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As you can see I've been utterly awful in sticking to my plan to update and read LJ. I hope you all haven't given up on me though because I know from experience that it'll pick up again. <3

There have been a lot of awesome things that I've done recently and I really ought to tell you all about them-- like parasailing! and being interviewed for a (silly little) article in the AMNY! and the FUCKING NEW YORK RANGERS ADVANCING THE EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS! But I've got this other thing to post and I promise I'll come back and tell you all about those other things soon. =D

A few weeks ago on May 1st, [livejournal.com profile] thedreamerworld met with Benedict Cumberbatch and Steven Moffat for work-- and got them to wish me a happy birthday. She then sent me the recording via text at which time I proceeded to FREAK THE FUCK OUT (to the extreme amusement of [livejournal.com profile] honeymull, who I was having lunch with). IT WAS PRETTY AWESOME GUYS, NGL. Here's the recording:


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I'd been thinking a little about making a sticky welcome post but with this recent friending meme I decided to actually go ahead and make one since it's not related to any specific fandom and thus broader interests/discussions are relevant.

So, if you're interested you can check that out here: HI NEW FRANDS!

But then I realized that, along with my 30th birthday last month, it was also the 10th anniversary of creating this livejournal (way back in May 2001)! Looking back I felt like there were long stretches where I didn't actually do much with it... and that's not far off, in terms of what I wrote in it and whether I was interacting with people or just recording random things for posterity or, you know, just to hear myself talk.

So I checked my calendar of posts and realized... there were only NINE MONTHS where I didn't post even just once -- out of TEN YEARS on LJ, and they're spread only between 2003-04.

I know plenty of people do posting challenges -- 365 days/year, for example! -- and I can't even commit to doing a 30-day meme in actually 30 days! But lol, have I mentioned how I tried doing that when I got a diary for my birthday when I was six? I'd forget to write in it for a week and then I'd come back and feel like I had to rip out the pages I'd written in because I had to start over. It had to be completely filled in, or in other words, perfect.

I've gotten over that feeling, clearly, but it also makes me happy to know that I've actually stuck with writing in a diary for TEN YEARS. In some ways, it's something I think I've wanted to do since I was a child and didn't quite realize I was already doing?

Ahaha, okay, randomly-introspective!Sara hour is over now.

Ooooooh, look at today's Google logo! It's Takashi Murakami's art! I'm totally getting his flat jellyfish eyes tattooed on my arms (above the elbows) next; I've been wanting that for too long now... I just have to save up some money since it'll probably cost a good $500+.

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Ahahaha, Judy and I were talking over gchat about how people think she's insane, but I reassured her that some people don't mind insanity and she agreed it must be true since I still live with her. Then I said how I think I've gotten more insane as I've gotten older (yes, Sunday was my 30th) -- but also that I care less about hiding my insanity.

Then there was a pause while I checked my flist and saw that [livejournal.com profile] onelittlesleep had posted another fic.

Then there was this explosion:

me: onelittlesleep is fucking amazing, she posts fic A LOT
and all her porn is hot and filthy and WRONG
and delicious
like arthur/igraine

judy: hahaha, oh gosh sara
its a wonder why I still live with you
30 and completely insane

me: ahahahahah wow, i didn't even think about how insane that sounded, but yes it's clearly true

Yeah, I'm that sort of talented person who clearly exemplifies, in the next breath, those characteristics which she had just identified about herself.

Please consider the above chatlog a recommendation to read all of [livejournal.com profile] onelittlesleep's fics, btw. I cannot describe enough how much I absolutely love her writing. She's one of those people who can effortlessly include fucking hot sexytiems into seriously mood-rich, setting-rich writing. She gets dialogue and description and emotion across in a way that... you don't even need plot. They can fucking be cooking a fry-up. I can't get enough of her canon-era Merlin fic; it's replete with scents and sounds and filth and all I want is to roll around in her writing and press her words into my skin forever and ever.

My favorites?
1. The Merlin Le Fay 'verse where Merlin is Morgana's (and therefore Arthur's) younger brother;
2. The girl!Merlin/Arthur 'verse which started out as PWP but then grew a gorgeous plot in the last couple of parts;
3. The Arthur-centric, introspective Prince Regent of Camelot (complete in 2 parts).

