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Are you guys watching the Headstones facebook page? They asked for suggestions for a setlist because they're thinking of playing some shows in December/January. LAJSFLJSALFDJSALFDJSLJFLSJDF I HOPE THEY PLAY NYC. THAT WOULD BE FUCKING AMAZING.

I think it's great, EVERYONE is suggesting Tweeter and the Monkey Man and Son of a Bitch to the Core and some other faves of mine (Unsound, Supersmart, Smile and Wave).

This is what Hugh had to say:

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So, I'm super busy at work right now and don't have a moment to write up my thoughts and squee about the Toronto trip (yet) or the recs post I've been compiling links for (yet). I WILL get to these things, eventually, I promise!

BUT, a link to this New Yorker article arrived in my inbox today and whoa-- I didn't even know that Paul Haggis (creator of due South, Crash and Million Dollar Baby, among other shows/movies) was a Scientologist! After maintaining active membership in the Church of Scientology for over 35 years, he wrote a resignation letter in reaction to statements made by the San Diego branch in support of Proposition 8, the move to ban gay marriage in California. (source)

It kind of baffles me that it took this for him to, I dunno, wake up and smell the coffee change his awareness/perspective? But it's an interesting thing, nonetheless.

The article is 26 (short) pages in length, and I'm just on page two now (and have to wait til lunch to continue), but I thought I'd post for anyone who's interested. Dunno if this would be appropriate on [livejournal.com profile] c6d_universe, but feel free to repost/etc.
The Apostate: Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology by Lawrence Wright

On August 19, 2009, Tommy Davis, the chief spokesperson for the Church of Scientology International, received a letter from the film director and screenwriter Paul Haggis. “For ten months now I have been writing to ask you to make a public statement denouncing the actions of the Church of Scientology of San Diego,” Haggis wrote. Before the 2008 elections, a staff member at Scientology’s San Diego church had signed its name to an online petition supporting Proposition 8, which asserted that the State of California should sanction marriage only “between a man and a woman.” The proposition passed. As Haggis saw it, the San Diego church’s “public sponsorship of Proposition 8, which succeeded in taking away the civil rights of gay and lesbian citizens of California—rights that were granted them by the Supreme Court of our state—is a stain on the integrity of our organization and a stain on us personally. Our public association with that hate-filled legislation shames us.” Haggis wrote, “Silence is consent, Tommy. I refuse to consent.” He concluded, “I hereby resign my membership in the Church of Scientology.
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Haven't had a moment to be involved much on LJ this past week, but will get back to it soon! I had a lovely, lovely time at [livejournal.com profile] akamine_chan's HCL-viewing chat! OH DUMB, ANGSTY BOYS. HOW DELICIOUS YOU ARE. <3 And it was certainly even better to chat with the bunch of you while watching -- there were things some of you brought up that I hadn't even thought of! I can't wait to do it again!

In other news, via [livejournal.com profile] idreamedmusic and [livejournal.com profile] surya74, and probably others... CKR's new show, Shattered has been confirmed for a fall lineup spot -- Fridays at 9pm on Canada's Global TV! CANNOT WAIT! GIMME SCHIZO CKR NOW PLS!

For those who may be interested: Interview and SEXY PROMO PIC SPAM

I cannot help but think of the chorus of the Rolling Stones song "Shattered" every time this show comes up.

And lastly, I CANNOT FREAKING WAIT TO READ/WRITE FIC ABOUT THIS SHOW. Seriously, I'm now dreaming of some sort of well-written casefic. ...and OMG, dS/Shattered crossover fic (gen or not)? I'm practically drooling....

Hawks v. Flyers GAME 3 TONIGHT! By 10pm I will probably have died of a tension headache. LET'S GO HAWKS!
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Unfortunately, I did not find Fraser or either Rays wandering around. I tried to go to the Canadian Consulate, but this resulted in epic fail that wasn't even realized until I got back and looked up the address again. We were around the corner from it at 180 Randolph Avenue instead of 180 N Stetson Ave. (AND OMG, WHY IS THE CANADIAN CONSULATE ON A STREET NAMED AFTER A HAT?!) So, it's actually the building directly behind the one I thought it was. SIGH. WHATEVER. YOU'RE STILL GOING TO GET MY NOW-POINTLESS PICTURES.

pic spam? )

And BONUS PHOTO: Juliet and I took the bus over to United Center and walked around the area (pretty much deserted except for a high school gym class running laps!), but abruptly came across this street! I was like, OMG I SHOULD FOLLOW THIS UNTIL I COME ACROSS THE BURNT REMAINS OF FRASER'S OLD BUILDING. Instead, I just took the picture. Lame, I know.

More photos here on fbook.

