- that fangirls who write slash aren't Doing It Wrong. Here's a guy whose series is basically what I'm looking for in slash fic, and basically what my favorite fic writers have done in their stories: depict real depth in characters who have relationships with other three-dimensional, plausibly-motivated characters, who are attracted to those other characters, and both (or more) of whom also happen to have dicks.

I suppose the next question to ask is, is Lanyon writing specifically for the female slash fan? And, more importantly, is he writing disingenuously in order to appeal specifically to that audience because he knows that's what we want? I don't believe so, but who the hell knows.


Today is not going too well so far. I'm looking forward to re-watching Brick tonight with Juliet and [livejournal.com profile] cathybites and [livejournal.com profile] honeymull!!!
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Caught sight of a tweet by LKH re fanfic policy. In response, I replied with this (have not received any response...yet?). And couldn't help myself so I went to see her other tweets. I really should have known better because then I got to read this and though she doesn't agree with Gabaldon's analogies to criminals/rapists, she does feel similarly.

After a second of a reaction of disgust and disappointment, I realized I wasn't really surprised. Oh, LKH. I love you and hate you with a paradoxical and startling lack of passion.

Maybe it's more that I have become resigned to my feelings about you.
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From [livejournal.com profile] ravenwings_7's post on [livejournal.com profile] c6d_universe, she links to Diana Gabaldon's blog post about "Fan fiction and moral conundrums". In which Gabaldon states that she does not enjoy/appreciate/support fanfiction in any form and finds it to be not only illegal, but immoral.

As one might expect, there are already over 350 comments arguing for or against her statements. So far (up to comment 200), everything has been very civil, which I quite appreciate. Because I do think that presenting dissenting (civil, not ranting) views on the topic is beneficial to anyone who's straddling the line and is able to use the thoughts presented as a starting point to further inquiry. And yeah, I know that, for the most part, the back-and-forth arguments aren't likely to change anyone's opinion who has already made up their mind one way or another. Of course, this argument isn't new by any means, and I suppose I'm reading the comments in almost a watching-a-train-wreck sort of way, since I know what to expect.

But there are quite a few commenters who have made really intelligent, logical, clear arguments as to why fanfiction is not only NOT ILLEGAL NOR IMMORAL; how it can be, in fact, beneficial to a published author's fanbase and bottom line; and who also comment on the disrespectful way Gabaldon likens fanfic writers to perverts, criminals, pedophiles, and the like (in an "off-handed" way couched in analogy, but the implication is there nonetheless).

It's sad that a person can't understand the reasons one would write fanfic, and even more sad that a clearly creative person would be so narrow-minded and possessive in a way that excludes others from sharing in (but without attempting to possess or claim credit for) that creation. It gladdens me to know that other authors are able to understand or be sympathetic to their fans in this way -- authors like Jim Butcher and Mercedes Lackey -- who have given permission for "fanfiction to be licensed as derivative fiction under the Creative Commons umbrella."

Clearly we all know on which side of the argument I fall, and maybe my interest in this particular "train wreck" is high right now because I recently spoke with someone who stated, with no room for argument, that fanfiction is illegal after I referred to it as a "grey area". Really, I don't propose to know it as well as a copyright lawyer, but as far as I can tell, it is a grey area. (See: OTW, "I'm done explaining why fanfic is okay.")

While I have no argument with Gabaldon disapproving of fanfic for her own works, and supporting her right to publicly and officially request no fanfic of her works be produced/posted/shared, etc., I find her arguments against it to be inconsistent, illogical, and demeaning.

I whole-heartedly approve of those commenters who said they would now never read her fiction. I'm all for boycotting the products of people/groups/companies that I am in strong, fundamental disagreement with. It's quite ironic, actually -- I never before had much interest in her works as I'm a little wary of epic historical fiction (especially those that simultaneously cohabit the romance and the mainstream fiction categories), but some of the comments have revealed that I actually would have been interested in many of the situations Gabaldon writes about -- including situations that would be considered "perverted", "deviant" and "immoral" by prudes around the world.
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Yay for more fandom essays. Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] windsorblue for pointing the way. LOL. I promise not to post for every essay I read that I like or agree with. But for now: Did You Notice? It's Fandom, Not Wal-Mart. Not sure what this essay would bring, I chose it by its catchy title, and was apprehensive, but pleasantly surprised by its subject. I think that most people are happy with the warnings system. But for the most part, I like some of the basic warnings, but the more involved ones seem slightly silly to me. (Like deathfics ~ I know that some people avoid them like the plague, but if there's a warning of deathfic, doesn't that kind of ruin the story? Maybe not in all stories, but it just seems like it's giving it away...)

But anyway, it was an entertaining read.

I meant to say more, but now I have to go.

And Russell's annoying. And so are fuckers on eBay. =(

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