And then just go read all the rest of her deliciously hot, filthy, delightfully wrong fic.
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look what you guys are missing! if you're in nyc you're invited. ^_~

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So, doing the photo booth at Acen again this year... of which Sunday is my birthday. Which means my birthday party will be the weekend before. Still not quite sure how I feel about this, but am now resigned to it. =/

It feels really wrong to have paid $275 to be at a con for actually less than 48 hours (even though two-thirds of that will be reimbursed).
Friday 05/20/11:
AA 371 LGA 8:20pm → ORD 9:55pm

Sunday 05/22/11:
AA 350 ORD 5:55pm → LGA 9:10pm
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My birthday weekend was pretty darn awesome, I have to say. I haven't usually made a big deal of my birthday in past years, but I think this was one of the most satisfying birthdays in a while. \o/

Friday was game 3 of the Hawks v Sharks, which they won, and hanging with coworker friends afterwards.

Saturday was meeting up with friends at The Flying Puck to see the Flyers v Habs game, which the Flyers (who I was cheering for) won, and getting an amazing surprise when I checked my email that afternoon -- Maryann was up to her sneaky little email tricks and apparently encouraged a few friends to chip in on my Berlin travel fund.

YOU GUYS ROCK! *HUGS* and THANK YOU to those who contributed!!!! <3 <3 <3

After the game Liz and I went to the Fair to Midland/10 Years/Flyleaf concert. Remind me not to go to another 16+ show because the crowd is LAAAAME. Or maybe it's because Flyleaf sounds like hard rock but it's actually an emo girl band -- because there were way too many emo teenyrockers in the crowd. UGH.

10 Years and Fair to Midland recap )

During the Flyleaf portion of the show, Liz convinced me to go see The Losers since it was still playing at the AMC at Times Square. We went to see the midnight showing, with maybe 10 other people in the theater, and it was FABULOUS. I don't think I've seen a movie with just Liz in a long, long time -- and it was really nice. Not surprisingly, we're on the same wavelength for so many things, and we both found this movie to be SRSLY AMUSING! The plot isn't at all complex or deep, but it's a great movie for humor between characters. Tech Geek Guy with bullets-shoot-out-of-his-fingers! Super Powers, FOR THE WIN! (Not really; but if you've seen the movie, you should know that Liz and I could not stop laughing way after this scene was over.)

Sunday was a nice relaxing day; I went to feed a friend's birds as I usually do on the weekends, and stayed there to take advantage of her 60" HDTV to watch the Hawks v Sharks game 4. THE ONE IN WHICH THE HAWKS SWEPT THE SHARKS FOR THE WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS WIN! 60 inches' worth of the Toews-Kane-Buff line, and watching Duncs get a puck to the mouth and lose SEVEN TEETH, and get back on the ice several minutes later, and playing a total of TWENTY NINE MINUTES ON THE ICE?! Was fucking awesome.

I need me one of those.

...and Bur gets the icon because his face is simply amazing here. <3
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with 10 Years and Fair to Midland!
at Webster Hall
on Saturday, May 22 (my birthday!)
doors 6pm, show 7pm
$25 in advance, $30 at-door


I'm going with Liz, so if you're interested, please come -- the more the merrier! All three bands are ones I like but don't love, don't really even know their back catalog, so. Yep, that means drinks and moshing! WOOT!

I've never seen Flyleaf before, but I did see 10 Years and Fair to Midland when they opened for Mudvayne at the Nokia Theatre a couple years ago. 10 Years had this single, Wasteland, which I like but barely remember. And I really liked Fair to Midland live, though their studio album is just too light for me to listen to.
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Today's XKCD is absolutely fabulous. And so very true (see the hover text).

So in other news, Saturday was full of birthday parties that I only stayed at for a short time (unfortunately). [livejournal.com profile] dressdragn's ice-cream party was lovely -- I really enjoyed getting to hang and chat with the bunch of you! Also, Anna, your watermelon salsa was FUCKING AMAZING AND I NEED TO MAKE IT ASAP! I don't even like watermelon. AT ALL. But this was just delicious!! [livejournal.com profile] loudnbothered, your party was great -- I was especially happy to see people I haven't seen in forever, like [livejournal.com profile] bondagepenguin! John, I love your house, but please get a fan next time you have that many people over in the middle of the summer! Also, meeting [livejournal.com profile] athena_chan was great, especially having convinced her to ditch her own house party and come to the club with me! =D That was a great time, and definitely scheduled for a repeat next month!