ETA: I really feel like Chicago is more like NYC than any other major US city (that I've been to). And I suppose, knowing that Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the US (with almost 3 million), I guess it makes sense.

Only Los Angeles (almost 4 million) and NYC (almost 9 million) are larger!

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Listening to some Chicago radio (WTMX) show online, via a link from a Chicago Blackhawks fan's blog, listening for something about Sharpie... one of the call-in guests was Melina Kanakaredes (aka Victoria from Due South)... who apparently loves Chicago?

The way things are connected never fails to amuse me.

... also the Hawks are apparently not pranking each other much this post-season. Instead they've been playing Mario Kart? Seriously, Hjalmarsson & Tazer are the best at it?

And WTF? They're sniffing smelling salts pre-game?

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finished watching season 3 of slings & arrows about half an hour ago and had the strongest and most random urge to watch hard core logo again. and since I recently bought the DVD for like $6.50 from barnes and noble, I didn't even have to turn on my computer!

i started watching the hcl DVD and christ! the color is sooooo much better!!! I'm fucking DYING -- it's like a whole new fucking movie OMFG!!! \m/

I am actually able to see some details I haven't been able to previously, which is really just brilliant. so yeah, if you were wondering whether it's worth it to buy the DVD when it's just as easily accessible on your laptop? it is.


additional post probably tomorrow about s&a season 3.

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...and really, why can't I? I already know which two I want most.


And hey, eljay, I really love the new menu background! It's actually the one I voted for!


Apr. 28th, 2010 04:34 pm
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SHATTERED! -- as if in reply to the complaint made in my previous post!

Finally! A clip from the final version of the show, rather than the original pilot. Looks way sleeker than the original pilot and way more intense! (Though unfortunately no sexy!twisty!Callum in a hoodie with a camera. Guh, that scene was just so hot. Though I don't mind the exchange for sexy!intense!Callum...)

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BTW, HELLYEAH concert last night was fucking amazing -- met a bunch of crazy and awesome people from CT, NJ, and upstate NY, including a DJ from Sirius (and with all of whom contact info was exchanged); drank too much; discovered that the opening band (Black Water Rising) is AWESOME, and from Brooklyn; made poor life choices; got home too late (3am) and most unfortunately, was not able to sleep through my hangover as I usually do, so had a craptastic morning at work.

Leaving for the Hole concert in another hour. Don't have as much energy as last night, but I care less about Hole, so I'm good.
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Finished Slings & Arrows season 2 on Sunday night. I do so love the ironic humor threaded throughout this series. I laughed guffawed a bit less during this season, but I giggled more, I think, and there were more dramatic moments, which I like. Geoffrey is such a great character: crazy, but not really; intelligent and creative; loving and yet afraid to love.

ALSO. Geraint Wyn Davies as Henry Breedlove. HAHAHA. For those unaware, that's Nick from that (awesome) vampire show, Forever Knight. Weird and interesting to see him as this pompous Shakespearian actor, but he plays it so well!

...and somehow? This makes me want to see more CKR roles! I think I need to get back to the older stuff he's done. I have Curtis's Charm on my computer and haven't gotten around to it. Also, Purple Toast -- I've heard that it's a bad, bad, "artsy" kind of film, but of course, my interest in piqued. AND WHY ISN'T SHATTERED OUT YET?! *pouts*

In other news, I didn't actually go to sleep insanely late (1am isn't that bad for me!), but I did somehow manage to twist myself into some weird position while sleeping and so my right side is all sore and achy today. Also somehow scratched my hip? I discovered three scratchmarks on my hip/butt area in the shower and have no idea where they came from! WTH? I will endeavor to ignore it all, however, as HELLYEAH show is tonight! YAY OMG SO EXCITED CAN'T WAIT FOR MOSHING!
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just finished season one of slings & arrows. oh god, it is absolutely the most amazingly funny stuff!

I absolutely DIED watching that scene where Geoffrey is being interviewed by basil... AND Oliver. I had to pause it, rewind it, and replay it like, a million times! I just couldn't stop laughing so hard I couldn't hear what they were actually saying.

even though it's 4am and having just finished season 1, this is a good place to stop-- I want to watch more so badly!!! my mind is still twitching and giggling over the ridiculousness of it.

also, what is Paul gross's prediliction for dead mentors that come back to haunt him and are absolutely hilarious and possessed of wicked senses of humor?

I love love LOVE seeing PG play a (slightly) crazy person. he just does WEIRD so darn well!

Geoffrey is a fascinating character and I can't wait to see what sort of mischief he gets up to -- and what sort of brilliance he inspires -- in seasons 2 and 3.

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Michael Scholar Jr. brings a new interpretation of Hard Core Logo to the stage. \o/

Here's a link to the 5-minute podcast from Plank Magazine about the project. The "in-progress viewing" that he talks about is happening today at the Banff Centre at 3pm. So anyone in the Banff/Calgary-area could theoretically make it now... I think? Calgary is 3 hours behind? Or is it 2?


