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Ahaha, so I've been back in NYC for almost three weeks now. It has felt simultaneously much shorter and much longer than that. I've been mostly helping out my mom with my father who's been sick (in and out of the hospital for the last 6 weeks). He's home now and doing a lot better but there are still moments where his stubbornness overrides what little good sense he has and it basically creates a lot of problems for all the rest of us. =/

My first week back I interviewed at the headquarters of the company I was working for in LA. It wasn't an interview for a specific job at first, but the head of Research was looking to create an Audit & Compliance department and because of the apparently glowing recommendations from my boss and the head broker in LA, I'm going to be doing that for them come April 8th.

This is going to be a step up in responsibilities, though -- it's much more of a career-type job than just a work-to-make-money type job. So I'm kind of scared and nervous about it because I'm somewhat of a slacker even though I try not to be. But I'm going to be hired as a consultant for the first few months, which will give us all a chance to see how this works out, on both sides.

So that does sort of throw my Philly plans up in the air for now -- if the job doesn't work out then I can still go to Philly but if it does actually work out... well, it may turn out to be worth staying in NYC for anyway. I definitely have mixed feelings because I really wasn't ready to be back in NYC quite yet. But there's also living with Rich which has been pretty awesome so far. <3

When did my life get so complicated?

I miss LA though.

PAX East in Boston is only 5 days away now. I'm pretty excited to be going to a con with so many friends again. It's been a while. There are a few panels I wouldn't mind attending but you know me, what I'm really looking forward to is the drinking/partying! =DDD It's kind of ridic that Muskrat Jamboree (which I'm not going to, sadly) is going to be like a mile away. I'm going to try to drop by and say hi to people if possible.
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currently on the bus back to NYC from ratjam in Boston. WTF HOW WAS THAT SUCH AN AWESOME FUCKING

1. roomies were actualfax awesome and lovely and fun and ALL THE GOOD THINGS! \o/

2. got to reconnect and actually spend more time with the awesome people I met in Toronto! they were all as lovely as I remembered, and then some!

3. met soooo many new people, all of whom were no less than fucking awesome, fun, squeeful fangirls who somehow (it involved lots of arm-twisting, I assure you -- it was definitely not as simple as "you should come!" "okay!") talked me into attending [livejournal.com profile] minimerlin in Philly next weekend.

4. a sad thing: I thought the last rangers home game was on Sunday so it was not going to conflict with the con but Liz says it's Saturday so I'm going to fucking miss it. aaaargh why was my memory wrong on this?! I was so sure. T_T

5. SO MUCH META AND SO MANY THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS. It's not like I don't know fandom has intelligent thoughts on RL Issues, but I loved hearing about them in person, and hearing people build upon what was said during conversation. I should have taken notes at the sherlock panel (dammit) because there were quite a few things said I hadn't thought of before.

6. someone (whose name I didn't catch) told me she loved my style/look. I.... I was so flattered. SO flattered. style is actually really important to me and I often think my style is only half-hearted because it's very dependent on what's available in my size (and the fact that I have less disposable income now and can't shop like a fiend like I used to) and... anyway, i was so taken aback I could only repeat "thank you". <333

ETA: luce is writing CKR/T-Hard docking fic for my birthday. in return I promised I'd write hellraiser docking fic. WHAT EVEN IS MY LIFE?!!!

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Mar. 30th, 2011 03:05 pm
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Tomorrow after work I'm taking the Bolt bus to Boston for [livejournal.com profile] muskratjamboree, henceforth to be referred to as "ratjam" which I picked up from somewhere I don't recall.


I haven't looked at the schedule of panels or programming, but this is what's on my mental schedule:

4. GO TO THAT TRANSGENDER PANEL (for real, I have to find out what day/time it is)

I will unfortunately be missing both the Isles and the Flyers games completely since I'll be on the bus there and back for both. Does Bolt Bus have free wi-fi? Maybe I can stream it... I'd actually prefer a radio broadcast, but I don't know where to find an audio-only stream that I can load on my iPhone. =/
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So.... I am apparently going to [livejournal.com profile] muskratjamboree?

This is actualfax [livejournal.com profile] spuffyduds's fault as she emailed me to tell me that one registration had just become available!


To the rest of you who are not attending, BOO. BUT! If you're in/around Boston during the first weekend of April, let me know as I will likely be free to hang on Sunday, April 2nd! I haven't been to Boston since Anime Boston in 2004 which was a mixture of one of THE MOST ANNOYING ROOMMATES I'VE EVER HAD, EVEREVEREVER and THE MOST AWESOME PLACE IN THE WORLD as it's where I met the Nerd Avengers (aka, some of my best friends IRL, even though I haven't seen you guys in ages).

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