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Early 2003(?): Three Days Grace at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC.

I'm not sure if this is necessarily the funniest moment I've ever had at a show, but it's a great memory and was hilarious at the time, since I was pretty drunnnnk. It was one of the first shows I'd gone to after being legal to drink. I'd gotten a Midori and vodka (ahaha, back in the days when I actually drank sweet stuff) at the balcony bar upstairs. Angelica and Maryann were with me and Angelica had gotten a drink she didn't like so I drank it for her. Maryann had gotten a screwdriver and was already three sheets to the wind.

At some point Angelica was holding a cup with just ice in it. I was talking and gesturing and my hand came down right on top of hers and made her drop her cup of ice. It was the. funniest. thing. ever. I couldn't stop laughing. Neither could Maryann. Yeah, we were super drunk. Ah, it was sort of the best feeling in the world, though.

After that we went down to the main area. I seriously had to hold onto the railing for dear life trying to get downstairs. It was almost as hilarious as knocking the ice out of Angelica's hand.

List of all days.
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The last two days have been unexpectedly AWESOME! Let's see why:

FRIDAY NIGHT [livejournal.com profile] hockeysaurus was visiting NYC and WE GOT A SUPER SEKRIT TOUR OF THE NHL OFFICES! Basically it was just too awesome to describe in words.

Here, have a few pics instead. )

SATURDAY AFTERNOON I bought a new laptop. Ahahaha. My old one is 5 years old and really should be lasting a bit longer than that but it's doing this thing where it's REALLY SLOW for like an hour and thereafter runs normally for 5 minutes broken up with 2 minutes of lag. It doesn't seem like a virus and it's actually not an overheating thing either; my mom thinks its the heads. Whatevs, time to get a new one before I can't even turn it on anymore. At least I had time to backup the new data/etc.

So this new laptop is TEENY TINY. Well, for a laptop. Toshiba Portege, 3 lbs, 13.3" widescreen. My old one was a 14" so I know I'm going to be adjusting to the reduction in screen size but I decided the super light weight was worth it. It's kind of the perfect middle ground between a laptop and a netbook. I'm sad it's a single core processor but I'm pretty sure I don't run many big memory-consuming programs simultaneously.

SATURDAY NIGHT was Choley's going away party; she's leaving NYC for medical school in DC. SAD. The only reason I'm not more heartbroken is because DC is relatively quick and easy to get to from here, so I plan to visit her as often as I possibly can.

I was unexpectedly plastered last night and also had an unexpectedly good time!

Things of note:

- Wingo (my new favorite ex-bartender from Whiskey Brooklyn) showed up for a brief moment and bought a couple of us a round of whiskey.
- Also, I felt pretty bad (read: horrified) about it.
- Drunk tweeting.
- OMG I don't even remember tweeting this.
- My drunken ranting about netspeak to Judy while waiting in line at Pommes Frittes at 3:45am. JSYK they close at 4!
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This is very possibly my favorite picture of Spencer Smith ever. Except maybe the one in my icon. Between the two, I dunno, it's a close call.

In other news, I drank for about 9 hours today and it was fabulous and also lovely. I love everyone at Whiskey Brooklyn and intend to go back for as long as my liver can possibly stand. [livejournal.com profile] cathybites and [livejournal.com profile] honeymull were lovely companions with whom I spent NOT ENOUGH TIME, and Liz, Juliet, Shubha, and eventually Judy rounded out the awesome time I had. I really wish [livejournal.com profile] honeymull didn't have to go back to Chicago so soon because I have ALL THE FUN when I spend time with her. She sympathizes, and makes fun, and talks about Panic! At The Disco with me, and then also collaborates on crack AU fic where the horrid band Coldplay ceases to exist!