The stage show doesn't seem to be scheduled to be... live... until November, in Edmonton (and then shown at the Push Festival in Jan/Feb 2011?). Which, I CANNOT BELIEVE IT, might just coincide with my tentative plans to take a trip to Vancouver in November! HOW WEIRD IS THAT? Well, if it actually works out, it'd be awesome. Edmonton is only a 12-hour drive from Vancouver. I could do it! And then I could re-create the HCL road trip, as Liz suggested. (Except if she doesn't go I don't think I'd do it by myself.)

As for the show itself... it seems to be a new interpretation, so who knows what it'll be like! But then we'll have more meta, and I'M KINDA OKAY WITH THAT. =D

ETA: Feel free to repost the link! But let me know where, because I wasn't sure which comms would be the right ones to crosspost to.
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SO excited, in fact, that I don't want to even close the tab where I have this article about it opened in my browser.

SO excited, in fact, that I have watched this trailer MORE TIMES THAN WAS STRICTLY NECESSARY. (Necessary to what, you may ask. But I shall not answer.)

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The now-obsolete (as the show has apparently gone through a few changes since this was made) trailer for CKR's new TV show, Shattered, which is supposed to air this fall. Fall is WAYYYY too far away though! I have to wait til the fall for HOCKEY ALREADY OKAY! AND NOW THIS! A show in which CKR is FINALLY THE MAIN CHARACTER. I'd say that I should be glad I wasn't in C6D fandom til recently, because I didn't have to suffer the agony of the wait. But I must admit that I like the anticip
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OMG. Unlike every single other show I watch, I just can't watch this one in multiple episode blocks. It's just too intense! My insides are just all churned up and I think I may have given myself a headache. GODDAMMIT HOW DO THEY DO THIS SHIT?!

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Mike I love you so much. Oh Sadie. <3 Please don't go crazy.
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I saw Hugh Dillon's appearance on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos a while ago, but I saw the one from May 2007 (part 1|part 2) and didn't realize there were more!

So today I came across the episode from October 28, 2009 (part 1|part 2) where he's just as adorable as EVER, and hot and funny and cute and... talks about gun training a little, and gets to shoot George, and mentions CKR. (Did you doubt that he would?!)


Just came across this! -- vidcam footage (with surprisingly good audio!) of Bruce, Noel & Reginald from an August 2008 Toronto screening of Bruce's "personal print" of HCL! They recount a few cute snippets of CKR & HD during casting and pre-production... and then more recently as well.

... and more, more, more, more, and more vidcam stories recounted!


OH GOD. HAHAHAHAA. Hugh and Trent on Mike Bullard's show, some time in 1996-97. Hugh and Trent are JUST. SO. ADORABLE! And the insults/ribbing between them and the host, Mike Bullard, is just HYS.TER.I.CAL!
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3-day weekend started with a snow day on Friday: I was still lazing in bed, convincing myself that it would be okay if I got in late to work because of the snow, when Danielle texted me that the office would be closed! Of course, this woke me up enough that I never went back to sleep. Ended up in the city to watch the semi-final games (Olympics, hockey) -- both of which were mostly boring (one-sided) games. But the company was excellent, as well as the food and drink... and karaoke?

Saturday was equally as enjoyable, though mostly spent at home. Finished watching Twitch City -- while I am usually disinclined to watch sitcoms, this is really a cut above the usual. I know I said that in my last post, but it's so true. There's actually a pretty linear story, and maybe it's the fact that it's only 13 episodes long, but it doesn't get old. More sitcoms should keep that in mind. I absolutely loved loved loved the "Planet of the Cats" episode. SO GOOD.

Also watched Miracle, you know about the 1980 US Olympic hockey team, who won the gold, coached by Herb Brooks. Great movie, and the game scenes made me wish I was actually watching a game rather than a movie -- so -- well done, I'd say. It got me all pumped up for the final game, but I'd have to wait until the next day for that...

And so yes, sigh, Canada won.

I'm sad and pissed whenever I think about it. (Truthfully I pretty much couldn't care less about the medals themselves -- I just wanted to win.) But it was a great game. Both teams worked hard, for 60 minutes, to get to the final 3-2 score in OT. If we didn't win, at least it wasn't a one-sided game where we gave up before the end. I mean, a tie with 25 seconds left? -- it was the most exhilarating feeling!!

I had an amazing time at the bar with awesome hockey friends (and decided on future tattoo plans YAYE MORE STARS~!), and went to Avery's bar after, to console ourselves over the loss. Which is where I got to meet BRANDON PRUST (a recent trade acquisition for NYR), who is really nice and OMG WHY IS HE EVEN CUTER IN PERSON?!

