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Some things of note, though:

It's been almost a whole year now since I moved to LA! I can hardly believe it. It feels simultaneously longer and shorter. I've made some new friends! No one super close but it's been great nonetheless.

In September I FINALLY found a job! I'm now a research assistant at a commercial mortgage brokerage. My favorite coworker, Olga, is also a big hockey fan, so how could it possibly get better? Well, I could really be making a bit more-- that's something that I'll have to face soon. I wouldn't mind staying at this job for a considerable time but I'm barely making ends meet right now so something's gotta change.

Anyway, because I got a job, I finally switched my car title, registration, and license over to CA, which made me feel like a super-amazing adult (for like a week or two). (Previously the car was still titled to my parents, so.)

Back at the end of July, we adopted two adorable kitties from a shelter and they have been the sweetest (and the most annoying), but they've been a constant of awesome in my life.

Dublin is the dark tabby; Pekoe is the calico.

Unfortunately, Pekoe was just diagnosed with FIP, a disease that presents in cats under two (Pekoe will be 9 months at the end of January) and is terminal in pretty much all cases. She's hanging in there but she hasn't got much longer. I'm so glad to have had her but I'm so sad I don't have more time with her. She's just the sweetest kitten. <3 It's all extremely bittersweet.

In other happy news, though, NHL LOCKOUT IS OFFICIALLY OVER! It's been sad and boring without hockey. I miss the Rangers so much. I went to a charity game here in LA, which was fun, and then to the (more serious) charity game in Atlantic City when I went back to NYC around Thanksgiving, and then to an ECHL game in Ontario, CA (60 miles away from LA). But it's just not the same. I MISS MY BOYS! These last few weeks I'd even started to watch football! (I'm currently watching the Denver Baltimore game as I type! Ahhhh it's been so intense!)

BTW, it's also been a little over a year since Rich & I started dating and ahaha, it's still going well, considering it's a pretty long-distance thing. I'm really happy about it. =D

Anyway, I don't do New Year's Resolutions, but if I did, this year's resolution would be to get back into posting and reading on LJ! So I hope to be around a lot more than I have been!

Soooooo, let me know what's going on with you guys! Or ask me questions about moving to and living in LA, or whatever else you're curious about! At the very least, go check out the SEX IS NOT THE ENEMY FICATHON! (It's a 500-word minimum, so you KNOW you have time to contribute!) Sign-ups are still open, and prompts will be assigned on Wednesday!

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Signups for the fourth annual Sex Is Not The Enemy FIC/ART-ATHON are now open!

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I'm back! I've been meaning to post for a while (I FINALLY GOT A JOB OMG YAY), but I realized it's time for the SEX IS NOT THE ENEMY FICATHON!

I'll have a post up for signups on Thursday. In the meantime, would you mind starting to spread the word? I'd hate for this lovely little fic fest to die out. <3
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...would you guys be able to facilitate that?

I'm on the precipice here and all I need is a bit of a nudge. Pull me into your waiting arms, Inception fandom. I miss you bad; I want to squee like I used to, I want that rush of blood, that sensation of overwhelming ~feeling.

Do you have any epic recs for me, starting around oh, a little over a year ago?

I saw the TDK trailer last night when I went to see Spiderman and I practically swooned when I saw JGL. Yeah, you were probably thinking I was about to say T-Hard, but no, JGL totally made me think of Arthur when he says that line about Mal, to Ariadne, "She was lovely." And all of a sudden I couldn't wait for all the Inception/TDK crossover fic that I just KNOW is going to come out of this.

And then, I just started watching that show, Person of Interest and it made me think of Christopher Nolan. Ugh, I'm not even sure why! But then I started thinking about some of the recurring themes in his works, and I... I think I may have gotten myself interested in Inception fandom again, basically.

I also think that when Looper comes out I may have some intense desires for Inception/Brick/Looper crossover fic, which, ugh, I may end up writing drabbles for.

I'm going to be at San Diego Comic Con this year (for somewhere between one and four of the days, so if you're going to be there and want to grab lunch together or something let me know!), and I'm really really hoping I'll be able to go to the Looper panel. I have such a hard-on for Rian Johnson, IDEK.

The quick summary of my reaction to the Spiderman movie, btw, is: Eh. I was mostly bored/didn't feel much emotional connection to any of the characters, but the acting was darn awesome. Emma Stone stole the show, she and Andrew Garfield had amazing chemistry, and the best scene was that suuuuper adorable/awkward scene in the school hallway.
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You may all know how into hockey I am, and have been since the 97-98 season. But what you may not know is that I was a big fan of the X-games (BMX, in particular) from several years before that, though I sort of let it go for a loooong time.