Yep, two industrial clubs in two nights this weekend! IT WAS AWESOME. I used to go more often, but haven't been in the mood for the longest time. The second one had a more interesting crowd but I generally liked the music of the first better. Also, did I mention that I ran into tech friends at the end of the first? Unexpectedly awesome. =D Also, did I mention that I got to step on someone? Um, and I'd like to do it again please? I was pretty beat by the end of the second one, though, and had to just say screw it and take a cab home. Left at 3am to get food (delicious falafel) over near Rivington, I think, but I was already on my last legs.

Got up at 1pm on Sunday, which was really nice, considering I'd only had 3 hours of sleep from 5:30 to 8:30am on Saturday. And I didn't do much, though since I was spending the day with my parents, it wasn't as relaxing as it could have been.

And here I am now at work on Monday. Sigh.

Listen people, I'm looking forward to seeing TRON at the Rubin Museum this Friday. COME AND JOIN ME OR DIE!
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So this past weekend -- what did I end up doing?

I said that my cancelled plans had been uncancelled, but that was a bit of a lie. Instead, I WENT TO LONDON FOR THE WEEKEND! A friend gifted me with plane tickets to London to visit my sister, and made me promise not to tell ANYONE until after I got there. INCLUDING MY SISTER. OMG, it was THE MOST HYSTERICAL THING EVAR! <3

My sister was completely surprised. I just showed up on her doorstep -- I literally woke her up Saturday morning at 9:30am by knocking on her door. =D It's a good? thing that security is so lax? Well, I also look like a student, so it's not like I raise any suspicion... also, coincidentally, I had excellent timing. I was worried I'd have to wait a long time to get into her building, but a bunch of guys were going back into the building at the same time I got there so I didn't have to wait at all. Then, as I approached her flat door I heard someone coming out of the bathroom as I knocked; one of her flatmates just opened the door for me. Haha, then I knocked on her door. She told me she came to the door all angry because she thought it was the cleaning lady and that "it was so unnecessary for the cleaning lady to be knocking on my door at 9:30am on a Saturday morning!"


I left Friday after work, so to those who may have called to wish me a happy birthday after around 6pm New York time, my phone was off as I was on an airplane to London by then.

We had an awesome time hanging out, going around. The weather was GORGEOUS! We went to Ministry of Sound and had some issues with American swipe credit cards and UK ATMs... which resulted in Elizabeth getting in for free! HAHAHA! (Unfortunately, the music there is mostly boring...) But on the way back... someone puked on the bus we were on. The guy totally tried to act all nonchalant after, too. Pretty funny.

Liz and I would intermittently turn to each other and ask what I was doing there.

It was a great weekend, and an awesome birthday gift. =D
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Okay, so my Memorial Day weekend is up in the air. I probably won't do San Francisco because at this point airfare is too expensive for that weekend. I'll keep an eye on the last-minute deals, but even if I find something, I still think I'd end up spending too much in SF.

So, the other options are:

1. Stay in NYC and hang out with [livejournal.com profile] loudnbothered, and/or possibly [livejournal.com profile] vash817 and [livejournal.com profile] kitzal, and/or others?

2. Go to Anime Boston, except not really because I'm not willing to pay money for a badge. So, IF I get some crash space with Alex, I'd go to visit Boston (which isn't so bad because I've never played tourist there) and then do room parties at night with [livejournal.com profile] ms_monypeny, [livejournal.com profile] sarielchan, and [livejournal.com profile] thedreamerworld?

3. Rent a car from either Philly, Boston, or DC and do a road trip. (Those places are cheaper to rent from -- approximately $60-80 total.) I think I may not mind doing this by myself if I have to, though I'd prefer having someone along. I prefer renting a car from Philly because it's only a 2-hour bus ride from NYC, so it's quicker than Boston/DC. One of my first thoughts was Philly to Fallingwater in Mill Run, PA. I visited the house when I was 14, but they have a 90-minute grounds tour that I think I'd be more interested in this time around. Then I thought Fallingwater to Durham, NC (say hi to [livejournal.com profile] kitedreams?), then back to Philly. BUT... Durham is pretty darn far, so I think I have to scrap that idea for the time frame I have available.

Anyone have any interesting site recommendations of somewhere within, say 3 hours North/West/South of Fallingwater... OR more than 3 hours, but going in an Easterly direction?

OR any other road trip recommendations? Timing would be Saturday morning (say noon-ish) to Monday afternoon (4pm). I'd want to get back to Philly by 4pm at the latest as I'd still have to take the bus back to NYC after that. That's 52 hours with which to work.

Of course... if someone else wants to come along, the trip would be WAY more fun. ESPECIALLY if that person can drive as well!

