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It's been forever since I've posted to LJ... and then along with all the other stragglers I decided now would be a good time long past due to finally import my LJ over to DW. I think all my lj-linked pics are probably broken, but I'm trying not to think about that too hard.

So hey.

I miss talking with fandom in this medium, but I also haven't fallen in love with any particular fandom in quite a while and I feel adrift.
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So the lack of comment subject lines is horrible.

But my current layout uses custom comment pages so that part of it isn't a deterrent for me. The new userpic presentation is annoying (I hope they at least change it back to alphabetical order rather than upload order) but something I'd normally just shrug and deal with.

I'm still staying on LJ because a bunch of my RL friends are on here still (kinda), they're not going to move, and I'm already settled in. But I'm now considering importing and crossposting from DW where before I hadn't. Please subscribe/add me to your circle -- I'm also [dreamwidth.org profile]osaraba there.

But if you're still using LJ to follow friends here, please don't take me off your LJ friends list; I probably won't make the move until February or later as I'm super busy packing and preparing to move to LA and it's just not a top priority for me right now.


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