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I went to see a movie screening of Danny Boyle's Frankenstein last night with [livejournal.com profile] elipie (with Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Frankenstein and Johnny Lee Miller as the creature). I think it was well-written, amazingly acted, and wonderfully designed and directed. But the rape scene was unnecessary. Considering that there were already several instances of rape-imagery wrt "Mother Nature", you will find it hard-pressed convincing me that the rape scene was anything but gratuitous. So while I would have said that I enjoyed the play immensely, that really did take something away from it.

Relatedly, however, I had awesomely gruesome dreams this morning, and I must credit the play for doing a great job in riling up my subconscious! And, to be fair, Primus. Because I left Primus playing while I slept, so I'm sure the music had a good amount of influence as well.



As a side note: I don't consider this dream to be a "nightmare" so I'm curious if anyone else does/would? I suppose I don't partly because it wasn't scary even though it was sort of horrible. But I dunno, even with the few dreams I've had as an adult where I've actually felt scared, I was somewhat lucid (I knew I was dreaming) and begged myself not to wake up so the awesome dream could continue. And mostly that worked to a certain degree.
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For my dreams last night as I watched Trainspotting and then started to read his novel Filth just before falling asleep.

To wit:

I have a dream around 5am when I'm woken up by a fucking phone call -- a NYC number I don't recognize -- and once I've figured out that I'm going to let it go to voicemail, I've already forgotten the dream. But it was something with a complex adventure plot. Sigh, I love those.

Next dream: A woman gives birth to twins by different fathers; raises them separately (one of the fathers was married), and doesn't tell the twins about each other. They live in the same area so end up at the same elementary school. This isn't a variation on The Parent Trap, however, and they're fraternal twins who don't look all that much alike so they never realize they're related.

The dream then alternates between me pushing one of the twins' baby carriages while talking to the mother (I was never able to determine who the other twin was being raised by), and being a sort of fly-on-the-wall POV inside her house (in which the walls were painted in shades of yellow and green).

The last bit of this dream was just those last two alternating scenes before somehow segueing into a good five minutes of me trying to remember the word "rugelach" and imagining myself texting Rich to ask "what's the name of that kosher fruit cookie that starts with either an 's' or a 'ch' sound?" In the dream I kept saying "Schenectady" and "hamentashen" and then chastising myself, annoyed, because those weren't the right word.

Ahahaha, I'm glad I (eventually) remembered it (around 10 minutes after waking up) because clearly the word doesn't start with either of those sounds, though I was positive it had a "ch" sound in it somewhere.

You may ask why I was trying to remember the word rugelach; I certainly did. If you figure it out, please let me know because I haven't had rugelach in years and nothing has happened lately (or even a long while ago!) to prompt the thought of it!
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ghost!hagelin/dubinsky!!!!!!!!!! (what even....?)

dubi is getting fucked by a ghost he can't even see and he likes it. but then he angsts over it and says something about it being ~7 years since he'd "felt this way" (angry/hurt/scared) but he says it all angry and accusing and maybe it has something to do with not knowing who the ghost is. and hagelin says "yeah, just like last time" -- referring to the one and only other time they'd fucked, before hags died. so then I suppose Dubi figures out the ghost is hags but hags is hurt and has already disappeared. like ghosts do, I guess.

poor bbs! how did I even dream this one up?!

good to know dubi's still in character in my dreams tho. douche.

also, there was soooo much oral in this dream. so much.

maybe I've been inspired by looking through all the SINTE prompt pics!!!

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just woke from a horrific dream where I'd recently gotten a tattoo on my forearm that had a teddy bear and a small H below it (wtf?!) and it was somehow a Washington capitals tat (WTAF?!).

but that's not even all!

I was cooking in the kitchen with Judy, making something in a wok, and I burn myself pretty badly over the tat. which is really fucking painful though I only feel a bit of it. I run it under the cold water and then start cursing because I'm supposed to pick up Liz from her after school program and I'm going to be late. only thing is, Liz hasn't been in an after school program in about 14 years so wtf?! i want to ask judy if she can pick up liz for me, but it seems a bit weird somehow. then I think of texting her to go home herself and while that seems fine it feels utterly wrong.

the tat is as ugly as sin but I'm just glad the burn overlapped only the small H and some of my un-inked skin, and not the rest of the tat.