A coworker suggested these places: Portsmouth, NH; Burlington, VT; Northampton, MA.

If you have any ideas/suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know!
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2.5 days of friends and costumes )

So on Saturday, on the walk over to the Javits, Judy and I passed this sign, posted on the side street of the construction site across from the Javits that used to have several pillars.

Who knows how long it will take to complete, but I think it's pretty cool. It'll be nice to be able to get farther west/crosstown without taking a bus. Although if I were still living at my parents' house, I might be a bit peeved since this means the 7 train will be even MORE crowded by the time it gets to Grand Central, which means fewer available seats at the MOST IMPORTANT TIME -- Friday or Saturday at 2am, when you're tired and drunk and don't want to stand up all the way to the last stop!

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This whole weekend was pretty sweet.

saturday )

sunday )

There was a guy sitting on a stoop about 15 feet away from us and we got into a conversation about the coolness of the building. He'd been waiting for a friend to show up, but meanwhile Alex and I were going to take a picture of ourselves, so he offered. What followed was hilarious in its similarity to a sit-com! We were under some construction and backlit, so we were in complete shadow in the pictures, so Alex tried to put on force-flash, but the guy didn't hold the shutter down long enough or whatever, so it didn't go off. Meanwhile, the friend he was waiting for (whom he hadn't seen since junior high!) showed up and they hugged and then he continued trying to take our picture. Like TEN TIMES before the flash finally went off! Then the friend introduced herself (Cat), probably thinking we were all friends -- but the guy said we were total strangers! Then Alex introduced himself and I introduced myself and the guy introduced himself (Danny). So we all were very polite and slightly awkward (in a self-acknowledgingly amusing way) in our introductions, and then basically parted ways, wishing each other good day/luck/etc.

What an awesome random occurance! <3

I have to say, I have always had the most interesting, positive, stranger-related experiences when stopping to admire or discuss art in general, and modern/contemporary art in particular.

After walking Alex to the E, I ended up walking back over to St. Mark's to meet Liz. Like I said, lots of walking this weekend -- and it was quite pleasant -- even if the pedestrian traffic along Broadway was absolutely crazy and like night and day in comparison to my walk only 12 hours earlier.

Pun intended, of course.

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Okay, so it's my facebook status AND I had to use it for my LJ subject. It's SUCH a good line, though! Points if you know where it's from! ^_~

Saturday was Chris's birthday tromp through the city. Was a beautiful day, lots of fun, and how do I love thee, Dallas-BBQ-"Texas-sized"-margaritas-with-an-extra-shot-for-an-additional-dollar. Or, as Chris says, drinks "the size of my head". I had a great time hanging out with the usual suspects and a few of the unusual ones as well.

Sunday was quite nice -- a relaxing day at home, I filled up the front tire of the bike with air and took a quick and not-too-taxing ride (with Judy on her rollerblades) over to the supermarket. Maryann was working on Morgan's plushie at home while the entire (non-extended) Lord of the Rings played on the TV in the background.

Side note: TNT's advertising for their channel is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!! Have you seen it? It makes me glad I rarely turn on the TV! It's something about more... whatever, LESS COMMERCIALS. OMG! "LESS" COMMERCIALS?!?!?! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. they played that commercial (which was EVERY COMMERCIAL BREAK, for over 10 hours), I winced. It was like an arrow shot straight into my grammar-loving heart. SO PAINFUL I COULD CRY. I would rather have more commercials than an ad that says "less commercials." Or, even better, actually having fewer commercials. ;_;

I wanted to do nothing that weekend, and still I failed. I want to have a weekend where I do MORE of nothing. Though I doubt that will happen... until November? I'm going to schedule some weekends of DOING NOTHING in November. Those weekends can be days when other people come over to MY HOUSE and watch TV/anime/whatever or play video games or chat or stare into space while sitting next to me. SOUNDS LIKE HEAVEN.

So tonight... NIN CONCERT~!
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I hope to be able to say that seeing Indiana Jones 4 was the best birthday EVAR. But I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high because who knows how it'll be. I will probably enjoy it nonetheless, but we'll see.

Neglected to mention that last Saturday I met up with Judy, Chris, Carrie, and John in the city briefly and Judy and Carrie presented me with a FREAKING AWESOME GIFT! My very own pillow-sized WEIGHTED COMPANION CUBE! I seriously cannot wait to move into the new place, if only to be able to put this out on the living room couch. Seriously. =D But I still want the cube "dice" because one day I will have a car and those are going to dangle prominently!