I was reminded of my interest last week when I discovered that the X-games were being held in LA (as they apparently have been for like, the last 10 years), this coming weekend! Hahahah, how's that for serendipity? I'd wanted to attend X-games events SO BADLY when I was younger and then here they are, just falling into my lap unexpectedly after having just moved here! Right place, right time, I guess.

Of course I picked up tickets to two events -- BMX Vert (my faaaave!) and BMX Big Air on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. I am suuuuper excited! And though I've been completely out of the scene for 10 years, I've been watching footage from last year's X-games and yeahhh, I love Stevie McCann's style so I'm rooting for him to win Gold this year. Jamie Bestwick's had a nice run (5 years in a row), but it's time for someone else to step up and grab it. =D

I couldn't help but remember how HUGE an athlete-crush I had on Dave Mirra, who dominated the BMX scene when I was into it in the mid-90s. *___* So I checked out the wikipedia article on him where I discovered he'd been roomies with Ryan Nyquist (another big name in BMX, whom I also loved) and lololol like a fucking typical slash-fangirl my immediate thought was, OH MY GOD IS THERE ANY FIC FOR THAT?

I doubt I'll find any, but I'll have to try anyway.

JFC, I actually remember watching this. Like, on TV. As it aired.

...and CRAP, whatever happened to BMX Doubles and Flatland? Those were the bessssst.
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I think this series was started just after I'd stopped shooting up with Merlin fic. But it's almost a year later and not only is it GOOD, but it's also almost 500,000 words of it. I'm only just started part 3 now, but I can't express how fucking happy I am to read really fucking well-written military fiction in ANY fandom, and even moreso in Merlin fandom!

My one gripe so far is that of Arthur's characterization in part 1, but he's gotten a lot better as the story moves forward.

I can't recommend this highly enough, and I'm not even halfway through yet! I suspect it'll take me til at least tomorrow to finish, but I can already tell that I won't want it to end.
Loaded March (series) by Footloose. Eventual Arthur/Merlin. Modern AU. The reason SAS Captain Arthur Pendragon can't keep a communications specialist in Team Excalibur because none of them are good enough. And then Lieutenant Merlin Emrys gets assigned to his squad, and Arthur does everything he can to prove that Merlin isn't good enough, either. Except he is.

ETA: So unfortunately I have to admit that there's some odd (maybe internalized?) misogyny sprinkled throughout this otherwise awesomely epic fic. It's not relegated to a specific character or two, so there really isn't an "in-character" excuse. It does make me a bit uncomfortable but the rest of the plot is so darn good it still outweighs the unfortunate parts. So there's a bit of a trigger warning for you. =/

And yes, I realize that everyone has probably already read this. But dammit, someone should've told me about it! =P

This makes me want to reread pretty much everything by David Weber, who writes the best military sci-fi EVER. But of course, that reminds me that there are a few of Weber's series I have to catch up on. \o/
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I haven't been reading much fic for, oh, probably the last 6 months. So I was pretty surprised when I was suddenly overcome with the urge to read epic Merlin fic. I did finally watch all of s4 a month or two ago (which I enjoyed a lot and ughhh why do I have to wait for s5?!), but even at the time I just wasn't in the mood for fic.

So, look at what I came across in my recent AO3 search! You've probably all read this already, but if you haven't, you MUST.
Gadarene by unpossible. Arthur/Merlin. A sort of AU with slavery, but this is no badfic. Arthur's wonderfully socially aware. Well-written, epic and plotty, with some mmmmm great porn. Just what you need. =D

I'm in the mood for epic Arthur/Merlin (maybe even some Gwaine/Merlin) stories, both historical and modern, so if you've got any recs for anything written since last summer, SEND THEM TO MEEEEEE. (Please.)

ETA: On a complete and utter side note, I'm itching to get another tattoo but not only do I not have the money for it, I'm also still job-hunting, so it's not gonna happen any time soon. Getting inked is a serious addiction, folks; don't let anyone tell you different.
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I went to see a movie screening of Danny Boyle's Frankenstein last night with [livejournal.com profile] elipie (with Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Frankenstein and Johnny Lee Miller as the creature). I think it was well-written, amazingly acted, and wonderfully designed and directed. But the rape scene was unnecessary. Considering that there were already several instances of rape-imagery wrt "Mother Nature", you will find it hard-pressed convincing me that the rape scene was anything but gratuitous. So while I would have said that I enjoyed the play immensely, that really did take something away from it.