*waits forever for this fic to actually be written*

ETA: LOL GUYS, despite how I sound in this lovefest of a post, I WAS STILL REALLY DRUNK. Ahahaha, when I woke up this morning I didn't even remember posting this until I saw the comment emails in my inbox. T_T
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...but this weekend I've been sort of bouncing off the walls, full of energy and excitement and fun! (Which, let me tell you, hasn't happened in longer than I can remember.)

overly excited babble about how much I enjoyed my weekend! kind of just for posterity... )

So basically TL;DR: everything was cinnamon schnapps and nothing hurt (including my busted knee) and THIS WAS ME ALL WEEKEND:

OMG I don't want to have to go to work tomorrowwwwwwwwww. T_T

ETA: Awesome thing I can't believe I forgot to note was that when we were walking to the car on Sunday morning we passed some guy who had just come out onto the front stoop of his building and I noticed he was wearing a The Sword band tee. I wanted to say something, and hesitated for a moment, but I was kind of like, well fuck it, I'm happy, it's sunny, I'm SO in the mood to go to a concert and I'm SO looking forward to The Sword show in September-- so I said, "Hey, are you going to see them in September?" He was surprised and like, "what?" "The Sword -- your shirt..." "Oh! When are they playing?" "In September, with Kyuss!" "I didn't know! That's awesome, I missed the one that they rescheduled last year!" "Oh man, that one was so good, sorry you missed it! Hope to see you in September, then!"

The whole exchange put a huge smile on my face. I think AJ possibly thought I was adorable like a child. Hee.


Mar. 30th, 2011 03:05 pm
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Tomorrow after work I'm taking the Bolt bus to Boston for [livejournal.com profile] muskratjamboree, henceforth to be referred to as "ratjam" which I picked up from somewhere I don't recall.


I haven't looked at the schedule of panels or programming, but this is what's on my mental schedule:

4. GO TO THAT TRANSGENDER PANEL (for real, I have to find out what day/time it is)

I will unfortunately be missing both the Isles and the Flyers games completely since I'll be on the bus there and back for both. Does Bolt Bus have free wi-fi? Maybe I can stream it... I'd actually prefer a radio broadcast, but I don't know where to find an audio-only stream that I can load on my iPhone. =/
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my trance-like state this week )

last week's music stuff, including the many times i was full of rage and wanted to punch people )

Um. Yeah. I just started typing and this all came out.

In thoughts completely unrelated and somewhat happier-- did everyone get to see the Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother short film with Tom Hardy waggling his dick around? And yes, I mean that literally. He waggled it. Like eyebrows. CUTEST. THING. EVER. The video is no longer available on YouTube, of course, and at the time I thought I should save the video to my hd but I didn't do it because I had to run and now it's too late. If you have a copy, please send it my way-- there are people I need to show it to!

OLD NEWS: JGL has been confirmed as Alberto Falcone for TDKR and I will HAPPILY DEVOUR ALL THE BANE/FALCONE FANFIC (and variations thereof) EVER. Basically, GIVE ME ALL THE SERIAL KILLER FIC. ALL OF IT. I'm excited for the possibilities, but I'm also content to wait til 2012 for the explosion. As I'm barely keeping afloat as it is, juggling a million and one Inception WIPs and trying to explore Merlin fic. GDI Merlin fandom, stop being so awesome.


ETA2: Good recs and best description of dubstep (at bottom): http://www.side-line.com/forum/threads.php?id=37198_0_20_0_C
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Nov. 24th, 2010 03:00 am
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OMG DRUNK AND FALLING ASLEEP AT COMPUTER. Oh, Sunswick, ILU and the bartenders and teh owner. <3




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Kris (cute Scottish bartender) and Derek (bartender who cheats on bets) are awesome guys to hang with while watching playoffs games! Also, I drank so many more drinks than I actually paid for. Which is always awesome. Though I suppose now I'm karmically paying for them because I feel like crap today.

Did not work on any fandom things this weekend, unfortunately. I'm still thinking about that RayK/Fraser/Lew thing and will definitely work on it this week!

Relatedly, in a moment of scared shitless; why the hell am I doing this, I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] meresy's C6D Porn Tag. Yay? The minimum is 300 words, so I figure I should be able to write something that short even if I go crazy with insecurity over it. Have not written slash pr0n in YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS, WHAT.
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Yuenglings in Hoboken are $3 -- ALL NIGHT! As in, not only at happy hour! How awesome is that? I tried a tequila that had an interesting smokey flavor. In tequila, at least, I prefer the smooth flavor of Patron, so this was not my thing, but it was cool to try. It was kind of odd going out drinking with two guys who were 10 and probably 20+ years older than me, but it was all good. Cool conversation and lots of fun! Finishing it all up with a double shot of Jack was a particularly nice way to end the evening at 3am.