Judy gave me another little gift which is almost equal in its awesome nerdiness! A STAR TREK FLASK! It's engraved with the Star Fleet symbol. HOW AWESOMELY NERDY IS THAT?! I absolutely love it!

A few weeks ago, Maryann bought me the cute ring I wore to Jorgan's wedding. Which is cool because I wanted it a lot and never wear rings -- or any jewelry, really -- so it's something I never would have bought for myself. Yaye~!

Liz bought me some clothes I'd wanted. So I have to be good now and not go shopping anymore since I'm supposed to be saving for the move. Really. No one let me go shopping. Srsly.

Late this Saturday night a couple of people from high school are getting together for drinks and reminiscing, so I'm looking forward to that. But it'll be late-late, like 11pm, so I'll still have time for other fun events this 3-day weekend! My first 3-day weekend where I WON'T be working at a con or other such madness!
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So Indiana Jones 4 is being released in theaters on May 22nd -- my birthday. Obviously, it was fate.

I'm going to the 6:30pm show at the Regal E-Walk theater at 42nd Street between 7th & 8th Avenue. I've already bought my ticket through fandango.com because I do NOT want to miss this show!

I recommend also using fandango if you want to join me -- so we can be sure to be at the same showing. I don't know if this will sell out, but I don't want to take the chance. Here's the link -- click on the 6:30 show: click.

[livejournal.com profile] nerd_avengers, NoE -- please let me know whether or not you'll be joining me!

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I've been meaning to post since yesterday morning, but work got in the way. Very busy right now, unfortunately. Though I'm not really complaining -- I generally prefer to be busy at work than not ('cause then I end up feeling vaguely guilty).

busy weekend; lengthy recap )

Like I said, fun times.
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Real dead bodies; preserved in a polymer, free-standing (as in, NOT BEHIND GLASS CASES!) and amazing. You could get this close!

It took 3 hours to go through the whole exhibit and it would have taken longer had we gotten there earlier and not had to speed up a bit at the end because they closed at 10pm. Certainly, the hook is the fact that they're real bodies. I'm sure there are plenty of ways to get the same information, and even show the same kinds of displays with plastic or other synthetic materials, but I completely admit to being morbidly fascinated. While they have your attention, they put some edumacation into you. Sounds like a good deal to me. =D

If anyone who didn't go is interested in going, I'd be MORE THAN HAPPY TO GO AGAIN.

All the organs & etc. are colored by the exhibitors; pigment production stops after death (hmm, makes sense) and so the color drains away. THE HEART LOOKS BETTER WHEN IT'S NOT RED! Really. It's so cute!

ALSO! In one of the cases was the human nervous system still attached to the eyes and brain and OMG IT WAS DR. MANHATTAN FROM WATCHMEN!!!11! It was really funny because I glanced over and thought, Wait! Where have I seen this recently?! What movie or book could possibly have had this scene in it?! HAHAHA. Obviously, I started reading Watchmen at the exact right time. Really amazing.

JUDY, I WANT TO GO AGAIN WITH YOU! =D Also, I want to go to the Mütter Museum even more now!!!

Maryann sneaked a couple of pics with her cellphone camera, and she sent them to me, but I realize that my phone sucks and I can't save pictures that have been messaged to me onto the microSD card in order to transfer them to my computer. Does anyone know how to get around this with a stupid Samsung phone? I should have taken photos with my cellphone, then I would've been able to do just that. ;_;

That was Sunday. On Saturday was Yoshi's awesome end-of-the-year/birthday party. Games were played, drinks were had, silliness ensued. I gave him RE4 for the Wii. Joshypoo gave him Manhunt2, of which we saw the beginning. It looked interesting, but the beginning was a bit boring. And am I just jaded or was the killing kind of not as shocking as I thought it'd be? (Oh wait, I don't think he did any of the really violent kills, so maybe...) Yoshi drunk is pretty darn amusing. I played more sudoku on the DS than is healthy. I meant to talk to Jerry more than I did. (BTW, if Jerry buys Rock Band this week then there will be Rock Band party at my house this Friday night.) I think we had the quickest L to J to Q44 ride home from Yoshi's I've EVER HAD. It was shocking.