Relatedly, however, I had awesomely gruesome dreams this morning, and I must credit the play for doing a great job in riling up my subconscious! And, to be fair, Primus. Because I left Primus playing while I slept, so I'm sure the music had a good amount of influence as well.



As a side note: I don't consider this dream to be a "nightmare" so I'm curious if anyone else does/would? I suppose I don't partly because it wasn't scary even though it was sort of horrible. But I dunno, even with the few dreams I've had as an adult where I've actually felt scared, I was somewhat lucid (I knew I was dreaming) and begged myself not to wake up so the awesome dream could continue. And mostly that worked to a certain degree.
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So... I'll be going to Disneyland on Friday with Rich. FUN TIMES, YES? If you have any ride recs, let me know. Basically have been told to ride anything with "mountain" in the name. =D Actually, I did go to Disneyland once before, when I was 17, but jeeeez that was a while ago and somehow I barely remember anything about it other than loving the Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain, and having a suuuuper fun time with Liz even though she dragged me on all the kiddie rides (she was 10 at the time).

So anyway... PARASAILING! In Marina Del Rey a few weeks ago. With [livejournal.com profile] likeaglass and another friend. [livejournal.com profile] elipie was supposed to be there but ahhhhh, the timing didn't work out too well. T_T

Hanging from a harness that falls into a seat shape, clipped onto a bar that hangs from a parachute... 800 feet in the air! It's a lot like skydiving once your parachute has opened. It's beautiful and relaxing and exhilarating. (Can something be relaxing and exhilarating at the same time?) It made me miss skydiving lots, though. But it was a lot cheaper since we had 2-for-1 groupons.

Pics of FUN TIMES! (And seals!) )

Hmmmm. I wonder if I can come up with some sort of skydiving-related tattoo for myself. I'll have to ruminate on that one for a while.
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As you can see I've been utterly awful in sticking to my plan to update and read LJ. I hope you all haven't given up on me though because I know from experience that it'll pick up again. <3

There have been a lot of awesome things that I've done recently and I really ought to tell you all about them-- like parasailing! and being interviewed for a (silly little) article in the AMNY! and the FUCKING NEW YORK RANGERS ADVANCING THE EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS! But I've got this other thing to post and I promise I'll come back and tell you all about those other things soon. =D

A few weeks ago on May 1st, [livejournal.com profile] thedreamerworld met with Benedict Cumberbatch and Steven Moffat for work-- and got them to wish me a happy birthday. She then sent me the recording via text at which time I proceeded to FREAK THE FUCK OUT (to the extreme amusement of [livejournal.com profile] honeymull, who I was having lunch with). IT WAS PRETTY AWESOME GUYS, NGL. Here's the recording:


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I promised Liza I'd make a post about how I pronounce my name this morning. So without further ado...

is it sara? by sarabakari
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So... there's really no excuse for my lack of updates.

Unexpectedly, and suuuper last-minute, I will be attending Acen in Chicago! We'll have a much-reduced booth, where I and a photographer will be shooting Hall cosplay contestants and Masquerade participants. So if you're going to be at Acen this year, please come by and say hi!

I'm really looking forward to this because it'll give me a chance to see people I haven't seen in too long! I'm only sad that my usual booth crew (Judy, Liz, Juliet) won't be there. But at least I'll be seeing a couple of them in July when they come to the West Coast for San Diego Comic Con! I'm tentatively expecting to attend the con, but we'll see how that actually works out.

Even more than people at Acen, though, I'm reeeeeeeallly excited to visit [livejournal.com profile] honeymull!!! The con ends Sunday but I'm not leaving Chicago til Tuesday, which means HAVING ALL THE (DRUNKEN) FUN WITH RACHEL! \o/ I'm really hoping there's a Rangers game that Monday night, so we can go to a bar and yell excitedly or belligerently at the screen together! It's hard being lone NYR fans away from NYC. Thank fuck for twitter. <3

My Chicago itinerary:
Thursday 04/26/12:
US 007 LAX 12:40pm → PHX 2:07pm
US 007 PHX 3:10pm → ORD 8:27pm

Tuesday 05/01/12:
UA 411 ORD 8:44pm → LAX 11:22pm
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I've been really concentrating on other things so while I knew it was coming up, I-- I dunno, it still doesn't even seem real to me. I've never been to Seattle before and I wish that I could afford to stay longer, especially since I actually have the TIME to spend there (still jobless, dammit). Alas, it is not to be this time.