Also, MONK'S, I LOVE YOUR SPICY CHICKEN WINGS! They're amazingly spicy. Which means most of you would all die if you ate them. SO AWESOME! <3 I cannot wait to go back when I'm in Philly again next week!!!

Caught up on Supernatural last night. (Don't worry, no spoilers!) OH EM GEE. Episode 17 is full of win, though I wish we could have had a few more minutes of playing dumb before the revelation. The beginning of episode 18 is FUCKING AWESOME! FANSERVICE!!! I was absolutely DYING with laughter and SQUEEEEEEEE! There was SO MUCH squee, you would not believe it!

upcoming schedule )
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Everyone's saying this Katsu was "not the best Katsu ever, but..." But I'd say it went similarly to last year for me. I worked 10 hours on Friday, 10 hours on Saturday, and 5 hours on Sunday, followed by driving back to NYC. After breaking down the booth each day, I went to hang out/party with friends until 3:30/4am each night. IT WAS PRETTY FUCKING AWESOME. I've got no complaints -- this is exactly what I was looking for out of this con.

I would have liked to hang out with NA more, and meet some of Judy's new friends, but instead I hung out with some new people -- Jon and Patches -- and CUBE!, whom I don't usually hang out with at cons, but which I obviously must rectify because he's a ton of fun! And this was IMMENSELY enjoyable. =D

I also didn't get totally wasted, but I had a nice buzz going on Saturday night, thanks to Rymel and his delicious concoctions. My additional flask of gin did come in handy, though.

Thanks again to Yoshi, Jerry, Sean Kelly, Cube, John, and Rymel for helping out at the booth -- we couldn't have run as smoothly as we did without you guys! =D

Memories of note:
  • driving to VA
  • meeting Jon
  • working all of Friday
  • going out to that 24hr diner with the scary waitress with the shakes who kept holding the menu up between her face and Jim's
  • conversations with Yoshi and Jerry
  • walking back to the hotel alongside the highway, between the trees and the concrete, with Jim leading the way with his flashlight
  • bumping into Jon, Cube, and Patches and acting silly, chasing each other around. I want some of those pics, Cube!
  • working all of Saturday
  • wearing those awesome rockabilly Penthouse shoes!
  • killing Jerry at Uno at the maid cafe
  • chatting with Jon, Cube, Jim and Peter at the Valentine Ball
  • running into Peter again at the bar, mooching booze off of Rymel
  • slapping Jerry on the ass to wake him up... with Jim taking pictures
  • randomly talking to some army guy at the bar, and Nikkia, whom I know I've met, but have no idea where/when
  • hanging with Cube, Judy, Anna in the bar area, and then tripping over nothing, slightly twisting my ankle, but not having anyone notice but Cube. ^_~
  • stumbling back to the room, giggling and happy
  • being really warm that night
  • driving back to NYC on Sunday, getting lost for a while in DC, but then making up for it by going 80 later
  • eating an Angry Whopper at a rest stop (which tasted 5x better than the one I had in the city)
  • singing along to mid-late 90s alternative music with Sean Kelly *high-fives!*
  • having Monday off from work, but making myself super-exhausted anyway
  • literally spending less than $20 for the whole weekend
  • not having to return Jim's car 'til last night!

All I can say is -- NEXT YEAR, THE GAYLORD!
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If we have NA on Wednesday at WR, I'll be able to meet up after class. If NA is this Thursday I won't be able to make it as I'm going to meet up with a few old friends after work at the highly praised Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden in Astoria for food/drinks.

If anyone is interested in joining me at the Beer Garden on Thursday, you're more than welcome. It's right off the Astoria Blvd stop on the N/W line, which is about a 20-25 minute train ride to/from the midtown area.

philly recap )

Anyway, I leave you with this quick cell phone pic of my new tat. It says "w;t", because I like the word "wit": what it means and how it's used. The semi-colon is a reference to John Donne poetry (which I love), by way of this play (which I saw when I was 17 or 18, and also love).

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Watched the Rangers vs. Chicago game. ! Even better because Cube and I chatted throughout! Entertaining. They won 4-2, and are now at 3-0 in the regular season. They haven't gone 3-0 since the 1989-90 season. SWEET CAROLINE! BAH BAH BAHHHH! =D Need to do that more!