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So I was just dreaming that Brendon could turn into a little black cat with green eyes and Spencer had the ability to transport and float.

The one woman in my dream was a single adoptive mother of three, two of which were twins, and all of them rascals. I don't know why none of them ever realized that Brendon was the cat, but it took the whole dream for her to finally have that realization-- and it sort of took Spencer pointing it out.

What's really interesting is that Spencer (who looked exactly like his neatly-trimmed, conflicting-patterned-outfits, Pretty. Odd.-era self -- pretty much exactly like this, fucking UNF) was totally interested in the woman but stayed away because he thought she was interested in Brendon.


The woman -- unfortunately I never named her, and I was only in her POV some of the time -- was, of course, interested only in Spencer, but she'd always ask about Brendon because the kids had so much fun with him (insert scenes of kids frolicking with Brendon here) and they all missed him. And then she'd, like, snuggle with the cat. So Spencer thought she knew. But, no.

And then there was this weird section of the dream where the woman was walking through the elementary school yard/park where I actually went when I was little, and some sort of mini-fair (like a bake sale?) was happening, and Angelica/[livejournal.com profile] koyappi was there (where she was trying to get Spencer's drumstick signed so she could sell it) and Vijay (a former coworker/still-friend) was also there (I'm not sure WHAT he was doing there, actually).

Anyway, the woman saw the drumstick and got all sad that she didn't have anything of Spencer's signed and that he never hung around even when Brendon would show up to play with the children. (Possibly I was projecting some of my own feelings onto this woman, ahahahaha...) She walked home (which had the same entranceway as my old apartment building across the street from the elementary school yard, but in the dream was actually a two- or three-story house rather than a 7-story apartment building) and found Spencer floating in her doorway.

Yeah, actually floating? Leaning his back and shoulder against one side of the doorjamb with his legs crossed at the feet and stretched past the other side of the doorjamb-- as if he was sitting up in bed with his legs out. He had the smirkiest smirk you've ever seen on his face; arms crossed. This is when he sort of leads the woman to the realization that Brendon is the cat. Clearly Spencer can't read minds, but I wonder how he was tipped off to her mood? It could've been Brendon, I suppose.

In any case, Spencer looked delicious and flawless and sort of bitch-facey, as always, and I wanted to devour him and also to push him and the woman together and tell them to stop being idiots and look, Brendon's right there so tell him to stop fooling around and take the children out so these two can have some alone time.

I don't understand why, if I'm having a HET dream about Spencer, I couldn't at least have BEEN THE WOMAN. My own dreaming mind is cockblocking me, WTF.

Now that I woke up to write this all out, maybe I can get back to sleep for a couple of hours... =/
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I just woke up from this random dream where I was at a convention (I think). More specifically I was at a panel about metal (music) in a classroom in a high school. There were like 10 guys in band tees at the front of the class facing the "audience" who were sitting at the desks as well as lined up along the back wall, where I was standing.

I don't know what the panelists were saying, but we were all talking about music and it was pretty cool, or at least I remember being interested in the conversation. (Although considering it's my own dream, that sounds a bit conceited, doesn't it, hahah.) The panelists had brought like three bags full of band tees that everyone was free to take from, which is awesome and not something that any panel I've gone to IRL has ever done.

At the end of the panel I went up to the bags and noticed a tee that looked pretty small, opened it up and it turned out to be a Metallica ...And Justice For All BABY ONESIE, though the base color was blue instead of black, but it did have the blind justice with scales lady on it.



WHAT. THE ACTUAL. FUCK. How does my brain even come up with ridiculous stuff like "cutedorable"?!