The only bad thing this weekend -- I dl'd Portal but there's a part I can't get past 'cause my computer goes to blue screen. I have the recommended RAM (1g) and minimum processor speed, so my only guess is that my graphics card is not up to the task, and this makes me very very sad. I want to play it more. NOT FAIR!
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This whole week has been slightly insane and hectic. Last night was really fun, though. Met up with Liz after work, shopped at H&M (and actually found stuff I'd been looking for this time)! Then went over to meet up with Judy, Chris, Ben and John. Chris and John went to the Nightwish concert and the rest of us went to eat for Judy's birthday dinner.

We ended up at a Japanese (all-you-can-eat) buffet place, slightly expensive at $26/plate, but the food was delicious. I really overstuffed myself, but I don't think I ate anywhere close to 26 dollars' worth of food. Ben and Liz did a little better on that front, I think. ^^; But the food really was delicious -- even the sushi (and I normally don't like sushi except for spicy tuna) was yummy. Raw clams were raw and clammy and squishy, and not bad. The yakiniku was mouth-watering. It tasted like the shishkebab my father used to make; oh man I really miss some of my father's cooking~.

Maryann made an appearance, but went home to work on her costume. Which turned out really beautifully, btw. I can't wait to post pics after the weekend~! I'm also really insanely happy with my own costume, as some of you may know because I've been unable to keep from squeeing to selected people. =D

It's all windy and rainy outside ~ so pretty. (Until, of course, I have to lug my bags of crap around in it. Hopefully it'll calm down a bit by 5?)
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So I've been away from LJ for the past month or so. I haven't really caught up on everyone's posts, but I just don't think I'll have time to do that. If there's anything you want to brag about/gossip/share with me, please comment! I love chatting. ^^

As for me, every weekend for the past several weeks has been filled with plans. Recently, a bunch of us (AJ, Maryann, Liz, Juliet, Judy) went to the American Museum of Natural History -- thanks to Judy's contact we got free vouchers to see up to 4 special exhibits. Mainly we went to see the Mythic Creatures exhibit, which was interesting, but it seemed targetted more toward kids than adults. It was decently informative and I learned some new things, but again, it wasn't anything to write home about. The Cosmic Collisions film in the Planetarium, however, was exciting and awesome. Man, I'd love to go see it again. I love being in the dark and some of the scenes where asteroids and such come flying at you are simply exhilerating. (Or scary, if you have a fear of heights/falling like [livejournal.com profile] metallicapixie.) Afterwards we went over to Yoshi's party which was pretty packed, and lots of fun! Got to see people I haven't seen for a long time, so it was nice. And discovered that the 3 and 4 go right near his house, so it was a lot easier taking the 4 into Manhattan and then transferring to get back into Queens than it would have been trying to take the shuttle since the L was all screwed up.

This past weekend was really awesome and amazing and other such words. Stampede's birthday party was on Friday night in the back room at Whiskey River. Lots of people showed up ~ many people I haven't seen in months, like Victor, E-man, Sean Badguy, Elise! And I was really happy that Sean came too, even though he'd previously had other plans.

Saturday I missed out on the mini-golf get-together, which is really too bad because I've been wanting to go mini-golfing for at least a year or two. I had to do family stuff, so... but I'm pretty sure there's a mini-golf place in Queens I might be able to go to, I just have to find out where it is. For some reason, I want to say that it's in Rosedale. I also seemed to have missed an interesting time at Vic's BBQ. In light of Chris's descriptions, I very much regret having missed the party. ^_~

But Sunday made up for it. Helped Judy and Juliet (who are officially going out, btw) move the rest of Judy's stuff from her old apartment to her new one. I got to drive the small 10' truck, which was a lot of fun. I miss being high up off the ground when driving -- with no worries over potholes and bumps and such. So nice and easy. Oh, but the lack of the rearview mirror freaked me out sometimes. Later, Sean joined us and we walked around in the rain, ate dinner, tried to visit AJ at work (who was very unaccomodating) since his office building is within 5 blocks of Judy's new apartment. ^_~

Hmm, more details later.

[edit: It amuses me greatly that the file name for this post is 221212.html]
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So I now have a permanent account. I didn't mention it earlier because I figured I'd post about it when the time came, but the funds for the permanent account were given to me as a birthday gift from [livejournal.com profile] koyappi, [livejournal.com profile] metallicapixie, [livejournal.com profile] inbredchocobo, [livejournal.com profile] louiex, [livejournal.com profile] tehhoboking, [livejournal.com profile] yoshiinjapan, Jerry and Lisa.

Thanks very much guys!

It was definitely worth foregoing lots of cute little things to finally buy this permanent account.


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