Went dancing in Astoria industrial club. Music was pretty good early on, some parts were boring (as expected), but overall better music than Contempt. Fewer people, which was not so good and slightly lame/boring. =( But, SO CLOSE! Freaking 15-minute train ride from my house, which is OMG awesome!

Link joined me at around 1:30am, which made it not boring anymore. =D

I'd bought a bottle of water while waiting at a 24hr Dunkin' Donuts at the corner near the N train. Only drank half of it and on the way back to the club I put it down on a stack of construction materials.

Got some shots of tequila. Nice bartender. After dancing for an hour or so and then coming back toward the bar, the bartender lifted the tequila. When I said I didn't have enough to buy another shot, he poured one for me -- on him. <3 I found out his name is Percy. ^^;

Walked Link to the N train and we talked for like 45 minutes before finally saying goodnight. On my walk back over to the R train I passed by that stack of construction materials and picked up my water bottle. Hahahaha. Finished it up on my way home.

All in all, an UNwasted night. I always feel so accomplished when I get home at 5am. =D
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This whole weekend was pretty sweet.

saturday )

sunday )

There was a guy sitting on a stoop about 15 feet away from us and we got into a conversation about the coolness of the building. He'd been waiting for a friend to show up, but meanwhile Alex and I were going to take a picture of ourselves, so he offered. What followed was hilarious in its similarity to a sit-com! We were under some construction and backlit, so we were in complete shadow in the pictures, so Alex tried to put on force-flash, but the guy didn't hold the shutter down long enough or whatever, so it didn't go off. Meanwhile, the friend he was waiting for (whom he hadn't seen since junior high!) showed up and they hugged and then he continued trying to take our picture. Like TEN TIMES before the flash finally went off! Then the friend introduced herself (Cat), probably thinking we were all friends -- but the guy said we were total strangers! Then Alex introduced himself and I introduced myself and the guy introduced himself (Danny). So we all were very polite and slightly awkward (in a self-acknowledgingly amusing way) in our introductions, and then basically parted ways, wishing each other good day/luck/etc.

What an awesome random occurance! <3

I have to say, I have always had the most interesting, positive, stranger-related experiences when stopping to admire or discuss art in general, and modern/contemporary art in particular.

After walking Alex to the E, I ended up walking back over to St. Mark's to meet Liz. Like I said, lots of walking this weekend -- and it was quite pleasant -- even if the pedestrian traffic along Broadway was absolutely crazy and like night and day in comparison to my walk only 12 hours earlier.

Pun intended, of course.

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Just got home.

The bus ride to Duff's was indeed 30 minutes each way, and is OH SO CONVENIENT! Williamsburg has never been so accessible~! Though there's never been so much a reason as this place. A dive bar with the best music, cheap drinks, and a cool bartender named Tracey -- with awesome tats -- that waves to Liz and Juliet for coming back, and kisses us all goodbye. ^_~

I'm definitely going again.

Also, not-bad Mexican food at San Loco is a good way to end the night.

Okay, sleep now.
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They have a metal bar.

As in, they play metal all the time.

How awesome is this?!


In addition, the Q59 (which runs all night and stops a block away from my apartment!) goes pretty close to it! (It might take 45 minutes 30 minutes -- I checked! -- but it's probably a lot more relaxing than taking the V to the G to the L.) I also checked with a coworker-friend who's familiar with the area, and -- if I have the car -- there's apparently PLENTY of parking.

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Okay, so it's my facebook status AND I had to use it for my LJ subject. It's SUCH a good line, though! Points if you know where it's from! ^_~

Saturday was Chris's birthday tromp through the city. Was a beautiful day, lots of fun, and how do I love thee, Dallas-BBQ-"Texas-sized"-margaritas-with-an-extra-shot-for-an-additional-dollar. Or, as Chris says, drinks "the size of my head". I had a great time hanging out with the usual suspects and a few of the unusual ones as well.

Sunday was quite nice -- a relaxing day at home, I filled up the front tire of the bike with air and took a quick and not-too-taxing ride (with Judy on her rollerblades) over to the supermarket. Maryann was working on Morgan's plushie at home while the entire (non-extended) Lord of the Rings played on the TV in the background.