For posterity, I shall record that I made Caty come with me as I tapped him on the shoulder to ask for his autograph. He said sure... to which I (dumbly) was like, "Uh, but I don't have a sharpie..." So he asked one of the bus boys to get him a sharpie! Meanwhile, (to kill time?) he introduced himself, "Hi, I'm Brandon Prust." And then -- again, dumbly -- I stared for a second, thinking "Uh... I know that...", and then gathered my wits enough to say "Oh! Hi! I'm Sara!" Shook his hand and grinned like the idiot I am. The sharpie arrived (thank god) and even though it was blue, and I had on a blue rangers shirt, and he hesitated, I said to go for it anyway, and he signed my chest! YAYYYYY! I then skipped back to my table. Still grinning and 'hee'ing like a fucking moron.

I'm not even exaggerating. I'm even more horribly tongue-tied around people I like/admire. WTF.

Later I thought to myself, "GOD, SARA! COULDN'T YOU HAVE THOUGHT OF SOMETHING EVEN REMOTELY COHERENT, LIKE 'Good luck in Ottawa on Tuesday!' OR SOMETHING?!" I'm going to remember this (and hopefully insert the correct city and day) if I'm in this situation again. And I should apparently just always have a sharpie upon my person.

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Just watched the first 5 episodes of Twitch City. So far amusing, but I'm not dying with laughter or anything. Still, more clever than the usual.

Many of you would recognize a couple of the recurring actors on this show from Kids in the Hall. CKR (yes, this is a CKR-related post) apparently went to high school with Mike McCullough of KITH-fame.

In any case, episode 5 is the first heavily Newbie-related episode and AWWWWW! More cute, even, than funny. Nice to see Curtis actually enjoying himself for a change, you know? If he's determined to be an ass in every episode (as well as Molly Parker's character, Hope, being a pushover), I will soon get bored with it.

But oh god, Newbie and Curtis's TV-challenge was great, and Newbie dancing in the store with Hope is awesome, and also CKR asking HUGH DILLON if there's anything else he can get him, SIR?! Too adorable for words! Especially knowing that they're good friends and the history of HCL they have at that point. And JEEZ, all I can think is-- "this is about as far from Billy that you could possibly get, Callum!"

Can I also note how different (exaggerated, open) CKR's facial expressions are as Newbie?

how I dragged Callum and Hugh into my world of weird-ass dreams. )

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So yes, finally downloaded Battlestar Galactica. So far have seen the 2003 miniseries, and the first two episodes of the first season. LOVED the miniseries. As I've been flitting about the C6D fandom, I knew that CKR was in BSG, but I didn't realize he was in it from the beginning! So when he showed up in the miniseries/pilot/whatever it is, I DIED! Actually, what I did was abruptly throw my hands up in the air and squeee quite loudly.

As I was watching this with Judy, she gave me a look -- you know, like, a WTF-is-wrong-with-you? sort of look.

But I was too happy to have gotten an immediate fix of CKR to be brought down by her scorn! ^_~

I mean, it's not like CKR is the only thing BSG has going for it, of course -- but it helps.

So I've also gone through a couple of other CKR and HD films --

you have not yet SEEN the extent of my problem. but you will. oh, you will. )

And I've got more waiting for me: BSG, Twitch City (13 eps), Curtis's Charm (movie), Durham County (s2/6eps), Californication (s3/12eps).

And here I am listening to the audio track of Hard Core Logo once again. I can't imagine the day I'd ever get tired of it.
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So I'm in the midst of watching Durham County season 1 right now. Which is only 6 episodes per season -- is that typical for Canadian TV?

Started out kinda slow, but not in a boring way. More like a slow build-up, intriguing sorta way. I thought this was going to be a typical episodic police primetime drama thing, but it hasn't been so far. The mystery from the first episode has yet to be solved and I just finished watching the third. And there's some fun, dark stuff going on with Mike, the main character, as well as some issues with his family that are maybe a little darker than you'd usually get in this type of drama. (Though really, I'm not completely sure since I barely watch TV.)

But damn, they really know how to do tension in this show. And when you think they've given you a little relief on one issue, they'll hike it up on another issue. Thoroughly ensnared is what you've become.

It's very well done.

And then, anything that allows me to hear Hugh Dillon's voice for a good length of time can't be all that bad...

Update: Ooooh, hockey fight! (This is why I love Canadian shows!) I can now die happy, having seen Hugh Dillon in a hockey fight. (Which, of course, he won decisively.)

Update 2: 2:46am. Okay, so just finished season 1 and FUCK. GOOD SHOW, HUGH! Also, Mike, I hate your wife, can we get rid of her? Your daughter is freaking awesome, though, good job.

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