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That's probably one of the most important things you should know about me, here in the context of this journal. I get obsessed. Not in a scary/destructive/harmful way, but I've come to terms with the fact that this is what I do. I go through life being really into specific things for different lengths of time -- from a couple of weeks to years and years -- before my interest dies down (and sometimes is revived)!

Which, I suppose, is kind of why I have that handy-dandy CURRENT OBSESSIONS box in my sidebar. ^^;

CURRENT FANDOMS (most likely to be squeefully posted about): None! Oh noes! (RL is too busy atm.) PAST FANDOMS (but ones that often still make surprise appearances): Panic! At The Disco (and some bandom, by extension), Merlin, Inception, due South/C6D

FANFIC: I read about a million times more than I write. I'm a huge fan of shortform fiction. I have no aptitude for telling long stories; scenes suit me best. Reading epic fanfiction, however, is a thing I could do (and have done) all day long, every day.

THINGS I'M ALWAYS INTO (even if I don't often post about them):
  • MUSIC. Here's a sampling of the range of my taste in music.
  • READING. Sometimes fanfic, sometimes profic, sometimes non-fiction. Never NOT reading, though.
  • TATS & BODY MODS. I've got a few (piercings: 16 ear, 1 nose; 10 tats... so far). I love talking body mods. You cannot go wrong talking body mods with me. I can restrain myself for politeness' sake, but there's no such thing as TMI for me; I haven't met a thing that has fazed me yet.
  • HOCKEY. NY Rangers first; Chicago Blackhawks second. I'm cool with you liking your teams if you're cool with me liking mine.
  • FEMINIST & LGBTQ ISSUES. I tend not to post about this stuff unless there's something that upset me. But I'm always interested in it, reading about it on the side, and absolutely welcome discussions!
  • TRAVEL. Wish I could afford to do this more often. SADFACE.

FRIENDING POLICY: I LIKE NEW FRIENDS! I do actually read and keep up on all of my flist, even if I don't always comment. You can go ahead and friend me without saying anything but I usually don't friend back unless you comment. I've never (yet) had to do a mass defriending, but I reserve the right to do so in the future if reading my flist gets to be too much!

Feel free to follow me on twitter (especially if you're in bandom because EPIC SPENCER SMITH CONVOS!) or tumblr.

OTHER: I... sometimes write posts that read like "I did this today, and this, with this person, and it was awesome!" Fair warning: It's not very deep. I've had this journal for 10 years now; part of the reason I've continued writing in it for so long is that I'm able to look back and browse through entries and remember random fun times or shitty days and details and feelings that I wouldn't have remembered if I hadn't written them down.

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