Things to note:

1. I'm going to Morgan's baby shower today, so this isn't as weird as it could've been.
2. BRIAN SMITH WAS THERE. That obnoxious dude you know from working east coast anime cons. WHY WAS HE IN MY DREAM. Upon awakening, THIS PART IS MORE DISTURBING THAN ANYTHING ELSE. BRB, CRYING NOW.
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...but this weekend I've been sort of bouncing off the walls, full of energy and excitement and fun! (Which, let me tell you, hasn't happened in longer than I can remember.)

overly excited babble about how much I enjoyed my weekend! kind of just for posterity... )

So basically TL;DR: everything was cinnamon schnapps and nothing hurt (including my busted knee) and THIS WAS ME ALL WEEKEND:

OMG I don't want to have to go to work tomorrowwwwwwwwww. T_T

ETA: Awesome thing I can't believe I forgot to note was that when we were walking to the car on Sunday morning we passed some guy who had just come out onto the front stoop of his building and I noticed he was wearing a The Sword band tee. I wanted to say something, and hesitated for a moment, but I was kind of like, well fuck it, I'm happy, it's sunny, I'm SO in the mood to go to a concert and I'm SO looking forward to The Sword show in September-- so I said, "Hey, are you going to see them in September?" He was surprised and like, "what?" "The Sword -- your shirt..." "Oh! When are they playing?" "In September, with Kyuss!" "I didn't know! That's awesome, I missed the one that they rescheduled last year!" "Oh man, that one was so good, sorry you missed it! Hope to see you in September, then!"

The whole exchange put a huge smile on my face. I think AJ possibly thought I was adorable like a child. Hee.
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coughing up my lungs, mostly. also did I mention the fever and the chills? yeah, so many fun times.

so please forgive me if I was meant to contact you (sorry raven!!!) and haven't!

dreams this morning were exceedingly weird, not surprisingly. I dreamt I called into the office to let my bosses know why I'd be out and ended up going over the explanation several times. gradually the setting changed from being on the phone to driving a car (my parents' old minivan which we haven't had since around 2003 - and it was so odd because the driver's seat was pushed up way too close to the steering wheel and I kept having to adjust it, while driving) and then to being at my old job on the upper east side (the eBay thing) but with one of my current colleagues and my old boss from my current job. still describing exactly how shitty I was feeling.

as an aside, I'm also really sore from the motorhead/clutch concert on Monday where I got the mother of all bruises on my forearm (and I don't normally bruise easily) from the awesome, awesome, fucking awesome mosh pit. this would normally please me except that I'm so sick it's just another thing making me feel so shitty.

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Dream 1: Talk of menstruation! This is sometimes TMI/squicky for some people...? )

Yesterday I was back at my parents' house and going through/throwing away stuff I left in my old room. I ended up going through a lot of Sailor Moon cards and toys and other novelty items and boy, does it bring back memories. I (still) have SO MUCH Sailor Moon memorabilia; and I still want to keep a lot of it. I'm not completely prepared to let go of the stuff that got me into anime in the first place. I also put my six carebears into the donation pile. It's hard to let them go; they're just so adorable!!! But they're not originals or anything, and it's not like I've done anything with them or even looked at them for the last 3 years. And while I like my share of cute stuffed animal-type toys, I need to keep myself to a strict maximum because there's really no reason I should have them cluttering up my house.

Dream 2: Visit to Japan

Anyway, it's not much a surprise, then, that my dream was that I was in Japan again... but it was some sort of school trip? Angelica was there, and Yoshi, and Will ("and you and you and you... and you were there") -- that is, all of us who'd gone to visit Yoshi in Japan twice were reunited. It was an odd dream wherein the four of us where in a school cafeteria of some kind, eating lunch among the students. A few of us went out to a spot on the roof (god, this sounds just like a freaking manga) with some of the Japanese students. Will was speaking in Japanese to some of them -- the cooler looking ones, who had bleached-brown hair and left their uniforms somewhat unbuttoned (clearly I can't even dream outside of manga stereotypes) -- who ignored him at first but then ended up talking to him. I was mostly sitting and trying to catch phrases here and there, mostly unsuccessful as they were speaking in that really masculine slang with that thug-like accent (and which is super hot... AND OMG I'D LOVE TO HEAR KEN WATANABE TALK IN THAT THUGGY ACCENT, YES PLS) and looking up at the clear blue sky.