So I know that some of you are going, but if you think I'm not sure about you, drop me a comment! I want to squee about it now and then squee when I see you in person TOMORROW!!! <333
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Did you guys know that James McAvoy and Jamie Bell will be costarring in the newest adaptation of an Irvine Welsh novel, Filth? I didn't! But I'm pretty excited for it. I started reading it a few days ago and then stumbled across the fact that principal photography for the movie started in late January and it's scheduled for a 2013 release.

One movie blog called it a "comedic thriller" but... I wonder how comedic it will really be? Like Welsh's other works, it's more disgustingly awful than comedic. And much like the main characters in Welsh's other novels (except for Trainspotting and its sequel, Porno), Robertson (the main character of Filth, played by James McAvoy) is completely unsympathetic, reprehensible, and physically disgusting (all calling back to the work's title), even though he's charismatic and apparently sexy as hell. That particular dichotomy is not at all unusual for a Welsh character.

I'm utterly fascinated by the thought of seeing McAvoy play this role. It's possible a lot of it is toned down for the movie; I wouldn't be surprised if it is, in fact. But even so, the character is morally reprehensible, and... I haven't seen McAvoy in a lot of movies, but I think this is a huge change for him (correct me if I'm wrong). In any case, it'll be a huge change for me to see him in a role like this.

I'm also really curious to see how McAvoy/XMFC fandom will react if they go out and see Filth without really knowing what they're getting into. Unless they tone it down severely, even Trainspotting won't be a good meterstick for Filth.
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For my dreams last night as I watched Trainspotting and then started to read his novel Filth just before falling asleep.

To wit:

I have a dream around 5am when I'm woken up by a fucking phone call -- a NYC number I don't recognize -- and once I've figured out that I'm going to let it go to voicemail, I've already forgotten the dream. But it was something with a complex adventure plot. Sigh, I love those.

Next dream: A woman gives birth to twins by different fathers; raises them separately (one of the fathers was married), and doesn't tell the twins about each other. They live in the same area so end up at the same elementary school. This isn't a variation on The Parent Trap, however, and they're fraternal twins who don't look all that much alike so they never realize they're related.

The dream then alternates between me pushing one of the twins' baby carriages while talking to the mother (I was never able to determine who the other twin was being raised by), and being a sort of fly-on-the-wall POV inside her house (in which the walls were painted in shades of yellow and green).

The last bit of this dream was just those last two alternating scenes before somehow segueing into a good five minutes of me trying to remember the word "rugelach" and imagining myself texting Rich to ask "what's the name of that kosher fruit cookie that starts with either an 's' or a 'ch' sound?" In the dream I kept saying "Schenectady" and "hamentashen" and then chastising myself, annoyed, because those weren't the right word.

Ahahaha, I'm glad I (eventually) remembered it (around 10 minutes after waking up) because clearly the word doesn't start with either of those sounds, though I was positive it had a "ch" sound in it somewhere.

You may ask why I was trying to remember the word rugelach; I certainly did. If you figure it out, please let me know because I haven't had rugelach in years and nothing has happened lately (or even a long while ago!) to prompt the thought of it!
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December 2010: The Sword (with Karma to Burn) at Webster Hall, NYC.

This was probably my most favorite show ever; it rocked in so many ways. So much stoner metal, I was blissful. Got a good drunk going and that adds to it, but the music AND THE CROWD were just, ugh, the best! I was in the second row of the crowd standing right behind this guy that I was sort of hanging onto, like you do at concerts, who was a sweetheart. The mosh pit was literally right behind me and once when I experienced a sort of undertow from the moshing crowd he felt me instinctively grab at his shirt to maintain balance-- but instead of getting pissed or whatever, he stuck his (very muscled) arm out behind him so I could latch on. *____*

Later during the show I was more actually in the mosh pit and -- seriously, it was the best pit -- I got knocked down and it was hard to get up with all the bodies around me. THREE GUYS behind me all went to lift me up at the same time. It was slightly unexpected, but lol, the force of all three of them helping me up actually lifted me off my feet! I turned around and hugged the one behind me and was like OMG THANKSSSSSS!

When the show was over and the space had mostly emptied out I was walking across the mostly-deserted pit area. There were five or six guys standing in a circle, talking, and as I walked past one of them said, "oh hey, are you okay?" I was surprised for a sec, and then realized he must've been one of the guys who'd helped me up earlier, so I said, "Yeah, oh my god, thanks for helping me up!"