Side note: TNT's advertising for their channel is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!! Have you seen it? It makes me glad I rarely turn on the TV! It's something about more... whatever, LESS COMMERCIALS. OMG! "LESS" COMMERCIALS?!?!?! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. they played that commercial (which was EVERY COMMERCIAL BREAK, for over 10 hours), I winced. It was like an arrow shot straight into my grammar-loving heart. SO PAINFUL I COULD CRY. I would rather have more commercials than an ad that says "less commercials." Or, even better, actually having fewer commercials. ;_;

I wanted to do nothing that weekend, and still I failed. I want to have a weekend where I do MORE of nothing. Though I doubt that will happen... until November? I'm going to schedule some weekends of DOING NOTHING in November. Those weekends can be days when other people come over to MY HOUSE and watch TV/anime/whatever or play video games or chat or stare into space while sitting next to me. SOUNDS LIKE HEAVEN.

So tonight... NIN CONCERT~!
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Weekend recap? Saturday was cool-- a nice, lazy day at home. Haven't had that in forever! Morgan came over and we had a little sewing party. I didn't do much sewing other than making some fabric I picked up into curtains for my huge-ass window wall in my room. Sheer purple and blue. (OMG Sharon -- I just realized, PURPLE AND BLUE! I didn't even do it on purpose!) So they can still be seen-through, but I don't care since it gives my room color but the sunlight still gets through. I'll obviously have to change them to a heavier fabric for the winter, but that's still far enough away.

I still haven't posted any pics or talked much about the new place, though I absolutely love it here and was just thinking how awesome it is to have my own place. And this much fucking space! I was suddenly overcome with a feeling of *OMGSQUEE*; I promise to post pics soon.

Sunday was a cosplay event at Kinokuniya, which I did not really attend. It was way too crowded in there for me to tolerate, so I waited outside with Chris, Sean, AJ, Carrie and others. Judy and I met up with Kelly when she texted and went for dinner with a whole bunch of people. Dinner was pretty cool and Kelly, Judy and I rounded off the night with some drinking at the Tower bar. I got home way too late for a work night, but you know it was worth it. ^_~

Woke up super tired and ended up leaving my cell phone at home. I was pretty useless at work, though I did have a bit of a second wind at some point. But today Katie came down, so she, Kelly, Judy, Maryann and I went to have dinner. Liz and Juliet joined us for more drinking fun!

So Judy and I were on the train going home sometime around midnight. And the best part of that ride home was when THE BUM WHO WAS SLEEPING ON ONE OF THE 3-SEATERS UNZIPPED HIS PANTS AND PISSED ON THE FLOOR OF THE CAR. WITHOUT EVEN GETTING UP FROM HIS LAYING-DOWN POSITION. Yeah, I love New York. (I actually say that without sarcasm.) And I love New Yorkers, who took it in stride, other than a few of them moving a couple of seats away and making sure their legs were stretched out so that the stream of piss didn't hit their shoes.

Okay, sleep now. I'm tired. Boo. =(
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As I'm sure several of you have experienced today -- Sean the Stampede must be insanely bored over in Nashville. He randomly texted me and as I happened to have been in Nashville on business for a week a few years ago, I told him about a bar I went to where they had amateur boxing. Wise? Maybe not.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me remember the stupid name of this bar. I've tried to look it up online but still can't find it! It certainly may have closed by now -- who knows how long bars last in Nashville?

In any case, I came across a bar that could be it -- Bar Nashville -- so I sent him the address.

At the very least -- the internets say that they offer 3 beers for the price of one on Friday nights!

Maybe that wasn't the best thing to tell him....
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NYCC 2008 was quite a bit more fun than NYCC 2007. And not just because I knew more people that attended, either.

nycc details -- loooong recap )

Judy and I took a few turns around the artist alley, and then were done for the weekend. Went to eat and shop and then left the city at 7pm (amazingly early for me!) to hang out with Liz at home. I watched the last 3 episodes of Supernatural, so I'm now completely up-to-date (and I've heard that the next one airs this Thursday?).

Next post I'll have to do updates on JoCo, Supernatural and Dresden Files, I think.

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