I went back downstairs -- I think I was going to watch a play or something? -- and ended up running into Angelica again in a maze of crisscrossing staircases. (PENROSE STAIRS, MAYBE? HAHAHAH, WHAT IS MY LIFE?)
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The one where you're naked in public, like school or work or something? I've never had that dream. Until last night. But it wasn't so much public as it was my back yard (though it looked completely different even though IRL instead of having windows, I have a patio door that actually does lead to the back yard). And at first I felt perfectly comfortable. But then I realized the light was on in my room behind me and then there were some random people cutting through my backyard and the next-door neighbors (on the side which IRL there are no next-door neighbors) were sleeping in their huge king sized bed which was out on their patio.

So when I realized all of these things, I tried to back up into my room, but the door was a bit farther away than I realized. Instead, I tried to pull some curtains down and wrap them around me. But I don't think I actually got too far with that.

Instead, my mind must have just been like, Done with this shit. NEXT! Because then I was sitting in some outdoor patio or lounge, maybe a rooftop somewhere. I was dressed in an evening gown (with sequins, which I would NEVER EVER wear IRL, EWWWWW). I was waiting for someone to show up so I could give him something, or get something from him; it wasn't really all that clear at that point. But Eames showed up \o/ and turns out I was giving him back a navy suit jacket that he'd left with me. It was delicious and warm.

But after giving it back, we basically said our goodbyes and went in different directions.

Sigh. My mind is such a tease.

And now for some boring house-related babble... )
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I had THE WEIRDEST dream this morning. It had a semi-post-apocalyptic feel to it. But I was in an area of a city that still retained its slightly upscale feel. The houses still had some luxuries, like an outdoor pool. But everything was overcast and the sky was weird colors. A friend and I were staying at another friend's house. Guess whose? Adam Burish. (Yeah, I have no idea either.)

So the friend (I actually have no idea who this was) and I had to buy some guns. For our own protection? Not really sure. But anyway, we were still going about this relatively legally? Kinda? I knew that Bur had a gun already so I figured he could buy more. But he was out of town, so I texted him to ask his social security number so I could send in an application for two guns. (Yes, I know this is completely ridiculous.)

Meanwhile, I went somewhere underground and brought my gun application with me and the dream changed a bit. I was now in Japan with Yoshi! We were in some underground tunnels and came across a small shop that was selling knives and lighters and stuff. But, you know, it didn't look like something illegal -- it had velvet-lined display cases behind wood and glass and everything! Totally legit except that we were in some underground tunnels. You know how these things go.

Anyway, I was looking at lighters and I asked Yoshi to ask the salesperson how much these particular lighters were. I don't know what the lighters themselves actually looked like, but they each came in a tin box with a slide top, and the part that doesn't make sense -- they had the Montreal Canadiens logo on the tin. Why would I want Habs lighters?! Yoshi asked how much they were and between the three of us we somehow negotiated a price for the two lighters. I feel like they were asking for something like £57 for the two, and we talked them down to £50. Don't ask me why the price was in £ and not ¥.

We started on our way back up through the tunnels when I realized that we hadn't gotten the guns (or submitted the gun applications with Bur's social security number) and took the opportunity to call Bur and see what he was up to; whether he'd be back soon or if I should go ahead and put the order in myself.

And then I woke up. =(
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I had a really weird night last night. Went to bed around 11:30pm, no trouble falling asleep, but I woke up some time around 2am and then couldn't stay asleep for longer than 20 minutes before waking up again. At least until around 4am, when I finally fell asleep for good.

When I woke up the first time around 2am, it was because of a leg cramp, which I tend to get if my legs are cold or if there's a chilly breeze blowing on them. But I didn't have the fan on last night, and my room wasn't cold, so I think it may have been the oddly contorted position I was sleeping in. What's more is that I was having some very weird dream about being at an arena for what was some sort of weird fusion of the NHL Draft and Trade deadline day. Don't even ask me how because I really don't know. I was in the back of a good sized crowd, kind of shifting from foot to foot, trying to get a good view of the ice where there were a lot of Blackhawks players in their throwback jerseys.

