May. 14th, 2014

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I'm pretty sure I mentioned last year that Rich reeeeally didn't want to move out of our old place at the end of his 12-month lease. And who can blame him? He's moved 6 times in the last 7 years (I've moved 5 in the last 7), but technically, we moved after 1 year and 3 months, so I guess it doesn't count?

Anyway, we're all moved out of the old place (where we shared a small 2-bedroom with a roommate) and into a small 1-bedroom! I've never gotten the chance to live alone (sadly, as it's something I wanted to do), but fortunately this is only a step removed from that. It's not the same as living alone, but it's definitely not the same as living with a roommate, even if you're pretty darn close with them.

I'm super excited for this new place as it's got tons of natural light-- something the old place didn't have. And not to mention, it's now HALF A BLOCK from the train I take to work every day. So I've cut what used to be a 12-minute walk to the train down to a 1-minute walk. It's pretty much the NYC-work-life equivalent of rolling out of bed and going to class in your pajamas. Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying Bushwick? It's pretty nice (as long as you look out for where you're stepping).

In other news, I randomly watched the new P!ATD video (This is Gospel: Piano Version) and then watched the regular version (after not having heard it since shortly after the album release) and... LOL apparently I'm TOTALLY IN THE MOOD FOR PATD RIGHT NOW. Who knew? Watching the video even made me want to read (and re-read) fic that I haven't been interested in for years now.

TBH I don't expect this feeling to last but it was nice to have it. I miss my stint in bandom; obviously online friends are too much fun for me to handle!

Watched the first minute of the BTS video for TIG which led me over to this other video by the same director, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Last thing... NYR IN THE EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALLLLLS! I can't believe we fucking won against the Penguins in an AWAY game 7. It feels pretty great to be a Rangers fan right now!

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