THIS is what mosh pits should be like. Don't let anyone tell you different.

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Part of the reason I haven't updated much is that I'm doing mostly nothing so I have nothing to talk about. I have another job interview on Monday which I'm hoping will be the last because jesus FUCK I need a job right now.

I went into downtown LA today to take a walk around the fashion district. 'Cause I can't afford to buy anything anyway, and it's something to do that's free (aside, of course, from parking and the cost of gas). It was sort of a cross between NYC's Chinatown, garment district, wholesale district, and London's Camden Town. Thankfully, I was able to successfully resist buying anything. Mostly because there wasn't anything as interesting as what's in Camden Town, ahaha.

I parked at a lot a bit farther away than I thought I was, for a $3 flat rate (after 4pm), which was great! What wasn't so great is that I started walking in the wrong direction and ended up walking through a bad neighborhood. LOL, go me! There were a lot of homeless people lining the streets in this area; I think I walked past a shelter on one block. But wow, waaaaay more homeless people than I'd ever seen before all in one area. Plus shady-looking characters who weren't homeless.

I'm absolutely sure I walked past a car-side drug deal going down.

As I was approaching the corner of the block were I'd be mostly getting out of the area (finally), I saw two policemen patting a guy down. Hoo boy.

I told Rich and he said "almost like being back home, then", but honestly I was more worried, and much more aware of sticking out like a sore thumb than I ever have been in NYC-- including the bad areas of NYC. Part of that is familiarity maybe, but most of it is that in the area I walked through there were very very very FEW other non-homeless/non-creepy/non-shady people walking on the street. Extremely disconcerting.

And just to clarify, it really has nothing to do with race. I'm way more comfortable in non-white neighborhoods than I am in white neighborhoods.

Anyway, all's well that ends well, but it was a good long five minutes of mental tension.

On a completely different note, I've discovered a couple of iTunes (metal & hard rock) radio stations that I really like and have figured out how to play them on my iPhone! \o/ So I've been listening to those at home and in my car sort of non-stop lately. It's an about-face from what I'd been doing before-- though even if I'd discovered them in NYC I wouldn't have been able to listen to the stations during my (subway) commute, so I suppose it's moot.

And because of the new radio stations I've been listening to I've sort of rediscovered Chevelle. Downloaded their new album and am enjoying it though only one song has stood out for me so far. I'm considering going to their show (with Dead Sara, to whom I'm pretty indifferent, but whose name I adore for obvious reasons) here on April 25th, but we'll see.

I'm EXTREMELY bummed I wasn't able to get a ticket to the Primus show in June. General admission tickets were gone within the first few minutes. A lot of them are up on stubhub, but I'm too broke to justify the hiked up prices. I'll check back again when it gets closer to the show date, or if I get a job soon and can afford it. But still, WILL I EVER GET TO SEE THEM LIVE BEFORE I DIE? T_T
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Early 2003(?): Three Days Grace at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC.

I'm not sure if this is necessarily the funniest moment I've ever had at a show, but it's a great memory and was hilarious at the time, since I was pretty drunnnnk. It was one of the first shows I'd gone to after being legal to drink. I'd gotten a Midori and vodka (ahaha, back in the days when I actually drank sweet stuff) at the balcony bar upstairs. Angelica and Maryann were with me and Angelica had gotten a drink she didn't like so I drank it for her. Maryann had gotten a screwdriver and was already three sheets to the wind.

At some point Angelica was holding a cup with just ice in it. I was talking and gesturing and my hand came down right on top of hers and made her drop her cup of ice. It was the. funniest. thing. ever. I couldn't stop laughing. Neither could Maryann. Yeah, we were super drunk. Ah, it was sort of the best feeling in the world, though.

After that we went down to the main area. I seriously had to hold onto the railing for dear life trying to get downstairs. It was almost as hilarious as knocking the ice out of Angelica's hand.

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December 2010: Inhaling the soap-bubble "come" shot out of Rammstein's penis-cannon during Pussy. At Madison Square Garden in NYC.

From my post about it: Hahah, toward the end of Pussy, they brought out a big cannon, painted to look like a penis -- and shot soapy foam all over the pit. And like the smart thing that I am, I got distracted, held my breath, and then realized I had to breathe and promptly inhaled the soap. And choked. Yes, I'm a fucking idiot. Everyone in the pit got wet with soapy foam. THEN they shot ticker tape out of the dick-cannon, so we were all wet, and soapy, and covered in paper.

Yeah, it "comes" at about 3:20. Which, you know, typical.

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