I'll interject here to say that I got my Toews throwback jersey in the mail yesterday, so I'm not surprised it was somehow worked into my dream. More on this later.

When I get leg cramps, I usually stand up on the leg in question, it stretches the muscle out and stops the pain. This time, though, I didn't quite wake up enough to realize I was actually having a leg cramp? I mean, I did, but also not enough to stand up? So I just clutched at it (in real life) and dreamt that I was wearing my Hawks throwback jersey and was also on the ice with a bunch of players and this was also somehow part of the schedule of events during the NHL Draft/Trade Deadline. Like some sort of obstacle course run? You know, "Lap 5: Complete Course While Clutching Cramping Leg"? My brain makes up weird shit, I know.

I finally woke up enough (after the pain subsided somewhat) to stand up and walk around on it a little. But yeah, didn't go back to sleep til 4. Was VERY tired this morning. =(

So getting back to the jersey I received in the mail yesterday. I checked the UPS tracking information yesterday during Nerd Avengers dinner and I was overwhelmingly reassured to find that the package had been "LEFT WITH WOMAN". Thanks, UPS.

I was so excited to try it on when I got home, as I was kind of guessing about the size. It fits perfectly! \o/


Wondering about the subject title of today's post? Read Maryann's tweet and my response. /dork
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Started out with... (Liz is going to DIE laughing right now...) Brandon Prust. I dreamt that Prusty joined Twitter... AND eljay. I know I tweeted something to him -- and he @replied to me! Also, in the spirit of keeping my dreams realistic, someone else I know on Twitter, who is slightly stalkery (we all know who I'm talking about, yes?) ALSO tweeted at him and received @replies.

In the meantime, my conversation with Prusty (which sometimes seemed to be on Twitter and sometimes was on LJ) turned into a dirty flirty type of thing... and either he ended up doing really nice, um, Bad Things to me, or he was describing them in the conversation and I was imagining them. Hard to tell the difference as it was all in my head anyway.

I think at this point I woke up a little, because I thought, Ooooh, why am I dreaming about Prust? Wait, this was a good dream, LET ME GO BACK TO IT. And I did. But I could never quite see my conversation with Prust so clearly anymore. I do know that both my and the other stalkery-girl's conversation with him continued, but I couldn't read the words anymore. SADNESS. Still, he was replying to a LOT of people and I wondered how he had so much time to have Twitter/LJ conversations with people.

Then my dream took a weird turn and suddenly I was an employee of a Best Buy-type store, but smaller. We were there early for a staff meeting, but the staff leader or whatever wasn't there yet, so the bunch of us were kind of just milling around. On one of the counters there was a necklace with a very heavy pendant -- kind of in the shape of a large diamond, maybe approximately 1.5-2" across on top. It was covered with a rubber film. I took it and put it on and promptly forgot about it.

We were eventually asked to sit down (there were chairs set up at 3 or 4 8-foot tables) and there was a projector with a power point presentation at the front of the room. And the guy running the meeting (who seemed to be a corporate rep doing like a team building exercise?) was speaking into a microphone, asking questions (completely unlike any team building exercise I can imagine). Reminiscent of school, I was busy chatting with my neighboring coworkers -- there was one from another branch, so I hadn't met her, who had a NANJO KOJI NOTEBOOK! WTF! How I all of a sudden have Zetsuai on my mind, I have NO IDEA! But of course I had to start talking with her about it. I was quite jealous because she'd read the series in the original Japanese. ;_;

This whole time I'd been kind of popping that pendant into my mouth occasionally. What can I say, okay, I have a... thing. Whatever. Oral fixation. Where I like to put things in my mouth chew on things. ANYWAY, I had this sudden realization that OMG that diamond-shaped pendant IS ACTUALLY THE OTHER MICROPHONE THEY'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR. *groan* I took it off and took the rubber film off the pendant STOP LAUGHING and then by flipping the head of the microphone over in its base, it activates the microphone.

I WAS SO EMBARRASSED! Actually, I wasn't really. I was only mildly embarrassed, and mostly didn't care too much. YAY DREAMS! Because if that had happened in real life I would have just died.

