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Last week we brought home our first foster cat, Zoe! A super chill, sweet and affectionate 10-year old with an ear issue who has surgery scheduled for this Wednesday. We're bringing her back to the ASPCA today so she can be prepped for her surgery, but we're hoping to take her back home with us afterwards, for another two weeks.

What a sweet kitty! <3

We looked into cat fostering via the ASPCA for a variety of reasons: as sort of a test run to gauge the extent of Rich's allergies... and his willingness to take Claritin every day. And maybe eventually to see if we might come across a kitten or cat that he's less allergic to, and keep it. That would really be ideal since I'm dying to have a cat again. It's insanely sweet that he's willing to try this out, and of course I'm grateful. I want this to work, but in the end Rich's health is top priority.

Does anyone have any experience with shots to reduce pet allergies? Just wondering how expensive/intensive they are?
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