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Signups for the FIFTH annual Sex Is Not The Enemy FIC/ART-ATHON are now open!

Info & Timeline:
  • Based on your sign-up request you will be provided a picture for which you should write a story of at least 500 words, or produce a piece of art. All pic prompts will be taken from sex is not the enemy.

  • Creative works can be either from any fandom or original; sex of the participants should remain consistent. [To clarify: If your picture involves one male and one female, you should create something that has one male and one female. Positions within the picture can absolutely be swapped, and gender flipping is absolutely welcomed.]

  • Once you have finished with your prompt pic you are welcome to request another, or to use the prompts that have been assigned to anyone else - your prompt will be linked in answer to your comment here. Anything produced as a part of this fest should be posted in your blog/on your website/wherever, then a link should be posted as a comment to this post. A round-up post will be made the day after the deadline.

Sign-up requests due: Wednesday, Jan 15th
Prompts assigned: Thursday, Jan 16th
Works due: Thursday, Feb 13th

*Latecomers to the signing up will still be issued prompts but I cannot guarantee a timely response.

Sign-up requests:
Copy and Paste this into your sign-up comment; delete only those with which you are uncomfortable.
Participants: Solo - Two - Threesome - Group Sex
Sex: Male - Female - Male/Male - Male/Female - Female/Female - Male/Male/Female - Female/Female/Male - Male/Male/Male - Female/Female/Female - Male group - Female group - Mixed group
Nudity: No Nudity - Implied Nudity - Some Nudity - Full Nudity
Level of Intimacy: Bodily contact - Kissing - Implied sex - Full sex

Please help spread the word!
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