There was some more in the dream -- like, during the whole staff meeting scene, I kept kind of scene-switching to my apartment (not my real one) and looking at my blue-curtained windows from the inside (I have black curtains IRL), which were moving in the breeze and revealing a flower pot on the window sill (which I also don't have IRL). And then after a few seconds of looking at that, I'd jump back to the staff meeting scene. So yeah, I have no idea what that's all about.

Also, I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't get to talk more about Nanjo Koji with that girl. And even more disappointed I never got to continue whatever-it-was with Prust. SERIOUSLY.
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Just watched the first 5 episodes of Twitch City. So far amusing, but I'm not dying with laughter or anything. Still, more clever than the usual.

Many of you would recognize a couple of the recurring actors on this show from Kids in the Hall. CKR (yes, this is a CKR-related post) apparently went to high school with Mike McCullough of KITH-fame.

In any case, episode 5 is the first heavily Newbie-related episode and AWWWWW! More cute, even, than funny. Nice to see Curtis actually enjoying himself for a change, you know? If he's determined to be an ass in every episode (as well as Molly Parker's character, Hope, being a pushover), I will soon get bored with it.

But oh god, Newbie and Curtis's TV-challenge was great, and Newbie dancing in the store with Hope is awesome, and also CKR asking HUGH DILLON if there's anything else he can get him, SIR?! Too adorable for words! Especially knowing that they're good friends and the history of HCL they have at that point. And JEEZ, all I can think is-- "this is about as far from Billy that you could possibly get, Callum!"

Can I also note how different (exaggerated, open) CKR's facial expressions are as Newbie?

how I dragged Callum and Hugh into my world of weird-ass dreams. )

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I meant to write it up earlier, but have been busy. It's kind of choppy, but at this point, I'm just remembering the things I wrote some notes about; the memory's not so fluid anymore.

  • Met Leetch & Graves at the skybox. This is because, IRL, a friend of mine met Graves in the skybox at the 1/25 game vs Pittsburgh. (Bitch.) Anyway, in my dream I met Graves first, and I was so nervous and/or starstruck that I couldn't say a thing. I just held something out for his autograph. I couldn't even remember to ask for a photo. Jeez, what an idiot. But he went away and came back with Leetch! But by this time I'd gotten a hold of myself (a bit), and asked for a photo with the two of them. <3 The hockey portion of the test dream was now over.

  • The setting of this portion of the dream was kind of odd. I was "at home" but there were no walls -- mostly "home" was a kitchen area. And was surrounded on all sides by a track. You know, like, for running? I had 4 brothers, all pretty young -- the oldest was around 12, then 8, 4, and a baby at around 1. At first, the boys were black. (Well, just the oldest 3 boys - I'll get to the description of the youngest one in a minute.) Later in the dream they all were hispanic (and the oldest one looked exactly like [livejournal.com profile] koyappi's brother). And then by the end of the dream they looked like the kids from that TV show, Home Improvement; the one with Tim Allen? I could see the oldest one most clearly, with shaggy, dark blonde hair.

  • So at some point before the kitchen scene, the youngest boy was taken away by someone because he's evil. The baby, that is. And did I mention that he had two heads? And that one of them was an elephant and the other one was an octopus? Watching the "kidnapping" was kind of like I was in a movie theater, watching this play out on the flat screen. And I'm not sure if the "kidnappers" were stealing the baby because they were its minions or because they wanted to kill it because it was evil. And did I mention that the baby had 6 arms?

  • So, in the theater, I said to whoever I was with, "OMG! The stunt baby is a Cabbage Patch doll! I need to get that one -- it's SO CUTE!" It (the Cabbage Patch doll) also came with replaceable heads -- not only the elephant and octopus heads, but two other "regular" baby heads. They were, actually, really cute. One of them had a red-and-white striped beanie hat on.

  • Back to the kitchen/track area. My mom was sitting at the circular kitchen table -- stoned -- because of the kidnapping of the evil baby. She wanted him back, but also didn't. In the background, I could vaguely see people running and jogging, but it was all in slow motion. My 3 brothers, who'd been running on the track, dressed in swooshy shorts and tank tops, came into the kitchen. I went over to the fridge to get something to eat for them. First, I looked in the freezer -- where I found the two "regular" Cabbage Patch baby heads (since the baby was using the elephant and octopus heads, of course). I put them back in and closed the freezer. Opened the fridge and took out an apple that I'd sliced earlier. I offered it to the boys, but they refused. The oldest one got angry, and sad, because I'd put the apple in the fridge. He'd left it outside earlier because there was something wrong with the fridge and everything that went into it immediately became rotten or poisoned somehow.

  • There was more, having to do with secret agents crawling through vents -- I think they were trying to either get to the evil elephant-octopus baby, or get to US to get to the evil elephant-octopus baby. But I can't remember that part so clearly, and I think I woke up not long after.

If there was an Elephant-Octopus Cabbage Patch Kid doll (it would probably be a Garbage Pail kid, I suppose) that came with additional interchangeable heads and 6 arms... I would definitely buy it!
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So my dream this morning wasn't anywhere near as weird as the one from yesterday.

Vokoun (Florida Panthers' goalie), nicknamed "The Vacuum" (is that actually right IRL, or did I make that up?), was singing along with Stan Rogers' song, Northwest Passage. He kept getting some of the lyrics wrong and I had to correct him; even tried to look up the lyrics to show him.

I fell asleep with music on, and one of the songs in the playlist was Northwest Passage, so it isn't difficult to figure out where this part came from. Still, I'm really not sure why I dreamt of Vokoun. I don't think I've even seen a Panthers game recently?

There was definitely more, but I can't remember it. =(

In any case, I'm in extreme obsession with this song, Northwest Passage. I just absolutely die over it every time I hear it. Okay, maybe not every time... No, never mind, it actually is every time. Stan Rogers' voice was absolutely amazing, and this song was sung a capella. It references explorers of Canadian history, in... uh... you know, seeking and eventually establishing the Northwest Passages, as well as comparing them (the explorers, that is) to a modern-day traveller/adventurer.

Ahh, it's so beautiful.

Listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVY8LoM47xI
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So this morning's dream was weirder than even my usual weird dreams -- which is really saying something. Its particular strangeness is more in that there were so many things going on, and all so completely unrelated to one another (rather than the weird stuff going on, since I dream about weird stuff more often than not).

It included, in no particular order other than listing as I remember them:

  • alien pr0n -- I think because the last thing I saw last night before going to bed was something on the Discovery Channel about the mating rituals of camels. This included both video of aliens having sex, as well as a whole bunch of aliens running around doing their mating rituals, trying to attract mates. I can't remember what these aliens looked like; I know they were humanoid, but features were kind of blurry and vague.

  • a guy who looked exactly like Christian Bale, who had a tank on his head (like a space suit helmet, but more cylindrical than round) that was filled about a quarter of the way up with dirty water. He was wearing a tight, black leather outfit and insisted that it was his "David Bowie outfit".

  • several trips to the bathroom, but I couldn't go in peace because people kept coming in and interrupting.

  • a girl who came into the bathroom to explain to me how she drove her car onto the roof right above where we were and stopped at exactly this spot. She made a mark on the ceiling where there was a ruler, to show where that spot was. So, she continued, I should have enough room to park my car up there as well. She looked a lot like Katsu.

  • a fashion show of French Renaissance-style, whore-style dresses, complete with wigs and powdered faces and rouged lips. The models were lined up on a ledge, about 3 stories up on a building, where people on the street could look up and see them. There were microphones everywhere, and part of the show was that they each had to say a (rehearsed) line or two into a mic before going to the next person. When it got to the 15th or so model, she completely flubbed the line, and tried to correct herself; flubbed that; the model next to her tried to help her, but she flubbed it too. The person holding the mic glared really hard at both of them and then skipped to the next girl.

  • somewhere on the grounds there was a swimming pool, where nearby, two alien women were kind of attacking some guy. (I say "kind of attacking" because I'm not 100% sure it wasn't part of their mating ritual, and I'm also not 100% sure the guy was all that unwilling...) The other aliens didn't look like these two -- these two were like animated (as in cartoon-drawn) devil-girls. You know: horns, pointed tails, sharp teeth, lavender-purple skin, dressed in black mid-drift shirts and short, black, pleated skirts.

  • just before the end of the dream, someone was fiddling with the Bale-Bowie guy's helmet-tank. Bale-Bowie couldn't get the other person away from him, and this other person ended up draining Bale-Bowie's tank. As soon as the last drop of dirty water drained out of the tank, Bale-Bowie started to gasp. As if he were choking on lack of air (but the water never covered his mouth and nose, so it's not like he was breathing the water when it was in the tank). And then (as if this dream could get any weirder), his face started to melt off as if it had been doused in acid. Then all the rest of his body and skin disintegrated, also as if he'd been dunked in acid. HOWEVER, his leather outfit was still perfectly intact, and his yellowed bones peeked out from underneath. The tank-helmet somehow disappeared. Whether he took it off or it actually just disappeared, I don't know. But then he kind of just shrugged and walked away: a skeleton in a leather Bowie outfit.

Yeah, so. What the hell is up with all that?
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This time my dream was about Theo Fleury. No idea why since I'd finished reading his book several weeks ago.

Anyway, this one was a lot less vivid, less plot, less linear. I can only remember that he was suited up, on the ice, and so was I. I don't know what I looked like, whether I was also in gear, or just regular me, or what. But he kept skating around me and pushing me to certain spots on the ice. Like, "We're doing a faceoff, so stand here." And then, moving me to another position on the ice, "Now stand here." That kind of thing, a couple of times, or for a couple of minutes.

Yeah, that was it. I don't even think there were that many other players on the ice. Just one or two in the background.

I don't claim to know what goes on in my own mind while I'm sleeping. All I know is that it's fascinating.
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By the by, I went to sleep last night (this morning) at 4:45am. When I woke up at 7:30am to get ready for work, I'd been dreaming of rearranging my time schedule in order to make up for lost sleep time -- by highlighting and dragging blocks of seasoned and cooked ground beef around on an Excel spreadsheet.

Yeah, I seriously love my dreams.

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So, as poorest of poor timing tends to go, I have gotten horribly sick -- just when I'm supposed to be helping my parents out, staying at their place, etc. Instead, I have to stay away from their place, so as to not get my father sick. =(

In addition, I feel like death warmed over.

I know I've had a fever on and off, but I haven't taken my temperature because I know it's not too high. The last 2 nights I've taken Nyquil, which I suppose I must thank for allowing me to sleep most of the way through the night. But I also have it to thank for having the weirdest dreams I've had in a while. The first night (Monday) brought repetitious and disturbing dreams. Tuesday night's dreams brought thoughts of people from long ago. People I haven't thought of for the longest time (like an Asian girl named Connie, who I knew in the third grade) and associations I haven't made for equally as long (I always think of white polka dots on a black or red background whenever I think of her). Among other very odd situations.

I stayed home yesterday because I just couldn't bring myself to move. But I watched some movies during my convalecence:

Cypher. REALLY interesting. Not unpredictable, but interesting nonetheless. Unfortunately, I don't have the mental capacity at the moment to describe the film, so I'll just leave you with the link to the wikipedia page.

Tango & Cash. I just love this buddy-cop movie from the early 90s. Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell, and great comedy.

The Golden Child. You just can't go wrong with late 80s-early 90s Eddie Murphy. Stop-motion animation of a dancing Pepsi-can-person? Yes, please. Not sure which came first, but this was a MUCH better version of Big Trouble in Little China (with many of the same actors, even).

The Machinist. Christian Bale is a crazy man. He starved himself for the role, and boy is it disturbing. I enjoyed the film, though I'm ambivalent about it as it seems to be an "all-wrapped-up" version of a David Lynch film. I appreciate the confusion, time-skipping, illusion, allusion, and such -- but in the end, I didn't feel like there was much to think about. Everything was explained. It was kind of disappointing.

If you haven't already seen images from this movie, check it out. They're really all Christian Bale. For real.

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